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Biography/Autobiography Response

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Cooper Maras
10:29 AM ET (US)
I read Teammate by David Ross over the weekend. The book is 238 pages in length.

This book about David Ross during his last year in the MLB and his reflection on his life in baseball. He is 39 years old and has spent 15 years in the MLB. He is from Florida born and raised.

David Ross is an MLB baseball player that wasn't very well known until the final season of his career. He played catcher for the pirates, padres, reds, red sox, braves, and finally for the cubs. In his final season of his career he was well known for how he was a great leader for the cubs. David Ross was a backup catcher for most of his career. He made very few appearances in the MLB as a main player. David Ross is also well known for his role as a teammate hence the title of the book "teammate".

The way that I would describe David Ross as well rounded, humble, and wise. He is well rounded due to the fact that he is a professional baseball player while also being a father to two children. He is humble because even if he is on a hot streak or playing as a backup he stays positive and puts the team above himself. Finally he is wise in the fact that he knows what it means to be a good teammate and how to set a positive example for both his kids and for his teammates.

Anyone that likes baseball and understands how important it is to be a team player in sports and in life would like this book due to the examples of what to do and what not to do that are placed in this book.

I would rate this book at 5 out 5. I give it this rating because it has many life lessons that are taught and the amazing story that he has to tell.
Austin Brookfield
10:50 AM ET (US)
I just finished Last Bus Out by Beck McDowell. It had 225 pages.
This book is about a boy named Courtney Miles. He was just a teenager when Hurricane Katrina hit and he was desperate to go out and save as many people as he can.
In this book I found a lot of things interesting. Courtney was only a teenager and he didn't even have a drivers license when this happened. He was just so eager to go and rescue people who needed it. He even went through a police barricade and went past it without stopping. He put his life in danger and put his life after everyone. He couldn't find his grandmother but he still got the passengers to safety.
Three adjectives I would give this book are; heartbreaking, inspirational, and educational. I would say this book is heartbreaking because the author gives details and he explains them very well and I could even picture what Courtney was going through trying to find his grandmother. I would give this book the adjective inspirational because Courtney did not stop and he had so much desire and was so eager to try and save as many people as he could in the little amount he had. He even had to worry about finding his own family again. I gave this book an adjective on educational because it teaches me how bad Mother Nature can really get. At the beginning of each chapter, before the hurricane hit, they would give what the weather channel said that exact day. Hurricane Katrina was very destructive.
I believe all people would like this book because it is very interesting and inspiring. It never had a boring part throughout the whole book. I would rate this book a 5. This book was very interesting and very very fast paced. I would totally read it again.
fallon jackman
10:33 AM ET (US)
I finished the book sold by Zana Muhsen. this book had 275 pages
my book was about a girl named Zana and her sister Nadia. at the begging of the book Zana is only 15 years old. she was born in England and that is where she lived for most of her life. the thing that made her famous was that her father had sold her and her sister to be married off to men in Yemen. 5 things that people should know about Zana and her story is thats she was stuck in Yamen for almost 7 years before she was able to return to England with her mother. the only reason that Zana got to go home was because she was the one sister that never lost hope in going home and getting away from these people. when Zana and her sister were put into their marriges that had no idea that they were married at the age of 15. they were lied to by their own father and was forced to live and where Yamen clothes. before Zana was even able to return to England she had already had a child. she was also forced to leave him behind when she left Yamen. Nadia was still stuck in Yamen for a while after Zana had left. Nadia had 4 children before there was even a chance for her to return. If I were to use 3 adjective to describe Zana I would say she is strong, indepedand, and faithful. I sat these because the whole time she was trapped in Yamen she never gave up on going home with her sister and to her mother. I think that people that are into other cultures and learning about other places would like this because you learn a lot about other courtier like England and Yamen and how they rule their people


14. Rate this autobiography/biography on a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being the highest) and tell why you gave it this rating.
Cole Miles
10:22 AM ET (US)
I finished reading 12 Years A Slave by Solomon Northup

In 1841 Solomon Northup is a free man, living with his wife and children in Saratoga Springs, New York. He is hired by two men for a two-week tour in Washington with their theatrical company. However Solomon is kidnapped and sold as a slave in New Orleans with the nickname Platt. Along twelve years, he works in the plantations and has abusive treatment of his masters, until the day he meets the Canadian abolitionist Bass that promises to send a letter to his family. I really enjoyed this book because it was very cool to see what happened back then and I didn't really know what was going on but after reading the book I learned a whole lot more then I already had. Another thing that was really interesting was that these slaves never had that much time and they really did work extremely hard so they could maybe get something out of it. This is probably the most exciting one I've read this year, I would highly recommend this book to everyone because if you don't know much about slavery this is a good book to learn from.
Ethan Kueter
10:50 AM ET (US)
I just finished The Last Fighter Pilot by Jerry Yellin. It had 197 pages.

