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[F6] Brandy Henn the Star Treasure Hunter

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03:10 PM ET (US)

Brandy and Nail search through the living room and kitchen.

The floor has flecks of blood across it in some places. No place in particular seems most meaningful though.

Haley bends down and picks up a little silver marble, showing it to Brandy. It’s heavy and made of a dense metal. It’s not very big however. They wonder where it came from.

Next, they go over to the fridge. On top of the fridge, a can of oats has fallen over. There’s a tiny dent in the side of it. The top of the can has popped open and oats spill off the side of the fridge onto the ground. The oats sit in a pile except they seem to be missing off one floorboard for some reason, like they fell through it. Brandy presses on the board and it’s loose. She looks under the floor and sees that there are some oats on the ground in the crawlspace. It doesn’t look like any of them could fit down there though. The plank of wood seems to tilt like it’s on a fulcrum where it goes under the wall.

Next, they check out the oven. The only thing they find is a tea kettle which is still quite hot. They look in the kettle but don’t see anything of interest in the spout or the main part. Seeing nothing interesting they search the dining table.

On the dining table, they see all the tea-making supplies and stuff out. There are teabags and nice little cups on a tray. There doesn’t seem to be too much off about them.

Brandy and Nail move to the living room area. Enola’s papers have been gathered back into the lunchbox.

In the corner they find some old Rattlewater Tribunes. Almost every one of them has something interesting on them.

Officer Ivanov Saves The Day Again

Today is a tremendous occasion in Rattlewater history. Local citizen Amy Newton lost her cat Fluffy several weeks ago and had been searching for it desperately in vain. However today, thanks to the help of Officer Ivan Ivanov, her cat was recovered. It was found by him and his squad in a lonely alley of the town, whimpering with a broken limb. Immediately Officer Ivanov took action and ordered his sergeant to take care of Fluffy at once. She is now resting with her leg bandaged, and is now back in Ms. Newton’s custody.

“I’m just so glad to have my dear Fluffy back with me again”, Ms. Newton remarked between held back sobs. “It’s all thanks to Mr. Ivanov that she’s saved!”

When asked about the incident, Officer Ivanov seemed a bit reluctant to comment. “It was really quite nothing. I only have my loyal and dutiful officers to thank for keeping such a good job of taking care of my beloved city. I cannot possibly let any harm befall it.”

The article goes on to talk about how great a guy Ivan is and how lucky Rattlewater is to have him there.


Local Retired Marine Saves Day: A New Star Citizen?

One of the local gyms has reportedly caught on fire due to reasons yet unknown. The police department has not yet released a statement on why this happened.

Bystanders reported a few people being stuck in the gym prior to the arrival of the firefighters. 'A crowd formed, but none were willing to make their way in yet due to the building being a hellfire', says one of the people watching the scene.

It seemed quite grim for a few minutes, with no souls leaving or entering the minutes. Peak hour makes response slower than it usually is.

'At one point, someone threw what looked to be a barbell at a window? We were all scared and backed off even more, then another dude came flying out from the window. And someone else behind him, though he was limping more than walking.'

The man who escaped using the barbell is none other than local heroic marine and patriot, Daniel Kennedy. When asked about the incident, Daniel declined to comment on his heroics. What a truly humble man.

Authorities are still looking into the fire, but the mayor assures everyone that he will make sure to keep gyms safe in these turbulent times.

Written at the bottom of the newspaper in bold, magical, red text is the following:


Nail smirks to himself, “That must be our friend there adding something twisted in for us. Typical, isn’t it?”

Another seems pretty old:

Local Childhood Sweethearts Marry In Rattlewater

The details of the newspaper aren’t of this one aren’t that interesting, it only seems to be about a small town marriage. That said, it is interesting that the subject of this paper is the Gardners. It’s kinda weird to read about them in their house. Additionally it looks like the picture was cut out from the article. Under it has the caption; “The new Mr. and Mrs. Gardner and their best man.” The Gardners presumably cut the picture out to remember it.

