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Independent Reading Journal #1: 1/21/2016

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Nathan Hanisch
10:50 AM ET (US)
I was reading the fiction book Then. The book had 196 pages and I stopped on page 60. I feel like this is a very good book full of suspense and action. I was expecting this book to be all about the holocaust. The whole series has peaked my interest, so I think that I will finish all three of the books. The book was not confusing at all. That is why I am not changing my book.
Markinzie Hagen
02:07 PM ET (US)
i was reading the non fiction book Hattie Big Sky. The book had 288 pages and i stopped on page 58. My feelings toward this book is that Hattie is up for a big surprise. She doesn't know whats coming ahead of her and she's only 16 and has to do so much on a farm all by herself. There will be many challenges along the way. She has to be strong and confident in the things she is doing if not then her farm will fail and she will lose the land to the bank.
Corwin McBreen-
11:40 AM ET (US)
Im reading the non fiction book The Right Fight. The book had 189 pages and i stopped on pg 39.My feelings towards this book is that it is boring. The cover was interning to me and looked like it would be a good book. For this book i was expecting for the book to be about the war. In this book its only talked about baseball in the begging. This book was kind of confusing to me at the start of the story. This is why i have chosen to change my book.
Nathan Masloski
10:51 AM ET (US)
I am reading the fichtion book of Vampirates: Tide of Terror by Justin Somper. The book has 459 pages and today I stopped on page 125. I feel like this is a very quality book due to all of action and suspense that each chapter holds. I will finish this book because it has peaked my interests and I want to finish it and am always curious about what will happen next. I completely understand everything that is going on so far, however, it was kind of confusing in the begining of the book.
Sarah Chmelar
05:40 PM ET (US)
I am reading the fiction book UnWholly by Neal Shusterman. The book has 402 pages, and I stopped on page 45 today. My feelings towards this book are positive and I feel like I will enjoy reading it. I will continue to read it because I'm interested in finding out what will happen throughout the book. I am only slightly confused about what is happening, but that is because it has been a while since I read the first book. I will get used to it again after reading some more of it. The characters do confuse me right now, but that is because I am just meeting several them. I'm excited to see how this book plays out.
Shey Uehling
05:39 PM ET (US)
I am reading a teen romance called City Love by Susane Colasanti. The book has 324 pages and I stopped on page 25. I chose this book because I like real life situations and about teenagers and life for them. I wasn't sure if I would like this book at first but as I keep reading, its not a bad book. Reading is not my favorite thing to do. I always get distracted about different things going on in my life. My first impression of this book was it seemed like something I would like to read, just by looking at the cover. I read the back and the first page, and it seemed like a good book to pick. This book is about three teenage girls are all rooming together in New York because they are all going to the University of New York. Two of the girls have never been to New York, one of the girls has lived in New York her whole life. So far the book is just introducing the characters right now. Im excited to keep reading on.
Julia Branson
04:30 PM ET (US)
I am reading the true story book Navy Seal Dogs My Tale of Training Canines For Combat. The book has 184 pages, and I stopped on page 23. I choose this book because I like military books. I want to be in the military so I feel like this would be a good book for me. When I walked in to the library I did not now what to pick. I looked in the shelves that have the newer books. Their were a couple military books on the shelves. But on the book that I picked the cover it had a dog and I like dogs. That is why I like this book and picked it.
Emily Kramer
04:29 PM ET (US)
I am reading a non-fiction book called Recruited. The book has 100 pages. This is my second class period reading this book and I stopped on page 93. I chose the 2nd journal choice.
 My first impression after I read a few chapters was that, I really like how they describe the characters. I also like how the book is really new and its at time period that is close to my high school year. At the end of every chapter the book leaves you with a cliff hanger so it keeps you wanting to read on and on. This author did a great job on describing everything so I don't get confused much. I plan to finish reading the book next class period.
Makayla Schilling
04:29 PM ET (US)
I am reading The Girl at the Center of the World by Austin Aslan. This book has 340 pages and I ended on page 44. My first impression of this book was it looks like an action book based on the cover. The book is confusing they are in Hawaii and the main character Leilani has this power to talk to the orchid. The orchid is some alien ship and Leilani can talk to the ship or like control the ship because she use to have seizures. The book is very confusing and I am not really interested in reading it any more. They use different language sometimes and it has a lot of flashbacks and flash forwards and they are not very clear. I do not understand what the orchid is it does not explain it well enough for me to get what the reason of it is. The book is boring they are just at home with their family and every once and a while they will go to a friends house. So I do not plain on sticking with this book it does not compel me.
Noah Vettrus
04:28 PM ET (US)
The book I am reading right now is The Darkest Path, it has 320 pages, I finished on page 105. My first impression of the main character was that he was very courageous because he sacrificed to keep his brother healthy. He allowed himself to be beaten up and sent into enemy territory to get inhalers for his brother with asthma. After a few pages in the book I started to not like him as much. He and his brother broke out of the army camp because they were captured and forced to serve there but his brother started to like it. I don't like how when they were deciding to keep running or go back he let his little brother go back on his own, he should have tried to convince him to keep running. Also a little while later he tries to ditch the dog he was with because he doesn't want him anymore even though the dog finds water in the desert. How he keeps getting out of all of the situations he should surely be dead in confuses me because of the condition his health is in and why he would want to allow his brother to go back to the Army of the Glorious Path also confuses me. I plan to keep reading this book, the boy keeps having many close calls with the bad army and it will be tough for him to reach safety.
Sheylee Stowers
04:27 PM ET (US)
I'm reading the fiction book The Program. This book has a total of 405 pages, and today I stopped on page 27.