This book is about a fighter pilot named Jerry Yellin. He fought in World War II in the Pacific theatre and fought in the last combat mission of the war.

The most interesting fact about this man is obviously that he fought in the last combat mission of the war. The main character named is plane the Dorrie R after his crush and the woman he wanted to marry when he got back. When that plane got destroyed he named his next plane the Dorrie R II. Another interesting fact is that he wasn't flying the Dorrie R because he had a wisdom tooth that caused pain at high altitudes and the flight surgeon wouldn't let him fly until they got taken out. The person flying the plane crashed it into the ocean. In flight practice Jerry crashed and he didn't think he'd have the courage to fly again, but his instructor made him fly the next day and this is what made him a great pilot. Jerry flew a total of 19 combat missions in Japan.

I think some words to describe Jerry are courages, fearless, and selfless. He would always do a mission no matter how dangerous. He would never let someone else take his place in a mission because he couldn't handle the guilt if that person died in his place. When one of his fellow pilots got shot down, he would do whatever it took to rescue that person, even if it meant risking his life.

I would give this autobiography a 4 because it was very interesting but some parts were confusing because the timeline bounces around some.
10:55 AM ET (US)
I just finished Rousey which was a New York's best seller, the author of the book is Ronda Rousey. The book had a total of 300 pages.

The book is about Ronda Rousey who's is currently 32 years old and lives in Venice California. She is known for MMA fighting and Judo fighting. She has competed in the Olympics, is currently signed with WWE and on the side of all the fighting she is also a actress.

Ronda book Rousey tells you everything that she has went through to get her to the place she is now. Ronda has a very strong character and leadership skills. She know what rough times are and how to get through them with a smile on her face. When Ronda was younger she had very bad anger issues and also would never speak to anyone except her dad, who was also a very strong person. Ronda's dad got her into fighting when she was just 6 years old she hasn't stopped doing. When Ronda was younger her dad committed suicide and this broke Ronda. Ever since that happened Ronda has been fighting for her dad and only her dad. She grew up to be a very troubled child and when she was old enough Ronda left her mom and sister and couched surfed for years finding new gyms to fight at and learn a lot from mentors and coaches. Everything about Ronda Rousey interest me and one day I hope to be as strong as her.

The three words that come to mind to describe Ronda would be strong, leadership skills and hard working. Why I pick these three is because reading this book and learning more about Ronda she gives advise on leadership and how to work really hard. I also picked strong because Ronda is someone that has a strong heart and its hard to break her, she never backs down.

People that would enjoy this book would have to be people that are looking for someone to motivate you to work hard and people that want to learn leadership skills.

I rate this book as a because Ronda is someone that I look up to and someone that motivates me to be my best and do my best.
Abbie Cain
10:17 AM ET (US)
I read Sickened by Julie Gregory. It was 244 pages.

This book is about a girl named Julie whose mother suffered from munchausen by proxy. Julie was the victim of her mother's mental illness and suffered a tough childhood because of it.

Münchausen by Proxy is a mental disorder in a parent or caregiver who fakes or causes sickness in a child as a way to gain attention and sympathy. Sandy, Julie's mother, inherited this mental illness from her mother. Julie's father noticed this abuse and did not do anything to prevent it and also lowered Julie's self-esteem by telling her she was ugly and too skinny. Sandy convinced doctors and unnecessary surgery to correct her deviated septum, which she did not actually have. When Julie's parents spilt up her mother started a new family and began inflicting harm on her new adopted children.

Julie was independent because she knew how to take good care of herself when no one else did. Julie was reserved because she never spoke up about the pain that her mother caused her. Julie was caring because she never wanted her brother or any other children to go through what she did.

I think people who enjoy reading about mental illness would enjoy this book.