The last paper with something interesting in it is from just a few years ago:

Oliver Abrams Charity Concert Resounding Success!

After a huge festival and concert this weekend where everyone had a ton of fun, everyone is beginning to wonder, where did this talent come from?

A year ago, Oliver Abrams moved to Rattlewater from a small town in England. Oliver started to perform in Rattlewater’s taverns and started to become more and more popular with local patrons. He worked hard to connect with fans and built up a community for himself.

Ambitiously, Oliver wanted to do more with his talents and gain more followers, so these past few weeks he and the mayor organized this festival for charity. Of course, if you didn’t know about who Oliver was before, you do now! He’s absolutely some of the best talent Rattlewater has and he’s quickly becoming one of its greatest philanthropists. Star Citizenship is going to be soon granted to this wonderful talent that everyone in town is talking about and swooning over.

Most of the tribune’s stories are quite wholesome, which is one of its appeals.

Nail and Brandy stop digging through the newspapers. None of them had clues per say, but they were interesting.

Brandy and Haley turn to leave, feeling as ready as they can be for the trial.
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03:00 PM ET (US)
10:00 AM

After discovering the papers, everyone begins discussing what to do next. Shortly, they decide that searching should be done. Nail decides to take charge of things for a change and decides that Sebastian should search the Attic. He makes the point that he is the smallest among everyone, or at least he is the smallest that can be relied upon to complete such a task. The group nods in agreement as the ladder to the attic is opened and Sebastian goes up.

Next, Nail immediately orders Brandy to check out the library. He says that he might have seen the cult symbol in the library earlier as well. Brandy’s eyes immediately widen and she nods, running into the library to check it out. She’s excited for this, not even caring about the others’ allocations. This could be the breakthrough she’s looking for!

10:05 AM

As she enters, she closes the door behind her completely. She looks through the rows and rows of books in front of her. There’s a lot to get through here. She picks up each book off the shelf and fans through it quickly. A lot of books are huge fantastical tomes. After a while of combing the shelf, she still has not found anything that really dives into demonology or the occult or anything like that.

After a while of searching, the lights flicker out around her.

10:15 AM

Brandy keeps her head as level as possible. Surely the person who caused the blackout has bad intentions, but as long as she handles this well, nothing bad could happen to her.

Right in front of her eyes is a book though, which she hadn’t looked at yet. For some reason, the spine is glowing in the dark. And there it is: the symbol. The skull with the snake around it. At last, the very thing she was looking for.

Brandy reaches out in the darkness to grab it. She hears the teapot begin to whistle. It’s very loud in the house, almost deafeningly so.

She grabs the book and immediately she feels something biting onto her. She yanks at her arm but begins to feel extreme pain. She can feel her arm bones grind against the metal teeth of the trap or whatever it is.

It’s at this point that Brandy curses her own stupidity. Why had she reached for the book? Of course it would be a trap! The lights were out for a reason! The book was glowing for a reason too! The killer is probably going for her now! She clenches her fist and lets her knees buckle. There’s nothing she can do now. She screams, kicks and flails against the trap. It just keeps getting worse. She can’t hear anything. She feels books fall to her feet as she yanks on the shelf.

She’s not just stupid, she’s useless.

The desperation gets to her. She’s crying and flailing and wallowing in misery. It’s suffocating. She briefly just wants someone to come and end her already.

10:20 AM

Suddenly, the teapot stops. There Brandy is. She’s still alive, but it’s possible that the trap will kill her regardless. She starts to yell and scream for help.She does not want a killer to hear her, but at this point, her only hope is getting out of the trap. She yells and yells.

She hears Ivan, his voice muffled by the walls, “Miss Henn! I’m coming to save you! I just need to find my way out of the living room!”

“I’m looking for a way to repair the power Brandy. Don’t worry. Stay right there,” the next voice is coming from above. It must be Seb.

