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Silas Belrose the Ultimate Sketch Artist

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11:22 AM ET (US)
You had met up with Anissa on the day of the murder.

“I just...I don’t know what to do anymore.” You clenched your fists. “I’ve never felt more powerless.”

“I…want to do anything to help.” Anissa muttered. “And...I want you to let me help too.”


“I c-can tell. You think you’re the target, right? Or maybe you’re just worried about the others.”

“You’re right. I am worried. I’m...I’m devastated thinking about what’s gonna happen.”

“I don’t want anyone to kill. I don’t want anyone to confess. I-I’m...I’m tired of Monokuma winning.” Anissa got close to you. “Whatever you’re planning, I’m fine with. Ok?”

You later find the sleeping plant from the garden and drug Anissa with it, making sure to leave her unconscious body in the camera room. You pour some ketchup over her clothes and stick the prop knife from the animatronics room in her.

[2:45 PM]
Making sure no one saw you leave the scene with Anissa’s body, you wait near the pool cue that Kagayaki left behind earlier.

“Shirly-- you wanna play a game?” asked Silas. “I was feeling guilty for turning down Kagayaki earlier, but I can’t find her.”

Shirly seems eager to accept, and you spend the next little bit shooting pool with her. You two make small talk, but you don’t talk about anything especially deep.

At around 3:30, you think it’s time-- you’ve played around long enough. “Have you seen Anissa lately? I haven’t noticed her around when I looked for Kagayaki earlier.” you said.

“Anissa? No-- I haven’t seen her either.” Shirly replied.

Silas nods, but looks discontented with the answer.

“You wanna take a look around for her?” Shirly asked.

“Not just because I’m clearly going to lose…” Silas joked unconvincingly. “But yeah, if you don’t mind.”

You two scour the place until you find her. A part of you wishes she’d not been there, but… you knew Fate wouldn’t be that kind to you. As you and Shirly call for help, everyone discovers the body. Feigning being overcome with emotion, you rush towards Anissa’s nearly unconscious form, you quickly take the prop knife out and stab the real one into her chest. You hope the death is painless…

Silas and Akio investigate the garden.

“Hey, I remember these plants.” Akio observed. “Sachiko used to to take care of them all the time.”

“Oh really, what do they do?”

Akio put his fingers to his temples and thought real hard. “They’re sleep medicine.”
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03:48 PM ET (US)
Anyway, here are some things we'll tell you in advance for Chapter 5. It won't have anything crazy like time travel or board games, we simply wanted it to be an emotional trial where an important character kills another important character:

1. Chapter 5 will begin with a one year timeskip
2. After one year, Monokuma tells everyone the motive, which is as follows:
-Monokuma gathered up the person who volunteered each person to be in the killing game (we'll call them a "nominator")
-Each nominator goes in a room with a single button inside. If the nominator presses the button, it sets a target on their nominee
-The longer a nominator waits to press the button, the more money they'll receive ($10,000 every minute the button goes unpressed)
-The killing game participant who gets targeted is based on the nominator who pressed the button first
-The target is set to die within 24 hours. The only way they can avoid death is if a murder happens or they confess their sins to the world* (more on this later)

^I realize this may sound very confusing, so you can ask for clarification as needed. Put simply:
-The participant who gets targeted is the one who is hated most by their nominator, and therefore deserves it the most (since the nominator who presses the button the quickest cares the least about the cash they'll receive from abstaining for some time, and cares more about getting their nominee killed)

3. You can choose whether Silas is or isn't the target. The version I'm envisioning is that he isn't, but he kills so nobody else has to die or confess their crimes. He doesn't want Monokuma to win

4. At the beginning of the trial, Monokuma will offer everybody a choice: continue the trial, or end it right there. If they choose to end it, there will be no random execution and the blackened will graduate. However, the class will have their memory of the blackened removed so they'll never know the truth of what happened. Everybody will vote privately
*This is not really a choice. There's a stipulation that if the blackened votes to continue the trial, it'll continue either way. We're assuming Silas will vote to continue but you can also let us know if that's OOC
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01:45 PM ET (US)
[Christmas Eve 5:00 PM]
“Yo, Molly!” Silas came up to her. “I got you your present.”

“Oh, already?” Molly doesn’t mind that it’s early. “Gimme!”