I would give this biography a 4 out of 5 I thought it was really good but non-fiction does not interest me as much as fiction.
Eleanor Dick
10:36 AM ET (US)
I read In My Skin By Brittney Griner. It had a total of 216 pages.
This autobiography was about Brittney Griner, a WNBA star in Phoenix. She is known for being 6'9" and great at basketball.
Something that doesn't really matter but is very interesting is that she wears a mens size 17 shoes! She first dunked when she was a sophomore in high school. Brittney was the number one draft pick her year. She went to college and played at Baylor. She is originally from Houston.
Brittney is very tall, as you know, and that helped be great at what she does. She is very hard-working and always strives for her best on and off the court. She is caring, she always is caring of rher mother and friends.
People who like to read about different lifestyles, people who like to read about basketball and sports would like this book.
I would give it a 4 because it was a great book and good story but it is not something I think everyone must read.
Karlye Maras
03:24 PM ET (US)
I read My Story by Elizabeth Smart. There were 348 pages in this book. This book was an autobiography meaning it was about the author, Elizabeth Smart. She was 14 when most of the book took place, she became famous from her kidnapping from her bedroom in the middle of the night in Salt Lake City. Some things I found interesting about her and her story include how she was stolen out of her bedroom when her and her sister shared a room. Another thing that surprised me was that Wanda Barzee, her kidnappers wife who was a mom was able to let her be treated like that. I thought it was interesting how eventually her kidnappers were able to take her into the city. Another thing that surprised me was that she was afraid to even tell the police who she was when she had contact with them. Lastly how they had her so scared they could tell her to do anything and she would do it. Elizabeth is very strong for being able to make it through all of this. Her being super religious helped her get through it all. She is very grateful for all the people who helped try to find her and who remembered her. People who like memoirs and autobiographies and listening to peoples stories would like this book. I give this book a 4 out of 5 only because of some of the choices she made while she was being held captive that I didn't necessarily agree with.
Rachel Eickman
01:11 PM ET (US)
I read 3096 Days in Captivity by Natascha Kampusch. It had 240 pages in it.
This book was an autobiography and was written about Natascha's life in captivity. She was abducted when she was 10 years old in Austria. She then escaped eight years later after her abduction.
(1)When most people get abducted by a person, they would think that the abductor would rape the victim. But the man that abducted Natascha did not. (2)Instead he treated her like a little girl and gave her paint and colors to play with. (3)When she was a "bad girl" he would take away the light in her cellar and leave her without food for days. (4)When she got to be older, he would make her do house work and beat her if she is not moving fast enough. (5)The man let her go outside with him, and when he wasn't looking, she ran down the street towards cars.
Natascha is strong, she is strong because he always beat her down. She is also brave because many times she thought about killing herself. She is also understanding because after all the things he did to her, she does not hate him.
People who like to read about abduction survivors would like this book. They would also need to have a strong gut because some of the things in here are truly gruesome.
I would rate this book a 4 out of five because I wish it was longer because it was a really fast read. She also repeated herself a lot. But it was still a really good book that I would recommend.
Arriana Mausbach
11:04 AM ET (US)
I read Crash Into Me by Liz Seccuro. It had 242 pages.

This book was written about Elizabeth Seccuro, who is in her mid 30s. Her claim to fame was this book.

Most people who get raped know their attacker, however, Liz did not. Many people will try and cover up the fact that it happened, just so they could have a good reputation. Over 40% of people who go to court lie while they're under oath. Most people don't believe that someone has been raped, and they think they're crazy. And lastly, Liz Seccuro finally got justice over 20 years after her initial attack happened.

Liz Seccuro is determined. She wouldn't let her attacker go unnoticed, so she fought with him in court. She is a sturdy woman, because she can act like nothing is wrong even when everything is falling apart. And lastly, Liz Seccuro is Brave. Many people wouldn't go to court, but she did.

People who like violent stories would like this book, mostly because of the details in the book.

I would give it a 4 because there were points in the story where it got really boring and it was already stuff I knew about.
Caden Ideker
11:00 AM ET (US)
I read Pilots in Peril by Steven Otfinoski. The book is 232 pages long.

The book was written about the courageous pilots who braved flying over the hump during WW2. The hump was an air route to China from India.

