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[F6] Charlotte Church the Star Community Benefactor

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“Look what I found!” Charlotte says, holding out a book to Oliver and Sebastian in the staircase room, looking proud of herself. “Nail’s been meditating in there,” she points back to the red room, “And it seems like he was reading through this!”

The others check out the book. It seems to be a book of arcane magics, similar to the strange books at the library. It looks thoroughly worn, but the ink is still a glossy black.

The magic spells detailed inside seem to all be spells that require some drawing a detailed magic circle and then saying some sort of magic words. The target must stand at the center of the circle in order to be affected by the spell. There’s a speed spell, a spell for growing or shrinking, a spell for flight, a spell for cloning, and many more.

Nail arrives in the stairway area, an amused smile on his face, seeing that Sebastian, Oliver, and Charlotte have found his book. Had he been watching them read the book? He reaches down and snaps it shut, snatching it from Charlotte.

“Ahh…. this is my book you know… I’m sorry for disturbing any of you. Of course, I am happy to share, but I am reading it. I hope you all understand.”

He walks away with the book, leaving the others with an uneasy feeling.


Charlotte sneaks into the armory when Oliver is not there. She is interested in the flute, and checks to see if it’s around. It’s not as though she really wants to get at Oliver or anything, she just feels the impulse to take it and decides it won’t be a big deal. She opens a bag in that’s sitting behind one of the clothing racks. Inside is, among other things, Oliver’s flute. She tucks it under her coat and leaves the room.


Oliver enters the meeting room, his brow furrowed and his face twisted in anger. Sebastian and Charlotte are there as well, having a quiet conversation about dust. Ivan enters the room from outside and looks like he’s going to walk straight through when Oliver blocks his way. He asks Ivan to wait here for a moment.

Oliver walks into the center of the room, his hands on his hips. He looks at Charlotte with daggers, “You took my flute, you no-good thief! Give it back!”

Charlotte’s mouth is agape. She sputters and shakes her head, “I did not! Do you have any proof or are you just going after me to go after me?! Why would I steal that anyways?!” She makes a face of genuine hurt.

Oliver recoils but quickly regains his composure, “You’re always snooping around! You’re probably thinking about killing us, huh?! You took it for the magic spell! You’re jealous of me and my success, so you would kill me!”

It’s at that point that the argument gets really… intense. Oliver seems to not be holding back. He kind of reminds everyone of a typical school bully, occasionally mocking Charlotte and her mannerisms. It doesn’t sound like he really knows that it’s her, but the situation clearly isn’t going to lighten up soon. Charlotte’s replies are by comparison kinda pathetic. She keeps just trying to say that she would never steal from one of them and Oliver is clearly getting into her head.

Finally, Ivan steps in, breaking the two apart, “Alright, that’s enough. Don’t worry Oliver, we’ll help you find your flute. If anyone may have stolen it, I’m sure they’ll confess soon.”

Oliver huffs, but in his eyes he has tears, “It’s probably already been destroyed. I- I loved that flute! It’s a piece of home that I’m never getting back! And I…”

He cuts himself off, turns his head and leaves into the stairwell area. The others are left with a surprising amount of silence for a minute.


Right after Oliver leaves, Charlotte, Sebastian and Ivan stand in silence in the meeting room. Charlotte looks still emotionally distraught. “I had something stolen from me too…”

“Well, of course you did, you’re a slob. You’re always leaving stuff around here, you know. It’s a bit of a pain to clean up after you,” Sebastian says, pointing to all the mud that Charlotte’s tracked everywhere, just since she entered.

Charlotte is aghast, she can’t believe what she just heard.

“But Ivan tracks mud everywhere too! You’ve gotta be kidding me! And tracking around mud is one thing, but I never leave anything lying around!”

“That’s because whenever you do leave something out, I’m right here to point that out, and at least Ivan is doing something important for us. Tell me again what you’ve been doing outside?”

Charlotte cocks her head, “Seb, not you too! Come on, just drop it already.”

Seb looks at her rather coldly.

This argument goes on for a while, Sebastian seemingly having a lot of reasons to be sick of Charlotte right now. In some ways, Charlotte looks even more deeply hurt than with Oliver.

Eventually she hides her face and has to leave.


Nail is simply sitting in the red room on his own, serenely positioned on the floor, as if he’s in meditation. The book he was reading earlier doesn't seem to be with him. Suddenly, the sound of a door suddenly slamming is heard, shocking him out of this state. He opens his eyes to see Charlotte hurrying into the room, looking quite upset. “That snobby piece of… What right does he have to…”

“Hmm? Is something the matter?” Nail eyes Charlie with a surprising amount of concern.

