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Darkest Mafia Mason Chat - Vic and SirG

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VicarinPerson was signed in when posted
02:45 AM ET (US)
Can't think of much else to speculate on...

Wondering why wam(?) decided to jail me, hopefully not due to appearing scummy and instead to try to protect me.

Kinda funny how there's apparently 2 strong protective roles around, and yet they're somewhat dangerous for town with how bad blocking a vig shot on scum is. Thankfully that doesn't seem to have happened.

I've also got no idea still who the 2 people afflicted by Zenii are or what it does to them, beyond the example of selfish in the setup notes. Selfish does seem mildly helpful if you're trying to be as open as possible, so seeing the 7 that were used would be interesting.
VicarinPerson was signed in when posted
06:50 PM ET (US)
Send message: wam

Vicarin Houndmaster here. You odd jailer? Somitomi scum, kill immediately. Sabrar remote possibility. If cannot, jail me, vanilla now. jimbob, h_a other vigilante possibilities. Disseminate information. Full claimed Sabrar, jimbob.

- Houndmaster

After that's sent, all good for night to end.

This had better goddamn be the last night...
VicarinPerson was signed in when posted
06:35 PM ET (US)
Wait, no, somitomi probably wouldn't message his kill target, there's very little reason to do so. However, Zenii messaged me N2 as he was trying to presumably kill me, so maybe it's still the case? Either somitomi targeted Sabrar (and SirG was the NK N2, which makes Zenii's claim weird), or scum this game have been working with the assumption that protections will screw them up often (sensible).
VicarinPerson was signed in when posted
06:10 PM ET (US)
Oh man, this is still going? Why wasn't somitomi buried last night??? Aaaargh.

Well, jimbob and Sabrar both know who to gun for, hoping Sabrar said so to other people. Tonight's messages make me feel even better about somitomi being scum (only info somitomi has tried to pass was a cop result, and was force to by another player.

Was hoping I'd have a flip at least to make things easier to decide, but I wasn't expecting to get randomly jailed. Really hoping this odd-night jailer isn't the only way we can kill somitomi now.

Got h_a and wam to choose from to message, guess I'll be messaging wam as he's the most likely candidate for the jailer and hope they can kill somitomi? Wouldn't be completely ridiculous for vestal to have a kill though...

Also, night results would indicate that I was probably targeted last night by somitomi. No reason for Sabrar to hit me, he knows I'm mostly useless now, so we're getting to 90%+ chance that somitomi is the last scum.

Have to think about what to send wam for a bit, I'm not quite sure what the motivation behind jailing me was. Did somitomi not fully broadcast the cop claim?

Going by word count I'm guessing Sabrar is messaging everyone but somitomi, and jimbob has better things to do then send info to me :(. Vestal (still guessing h_a) continues to claim targets.
LaserGuyPerson was signed in when posted
01:41 PM ET (US)
Results for Vicarin

You were in jail last night

Messages for VICARIN

Sorry, no useful info.

"Confirming 1-shot Town Crier. Always signing every message as Sabrar. somitomi is last scum. Apologies for wrong instructions N2, was gunning for seemingly silent players."

Haven't heard from you so far...

Protected sabrar n3
VicarinPerson was signed in when posted
03:26 AM ET (US)
Now I'm just being paranoid about why Zenii needed to be affliction immune, and whether this indicates that there's a redirector of some kind for abilities...

Seems like it'd be horrifically overpowered though with the limited number of kills town can use...
VicarinPerson was signed in when posted
10:08 PM ET (US)
Kinda feel sorry for what Madge went through this game. Has no way of contacting anyone efficiently, is really good at murdering but can't get info fast, and then gets murdered herself presumably because scum thought she would have sent out a message like the Vestal did.

Come to think of it, I wonder who she contacted N0 and N1? I'd guess Sabrar N1, might have confirmed to him that I was claiming GR was town. Hope she didn't try claiming stuff N0 to one of the scum, I believe it is best for scum to try to just target anyone who has a kill remaining, possibly more important than Vestal. Making Madge very important to kill before a day like today where there's someone with a gigantic target on them.
Edited 04-02-2018 10:09 PM
VicarinPerson was signed in when posted
09:57 PM ET (US)
Like, maybe wam is a scum lawyer who just happened to guess somitomi would be copping Zenii N2 and.....

Nope, this is dumb.

Forgot to mention that with a claimed cop giving ability confirmed by 2 people, that makes me feel even better about jimbob seeing as I wasn't sure how a cop was going to fit in otherwise.

