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4/11: Information!

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Tj Holloway
04:16 PM ET (US)
Im reading Plague by Michael Grant and I'm on page 56.
On page 41 we meet Hunter, who is ironically the hunter for the town. He has some new found parasites that he picked up while hunting with is no pig deal to him at the moment, but soon he'll cause trouble for the whole town. it starts for when he's bringing in a load of animals for the town, during the transaction with the shop owner the shop owner gets bit. Its no big deal at the moment, but in the FAYZ(Fallout Alley Youth Zone), every small thing has a big effect on the group. From this transaction it starts the beginning of a plague on the town. Not only do that kill you, but they eat you alive.
Jaden Luke
12:53 PM ET (US)
I am reading The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins and it has 374 pages, I am on page 153 today.
1 ) If I could call one person in my story, I would call Peeta. I would ask him how he teamed up with the enemy. I would ask why he acted like he anted to kill Katniss but once he got the chance he didn't do it. I would also ask him if he remembers Katniss. A few years ago, Katniss was walking back from the market with a small loaf of bread fro her family. She was stopping to take a rest since she had been walking for two hours, while she was resting, she heard a lady screaming. When Katniss looked over, she saw Peeta and his mother. She was yelling at him from dropping bread. He was forced to go feed it to the goats, Katniss was next to where Peeta's goats where. Peeta saw Katniss and secretly gave her a loaf of bread. I would call and ask him about that moment. I would ask him about the moment when he got selected for the Hunger Games.
Alecia Beigh
02:03 PM ET (US)
I'm currently reading While it lats by Abbi Glines and i'm on page 101 out of 333.
If could call one of the main characters in my book it would be Eva because she is so loving and she cares about everyone. When her fiancÚ died from the bombing Bagdad eight months ago. She was so heartbroken and didn't know what to do. She cherish's his death everyday. she always remembers him and thinks about him all the time. When Cage came she was scared because she had liked Cage and She didn't want to forget Josh. Josh would've wanted her to move on and just have fun. She is falling in love again but she is scared because she still loves josh. Josh has always been her best friend and was always there for her.
William Hunley
09:29 AM ET (US)
I am reading the book The Rain. Im on page 160 334.

if i could call somebody in the book i would call chance to see how his feelings changed throughout the day and how the way he feels towards the whole citation changes. i would want to know how his thought changed throughout the hole story and the way that he thinks differently about the story from the beginning to the end of the book. i would ask him if he thought this whole thing was going to pass over or would it stay till he dies
Julia Wendell
07:40 AM ET (US)
I am reading Insurgent by Veronica Roth. I stopped on page 115 of 525.

1. On page 41 of my book, Marcus(Four's father who is also looked at as an evil guy) is trying to convince Tris to escort the Abnegation back to the city. Tris doesn't think that makes any sense because back at the city is very dangerous, especially for Tris and Four. As Marcus is suggesting this, Four is silent. Marcus was very abusive towards Four when he was young, so as a result he is scared of him. As four sits still and silent, Tris asks him for his option on the matter. Four said they can leave in two days, and that ends their conversation. Since Tris knows that that was hard for Four just to be there during that, she holds his hand until he is back to normal. That is the end of page 41.
Elizabeth Carda
04:30 PM ET (US)
I'm reading Gardenia, I'm on page 246 out of 260. If I could call one of the characters I would call Ivy. I would ask what is going through her mind when she gets the letter with the gardenia. I would ask this question because the note is mostly a threat to kill her. I would also be her how she felt when she found out the killer of her best friend was her uncle. I would ask how scared she was to give her uncle that letter to meet her at the place he killer Vancea. I would ask how it felt to know how much time you have left to live. I would ask what it's like to have a dad walk away from your life. I would ask that question because I have never had to deal with anything like that.
Kaelynn Ahrendt
04:28 PM ET (US)
I have recently finished Paper or Plastic. I am currently reading Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen. The book has 417 pages and I stopped on page 173.

1. If I could call one character in my book it would be Peyton, Sydney's older brother. Sydney is the main character of the book. One night, Peyton was driving home after hanging out at a friend's house. He had been drinking and doing drugs while hanging out with some friends. He ran over a kid that was on the road. The kid is now paralyzed and Peyton is in jail. Peyton had been sober over a year before that night. The question I would ask Peyton is why did he throw away his life to get drunk and high? I don't understand why he would do those things after getting help and being clean for over a year.
Isaiah Tschetter
04:28 PM ET (US)
I'm currently reading "The Kill Order," by James Dashner. I'm on page 64 out of 324. If I could call just one character it would be Thomas, in the prologue. I would ask him a lot about his origins. Most likely, I'd see why he wanted to go into the maze. I would want to know why him and Teresa had become such close friends before the trails for finding the cure. I would also ask how old Tom is and where he grew up. I think knowing his nationality would actually be quite interesting. In this series you find out that Thomas is actually considered intelligent by the creators, but we don't know why because his memory was wiped. Also, they say that they created fake names for their "subjects," I wonder what their real names were.
Jacob Bradfield
04:28 PM ET (US)
I am reading Among The Hidden by Margaret Peterson Haddix, and I stopped on page 90 out of 140.]