Silas hands her...a Santa suit?

“...what do you want me to do with this?”

“I thought it’d be fun if you dressed up as Santa. You know...for the party.”

“That’s what you got me as a gift?”

Silas was already rubbing his head awkwardly. “I just thought it’d be fun, that’s all.”

“Yeah well...no thanks.” Molly hands the suit back. “And you better make me an actual gift. Jesus man, your talent is perfect for this kind of thing.”

“Uh...yeah, sure. Sorry about that.”

[Christmas Eve 10:15 PM]

Kagayaki, Silas, and Casey find a place in the room to talk to each other.

“Man, nothing like the holidays.” Casey beamed. “This really was a great idea, Silas.”

“It was nothing.” Silas assured. “And it wouldn’t be anything without the preparations, so you guys did great work.”

Kagayaki just did a slight bow as acknowledgement.

“Alright, Kagayaki.” Casey cracked her knuckles. “I want a gift from you this Christmas.” She handed Kagayaki a shot of sake. “Just the one. That’s all I ask.”

“Oh boy.” Silas seemed to get excited.

“I really don’t drink.” Kagayaki insisted. “I have a fairly low tolerance.

“Just the one. Come on, for me!” Casey insisted.

Kagayaki gave in and sipped it down. She seemed fine, despite her apprehension of it.

“That’s a little disappointing.” Silas decided.

“It’s moreso the taste that bothers me.” Kagayaki gave a light smile.

“You have to be a bit looser though, right? Tell us a joke.”

“...a joke?”

“Yeah, anything!”

“Alright. Well the other day I considered getting a brain transplant. Then I changed my mind.”

Silas shakes his head. “Man that was-”

Casey rears her head back and howls. “Oh, man Kagayaki! That was a home run! AHAHAHA!”

Silas and Lyla investigate the decontamination room and clean room.

The first they notice is that supplies have been used recently. But they can’t quite tell for what. Afterwards, they decide to check out S’s room.

“I feel bad about this.” Silas sighed. “But can’t be helped I guess.”

Lyla sees a crumpled piece of paper on the floor. “Wait a second, is that the letter he got?”

“I think so…” Silas realized.

Lyla picks it up off the ground and reads it aloud. “...You’re a murderer.”
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11:55 AM ET (US)
Everyone does Secret Santa. You smile as you hold Molly’s slip in your pocket already. At the end, you pretend to pick the last slip but there’s really nothing else in the bag.

You’re not planning on making a gift for Molly. You’re giving her the Santa suit from the storage. You’re already laughing imagining how fun it’ll be.

Your gift to Molly is a Santa suit.
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10:42 AM ET (US)
[Note about the locked room. Every room except the kitchen, the door can lock from the inside. The door can be locked from the outside if you have the key]
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10:41 AM ET (US)
You wake up a little before 6 AM. Sleep’s been difficult for a while, and you don’t imagine you’re going to get much more. You decide to use the washroom early.

You head to the kitchen and flip the sign to occupied. You undress and begin to clean yourself.

You hear the door open. A girl?

No, just Claudius.

“Claudius, what the hell?!” You shout, finding something to cover yourself with.

“Ah, my mistake.” He says, still standing in the doorway.

“Dude, what are you doing?!”

“You shouldn’t be ashamed.” He lectures. “The human specimen is something to show off with pride!”

You grab an apple throw the counter and throw it towards him. “Get out of here!”

He finally closes the door.

You finish washing yourself and get dressed, only to find Kagayaki standing outside.

Ah, Kagayaki! What’s up?” He winks. “Off to an early start?”

“I’m afraid I couldn’t get much sleep.”

“Yeah, I don’t think many of us can these days.” He sighs. “Well, whatever. Thanks for not walking in, unlike some people. Well, not that I’d mind if it were you.”

Kagayaki just replies with a polite laugh, and Silas walks away.

You decide to hang out in the lounge, drawing some pictures for a while. Eventually, Lyla walks in.

“How’s it going?” Surprisingly, Silas is more fixated on his drawing at the moment.

“I’m gonna need to pat you down.”

You raise your eyebrow at her.

Don’t get excited yet.

“Excuse me?”

“My gun. It’s missing.”

“Oh.” The disappointment on Silas’ face was clear. “Well, I don’t have it.”

Lyla looks at Silas as if to say “You expect me to just believe you?”