Really, really want to see what role Sabrar got though cause it looks hella crazy atm. Maybe based off the sort of progression of the Easter Bunny from the Christmas game? (I think it did 3 different abilities one after another)

It's a good thing that noones disputed the town crier message otherwise I'd be a LOT more worried about Sabrar. But I'm still a bit worried.
VicarinPerson was signed in when posted
09:30 PM ET (US)
I swear if I try changing anything I'll just be bogged down in crazier and crazier theories when by far the easiest explanation is somitomi being scum, with Sabrar being scum an outside chance.
VicarinPerson was signed in when posted
06:42 PM ET (US)
I'm finished, end the night whenever.
04:33 PM ET (US)
An extension of 24 hours was requested and has been granted. Deadline is now Wednesday at 11 am Pacific time. Please let me know when you are finished and I will try to end the night earlier if I can
VicarinPerson was signed in when posted
04:14 AM ET (US)
Nice to know at least someone's reading it :P
03:53 AM ET (US)
I do find your analysis interesting, but can't comment for obvious reasons :)
VicarinPerson was signed in when posted
03:13 AM ET (US)
Trying to work out what happened each night:

N0: I message Madge, SirGabriel messaged jimbobmacdoodle. Sabrar, jimbob, somitomi, Zenii, Vestal (guess h_a makes a bit more sense looking back on stuff?) all send out messages to everyone, Madge and wam message one unknown person each?

N1: somitomi messages everyone as Plague Doctor? Sabrar, Vestal (h_a? explains the communication to only SirG out of the two of us?) jimbob message everyone again, based on what messages they sent. I message Sabrar as Houndmaster, SirG messages jimbob as himself.

Interesting that jimbob sent messages to each of us, but has not followed up on the info he promised me. Worth messaging someone else just in case he is scum? Would require a lot of weird coincidences for both Sabrar and somitomi to be Town at this point, so I'm willing to be the game on jimbob being town I guess. One of those two can probably shoot him in that case.

Zenii uses kill on Madge, afflicts someone else.

wam jails h_a? Only alternatives are jimbob being jailer or scum having jailing ability.

h_a protects Zenii?

Sabrar gives somitomi a cop. Sabrar has a frankly ridiculous number of claimed powers at the moment (gives a cop, public announcement seeing as he didn't comment on it, removes afflictions, immune to afflictions -> the afflictions thing a fake town claim???). If somitomi isn't scum then Sabrar has to be a scum inventor or something. Actually looking more likely reading over it again, would be really handy if whoever is town out of the two of them just had a kill to target the other. Solves all the issues. However, somitomi being scum is by far the simplest explanation. Really want to see what kind of weird JOAT role Sabrar has though (Jester?).

I dog myself, SirG follows Zenii.

N2: Sabrar sees flip, and h_a getting jailed, only silent people are me, SirG, and wam, and so points the vigs in our direction. Overall seems really misguided townie action by someone who DIDN'T READ MADGE'S FLIP PROPERLY, or he'd realize that silence wasn't that scummy. Does share info about Houndmaster and Grave Robber being town in his messages this night at least, and also says jimbob is town. Interprets Plague Doctor being scummy, and word counts would indicate he probably didn't send the Plague Doctor messages.

We both message Sabrar, to full claim, hopefully won't backfire horribly. Sabrar mentions giving somitomi a cop, but they claim targeting Zenii and getting a town result so GUESS WHO'S GETTING MURDERED TONIGHT?

Zenii announces trying to murder me using his fake claim, so that's almost certainly the factional kill. SirG was targeted by another town vig presumably.

Zenii also messages trying to get Vestal to claim to him, and slips in Plague Doctor as well, presumably to mask what he's doing.

I dog myself again, SirG murders the hell out of Zenii.

Interestingly, jimbob doesn't send anything to me (probably had a bigger message to SirG but can't tell what he would have received...) and h_a moves on to messaging someone else.

N3: Hopefully scum tries to murder me again tonight assuming Vestal doesn't protect the same person twice in a row (as they shifted targets between N1 and N2, and probably don't know it was successful).

As long as somitomi sent that cop claim to everyone (which seems reasonable seeing as I got it), they're going to die horribly to whatever vig is still out there (probably only 1 left, seeing as 2 have been used and 1 died before getting to do anything). If Sabrar is scum, I'm REALLY hoping somitomi is the remaining vig.

Contacting jimbob tonight in case he was seen as super townie by scum and so wasn't included in the cop claim message or something, and his role seems likely to have a vig (hope he wasn't the one to use it on SirG). Main alternative is contacting wam and see if he's some kind of jailer who has a vig, but not completely sure.

Ah well, hope somebody reads this at some point and finds it interesting. Or I get a bunch of stuff wrong and facepalm after the game or my death.
VicarinPerson was signed in when posted
09:42 AM ET (US)
Guesses for roles.

jimbobmacdoodle - Abomination?
wam - Vestal?
heuristically_alone - Some kind of cop? Occultist? Or Vestal?
Sabrar - Town Crier. If not, Jester?
somitomi - Probably Plague Doctor as safe claim. Definitely the scummiest message sent by a rolename in that it was completely bloody useless.

No idea who the hell had the jailing ability that was used on h_a N1 though. wam is a jailer of some kind?

Bah, this game is almost certainly over as soon as night falls, it's pretty damn likely that somitomi sent that message to everyone and that SHOULD get them immediately killed.
VicarinPerson was signed in when posted
03:25 AM ET (US)
Well, I'm a pretty useless lump atm seeing as I've only got the 1 message with no other abilities now. At least I'm super confirmed town?
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