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ACT Reading Reflection--Day 5

Haley Vettrus
04:00 PM ET (US)
1. My September reading score was a 22. My march 29th score was a 33 and my most recent score was a 31.

2. The strategies I used were different order, bubbling last, and first/last paragraph. The different order will definitely be helpful when taking the actual test.

3. My sub score that was consistently the highest was my prose and natural science. My subtest score that was always my lowest was my humanities.

4. Reading with my finger for sure helps me. I really like it because it helps me keep a fast reading pace so I have enough time to answer the questions.

5. My prose scores were my highest scores in all my practice tests. My natural science scores were my second highest scores. My times were either under 8 minutes or around 8:30. I think that starting on the natural science passage would be best for me because I always feel like it is the fastest for me, which would give me extra time for the others.

6. My overall goal score for the ACT reading section is a 28.

7. One of the strategies that works best for me is reading with my pencil. It makes me read faster as well as really focus on what I'm reading and not let my brain wonder.
Jovonn Hawkey
10:34 AM ET (US)
In September I scored a 14 on my first practice exam, the second time which was in March I scored a 18. Lastly on April 6 my most recent test I scored a 15.

I noticed after watching the video about how to read the first and last paragraphs first then reading the first sentence to each paragraph along the way really helped. I tend to answer questions I know right off the bat. Then bubble them right away and go back and look at the ones I need to figure out and bubble the answer I think fits the most.

The Prose Fiction and Natural Science I tend to know better they usually turn out to be my most decent scores. Social Science and especially humanities I have a hard time scoring good on.

On my third test I read with my pencil following along and it definitely helped time wise and reading the passages much faster. I will probably use this method when taking my upcoming ACT.

My Prose Fiction Passages are always 9 minutes for me, my Natural Sciences tend to be 8 minutes too. Scoring wise I range from 8/10-9/10 for the Prose and consistently with a 8/10 for Natural Sciences. I notice these passages are easier for me to understand and comprehend better so I do them first to save time for the last two so I can carefully go over the passages again if I have to and answer to my best ability.

My overall goal on reading is a 19 or 20 I know I can do it if I put the right effort and have a clear mind that day.

Definitely reading the first and last paragraphs and skimming through the rest and if stuck on a question mark it and answering questions I know. I will use this method Saturday and use the pencil method to help guide me.
Alecia Beigh
10:32 AM ET (US)
1. in September on my first full- length test I scored a IDK what I got , next time I scored 14 and today I scored a 20
2. I circled the answer on my test first then after each passages went back and colored in the answers on the bubble sheet. it helped saved time on the test
3. My highest was natural science and Prose. my lowest was social science
4. When I take the test I read with my pencil. it helps me so my eyes don't wonder around and helps me stay focus when taking the test.
5. The Prose passage takes me 8-9 minutes and the natural science passages takes me 8-9 minutes. On these two passages my scars are the highest. it wouldn't be a good for me to skip the first passage it is one of my better scores.
6. my goal is to reach 28
7. one of the strategies that I learned was to use you pencil or finger to help you. using your pencil helped me stay focus during the test and not wonder off.
Alexia Allen
10:26 AM ET (US)
In September I scored a 16 the first time, the second time in March I got a 24, and for the most recent one I scored a 25.

For the final practice test we took instead of going in order I did 1-4-2-3 The third one was what I felt would take the longest so I got all the shorter ones out of the way first. The second thing I did was circle the the answers before bubbling them. That helped me in saving time to use further on in the test.

The best passage varied, yet, the one that was always in the top 2 was Natural Sciences. The lowest section was always Humanities.

I tried reading with my pencil and I feel like it did help a lot. By using the pencil I kept a steady pace when reading throughout the entire passage. It helped me focus on what I was reading and not get sidetracked by other outside things.

It seemed to take me much longer to get through the Prose sections rather than the Natural science sections. The Prose took me anywhere from 9 minutes to 11 minutes to get through when timing by myself. The two sections were ones I tended to score higher on. Yet, I feel like if I were to rearrange the order and do Prose last I could do much better with both time and score.

My overall goal for the actual ACT is a 24, anything higher would be nice too.

Reading the first and last paragraph before anything else helped me out quite a bit. I received a general idea of the passages to better understand what I was reading and not get off track.
Kennedy Spurlin
10:23 AM ET (US)
1. When I took the full length practice test in September I received a score of 14. When I took the test on March 29th I scored a 29. The last reading test that I took I scored a 30.
2. One strategy I used during my test was following with my pencil and underlining important information. I also learned that bubbling after each passage helped me with time and to stay focused for the whole passage. When I read the passage I try not to remember all of the information, but instead try to know what information was where.

3. When we first tested what passage was our worst and what one was our best, my best was natural science and my worst was prose. But as I continued to practice I learned that I don't have a consistent worst or a consistent best. I want to rather focus on having the same amount of time for each passage.

4. On the ACT I have always read with my pencil. Reading with a pencil and marking important information helps me stay focused on what I'm reading and really comprehend the information better.

5. In all of my test the best and worst passage are inconsistent. I think that if I just focus on what passage I'm on and trying doing my best for that passage, I will do good on the test.