“Oh, there sure is!” Charlie yells, looking quite furious. “I’ve been painted as a thief by everyone! And not the great Robin Hood kind either!”

“Oh, dear. Perhaps I could help.” Nail stands up, brushing up his clothes. “In times like these, I don’t mind offering advice for free.”

Charlie takes a deep breath and goes over to Nail and starts venting about what had happened. She seems quite agitated as she explains, but Nail listens patiently. She talks about how Oliver suddenly came up to her and accused her of stealing her flute. She tried to defend herself but Oliver insisted that she stole it for the motive, and that she was planning to murder soon. He seemed to be quite insistent on it too though not entirely certain, and acted quite brashly, even coming off as a bully. She tried to argue back as much as she could and ended up driving Oliver away, but then the others ganged up on her for being a slob. Nail quietly listens as she explains, adding her own detail and flair to the story to paint her as an innocent bystander caught up in something else, quite insistent on her innocence.

“I see… So you got accused in an unfair situation and got ganged up on. Quite unfortunate.” Nail nods at the end.

“Yeah, and it’s all bullshit! I can’t believe that he’d think I’d be tempted to murder too, of all things!” Charlie huffs.

“Hoh, indeed. It seems our reputation among these people is quite muddied.” Nail shakes his head. “We’re simply painted as ne’er-do-wells by our own community, despite only wishing only good for our town.”

“Yes! Finally, someone gets it!” Charlie says, almost relieved. “I’m not some little brat who just takes stuff whenever she feels like it! I’m the Robin Hood of Rattlewater, and I want to be treated like it, dammit!”

“Hmph. Convincing others of your innocence can be quite difficult when your reputation has already been sullied through rumor and gossip. Such a waste to try and deal with.” Nail says. “I find that the only solution in such cases is to bear with these oafs. Venting can be relieving in cases like this, though.”

“Yeah, but I can’t keep calm like that all the time!” Charlie pouts. “Especially in like, a death game like this!”

“I may have a solution to that. Keep this to yourself, though.” Nail pulls out something from his other pocket- it appears to be an ancient amulet of some kind. There are some inscriptions on it, but they’re long faded.

“What the heck is that?” Charlie raises an eyebrow.

“It’s… a charm, you could say.” Nail gives a cryptic sort of smile. “I picked it up in the mines earlier. If you wear this on you, and press your hand upon it whenever you are stressed, your worries will all melt away. It’s quite effective.”

“Really? Weren’t you the guy who was saying all this magic crap was dangerous?” Charlie asks sceptically.

“This is… different, quite simply. It has positive healing effects and nothing more. It’s safe to use. Trust in it, it shall prove to be a friend.” Nail says in a silky tone of voice.

“Well… okay then.” Charlie takes the amulet and wears it on her arm inside her coat. It’s quite hard to see. “Wow… I’m already feeling a bit better. You weren’t kiddin’... Anyway, thanks.” Charlie nods to Nail. “I… guess you aren’t that bad a guy after all… despite how fishy you look.”

Nail gives a gentle smile and bows. “Anytime, Ms. Church. Do call if you need any advice in the future.”

“Oh, I think I will!” Charlie says, leaving the room now. Nail sits back down in the red room and continues with his meditation quietly.

After leaving Nail, Charlotte decides that she should confront Sebastian about what he said, feeling energized to even the score.


Charlotte enters the meeting room, ready to talk to Sebastian. Sebastian is turned away from her, cleaning something. She walks forward when suddenly Sebastian says something, “Reduce form to one thirtieth...”

At that moment, Sebastian turns around and Charlotte stops dead in her tracks as she feels her bones popping and groaning. He watches as Charlotte starts shrinking, smaller and smaller. She begins screaming but it comes out as a high-pitched squeak.

She begins running across the floor, and Sebastian looks like he’s going to be sick as he quickly walks over to her and blocks her path with his broom. He sweeps her up into a small grey box and closes the lid, muffling her screams.

She yells whenever she can but she begins to feel exhausted she is shaken around a bunch, and whenever she hears voices she cannot understand what they are saying and they sound so far away. She's in there for at least an hour, shaking with fear. She tries to escape but the box is too strong.

At one point Sebastian opens the box and takes a picture of her.

At another point the box opens. She's clearly in the caves. Sebastian reaches down and closes his fingers around her neck. She feels her bereath leave her and she falls into blackness.

