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10/4/19: Choices from topics in folder

Brookelynn park
03:24 PM ET (US)
I just started reading The Gathering by Kelly Armstrong today. There are 359 pages and I am merely on page 13.
I do think that the title of this book fits the book itself very well because it gives you some background on the character and explains what "The Gathering" is for the shapeshifters like Maya. She has a connection with wild animals and it almost seems like she controls the animals of the woods. Also, this book is very interesting to me because the title of the book is what intrigued me the most when I first saw it.
Austin Sieverding
10:39 AM ET (US)
I am currently reading Projekt 1065 by Alan Gratz. I am on page 168 of 303.
The topic I will be talking about today is "What came as the biggest surprise in the book? This book is about a young boy named Micheal who is from Ireland. His mother is an undercover spy, and his father works for the embassy and gets invited to Nazi get-togethers. Micheal builds a strong bond with a boy named Fritz. Fritz is described as a short guy who is tough, and he can take a beating. Micheal and Fritz' friendship was tight. Micheal almost knocked Fritz out when they had to box each other, but they remained friends. Micheal was at Fritz' house and soon discovered a blueprint. Fritz' father was working on constructing jet that could've turned the war around. Micheal memorizes the plan without being seen, he has photographic memory, and sketches it down when he gets home. The next month, they rank up and soon have more authority than most adults do who are not in the war. This changes Fritz in a major way, he soon starts bullying his elders and lies to Micheal. Micheal is curious to understand why Fritz is being this way. Neither of them ever got angry with each other, they always had each other's back. I wonder if Fritz is actually changed for good or if he's just acting.
Damen Crane
10:29 AM ET (US)
I am still reading American Victory By Henry CeJudo the . book has 230 pages and I am on page 151 I dont think it will take me much longer to finish this book. what factors or relationships helped the character? wanting to be hugged i think is a big factor because when he wrestle everyone would cheer for him and everyone loved him for how good he was. and he wanted to be loved, i think the fact that he didn't know spending your whole life in a wrestling room isn't normal, because what eles was he going to do hang out with the gangster. the bigest factor that helped him to winning his gold medal for U.S.A was probably when he moved to Colorado by him self his sophomore year of high school to live on his own at the olympic training center. That and there was a lot people that help him out on his journey to becoming one of the best grapplers in the world.
Kinsey Price
01:30 PM ET (US)
I am currently reading A Dog's Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron. I stopped on page 289 out of 319.
The topic I chose to write about is this: "What does this book teach about life and living?"
In A Dog's Purpose, the main character is a dog who is born and reborn several times. In his first life, his name is Toby. Toby is born in the wild and later taken in by a woman. After several months in The Yard, he is involved in a dog fight and ends up with a mangled leg. When animal control declares that Toby and the other dogs in The Yard are the victims of a dog-hoarding situation, they take the dogs. Toby's leg is beyond repair and he is put down. He is reborn as a golden retriever. In his past life, he had learned how to open doors. Using this skill, he escapes from the dog breeder's yard. He is picked up and taken home by a woman. The woman gives him to a boy named Ethan. Ethan names his new dog Bailey. Bailey and Ethan become as close as a dog and his boy can be. Even after the fire that resulted in Ethan losing the ability to play sports, Bailey was there. However, a dog can only live so long. The next time he was born, he discovered that he was actually a she. Ellie became a search-and-rescue dog, working with two distinctly different officers and rescuing dozens of people. It is during this life that he/she reflects on past experiences. When he learned how to open doors as Toby, that skill is what allowed him to meet Ethan. When he swam with Ethan as Bailey, that allowed Ellie to rescue a young boy who got washed away in a sewer drain. At this point, he figured his purpose was served. When his life as Ellie ended, he didn't expect to wake up again, but he did. He couldn't help but wonder why. He thought he'd served his purpose already. I haven't finished the book yet, so I don't quite know how the story ends, but I've concluded that life is about more than just a purpose. It's about the experiences you gain along the way. I know that's cliche, but it's true. And you never know, you could have more than one purpose in this life. All I know is that life is a lot better when you live it to the fullest. If your life isn't fulfilling, are you really living?
Arriana Mausbach
11:02 AM ET (US)
I am currently reading Say You'll Remember Me by Katie McGarry. I stopped on page 345 of 452