Some interesting things about the pilots who braved the hump was that 3,000 pilots went down flying over the hump. Of those 3,000 only 1200 made it back to safety. Some of the most common downers of planes were high wind speeds, blinding snowstorms and Japanese fighter pilots. My favorite character was William Diebold, he was a search and rescue man who saved the lives of many. His claim to fame was when he cut down an area big enough to land the plane.

William first and foremost was brave, in fact I would say he is the essence of brave. Furthermore, he is courageous and will always step up to the plate when someone needs rescuing. And most of all, he is relentless, if someone is out there he would not stop looking.
People who like WW2 would love this book, it is a small piece of history that doesn't get much attention even though it had a massive impact.
I would give it 4 stars deducting one because it was kinda confusing and the stories didn't tie into each other.
Chelsea Shumaker
02:03 PM ET (US)
I read Shoot Like A Girl by Mary Jennings Hegar. This book had 290 pages.

This book was about Mary Jennings. Mary wanted to become a pilot for the Army. But was always shoot down by the men because she was not as strong as them. So she decided to enlist with the Air Force, to become a rescue pilot. Mary lives in Austin,Texas. She was at the time age 20. What made her famous what she was the second women to be awarded the Purple Heart Award for bravery.

Some interesting facts is she will challenge anyone who saying she was not good enough.She would have a push up challenge. Mary never lost a push up challenge. Mary at a young age lost her dad, So she decided to get a dog to cope with her dads loss. Thirdly, she was always on top of things when it came to missions and saving peoples lives. Another example is she always is helping someone in some way. Like volunteering at the hospital to give blood to wounded soldiers. Lastly, she moved place to place for air bases to be closer to friends and family.

Mary was brave during times of battling with the enemy to save innocent peoples lives. She is faithful to friends and her crew. Lastly, she is eager and patient at enemy lines.

People who like military and adventure books would like this book the best.

I would rate this book a five out of five because it is a interesting and adventous book.
Makara Jackson
11:07 AM ET (US)
I read In My Hands by Irene Gut Opdyke with Jennifer Armstrong. This book has 263 pages.

This book s about Irene Gut Opdyke, this book starts with her story from ages 17-23. Her claim to fame is her resistance efforts in the Holocaust and saving/ rescuing a dozen jewish men, women, and children, she is originally from Poland.

You come to imagine a ver very cruel world in this book, she highlights the worst of that time. You will be told many stories of rape and assault by German soldiers to her, this is very surprising, especially because it becomes her reality. Through this books I have really come to adore the people who joined the resistance during the holocaust, this story especially because of how much she risked to keep people alive. Through this entire story she only gets arrested twice, which seems very lucky considering what she did. One last thing you need to know before reading this book is that before this I had never knew her name, but she has gotten many awards and is in the Holocaust museum, Which makes her even more incredible.

Irene is Brave, she liked her life so often to save innocent people, she even hid them in a German officer's basement. Irene is Caring, when she got arrested for the first time, she cared for a pregnant Jewish woman in her cell then found her a place to hide afterwards even though she was scared, snd the she later met that child as a man, she cried for days. Lastly, Irene is Extraordinary, she is so so special and inspiring to all generations, and a hero to many.

People who like adventure stories or heartfelt stores would enjoy this story.

I give this Story a 5, I could never put the book down. I cried, I laughed, and I loved it!
Elliot Uehling
11:03 AM ET (US)
I'm reading Elizabeth Smart. Its 320 pages and today I stopped on page 15. My book is about a girl named Elizabeth Smart. She was 14 when the book takes place. She's famous for being kidnapped and held captive for 9 months. Well, there are a lot of interesting things. Brian Mitchell, her kidnapper, had been planning to take her for a long time. Mitchell also had a wife who helped keep Elizabeth held captive. At one point, Mitchell moved them all the way to California. Later, Elizabeth convinces him to take them back to her home town. Another surprise is that in the run-ins they had with the cops, the cops didn't recognize Elizabeth. Elizabeth was smart, cunning, and adaptive. People who like serious stories would like this book. It's a definite 5.
Braidon Downs
10:42 AM ET (US)
the name of the book is I am a secret service agent. by dan Emmett it has pg 209.
it is about Dan Emmett, age: does not say, home: does not say, he became fames if the secret service. He joined the secret service because when he was eight john F. Kennedy was assassinated. He is kind, honest and is clam no matter what. People who like actin and a heart pumping account thin this is your book. I give it a 1 because I hate bio books and I had no reason to read this book I only did to do the paper.
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