She never wakes up.
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You hear a scream of horror out of nowhere, and you look to see Micah, hidden in the shadows. She seems to be looking at something. You look at where she's staring at and you see... one of the support pillars in the mines, ready to collapse! Freaking great! You need to get outta here, pronto! You quickly dash down as rocks start to fall on you and you barely make it into the lower ice cavern as the mines collapse. You're unsure if there's anyone else with you currently.

[You cannot post in the thread. You may post in this QT: https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/DEbbQcNUTYje ]
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Your EFL with Bennett: https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/WxqEik3DuJ8cX
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You, Brandy and Oliver are assigned to examine Tunnel A- the tunnel on the left with all the vines growing through it.

“Hmm, alright, let’s see what we can find here.” Oliver says, looking around. “Doesn’t look like there’s much here, but still.”

“Hey, look at this quicksand!” Charlotte points out. “It’s a mess!”

Indeed, the quicksand looks like it’s been splashed into. It’s splattered all over nearby, and emerging from it are two different sets of footsteps.

“Huh, this is strange.” Brandy says. “There’s two sets, one bigger than the other. The bigger set carries on for a while but the smaller ones seem to stop pretty quickly.”

“How intriguing… They must have cleaned themselves, I suppose.” Oliver speculates. “Either way, it seems this quicksand has gotten the better of some people now.”

“Yeah, but only while coming back.” Brandy responds. “You notice how you don’t see any footprints on the other side? Seems like they made it over the quicksand the first time, then messed up on the way back.”

“Hmm, you’re quite right. How did they get over the quicksand, though?” Oliver approaches the quicksand slowly, looking at it.

“Like THIS!” Charlotte suddenly gives Oliver a small push from behind. Losing his balance, Oliver flails helplessly for a second before falling face first into the quicksand.

“Aaaah! Aaah!” Olvier cries out, only just managing to get out of it in time. “Why on earth did you do that?!” He shouts at Charlotte furiously, wiping it off his face. “My perfect clothing… My beautiful visage is completely ruined!” He gestures to his now muddy white suit.

“Uh… whoops?” Charlotte shrugs, almost comically.

“You better be more careful in the future about this stuff, Charlotte”, Brandy scolds, though even she can’t hide the smile on her face. “Here, I’ll help you, Oliver.”

With Brandy’s help, the muddy stains are mostly removed from Oliver’s clothes. A few still remain though, and his suit looks much shabbier than it did before.

“Sorry, that’s the best I can do.” Brandy shrugs.

Oliver seems upset, but he nods. “Yes, thank you for your help, Brandy.”

“Anyway, getting back to the topic at hand, I think you can jump over the quicksand fine. It wouldn’t be too hard to do, anyway.” Brandy says.

“You mean I could have actually made it?” Oliver seethes. “Agh, how could this day get any worse?” He places a hand on a nearby wall… only for it to not be there. He falls down once again. “What the?!” He gets up, shocked. “What is this?!” He pushes away the vines to reveal… a secret tunnel? Brandy and Charlotte both appear quite shocked at this.

“Is… this some sort of hidden pathway?” Oliver asks. “Then we must take a look there and see what is within!”

“U-um… Maybe we shouldn’t?” Charlotte suggests nervously.

“Why shouldn’t we?! There could be some important clues in there! We only just found this now, it warrants a look!” He insists.

“M-maybe you’re just overthinking things, Oliver.” Brandy says. “You just discovered this weird thing now, like you said. What’s the probability that someone else knew about that? That’s just weird.”


“Oh, is that everyone calling us to the trial thing now?” Charlotte quickly interrupts. “We should go there now!”

“Wait, wh-”

“Yeah, we should! No time to waste here!” Brandy declares. “Let’s get going, everyone!” She says. The three get going, though Oliver doesn’t seem happy about not being able to examine the tunnel further.
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As the performance starts, you notice someone sitting next to you. As you turn to see who it is, you get excited. It’s Brandy!

“Hey there, Charlotte.” Brandy gives a cool grin to the girl, putting her arm over her.

“Yo, Mother Hen!” Charlotte smiles back eagerly. “Everything going well?”

“You betcha! Enjoying the performance?” Brandy asks.

“I am… but! Don’t you want to do anything exciting today?” Charlotte sneakily inquires. “Once everyone goes to bed, these caves could be ours to explore!”

“Good point!” Brandy laughs as she gives a pat on the back to the girl. “But we need some sleep as well, so… How about we pay a visit to our hideout sometime after 4 AM?”

“Yeah, sure… I don’t want our identities getting compromised, so maybe we should remove all the evidence there.” Charlotte whispers.

“Alright then, sounds good.” Brandy agrees. “Just make sure nobody follows us.” She then turns back to watch Oliver’s singing.

