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Cruise: Valmark/Elenna

ValmarkPerson was signed in when posted
08:50 PM ET (US)
Yeah, I too think it's kind of strange for one of the russians to be it and not one of the americans (no, I don't think the american killer was a madman)
Dunno if the win wording should be taken into account, though it does imply a single madman.

The wolves kill one person a night, right? I think what Xi meant is that there was only one kill each night, which could mean that Basket and Rogue were madman. Though I should ask her to further clarify it- no point in me saying it when it started from her.
And we do know that the night Grek died Basket targeted Xihirli- which didn't work, for no clear reason.
The last sentence refers to the fact that Basket hasn't communicated their kill target in our public topic.

I've actually got an answer on that: she says we don't know how many chinese there are. I believe there's only Jeen in all honesty though.

I'd say this could be madman!Xi trying to remove Basket since they are the only ones that can kill her at night, but that looks as likely as Basket being the madman. Namely little.

Meh, after thinking on this plan some more it looks even less likely.
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08:27 PM ET (US)
IMO it would be a pretty weird game if one of the Russian spies was the madman (unless you think the American killer is also a madman, I guess?). But then, this game has been pretty weird, so...
(Also, our win conditions seem to imply that there's only one madman. E.g. "RU Coordinator survives, madman dies: Partial victory." - not sure how you'd interpret that if there was more than one madman.)

Also, I don't see why madman!Basket would have avoided targeting Xihirli? I'm basically pretty confused by your entire third paragraph. Not sure how any of that is evidence that Basket is the madman.

Also also: "letting them live tomorrow would ensure Basket can avoid the lynch because Jeen is a neutral" but honestly Jeen is probably going to die soon anyways?

I have no particular madman leads either, except by process of elimination. It's kind of a pain because my usual ways of looking for wolves mostly assume that there is more than one wolf, so you can look for people working together. But here, if there is only one wolf (which seems increasingly likely), then they act a lot more like a villager.
That being said, I don't think killing Basket is going to help with that.

P.S. To "bus" someone means to vote for a person you know is on your side. It's usually used for a wolf voting for another wolf in order to not look suspicious.
ValmarkPerson was signed in when posted
04:32 PM ET (US)
So, Xi came to me with an interesting theory.

We've decided that Basket wasn't an american spy, early on, yes? She says they could still be the madman. At least one of them anyway.

That based on the fact that not always their kill worked (when they tried to kill Xihirli, something I'm not sure Xi knows but anyway) and there was indeed a single kill each night... Plus they don't seem to have targeted anyone in our russian topic.

So she says that since we don't need a night killer anymore the plan would be to lynch them (she said to bus them, I think she meant lynch?) Since we can control the votes, while letting them live tomorrow would ensure Basket can avoid the lynch because Jeen is a neutral, so they are in favor of letting the madman live.

I... Am not sure this is a good idea. Especially because this would mean the madman indeed decided to either not kill someone or to waste their kill (night 1). Homewever I have no real lead on anyone (Flying and Footed are only suspicious because the others gave me reasons to trust them) so I said might as well go with her plan. At least for now.

She asked me to talk to you and see if you are onboard. I'm honestly more interested on what you think, but the answer should be basically the same. Also, I'm going to go count to make sure it is as she says.
ValmarkPerson was signed in when posted
09:50 PM ET (US)
Thanks~! let's hope it's needless worrying.
09:40 PM ET (US)
Well, I didn't have any particular plans for my power, and it does seem odd that Basket claims to not have any, so sure...

target BasketOfPuppies
CaeruleaPerson was signed in when posted
05:12 PM ET (US)
ValmarkPerson was signed in when posted
01:24 PM ET (US)
So, I'm suspicious of Basket.
They assumed we all were wolves then claimed that he had no power. Now, it might not be anything since some powers appear to not have been explained in the starting PM and usually it's the wolves who start with a group...

But it's still suspicious. Especially since it was clearly stated in the PM that there would be one opposing group and that we win by beating the madman, who's supposedly a wolf.

So I'd like to ask you to target Basket tonight, to see if they target Snowblaze. I believe they've got a night kill power and will try to kill Snow tonight. Even if they don't, seeing that they targeted someone would mean they lied.

@Caerulea: I'm going to use my night power to protect Snowblaze (you said to write it in a quicktopic right?)
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