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Honors 2016 College Fair Reflection

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Jordan Goldammer
03:46 PM ET (US)

At the college fair I talked to U of M Morris, Iowa State, and North Dakota state. The school that I am considering most is U of M. What I learned is that NDSU has a pre-med program and a theater program. I didn't realize that NDSU had either of those programs at their school. What I need to do next is do a few college visits to U of M and maybe Ohio State.
Jasmine DeMent
11:39 AM ET (US)
At the college fair, I visited with reps from U of M Morris, MSU Mankato, SDSU, and ISU. The main school that I am considering is U of M Morris as they have an excellent theater program and they are near home. I learned that there are many schools that have theater programs that I didn't know about. While it's a nice thought, I don't plan on attending school in SD for theater. What I intend on doing next is do some campus visits where I am considering going to school.
Jenni Blue
11:21 AM ET (US)
At the college fair, I visited with reps from SDSU, USD, BHSU and USF. I am still unsure of which college I want to attend, but I am favoring SDSU and BHSU currently. I learned that there are many out of school activities you can complete while in college that are very interesting. For example, you can join BHSU's concert/pep band, art club and biking/hiking clubs. What I have to do now is find a time to visit various campuses and see which one suits me.
Alyssa Anderson
09:42 PM ET (US)
At the college fair, I visited SDSU, Concordia, BHSU, Augustana, Morningside, NDSU, Mankato, and Nebraska. I am strongly considering SDSU, but after college fair I'm putting into consideration Concordia and Morningside. I learned that a lot more schools had music education as a major than I thought. Also, a lot of the schools I'm interested in aren't very far from here. My next step would definitely be doing some campus visits at the schools I'm considering for college.
Alyssa Bursott
09:11 PM ET (US)
At the college fair, I visited with representatives from Creighton University, University of Nebraska-Omaha, and University of St. Thomas. I also visited the Army table and Marine Corps table. I am seriously considering attending Harvard University, however Creighton University is my #1 backup plan. After medical school, I would only consider joining the Army as a doctor if I could not find a job elsewhere. I learned that Creighton University dropped their Masters of Neuroscience program, but that they allow double majoring through summer semester work. Now, I need to volunteer in order to pad my resume for college applications.
Katrina Callahan
06:25 PM ET (US)
While attending the College Fair at USF, I attended the tables for USD, Iowa State, and NDSU. Right now, of the schools there, USD is my number one choice because it has the Law program I desire whereas the other two only have Pre-Law programs so I would need to attend USD at some point anyway. I learned that Iowa State and NDSU both have huge marching bands, and in fact Iowa State learns a new marching show for every home game. Right now, I would probably only need to visit the campus and apply. I will also have to send my ACT scores over to them.
Aaron Mallinger
01:52 PM ET (US)
At the College Fair, I visited USD, SDSU, NDSU, NSU, and Augustana. If I had to pick a school as of right now, I would go with USD. They have the best Accounting program in the region and I have already visited their campus. One thing I found out while I was there was that SDSU only offers a minor for Accounting. This is a big decision making deal when it comes to which college I would like to choose. I believe that after going to this fair, I need to start doing some more visits to see exactly what I would want out of a college. I want to see what size I would like and what sort of setup would be for me. I have many options to look at so now all I have to do is see what their colleges look like.
Jennifer Kuiken
01:50 PM ET (US)
I visited USF, USD, BHSU, DWU, DSU, and SDSU. I am considering going to USF or BHSU at this point, however, I'm not really solidly set on either one as of currently. I did learn that BHSU has hiking, skiing, and a ton more fun outdoor activity groups I could be apart of. That is the biggest reason it is in my top three right now. Now I plan on setting up a campus visit for both USF and BHSU. I would like to visit both in the next few months and see if I fit there.