Silas sighs and stands up, lifting up his shirt just enough to show his waistband and turning around. “See?”

“Alright, fine.” She conceded. “Look, I’m already exhausted. And a missing gun is bad news. So, help me out if you get a chance, alright?”

“Sure thing.” Silas nods.

You later head out into the main area, seeing Dale head towards the northern rooms.

“Yo, Dale!” You shout and run over to him.

Dale looks at Silas, clearly thinking about something else. “...yeah?”

“Are you alright?” You ask.

“I’m fine.” He sighs, looking at Silas like the question was strange. “Well, as fine as I could be. We’ve been stuck in this place for three damn years now.”

“I...I know this hasn’t been easy on everyone.” You sigh. “But we’ll find a way out, I’m sure of it!”

“I try to believe that every day. But it’s tough, Silas. I won’t lie about that.”

You nod in understanding, but decide to change the conversation. “Anyway, Dallas’ gun is missing. Do you know where it is?”

“Missing? No, I don’t.”

You move your hands to search him and he steps back. “What the sam heck do you think you’re doing?”

“I wanna believe you but…”

“Geezus, kid.” Dale put his arms above his head. You quickly pat him down. He’s not carrying anything on him.

“Alright, I was wrong.” You frown. “Sorry, I just needed to check.”

“Don’t worry, I get it. A missing gun is bad news. You need me to help?”

“That’d be great, yeah.”

“Alright, I’ll look for the others. Be safe.”

You nod and head into the cellar next. As you climb down the staircase, you hear a loud BANG

“What the-?” You head up the staircase only to run into S coming down.

“S, what are you doing?”

“I heard a gunshot and I thought I needed to warn the others-”

“Let’s not panic anyone if we don’t have to.” Silas advised. After calming down S some more, you head up to the main area. The billiards room door is ajar.

You head inside. Nothing seems out of place, except for the #6 ball being on the floor. You pick it up. Nothing seems off about it, besides it being a bit dusty. You quickly wipe it off with the underside of your shirt and put it back. You then go back into the main area to keep investigating the situation.

Kagayaki and Silas are set to investigate the study.

“Alright, let’s do this!” He gives a thumbs up. “I think we’ll make a pretty good team.”

“Yes.” She nods. “We must do our part so Lord Valler and the others can find some peace.”

The room is completely trashed. The typewriter is thrown from where it was, the couch is overturned, and the nightstand is broken...it seems like everything was out of place.

Kagayaki decided to investigate Dale’s body, but came up with almost nothing. “It does seem like this injury should have more blood....” She guessed.

“There’s something else.” Silas produced some powder from the floor. “I found this powder.”

“I think the color of it is the most unusual part, Lord Belrose.”

“Hm yeah I agree, the color is unusual.”

“What could blue powder be?”

“I don’t know. Man, blue powder? Weird.” He sighed. “God, how did someone manage to do this to Dale?”

“God, how did someone manage to do this to Dale?” Silas wondered.

“The door was locked, correct? I believe these rooms can only be locked from the inside, so how did the killer evade us?”

“Your guess is as good as mine.” Silas looks where the dumbwaiter is, or where it’s supposed to be. An empty spot just existed where it was. “Ah, I got it! They went through the dumbwaiter shaft! There’s one in every room, isn’t there?”

“Ah. An excellent thought, Lord Belrose. Investigate it posthaste.”

Silas went towards it. “Uh, you might be better suited for this kind of thing. You’re a bit more slender.”

“Of course.” Kagayaki nodded. She stuck her foot in the shaft.


The loud noise startled Kagayaki and she barely caught herself stumbling backwards. The roomba scooted towards the two of them. “GOING INTO THE DUMBWAITER SHAFT IS DANGEROUS. WE WILL SOUND THE ALARM IF YOU DO SO, SO PLEASE AVOID IT.”

“Well, it’s still useful info.” Silas rubbed his head, embarrassed.

Soon after, they were summoned for the class trial.
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04:02 AM ET (US)
[Roughly 2:00 PM]

After Sir Cardor dismisses you all, Molly approaches you and some others with an idea. She has the head of the animatronic bear that was in the Animatronics repair room. What if Monokuma is the same? Perhaps you all can think of a way to disable Monokuma, or otherwise stop him from interfering with the other students. Among your group are yourself, Lyla, Casey, and Anissa. Molly invites you all to her room in order to work uninterrupted.