6. My goal score for the reading section is a 30.

7. I think that reading with a pencil really helps me. Another strategy that I tried once that helped was reading the questions briefly before reading, it gave me an idea of what to pay attention to when I was reading fast.
Emma DeCou
10:19 AM ET (US)
In September I scored a 20. When I took the test in March, I scored a 23. The last time I took the test, I scored a 26.

The strategies I used were read the first paragraph, then the last and then read the middle portion. I also used the speed reading strategy.

I consistently scored best on the prose and natural sciences. My worst section was humanities.

I did try and use my finger when reading. I found that it kind of helped, but it sometimes messed me up if I moved to fast.

I did best in both prose and natural sciences so I think I should read prose and then go to the natural sciences. I was around the same time for them. They were my two best scores so I don't think I should skip over them.

My goal for the ACT reading section is a 26.

The strategy that worked best for me was the first/last paragraph strategy. I found that when I used this strategy, I got my best score.
Jordyn Rowe
10:19 AM ET (US)
1.) In September I wasn't here, but for the one in March I got a 26, then for the one in April I ended up getting a 23.

2.) For strategies I went from back to front, that way all the easy ones get out of the way and I have the most time in the end for the tougher ones, for bubbling I just did it normally and not anything special.

3.) Natural Science was consistently my highest score, The lowest score was normally Prose.

4.) I haven't actually tried reading with my finger, I'll give it a shot sometime but normally I just read and don't think about it.

5.) Normally with Prose I get a lower score, with Natural Science I get a higher score. I think this strategy is amazing, I use it personally and that way I get the easy one's done and I can deal with the tough ones with a lot more time.

6.) Personally a goal for my reading would be a solid 26.

7.) The best reading strategy I used is going from Natural science back to Prose. It helps me keep my time low and finish fairly positive.
Josie Lunde
01:41 AM ET (US)
In September on my first full-length reading test I scored a 21, the next time around on my full-length reading test I scored a 27. Today on My third full length test I received a 17.

During the timed test I would circle all the answer on the test itself and then after each passage I would go back to the bubble sheet. I soon found that this saved me some of the extra time I would need in the end. It also helped me stay focused on the passage and what it was about.

I found that I do not have a certain subtest that I tended to do better on. I believe that, for me, the out come of each subtest was simply based on what the subject of the subtest was.

I have always read with my finger when I know the information is something I’m going to have to understand. I think it helps me stay focused on the task at hand and prevents my mind from wondering.

My prose passage always took right around eight minutes give or take a few seconds, while my natural science passage times ranged from eight minutes to nearly eleven minutes. On the prose passages I scored from a 7/10 to an 8/10, with my natural science passages I scored 9/10. I do not think doing the passages out of order would benefit me because of the fact I am inconsistent with what passage I tend to do the best and worst on.

My ultimate goal for the ACT Reading section of the test is a 24.

The strategy that works best for me is to underline information I think will be valuable later. Also while I underline it helps me retain information and helps me remember where I saw it.
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Katelynn Urness
11:19 AM ET (US)
1. In September, I scored a 28. On March 29th, I scored a 30, and on April 6th, I scored a 35.

2. One strategy I used would be bubbling last. I circled all of my answers on the test first, and then transferred the answers onto the answer sheet last. Another strategy I used was as I was reading, I used my pencil to follow along. I tried reading the intro, conclusion, and then topic sentences, but that just seemed to slow me down. It didn't work the best for me.

3. My highest one consistently was Natural Sciences and Prose. My lowest tended to be Humanities.

4. On the test I would read with my pencil. I believed that it helped me because that way I had something to follow and I wouldn't get lost. It also helped so that my eyes wouldn't wander and I had something to guide me along as I read.

5. My Prose passages always take me around 8-9 minutes, and my Natural Sciences tend to take me around 7-8 minutes. My scores seemed to also be the highest on these two passages. I don't think skipping the first passage would be a good idea for me because it is one of my best.

6. My goal for the ACT reading section is getting above a 30.

7. The one that worked best for me is using my pencil. I didn't get distracted so easily, and it helped me read faster. I thought that one was the best one for me.
Kärin RennerPerson was signed in when posted
08:49 AM ET (US)
Answer the following questions IN COMPLETE SENTENCES:

1. What are your THREE full-length READING test scores so far? (Sept, March 29, and today). Use your Scoring Table in your folder to find September test we took in auditorium. Answer in 2 or 3 sentences. Remember to record the results of March 9 and April 6 tests on graph in your folder!

2. What strategies did you use to practice during the timed tests? Answer in 2 complete sentences (Different order? Bubbling last? Bubbling along the way? First/last parag? Topic sentences?)

3. Which subtest score was consistently your highest? Which subtest score was consistently your lowest? (Prose, Humanities, Social Science, Natural Science) Answer in 2 sentences.

4. Research suggests that reading with your finger helps. KEEP TRYING that! Did you try reading with your pencil or finger? Do you feel like that helps or hinders? (Answer in 2 sentences)

5. Look at your 3 PROSE passage times and scores and your 3 NATURAL SCIENCE passage times and scores from all 3 practices. What pattern or trend do you notice in terms of times and scores? AND... Would skipping that first passage be a good strategy for you? (Answer in 3 sentences)

6. What is your goal score for the ACT Reading section? (Answer in 1 sentence)

7. Thinking about the several strategies we saw in the videos and keynotes, share the ONE reading strategy that seems to work the best for you. (Answer in 2 sentences)

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