Sydney Goertel
01:47 PM ET (US)
I visited a variety of schools. I tried to go to the ones that we don't hear a lot about. Some schools that I visited were BHSU, DWU, Morningside, Jamestown, Mankato, Mary, and SDSU. I have not narrowed it down to which school I would like to attend, but I do know that I am looking for a smaller four year school. I am not interested in going into the military. I learned that if you attend Morningside then you receive a free computer every two years you are in school. I think my next step is to go on college visits. Also I need to explore my future career path and try to narrow down which direction I'd like to go.
Emma Habben
01:46 PM ET (US)
I visited a ton of schools and talked to them about their education programs. The schools I wanted to go and talk to before I even got there were: Augustana, Iowa State, South Dakota State, and USD. I did end up going to all of those school's booths but out of those four, Iowa State was my favorite. I have always loved Iowa State; it is my dream college. Other schools I went and talked to were: Wayne State, Northwestern, Creighton, and Nebraska. After talking to Wayne State, I got really interested and going there for a college visit. I learned a lot about the admissions requirements for Iowa State while I was there. They require a 245 for an RAI score. An RAI score is a combination of your ACT score, high school rank, GPA, and number of core classes your took during high school. I would really like to schedule some college visits to Iowa State, SDSU, Wayne State, USD, and Augustana just to see what their campus is like.
Ashlyn Hanisch
01:44 PM ET (US)
I visited a lot of colleges at the college fair. USD, SDSU, Morningside, and Black Hills State were just some of the schools I visited. I am considering going into Dental Hygiene or Pre-Dental. I learned that Black Hills State was the third largest college in South Dakota. I've already visited USD and I'm going there so all I need to do is some volunteering and to apply at USD.
Brendan Jensen
01:42 PM ET (US)
At the College Fair yesterday I went and saw my three options for colleges that I would like to go to. These colleges would be SDSU, USD and UNL. The main thing I wanted to know about was if they had an aviation degree. SDSU is the only one who has that. At some point I would like to go to a college visit to SDSU to check the aviation program out. I always though that UNL had an aviation program but, it turns out that they don't. That was a huge bummer for me.
Devlin Rue
01:41 PM ET (US)
At the College Fair, I visited many schools including SDSU, USD, Augustana, Dakota Wesleyan, and Creighton. Out of the schools I visited I am interested in attending SDSU and Creighton because they have extremely good medical facilities and are well-known for their immediate job placement. One thing that I learned is that Creighton is one of the top schools in the country when dealing with medicine. Soon I will be going to SDSU for a follow up visit to talk with the admissions counselors one on one. I will also be going to USD to do the same thing but maybe for a different major. I also found out that some schools are looking less and less at your ACT scores and more at your volunteer and extra-curricular activities.
Kailee Jorgensen
01:41 PM ET (US)
I visited UNO, SDSU, and Iowa State. Right now I am considering all three of these schools. I am also looking at out of state schools. I learned that UNO has apartment style dorm rooms instead of the normal dorm room. This is important because you will be able to have your own kitchen and bathroom at your convince instead of sharing with an entire floor. Now I need to focus in on a specific career path and then visit the schools that interest me and have my major.
Bailey Olson
01:40 PM ET (US)
Yesterday, I visited South Dakota State University, University of Lincoln Nebraska, and Dickinson State University. I am considering going to either SDSU or Dickinson State University. I didn't even know about Dickinson State University until yesterday. I also learned that they have a rodeo team and it is considered a school sport there, while SDSU only has a rodeo club. Now I am planning on taking a campus visit to Dickinson State University and probably another visit to SDSU.
Kyra Lunde
01:35 PM ET (US)
I visited Iowa State, University of South Dakota, North Dakota State University, and University of Minnesota Morris. I am considering University of Minnesota Morris as my number one school I want to go to. If I don't like the feel of their campus I am going to look at USD. All of the schools have my major, but I would prefer some schools over others. I learned that Iowa State has my major. I need to schedule a college visit and volunteer more.
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