After the performance ends, you hang around camp for a bit before heading to bed at midnight exactly. You decide to get some shuteye before you start on your great adventure, and fall asleep pretty quickly. You manage to get up some time later. It’s about 4 AM, more or less. You decide to wait for Brandy to call you before getting out. Soon enough, you feel her nudging you.

“Charlotte! Are you awake?” Brandy quietly whispers.

“Yup, I’m here.” Charlotte whispers back, getting up. “So are we ready to go?”

“Yeah! Just make sure not to make any noise when you leave, alright?” Brandy warns sternly.

“Alright, Mother Hen.” Charlotte nods, and the two set out from camp, tiptoeing slowly so as to not get caught. “Hey, you think Daniel saw us?” Charlotte asks as they leave.

“I don’t think so. Weird… You’d think he’d be more careful with stuff like that. Ah, whatever!” Brandy shrugs. “We’ve got this whole cave to ourselves now! Let’s see who can make it to the tunnels first, yeah?” She suddenly starts sprinting.

“Hey, wait for me!” Charlotte says, quickly running after her.

After a few minutes, the two both make it to the tunnel. Brandy stylishly puts her hand on the wall, smirking as Charlotte struggles to catch up to her.

“Aw *huff* come on! That *huff* totally wasn’t fair!” Charlotte complains as she stops for breath.

“You’ve gotta be faster than that, y’know!” Brandy shakes her head in a faux-disappointed manner. “Sometimes, you won’t have time to catch up! You’ve really got to step up your game! That’s what adventuring’s all about!”

“I… don’t think… I’m cut out for this, then.” Charlotte gasps as she wipes some sweat off her brow.

“Nonsense! You’ll get used to it soon enough! Let’s keep going!” Brandy says, taking the tunnel on the left and stopping just before the quicksand. “Now, do you remember where the shortcut was?”

“Yeah… to your right.” Charlotte gestures as such, pulling away the leaves away nearby to reveal a small tunnel to the side. “Sh… shall we go through now?”

“Yup! Way easier this way. Now, let’s go in!”

The two entered the tunnel and made their way through. A few minutes later, they made it to the end of the tunnel. They pushed away a small box and entered the hideout. “There we are! No pesky water on us this way.” Brandy takes a look around. “Geez, it’s been a while. I see the others have taken quite a lot of stuff from here. And what’s with the odour in here? This place stinks!”

“Yeah, no kidding! What the heck are we going to do now?” Charlotte asks.

“Don’t get too stressed yet, kid. Doesn’t look like they’ve figured out this place is ours.” Brandy mused. “Let’s get cleaning over here. We’ve got time.” She checks the time. “4:30, huh… Let’s finish work here in an hour, alright?”

“A-alright.” Charlotte gulps. “B-but I don’t want to just throw away all this stuff! I’ve spent a truckload of time collecting this! E-erm, no pun intended.”

“Yeah, no worries.” Brandy replies consolingly. “If there’s anything that points at our identities, we just move them somewhere else. Somewhere where nobody else will look, maybe? Let’s just hide it in some other tunnel, maybe.”

“Oh, yeah! So I guess we should start picking up all that, huh? Well, crap.” Charlotte mutters. “I never did like spring cleaning…” She sighs.

The two then start looking around, picking up stuff they think might incriminate them and stuffing it into a small bag.

“Hey, where did those tools go? I thought they might’ve been useful for later on…” Charlotte grumbles. “Did the others take ‘em?”

“Not that I know of. Maybe I’m just forgetting, though… Hey, wait a second!” Brandy picks up a wristwatch laying in the corner. It looks to be quite fancy looking. “This looks familiar… Isn’t this the mayor’s?”

“Uhm, well…” Charlotte just scratches her head.

“Why did you take this?!” Brandy asks angrily. “Is stealing from the mayor part of your job description?!”

“H-hey, look! I just do this impulsively, alright?” Charlotte yells defensively. “I was just meeting him the other day and then… I just took it from him, y’know?”

“You can’t just do that!” Brandy responds furiously. “You know he’ll be pissed about this when he finds out, right?”

“Well- AAAAAA!!” Charlotte’s response suddenly gets interrupted as she suddenly points behind Brandy before letting out a loud scream.

You see… someone behind Brandy! But before she can even look behind to see it, she gets hit in the head and then gets knocked out!

Your memories of what followed are… Well, to put it simply, you can’t quite recall. You know you got into some sort of fight with whoever knocked out Brandy, but you can’t remember the details. All you know is that you ended up blacking out shortly afterwards.