1. This book is about a population law that any family cannot have more than 2 children. Luke is a third child who meets another one (Jen) that recently moved into a house right by his. Luke doesn't know anything about why the population law is set, and is always so terrified about getting caught. Jen is more of the rule breaker, care-free, and dent act like she will get caught. I would want to call Jen and ask her how she can be so confident in being herself, but without the constant worry about being caught for her existence. If I was her, I would probably be terrified of someone finding me. I would like to call her and ask her how she is so care-free and worry-free. If I could call Luke, I would ask him how he feels about Jen's attitude toward being an illegal.
Grace Dellman
04:28 PM ET (US)
I finished reading The Boy at the Top of the Mountain today in class. I am now reading Born Survivors by Wendy Holden. It has 366 pages and I stopped on page 37.
In Born Survivors each character was forced to either tell the truth or lie. Dr. Mengele was asking each woman if they were pregnant or not. Priska didn't know how she should answer the question, if she should lie or tell the truth. Ultimately she decided to lie and later on learned the importance of telling the truth. If she would have told the truth she would have been tortured along with her baby. The other women who told the truth were forced to deal with the repercussions. The next character, Rachel also decided to lie about being pregnant. Both of these women and their babies survived the Holocaust because they realized what would happen if they told the truth about being pregnant.
Jason Koval
04:27 PM ET (US)
Book that I am reading is proof of heaven it has 219 pages in it and stopped today at page 89. I have finished flight to heaven already, so what is going on in page 41 in my book is this guy trying to find propose in his life and trying to become a better. A better version of himself and tries to become more godly. Also talks about the struggles that he went throw. Some very scary things happened in his life it seems. But otherwise then that he is better hisself and getting better. One thing that took out to me in this book, was how God forgives. Th away he explained Gods love and grace that remains on his and all of us was amazing. And how he always loves us and waits on us all the time.
Jordan Pechous
04:27 PM ET (US)
I am reading Asylum by Madeleine roux, there are 310 pages and I am on page 51. I finished Conjured by Sarah Beth Durst.
2. On page 41 Jordan and Dan are trying to convince Abby to leave a picture. They went into an abandoned warden's office, and found a lot of gory and horrible pictures. The pictures are seemed to be the old patients from the asylum getting treatment. The picture that Abby wants is of a young girl maybe 9 or 10. She is resting her arm on a sofa and was posing for a formal picture, looking into the camera. She has a huge scar slashed across her forehead and her eyes had an empty look. Dan says to himself she must have gotten a lobotomy. Abby wanted to keep the picture, she thinks it would keep the girl safe, and not in a terrible place. But after a bit, she gives up and puts the picture back.
Kaitlyn Schaunaman
04:27 PM ET (US)
I am currently reading Oceans Apart and stopped on page 225 of 331.
2. On page 41, Ramey is informing Max that his mother had died and that be would now be staying with her until something more suitable happens. Max is a heartbroken seven year old who must travel across the country to spend time with Connor and his family. Max thinks that Connor is just a friend of his mom's when really Connor is his dad. After hearing this, Max and his dog, Buddy, must go home to pack and take anything he wants to keep. After packing, Max, Buddy and Ramey (his babysitter) go back to Ramey's. Soon after, Connor is notified and then his world is turned upside down. Connor's life comes crashing down as he learns that he has the son he has always wanted.
Jenni Blue
04:27 PM ET (US)
I just finished reading Once, so now I'm reading Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz and am on page 98 of 446.
On page 41, the main character, Odd Thomas, is working as a short order cook. He can see ghosts and supernatural beings. As he is cooking, multiple bodachs arrive. These bodachs are malevolent beings who usually arrive when something insanely horrible is about to happen. Turns out, they are following this man who Odd Thomas calls Fungus Man based on his ghastly appearance. He's new to town and orders a lot of food from Odd, and has a really off-putting smile. Considering the fact that a good four bodachs are following this man, Odd knows that this man is going to do something terrible. No other patron at the grill notices anything off, but Odd Thomas wants to find out what the Fungus Man is up to.
Truman DickPerson was signed in when posted
04:27 PM ET (US)
I'm reading the 286 page novel called The Rusty Nail, I stopped on page 127 today.

2. On page 41 in the book, Jack is describing a crime scene. In this crime scene, a woman is killed in a basement half-naked. Prior to investigating the crime scene, the murderer drops off a tape of the woman being killed. While watching the video, she sees a tattoo very similar to one that has been seen in a previous case. She also recalls how similar the women look. She also notices how similar their deaths were. This leads Jack to believe that the victim had fake tattoo on, or that a murder suspect is eliminated. Her luteninet took her off the case, so this makes it difficult for her to take matters in her own hands. Jack is frustrated and thinks about working on the case still.
Emma Lewis
04:25 PM ET (US)
I am reading Who Killed Christopher Goodman? by Allan Wolf. I am on page 166 out of 269 pages.
On page 41 of my novel it is Leonard Pelf- the runaway- talking. He is a 15 year old boy with a family that he is not allowed to see. He mentions that his Momma taught him how to smile like he means it. Right now the reader gets the feeling that something is a little off about Leonard. He acts innocent and knows how to manipulate people. All he wants is to steal car and make it to Hollywood. Coming from a broken home Leonard is into some pretty dangerous things including weapons and guns. It's slightly too obvious that he'd be the Christopher Goodman's killer. I'm hoping it's not him but with all the foreshadowing it could be.
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