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IR 4th Quarter Journal #6: 4/14 (White)

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Emma Aasen
02:10 PM ET (US)
I am reading Taken by Erin Bowman and it has 360 pages and I am on page 101. This book has a lot going on Grey lost his brother to the Heist. This girl he has liked for a while is now starting to like him back. He found out him and his brother are twins and that he is 18. He hasn't gotten Heisted yet. He even went over the wall and he hasn't died yet. He found out that he shouldn't trust the council members in Claysoot. He has found a lot of truth that were once lies.
Silas Hoffman
01:57 PM ET (US)
I have recently finished reading No Safety In Numbers. This book was very interesting because of the action and thrill. It is scary because the kids have to hid from bandits and zombies in a mall! There is also a conspiracy that the government created this whole problem! It was very creepy but still very interesting. #Apocalypticbooksrule
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Makenna Maras
06:01 PM ET (US)
I just finished this book there were 403 pages.
Alex is very upset because her mom has a disease or mental problem that causes her to believe she is Amelia Earhart. Her mother has caused many problems but good things have come out of it. For example, she starts talking to the cutest guy in school. #AmeliaEarhart
Micah Warrington
07:20 PM ET (US)
I am currently reading Force Out by Tim Green. It has 282 pages and I stopped on page 58 today.

Dude this book is so awesome it has so many cool things in it. I love how the author depicts the characters as best friends to begin this book. But you get the feeling that as the book goes on these two "friends" will grow farther and farther apart. But at the end of the book something will happen during a baseball game or something that will make these two pals friends again.
Silhouette Smith
11:23 PM ET (US)
I am currently reading Allegiant and I have read 90 out of 340
The world outside their front door is more than they ever could have imagined #thestrongsurvive
Alexa From
07:32 PM ET (US)
I am on page 300 of my book The 100 Day 21 by Kass Morgan.

I hope Bellamy forgives Clark for letting Lily die! They would be a really cute couple! #The100Day21
Haley Vettrus
04:17 PM ET (US)
I just finished The Unwritten Rule by Elizabeth Scott, there was 210 pages.

I think we all know some of the unwritten rules of girl code. Like you can never steal your best friends boyfriend. If there is one thing that Sarah knew was exactly that rule and guess what the one thing she did was…yeah that’s right, she stole her best friends boyfriend. Throughout the whole book you can tell that Sarah really loves Ryan, but she also loves her best friend Brianna. But in the end those relationships fall apart, except for the one of true love between Ryan and Sarah. Throughout the novel she knows that she shouldn’t even be looking at Ryan let alone want Ryan. But in the end does that work out? True love can’t be held back, they needed to let it out and be themselves, Ryan and Sarah and not care about what her ex-best friend thinks. #catfight
Brittany Vaughan
12:44 PM ET (US)
I just finished reading The Cure For Dreaming by Cat Winters. There is 342 pages in the book and I am done reading the book.
Tweet: Today was the worse day ever and all I can say is "All is well". I can't believe my dad hates me so much that he would hire Henry to hypnotize me. How can he even trust him after what he did to me? I think I am going to visit Henry and ask him to change me back because I hate being like this. I don't care what Henry says he is going to change me no matter what, I will even pay him if it means getting my voice back. I think I am going to ignore everyone for now because no one seems to understand the pain I am going through. #AllisWell #TheStruggleIsReal
Jaida Horrell
11:11 AM ET (US)
I am currently reading the book I am Number Four by Pittacus Lore. This book has 440 pages and I stopped on page 71.
 This book has been really good, and is very fast paced. I really enjoy how much action there has been, the author is a truly skilled writer. I hope to check out more of his.
Jordan Goldammer
04:31 PM ET (US)
I just finished The Lion the Witch and The wardrobe it starts on page 107 and ends on page 199.

Today I read the talk of two queens and two kings. One was a traitor, but managed to save them all. Long live the kings and queens of Cair Paravel #LongLiveTheKings
Shane Spencer
04:30 PM ET (US)
I just got done reading Dauntless: The Lost Fleet by Jack Cambell. The book had 304 pages and I read them all.
Geary is teaching the Fleet how to be more efficient and smart in all on their tactics. They are learning their best as they flee the Syndic star systems. #phonehome #win
Cassidy Eidsness
04:30 PM ET (US)
I am reading the book To All the Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han. I stopped on page 50 of 355.
I started reading a new book today. It is about this girl who writes letters to guys, at least thats what the title says. The main character Lara is a middle child who’s big sis just left for Scotland. She is totally in love with her sister’s ex-boyfriend and still is.# pathetic #hopeless love
emily nelson
04:29 PM ET (US)
I started this new book today, 172 Hours on the Moon by Johan Harstad. There are 351 pages and I ended on page 42.

tweet: 172 Hours on the Moon is a science fiction, horror, thriller type of book I just started. My friend talked me into it since I refuse to watch horror movies with her. So far there is a lot of mystery, like names of people being blacked out of the book and something dangerous on the moon. I’ve just read about a chapter in each of the characters perspectives and see how they ended up signed up. Mia’s parents did it without telling her, she is a try-hard musician. Midori doesn’t want to end up with a boring life like her family and she seems genuinely unique, unlike Mia. Then, Antoine just broke up with his girlfriend and wants to get away.
Sarah Dickerson
04:26 PM ET (US)
I am reading Dreadful Sorry by Kathryn Reiss. It has 340 pages in it and today I ended on page 149.
Today I read about Molly experiencing more haunting visions throughout her day. She is starting to remember more about Clementine.
Megan Madsen
04:26 PM ET (US)
I am reading Pretty Tough By Liz Ligelaar. This book has 246 pages and I stopped on page 80. Today in my book I read and learned a bunch of stuff! They just had their first day of school. Both sisters are trying out for the soccer team, Charlie and Krista. They are very competitive and hate each other. Can’t wait to see what happens!
Christian Hackett
04:25 PM ET (US)
I am reading the book Nobody Walks by Dennis Walsh. It has 287 pages I stopped at page 63 today.
Today I read about how Dennis digs a little deeper into his brothers death and finds some people that he believes are involved.
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