After a while, you wake up. You can hear two people talking- Klifford and Brandy.

“Pretty weird, if you ask me.” You hear Brandy say. “I wonder what it c-”

“Huh…? What’s going on here?” Charlotte slowly opens her eyes, noticing Brandy by her side. “M-mother? Is that yo-”

She gets quickly cut off by a tight hug coming from Brandy’s side. It feels warm and comforting despite it being done with only one arm, in contrast to the cold tears that run down Brandy’s face. “Y-you’re alive…” She quietly murmurs. “You’re still here…”

Charlotte seems caught off guard by this sudden display of emotion, but slowly decides to return it. “Are you alright?” She asks nervously.

“Yes… I’m alright now.” Brandy wipes off the tears on her face, showing a relieved smile. “I’m sorry that you had to get hurt, Charlotte… This was all my fault.”

“O-oh, no, no! Please don’t be sad…” Charlotte exclaims apologetically. “I didn’t know you were so worried!”

“But are you fine, pal?” Klifford asks. “You were knocked out, you know. You had a lot of injuries on you as well.”

“Oh… Yeah, I’m feeling good. Maybe a bit dizzy, but... “ Charlotte shrugs. “I can’t really recall what happened now.”

“You must be tired now. You’ve had a long night. Maybe it’s time to go back and rest now.” Klifford advises.

“Yes, I’ll take her back now. But…” Brandy takes Klifford’s hand and shakes it joyfully. “Thank you so much for your help! Without you I don’t… I don’t know what I’d…”

Klifford lightly chuckles. “Don’t worry about it. All that matters is that she’s alive and well and you both can be happy now.” He gets up, dusting his clothes. “Anyway, I’ve got to take care of him now.” He gestures to Ciro, who’s lying in the middle of the hideout in a strange pose.

“Huh? What’s he…?” Charlotte asks, confused.

“It doesn’t matter now.” Brandy says, tugging Charlotte along as she leaves through the tunnel. “Let’s get you back to camp now.”

You and Brandy both walk back to camp after that. You feel remarkably lightheaded even after all that’s happened. Brandy puts her hand around you the entire time, not wanting anything bad to happen to you. You both make it back to the camp at about 6:15. It appears to be silent, with Daniel quietly sitting, almost the same as before. Brandy lets you in your tent and puts you to sleep before getting inside herself.

You doze off, and later wake up at 8:00. You decide to get up and join the others for breakfast after that.
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Your EFL with Benjamin: https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/8B4cSaW7HjpU
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Your tentmate EFL: https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/CBjAbAXxJLWMM
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General character stuff: Same as the survey really. Some differences which I'll cover down below though.

People you recognise:

Brandy- Hey, look, it's Mother Hen! You're her biggest fan in the town, constantly following her whenever she visits. You admire her positivity and energy despite her disability and she's the closest thing to a mother figure you have in your life now. You keep an autograph of her with you and proudly show it to whoever you meet. She also helped in your project of an underground hideout deep inside the caves, where you store everything else you stole which you didn't supply to your town. It's hidden quite neatly far down, and only you two know of it.

Klifford- Aw, this boring old fart. You go to visit him monthly as his patient, though you try to avoid him if you can. You're a great thief! Getting checkups from your lame ol' pediatrician is just a big fat bummer! Though not as much as his jokes. You regularly flaunt to him about how great you are, but he seems unfazed. Not all geniuses can be understood...

Lavender/Oliver- You've heard of their performances before, and they both are quite popular in the town. You don't see either of them that much, though. Not as exciting as adventuring on and having fun on your own!

Nail- Aw, this creepy guy? You've heard all sorts of stuff about this guy. That he's a snake oil salesman, that his advice is not to be trusted, that he's a demon in disguise... Either way, this guy just reek suspicious, even with how he talks. Best to try and avoid falling for his tricks, you suppose.

Ivan- Now this is someone you don't want to run into! You know all about how tough he is, and he never kids around. He'd apparently do anything to cleanse Rattlewater of crime, too. You doubt he'd particularly like you that much, so someone else to stay away from.

Micah- You've heard of her a little before, but you know she's a fan of Brandy. You've seen her at her museum before. Nice to have a fellow fan here, at least!

Ciro- You've eaten at his sushi shop once or twice. It's well made, though you prefer the RB's menu in terms of quality. Still, the guy definitely deserves the title of Star Citizen. Of course, his shop wouldn't be thriving without all the materials you steal regularly.

Bennett- You've seen him around in town before. He smells.
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This is your QT for F6. Your alibis and other story related information connected to your character will be posted here.

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