“You… uh… want us to work on this in your room?” you ask. Maybe this is your lucky day...

“D-don’t read into anything!” replies Molly, annoyed. “I’m not inviting you to my room with three other girls for anything but working.”

You don’t press the issue.

Your think tank all work on the bear head all afternoon in Molly’s rooom-- but it’s slow going. None of you really specialize in small electronics. Other than the occasional bathroom break, they’re together until the body discovery announcement.

During a bathroom break, you leave to take a short walk downstairs. You simply aren’t built for this sort of work. As soon as you get off the elevator, your senses are assaulted by the myriad of slots machines blaring. But… it’s odd, there’s another, much softer sound. A song...

You recognize it, and it chills you. That song Dallas played… You quickly look around near the elevator-- the mp3 player must be closeby for you to hear it over this din. Indeed, you fish it out of a shrubbery-- and it is indeed playing that same song. You notice its battery is nearly dead.

“A body has been discovered!” Monokuma’s voice shouts over the speaker system. “Students, please make your way to the Poker room!”

You pocket the mp3 player and run towards the Poker room.


Penelope and Silas first go to the kitchen to tend to her shoulder. It wasn’t a particularly deep wound, but Penelope still cleans her left shoulder using her right hand, and allows Silas to dress it as much as he’s comfortable doing.

Afterwards, they check out the Kitchen, Buffet and Craps room.

“Hey, check this out!” says Silas, pointing to the ground-- pieces of duct tape. Whatever it was that was supposed to be taped down, the tape had probably been ripped from, unless whoever used them intended them to be placed on the northern wall.

“Huh…” Penelope said, bending down to pick one up. “O-ow…” she winced. “Maybe you’d better…”

“Oh! Sorry!” Silas said. He quickly picked up a piece, and tried to note where the other pieces were as best he could.

Just then, Monokuma’s voice came up on a speaker nearby. “Students, the class trial will begin momentarily! Please make your way to the ground floor elevators!”
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Your NG Code reads “Consenting to a search of your person”.


As requested, you show up at the bar, where Dallas is waiting for you behind the bar.

“You wanna drink? Maybe a whiskey?” he asks as you sit down at the bar.

“Er… no thanks.” you say. “Not of-age.”

“So… if you don’t mind, I need you to answer some questions.” he says, mysteriously.

You shrug. “Sure.”

“The first question you need to answer is mastermindsayswhat?” Dallas says, almost unintelligibly.

“I’m sorry, what?” you ask.

“HAH!” he says like he’d just won the lottery. “Your brooding dark artistic sensibilities give you away! You are the mastermind!”

“‘Brooding… dark?’” you repeat. “...have you ever met me? That’s nothing like me at all...”

“You needed inspiration!” he continued, clearly ignoring you. “But you just couldn’t get away with dark movies or books. You had to gather us here and put us through this killing game!”

“Uh… I think you’re on something a bit stronger than a whiskey…” you say, standing up and leaving.

“You better be at the foyer at midnight tomorrow!” Dallas shouted. “There’s evidence!”


You get assigned to investigate the auditorium and sound room with Molly, but don’t find anything useful. You do find that both rooms are completely disordered, with basically everything that wasn’t nailed down on the floor.

Shortly after, you get called for a class trial.
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11:35 PM ET (US)
You are Silas Belrose, the Ultimate Sketch Artist.

Life was quite a bit simpler back at the orphanage-- certainly much more stable. You’d been moving from city to city for years now. Honestly, you weren’t sure if you were running from the accident, or moving forward, towards your future. Unfortunately, your motivations weren’t so black and white as your vision.

You arrive at one such city one day, and hear of a young boy holed up in a condemned building-- one that sounds not unlike yourself. You feel as if you and he could help one another-- he sounded like he had plenty of space to share, whereas you could help him survive. When you get there, you see a boy, about your age, maybe a bit younger. He invites you in, and seems to act uncertainly. You can tell that something’s wrong, but you assume it’s just because he’s used to living alone-- you can sympathize well enough. That is, until a blow to the back of your head sends fireworks off behind your eyes-- you’re sure that if you were able to, you’d be seeing colors. You are immediately sent unconscious.

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