20. Assess one of the characters strengths and weaknesses.

The main character, Elle, is the governor's daughter. Because of this, she has to act perfect all the time, and sometimes that means accepting things she may not like. Her "bodyguard" Andrew is the same age as her, and some people are speculating that they are a couple. However, that is not true. One of Elle's weakness is that she doesn't stand up for herself. I know she's the governors daughter, but that doesn't mean that you have to just accept everything that's going on around you. Because she accepts everything, Elle has to kiss Andrew in public. She doesn't want to do that, but she has to because she accepted it. One of her strengths, however, is that she's really good at keeping secrets. Elle is secretly dating a boy named Drix, who got convicted of a crime he didn't do. Since she is dating a person who went to jail, he parents don't approve. But Elle continues to sneak out and see him anyways. I personally think Elle should stand up for herself and keep continuing to see Drix.
Rachel Lorang
10:46 AM ET (US)
I am currently reading a True Born Trilogy: True North by L.E. Sterling, today I stopped at page 127 out of 292 pages. I chose the twelfth character journal prompt.
Choose any character and explain why they are important to the story.
The character I have chosen is Margot Fox, she is the sister of the main character, Lucy Fox. So far into the book Lucy's only objective is to find Margot as the has been kidnapped by her parents. at this point into the book everything has revolved about Margot and how Lucy needs to find her. Margot sent a letter to Lucy and now she is trying to decode the exact location of her sister. Lucy has now embarked on a quest to find her sister and rescue her, though it wasn't easy as she had to sneak away form her guardians and travel with an alley kid. This shows how important Margot is to the story as finding her is the most wanted desire yet this far into the book.
Molli Thornton
10:38 AM ET (US)
I am currently reading Biggie by Derek E. Sullivan. I have read 105 out of 266 pages that are in this book.
Do you think the title fits the book? Why or why not?
I do think the title fits the book. The main character in the book's nickname is Biggie because he weight 317 pounds at 17 years old. The book is about Henry Abbott, Biggie, trying to lose weight not only get on the towns baseball team, which he has never played it before, but to win over his crush for five years and counting. Henry is raised in a baseball family where his dad his a baseball player and mom's new husband is also a baseball player. Laser, Henry's moms boyfriend, helps Biggie on his quest to become skinny. Laser stalks Henry's every move by stopping him through the drive thru line at the local fast-food joint or making him see a doctor. Biggie has never liked doctors because they always put him so some new diet and tell him that it blood pressure is too high. This time the doctor scares Henry by telling him he doesn't want to attend a teenagers funeral, which really has him thinking about his health.
Mandy Wolles
10:37 AM ET (US)
I am reading Mischling by Affinity Konar. It has 339 pages and I am on page 145. Prompt: Who is the narrator and why do you think the author chose this narrator?

This book has two narrators. The plot revolves around a pair of identical twin girls, and they are both narrators. Every other chapter goes back and forth between the main characters' (Pearl and Stasha) point of view. I think this is very effective because we get to see similar, but also very different perspectives. The story is about these twin girls who are taken to a concentration camp and have experiments done on them. It is very interesting because they have a connection and can almost sense what the other is thinking. So when the narration changes, we still get a sense of the other character, even though they have very different personalities.
Alexis Waege
10:29 AM ET (US)
I am reading Time Between Us by Tamara Ireland Stone. I am on page of 368. The topic I have chose today is from the Main Idea Category and the question is What is the story mainly about? The stories main idea is of a girl named Anna, from 1995 Chicago, and a boy named Bennett, from 2012 San Fransisco. Anna Believes she sees a boy sitting on the bleacher when she is running at the University Track and so she goes and checks it out when she gets done and there was no body there, he disappeared. The main idea of the book is for Anna to find love and to bring love back into her time, 1995 Chicago. It is sort of a time travel book.
Alexus Kunkel
10:27 AM ET (US)
I am reading Pride and Prejudice. I am at page 31 out of 324.
I have only been introduced to a few characters so far. My three favorites are Mr and Mrs Bennet, and Elizabeth. Mrs. Bennet is one who likes to gossip and wants the best life for her daughters. She kind of reminds me of my grandma. Mr. Bennet is cool and collected in a chaotic house of girls. He doesn't let his wife push him around. Elizabeth is intelligent and quick-witted. She is unlike the other snobbish girls in the book.
Kärin RennerPerson was signed in when posted
11:00 PM ET (US)
YOU CHOOSE TOPIC! Go to your reading folder. While you are there, UPDATE your reading log. You MUST do that!

Your first sentence needs to be what you are currently reading, the total # of pages, and where you stopped today.

Then, find the 2 handouts with long lists of journal topics. Choose one and write AT LEAST 8 to 10 sentences. Be sure to put a LABEL or HEADING at the top of your post so I know what topic you choose! Don't just write "I chose #13." Summarize the topic in a few words in your label.

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