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Casey and Anissa

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12:31 PM ET (US)
"I- I'll try..." Anissa says, "Th- Thanks for everything..."
Doctor Nanjo
11:00 PM ET (US)
"T-try your best out there, okay?! Keep up with your kickboxing dude! Keep having fun with those guys!"
10:24 PM ET (US)
{{Oh I didn't see that message until like a minute ago and I'm about to sleep and Casey might be deaded soon so this could very well be the last message in the QT
Doctor Nanjo
10:13 AM ET (US)
Casey gives Anissa a quick hug, squeezing her tight.

"Anyway, thanks for talking to me! You're a real smart dude, and a nice friend!"

She embarrassedly leaves after a few more words.

(I dunno if you wanna talk more during the trial, but I figured I'd do that so we can skip ahead to present in a logical way)
Doctor Nanjo
04:59 PM ET (US)
"Penny, Terry, Claudius... Those are the ones that hurt the most. I thought Penny and I were gonna be badass partners. Like good cop, bad cop, you know? We we're gonna find the bad guys and send them to justice! But... Well turns out my good cop was a bad guy. I still think about it a lot. How much of our relationship was real? I don't know."

"Terry and I were poker boys together obviously, you were there. I had a lot of fun with him, and before he died we sat together at the pool, in silence. It was like a moment of solidarity. I kept wondering what he was thinking... But I guess we found out what he was thinking... He was desperate to use the necronomicon, and he was living a lie..."

A tear rolls down Casey's cheek.

"Oh dammit! I'm such a crybaby! I'm sorry dude. We were having such a nice conversation..."
04:29 PM ET (US)
Anissa chuckles quietly. "Y- Yeah... I g- guess I can at least take c- comfort in that..."

"D- Did you know anyone who's g- gone?"
Doctor Nanjo
11:01 PM ET (US)
"Oh! I liked him too! We had a couple of little man-to-man talks! I mean we sorta had a blood pact going, so obviously we were pretty close for a second there..."

"I mean, he's not just gone. He fought back! He knocked Dale clean out! He didn't leave, he left kicking and screaming, you know? They had to drag his ass out! So... that was pretty cool. Be glad you knew someone that rad, right?"
09:26 PM ET (US)
"N- No... it's fine..."

Anissa sighs and says, "Claudius and I were k- kinda close... We t- talked a lot, a- and he was always really nice to me... b- but..."

Anissa shudders a little and mumbles, "I still c- can't believe he's just... g- gone..."
Doctor Nanjo
06:31 PM ET (US)
"Well, I mean... You're welcome."

Casey stutters.

"Anyway dude, point is when we get out of here you'll be able to put together a nice life for yourself! I'll be sure to help you out, I ain't got nothing else to do!"

"...Have you been close to any of the boys who died? Or Penelope? Sorry if that's nosy to ask..."
03:36 PM ET (US)
"O- Oh, okay..." Anissa mumbles, "I'm n- not entirely sure what you're talking about... but thanks... That's g- good to hear..."
Doctor Nanjo
10:40 PM ET (US)
"Well, I could get you those easy, you know? I've been scavenging money from bars for six years, dammit! So, lemme know if you need anything! You are still just a kid after all! Um..."

Casey pauses.

"Um... Sorry if I'm not showing enough concern. I guess you just alluded to something that might be pretty serious... I just wanna say I caught that and that, you know, it didn't just bounce back outta my ears. It's buried in my heart, dude."

She smiles to Anissa.
08:57 PM ET (US)
"Thanks, but..." Anissa mumbles, "I d- don't think I'd be ablen to make it on the streets, even if I knew how to fight. I mean, s- sometimes it can take me t- two hours to motivate myself to get up for a bag of potato chips..." She makes a quiet noise that sounds vaguely like a chuckle.
Doctor Nanjo
02:30 PM ET (US)
"Aww... Well maybe you still can do it! There's just a few things you need to figure out... You definitely gotta be able to protect yourself and provide for yourself."

"So really, you're just a few kickboxing lessons away from moving out, dude! Or... You know, you can learn a different martial art. I just think kickboxing sounds the most badass!"
01:48 PM ET (US)
"I- It must have been hard just leaving everything behind like that," Anissa mumbles, "S- Sometimes I felt like doing that... but I never had the guts for it..."
Doctor Nanjo
11:56 PM ET (US)
"Nope... I was too busy for that. I started making my own friends, and I had my own responsibilities, and I traveled really far!"

"I probably never will see her again, and I've come to terms with that. I mean, that sort of thing would just mess with her heart, right?"

Casey sighs, her eyes slightly watery.
10:47 PM ET (US)
"Oh... W- Well at least it seems like you turned out fine..." Anissa mumbles, "S- So did you ever try going back to check on her or anything?
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