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LGBTQ+ and Broader Queer Community Roundtable (Presented by IGDA)

Alayna ColePerson was signed in when posted
12:21 PM AEST
The LGBTQ+ and Broader Queer Community Roundtable (Presented by IGDA) happened in a very full room in the South Hall at GDC today (21 March 2019). Thank you to everyone who attended!

As we all know, GDC is an expensive conference to attend and it's in a country that isn't accessible to everybody. With that in mind, the IGDA LGBTQ+ SIG and Queerly Represent Me would like to offer anyone the opportunity to chat about the topics we discussed today.


Our goals at the roundtable today were...

1. Discuss issues that are currently being faced by the LGBTQ+ community within the games industry.

2. Celebrate the progress we have been making, especially between the roundtable last year and this year. What's changed in the last twelve months?

3. Ask questions that are on our minds about how to improve our games, workplaces, and events.

4. Share practical advice that we can all implement between now and next year.


If you would like to see our notes from the in-person roundtable, they are available here: http://queerlyrepresent.me/rt2019

If you would like to add your questions and comments to the discussion, and chat freely with each other about your experiences, feel free to do so below!
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