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The Ultimate ???

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11:53 AM ET (US)
You pick a name out of the bag: Silas

“Psssst. S.” Anissa whispers to S as the bag goes around the circle.

“What?” S asked.

“Whose name did you pick?”

“H-Hey.” Sachiko whispers next to Anissa. “That’s against the rules.”

Anissa ignores her. “S, come on.”

“S-Silas.” S blurts out at the unexpected force of her voice.

“S-Switch with me.”

“O-Ok.” For some reason, it’s hard to refuse.

For Secret Santa, you’re making a gift for: Sachiko
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11:56 AM ET (US)
(You can still react in the thread though)
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11:16 AM ET (US)
You read the letter Monokuma gave:

"You're a murderer."

(For story purposes don't share the contents of this note yet)
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10:47 AM ET (US)
You lay awake all night, and end up seeing Anissa get up a little before 6. She leaves the cellar. You decide it best to follow her, in case something happens. She ends up in the ballroom.

“I-I know you’re in here.” Anissa sighed.

“S-Sorry.” S came out from behind the doorway. He was as obvious as hiding a bear behind the curtains. “B-But, we all agreed it was best you’re not left alone.”

“Great, just what I needed. More attention.”

“I can be friendly.” S said. “Perhaps I should try the self-deprecating humor. Err, isn’t it so lame how I don’t have any memories? Huh?”

“Uh...ha ha ha.”

The conversation’s uncomfortable for some time, and eventually Casey bursts in.

“Oh, yo! S, Anissa! How’s it hang-er, going?”

“We’re doing fine!” Anissa shouts, frustrated.

“Ok, ok. I got it.” Casey raises her hands in defense. “Hey, Anissa. You don’t happen to have a-, you know what. Nevermind.”

“Uh, Casey.” S said. “Do you mind entertaining Anissa for a bit? I wanted to check something.”

“Yeah, no problem!”

You head out into the hall to be alone with your thoughts for a bit. After enough of that, you decide to find someone to talk to about the situation and head to the kitchen.

The sign on the door says “OCCUPIED.” You can hear water running, so you’re fairly sure someone’s in there.

You head out into the main area, standing by the staircase. You notice the billiards room door is open, but can’t really see inside.



What was that? You have no idea, but something just felt...weird. You rush back into the ballroom.

You see Casey and Anissa safe in the ballroom. “A-Are you two-?”

“You two stay put! I need to check this out!” Casey yelled and ran off. You decide to leave to and head down to the cellar, running into Silas on the stairs.

“S, what are you doing?”

“I heard a gunshot and I thought I needed to warn the others-”

“Let’s not panic anyone if we don’t have to.” Silas advised. “I’ll check this out. Just stay down there, ok?”

“G-Got it.” You head down to the cellar.

S and Shirly are assigned to investigate the lounge, kitchen, dining room, and main hall.

The kitchen doesn’t have much of interest. Some ingredients were used for cooking.

The dining room carpet and cloth are a bit...charred. “If I had to guess….” S thought aloud. “I’d say Akio has something to do with this.”

“If I had to guess, I’d say Akio is always behind something.” Shirly sighs.

They investigate the lounge next. Nothing seems off except…

“Wait a minute.” Shirly looks at the bottle of poison and examines it carefully. “Some of this has been used!”

“Y-You can tell?”

“Fluid ounces are practically my job! But yeah, the level has definitely lowered a bit. Monokuma!”

Monokuma pops up. “What? What? What?”

“The poison….” S begins. “What exactly are its effects?”

“It varies. It can kill you in an hour, or instantly. There are a lot of factors that depend. But one thing’s for certain, it’ll kill you. An elephant drinking a drop of that thing will die in a day. Guarantee it.”

The two complete their investigation in the main hall where they find nothing of interest, then get summoned for the class trial.
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09:30 AM ET (US)
You spend most of the time after the tournament with the other students. You socialize, but in your head, you’re attempting to come up with a way that Sir Cardor can regain his gauntlets honorably.

Then it comes to you-- You seem to recall that knightly codes of honor can be related to works of good deeds, including building. The table Claudius destroyed while you played poker. You might be able to convince Sir Cardor that rebuilding it would earn his gauntlets back, while simultaneously preserving his honor.

You bring the idea to him, and he seems to accept this-- great! As a matter of fact, everyone seems to pitch in a bit to help him set up a work space in the poker room.

[About 2:00 PM]
A couple hours later, he dismisses you from his service, and you get to work on your real plan: If Sir Cardor is to earn back his gauntlets, you feel like you should offer them back with some care involved-- you resolve to clean, polish and treat his gauntlets.

You spend the rest of the time in the animatronic repair shop. You figure if Sir Cardor earns back his gauntlets, it might be nice for you to polish them, and that place has some equipment.

Luckily, you have plenty of oil, and lots of rags to use to clean and polish these gauntlets.

You’re not sure about the oil fumes (or how much your suit protects you from them), so you decide to leave the door into the stage open, as well as the delivery door in the back of the room while you work.

Not long after you begin, you see Molly walk in, and take the head of the bear machine that has been removed from its body. She sees you, and you wave happily.

You are clumsy, and it takes you awhile to get into a rhythm, but you eventually settle in to properly polishing the gauntlets and treating the leather on the inside.

Some hour or so after you get started with this, you feel a strong breeze-- very strong, in fact. It is strong enough to dislodge the plastic crate you’d used to prop open the delivery door to close it violently. The force momentarily surprises you, but you think nothing more of it as you continue your work.

[6:00 PM]
Your work complete, you look around. You briefly wonder whether you have more in common with the poor disassembled animatronic bear than with the other students. Come to think of it-- wasn’t its head somewhere in here? You ponder this for a moment when you hear a quiet high pitched sound.

