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infield fly rule video

Jeff TenbargePerson was signed in when posted
08:52 AM ET (US)
the players didn't protect themselves on this play...to me, this is a video that proves that we might make the appropriate call-decision and crazy things might still happen...
08:40 AM ET (US)
The intent of the rule is to protect the offense from having the defense turning a DP or TP.
But, who questions the "reasonable effort"? The SS takes over the popup and is trying to catch it over his shoulder.
I think if you let this go, it would take GREAT effort for the defense to get a DP- probably only getting R1 out on the force.

Dave Krueger
03:30 PM ET (US)
Do not get me wrong, the base umpire calls two separate outs at the appropriate time of them happening. I have looked at it again and I see the base umpire call the infield fly, he makes no other call on the first play at second. The runner from first believes he has to advance, I agree with Rusty "batters out, batters out" should ultimately be shouted by an umpire in selling the call, maybe no one advances at all, but it is not our responsibility that the players know the situation.

The base umpire follows up with an out call on the tag of the runner from first that did not have to advance and then calls a second out on the tag of the player that left second thinking he was out as the base umpire called nothing on him being tagged originally.

Umpires called everything correctly by rule (the results being a triple play) but failed the spirit and intent of the rules as applied to the game with poor mechanics. The statement, "That one's on you blue" may actually have some validity in this case!
Edited 03-26-2018 03:41 PM
Dave Krueger
03:08 PM ET (US)
I may have missed it as did the runner who stepped off the bag, but there seemed to be no safe call on the first tag play at second base. Which leads me to believe that maybe the base umpire was unaware of the situation after the infield fly was not caught. While we do not have a responsibility in regards to coaching the players, this situation may require expert use of calling 'time' even when it wasn't called by a player/coach to keep someone from walking off a base, especially if you failed to call him safe originally while your mental wheels spun over the rule and what you saw. I would only use the calling of time after the second play or in this case the second out made at second base. The third out being the player walking off second who was originally safe on the first play on him.

If I was the third base coach I would want to know why you (umpire) did not protect my runner that walked off the base by making some type of call.
10:15 AM ET (US)
Always sell calls where there could be confusion, and this one is a must, infield fly the batter is out, (if it's dropped), continuing with a loud "he's out, he's out, and he is still out! Then just do as these guys did make the right calls, know the rules, players coaches need to know who can be where, not our job, man,,,
Jeff TenbargePerson was signed in when posted
09:03 AM ET (US)

Click link above to watch... thoughts?

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