I chose this book because a friend of mine had recommended it to me in the library. At first, I was a bit skeptical about this read until I started reading the first few pages. Even then I was tempted to not even give it a chance, but I still did. My goal was to read at least the first chapter, and from there I could decide wether I wanted to continue reading or to start another book which I had also got from the library. I had read a few pages of the other book called Whistling in the Dark as well but I wasn't interested in that book at all, it didn't even seem good based on the back cover, I just needed to get back in class in time from the library. From the 27 pages that I've read so far, I've really enjoyed this book. The beginnings not even slow, so I think I'll stay with it and finish it. Maybe even after that I'll start the boring one.
Taylor Otheim
04:27 PM ET (US)
I am reading "I am a SEAL Team Six Warrior."This book has 165 pages and today I stopped on page 28. Just from reading the opening chapter of this book, I can already tell I am really going to enjoy it. It starts off with a ton of action, then goes back to his roots and how the SEALs shaped him. The book is compelling me to keep on reading. Howard E. Wasdin is a very good author. I am not confused with the book at all. It is very clear, and uses good language that a person my age or younger could understand/enjoy. I am confused however, on how he married his wife. He goes from "Prom." to getting married... The author also goes through the training phase WAY too fast. I was thinking that he could talk about "Hell Week" way more. It is in fact the toughest training regime in the entire world and the military. He is also a little cocky about his childhood. He never keeps it real and says, I wanted to quit. He keeps saying his childhood prepared him for this and that it wasn't a problem. I don't think anything in your childhood can prepare you for getting 4 hours of sleep and hypothermia in a week. Overall this is a good book and I will continue to read it.
Gabrielle Englund
04:27 PM ET (US)
I am reading the non-fiction book A Dog's Purpose. The book has 319 pages, today I stopped on page 173.
I feel like this is going to be a very good book. At first I was unsure if I was going to like it, but as I kept reading I fell more and more in-love. My first impression of this book was that it was hard to follow and very fast paced, but as I became attached to the characters I realized how much I liked it. I can hardly put my book down! Im not at all confused about whats happening in my book, I feel like I'm there. I understand every character and can relate to a few of the emotions they put off. Every chapter ends with a cliff-hanger and presses you to keep reading. I defiantly plan to stay with this book.

2. What are your FEELINGS or FIRST IMPRESSIONS after reading the opening chapter(s) of your book? Is it compelling you to keep reading yet? Are you confused about what's happening? What events or characters do you not understand? Does the use of language in the book confuse you? Do you plan to stick with it?
Silhouette Smith
04:27 PM ET (US)
I am reading the book The Color Purple. The book has 288 pages and I stopped on page 122. My first impression of this book was a bit of a shock factor. The first few pages of the book were truly descriptive but in the most horrifying and disturbing way. The fact that poor Celie the main character, has had to undergo these immense events in such a short time really gives you a feeling of sympathy for the character. When I first started reading this book, I couldn't put it down. I was always looking for the silver lining the end of all her troubles but it never came it would only get darker and deeper the further you go. The voice that is being portrayed through the book through the dialogue was rather hard to pick up on sometimes. But, as you go on you begin to hear the accent of the character and the words form together a lot better. I am having a hard time keeping all the characters in order based solely on the fact that there names consist of Mr.----. Yes, the language of the book is at times hard to understand but, like I said the sentences begin to form better the farther you get into the book and you pick up the accent of the characters. Yes, I plan on reading this book all the way through and finding out if her life does get any better or whether or not she finds someone who truly loves her for her.
Rachel Kramer
04:27 PM ET (US)
I am reading a non-fiction called Kicker. It has 143 pages in it and I stopped today on page 73. I am responding to the fist journal prompt. I chose this book because I thought it looked interesting. The front of the book has a picture of two people playing soccer and that seemed like it would be interesting. The color of the book attracted my attention. The binding of this book is yellow and bright, so my eyes went to it right away. I also read the back of the book. Its about soccer and a mystery. I like reading mysteries and sports books, so I though it would be a good book for me.
Griffin Smith
04:27 PM ET (US)
2. What are your FEELINGS or FIRST IMPRESSIONS after reading the opening chapter(s) of your book? Is it compelling you to keep reading yet? Are you confused about what's happening? What events or characters do you not understand? Does the use of language in the book confuse you? Do you plan to stick with it?

I am reading the non-fiction book The Fallout. The book has 328 pages and I am currently on page 112. My feelings about this book is that it is really easy to get hooked on to, but it can be somewhat slow at parts. I really the main character because he is really easy to relate to. He is 15 and he has to deal with the everyday life of a teenager. It is a good read but I made the mistake and read this book first when I should've read the first book to the series, nevertheless, it is still really good! I am a bit confused on what is happening in the story but I am catching on quickly. In the story, the dad hid his entire family underground for six years, Talk about being grounded! I am going to stick with this book because it has really good parts in it that keep you on your toes. The book is decently short for the amount of pages, but the story makes it fly by quick, I read about 60 pages today. It has gotten me hooked onto it because I really like the mystery genre of books.
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