You stand up when you realize what it is: A scream. You rush out into the craps room, and see Dale, looking as confused as you feel. “Did you hear that?” Dale says to you. You nod, grimly, and the two of you make your way to the Casino floor and, finding it empty, enter into the Poker Room.

There, you see Sir Cardor and Penelope, both seemingly impaled by the same spear. You hear the words you least want to hear.

“A body has been discovered!” Monokuma’s voice shouts over the speaker system.


S, Kagayaki and Claudius exit the front door and make their way to the ancillary buildings.

Before they’d gone far, Claudius stops them.

“Apologies!” Claudius says to Sachiko and Kagayaki. “I must investigate something else on the outside. I would meet up with you at the compost pile, if that is alright.”

Kagayaki looks at Claudius a little funny, but doesn’t object. “Very well… I will see you at the Compost pile, Lord Vermillion.”

Kagayaki and S continue onwards to find that it has been turned on.

“E-er, yeah…” said S. “No surprise there… A lot of refuse from earlier...” He flips the switch to the “off” position.

After turning it off, and waiting enough time for the contents to cool, S volunteers to go in. “Are you sure… Lord S? It may still be dangerous to go in.”

“My suit may offer me some protection.” S replied, setting something down before continuing downward to the refuse room. In reality, though, you were curious if you’d even feel anything at all. You are relieved, and perhaps a bit nervous, that your feet slowly begin to heat up while walking through the mostly-processed embers, too cool to glow.

S comes out, walking rather briskly. “I-it does not offer me protection!” He comes out, laying out some ashes, evidence that something was burned, as well as shiny gold flecks, somewhat dulled by the soot.

“Are you okay?” asked Kagayaki, concerned. “Sachiko might be able to give you some medicine to dull the pain… or… something...”

“It is quite alright.” S said, a bit more placatingly. “It was uncomfortable, but I don’t believe I’ve been injured or anything.”

Nothing about the garden seemed amiss, nor the compost pile, where you met up with Claudius again.

You look down and realize that you still have one of Terry’s gauntlets-- you must have forgotten to put it down this whole time.

Just then, Monokuma’s voice came up on a speaker nearby. “Students, the class trial will begin momentarily! Please make your way to the ground floor elevators!”
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02:56 PM ET (US)
You also remember what was strange about the mess in the medical closet. Everything was completely randomly distributed very much like a large gust of wind just smashed everything around a few times. It wasn't like the messes on the upper floor of the facility...
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02:52 PM ET (US)
You remember what was strange about the medical closet when you went to it. When you guys first found it, the plated windows had rust between the plate and the windowsill.. But when you went back to it after the murder, the rust was gone
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08:25 AM ET (US)
You read your NG Code. It is “Attempting to remove your armor.” You sigh. Attempts at removing it thusfar have been… unhelpful, but trying was basically your only goal in life. That and, of course, trying to fish for any memory that might still be swimming in your head.


Thursday evening, you are to meet with Dallas. Obviously you can’t reveal much about the mastermind, but you thought that Dallas needed to be thorough. And who knows? He is the Ultimate Detective. Maybe he can deduce something of your past.

You meet in the auditorium. Dallas is already waiting.

“Good evening.” you say.

Dallas nods, and you take a seat next to him. Or, you try at least. The seat is an uncomfortably close fit for you.

“I was thinking, Mr. Haizaki…” you say. “I know it is likely not your goal, but… could you deduce anything about who I am?”

“Oh, I know exactly who you are...” Dallas says, ominously.

“R-really?!?” you say, hoping beyond hope.

“You’re the mastermind that brought us all here!” he says. “It all makes sense! The reason you’re in that armor is so that you can go to your own room and none of us will be the wiser! Plus you’re hiding your face. What else are you hiding…?”

Then again, maybe it was Dallas that was beyond hope.

“I… I have no wish to harm anyone.” you say. “If I knew how, I would free everyone. But I don’t even know who I am.”

“So you can’t even rule out that you’re the mastermind!” Dallas turns to you, pointing.

“...It is clear that this was… a mistake…” you say, standing up and leaving. Dallas tries to grab you. A feeble, gesture-- it’s not like he could hold onto you if he wanted to. You simply continue to walk away.

“You better be at the foyer before midnight tomorrow!” He shouts after you.

Friday morning, S comes up to John.

“John, I have a favor to ask you.”

“Eh, what?”

“P-please hypnotize me.”

John burst out laughing. “As much as I’d love to, I have to ask why.”

“Isn’t it obvious. If anybody here can restore my memories...you’re the best shot. Just don’t do anything weird.”

“The idea of controlling you is enticing, but the idea of refusing you is even better.” John snickers.

“Y-You’re saying no?” S asked.

“Yeah, you heard me. I don’t just hypnotise people for the hell of it. Step off.” John waves S away and S walks away, head down.

You go to the foyer with everyone later that night at Dallas’ suggestion.

S and Akio are assigned to investigate the medical closet.

“Ah, try not to...do anything crazy.”

Akio winks at S. “Got it.”

“Please don’t wink when you make promises…”

The entire room seemed to be soaking wet and in disarray. The only clue of use seemed to be that you guys weren’t able to take inventory of the vasoconstrictors--they were all gone.

“Hmmm, something else is weird about this room…” S muttered.

Shortly after you get summoned for the class trial.
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11:43 PM ET (US)
You are ???? The Ultimate ????

You have no memory of your time before you wake up. You cannot remove yourself from your new metallic body. You cannot hear your voice, nor see your skin-- in fact, the only thing that convinces you of your humanity is that you can feel your heart beating. Is this, too, an illusion? You can’t be less, or perhaps, more than human, right? And, yet, a part of you can’t shake the feeling that you don’t belong here.

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