Brandy spends her time yelling about how she’s trapped between audible sobs. She hopes that this way somebody will at least hear her die if she does.

There’s a loud crashing and thudding noise and the house shakes a little, as if the house itself had a tree fall on it.

She hears movement in the house. Somebody definitely seems like they’re bumping into stuff. It seems like it’s taking a while for anyone to do anything. Brandy continues to scream, terrified that somebody will silently let her die.

She begins to feel hopeless, calling for Seb and Ivan. Neither come to her. Suddenly, she hears the window open.

“Hey… Brandy? You were yelling?”

She can hear the person climbing in and she puts together that it must be Oliver, “Anyway, I’m gonna help you. Just tell me what to do. Also tell me where you are.”

Brandy feels so grateful and pathetic. She talks him over to her and he goes for the trap. “Oh bloody hell! Literally! Well there’s no use talking about it at this point huh? I’m gonna pry it open with all my strength!”

Oliver grunts as he stands awkwardly close, “Hey! It worked! I’ve done it! Take that, world! Are you feeling better, Brandy?”

Brandy moans in pain.

“Oh… right. That was a stupid question. Well. I can try my best to do something…” Oliver goes to work trying to bandage her arm with strips from his sleeves and the like.

Suddenly… the lights come on.

10:25 AM

Oliver is there in front of Brandy, wrapping her arm. She’s sitting in a mess of books and blood. The window is open. Oliver seems coated in blood as well, or maybe that’s just the red paint from last time. Regardless, much of it has to be hers. The room seems otherwise very similar to what she expected. Ivan suddenly opens the door and enters, his mouth open. He’s also coated in blood for some reason, but he rushes over to help Brandy and Oliver with setting Brandy’s arm right. That’s when they hear a commotion coming from the bedroom just across the hall.
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08:47 AM ET (US)
Your Fantasy Suite with Nail/Haley: https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/P7cmBBv2VREXP
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Your EFL with Enola: https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/2cCMp6KDpyJ
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Brandy and Haley explore the bottom floor. It smells badly here of burning flesh. The major points of interest are a table containing tools, a wooden chair stained with blood with a strange mechanism behind it, and the furnace against which Benjamin was found.

Going over to the table, Brandy and Haley find a bowie knife and a pair of pliers there covered in blood. An iron fireplace poker with a sharp end sits there. The sharp end has dirt caked into it. Also on the table, there’s a tape recorder. The women go up to it and play what’s on it.

"We should each complete each other's challenges."

"Brat, what the fuck are you talking about?"

"Trust me, it's a good idea." CLICK

The first voice sounds like Benjamin’s and the other sounds like Matt’s. Haley and Brandy look at one another.

Exhausting the options there, they notice that behind the table there’s a mess of blood on the ground, just like a couple puddles worth. Suddenly, they see a drop fall and join the puddles. They look up at the ceiling and see a grate there with blood dripping from it. It looks packed with meat.

As weird as it is, they go over to investigate the chair. Behind the chair is a little machine with a meter the needle in it rests on one side but can go all the way into the red zone. Two pads are on the top of the machine. Each one can be yanked out and applied to a person’s body where they would presumably take readings from the body and take info back through wires to the machine.

The chair in front of the machine is coated in a decent deal of blood. Near it, teeth, blood, hair, and nails sit on the ground. Around the chair is a long wire. It seems like this wire could be used to bind a person to the chair. One end of the wire has been severed while the other end has a hook. Nothing else of interest seems to be at the chair.

At the back of the room, behind the chair, is a green light. Under the light is a message which reads: “Make the person attached to this brain-reading device feel pain such that the scale goes all the way to the end of the red zone.” Under that is a blinking timer which reads “00:00”.

Right across from the chair is a camera which is mounted on the ceiling. The camera is pointed at the wall right by it. They try to swivel the camera and it can be used to point in any direction.

Finally, they go over to the furnace where the corpse is. Benjamin’s body has burns, cuts, and bruises all over him. He’s missing teeth and clumps of hair. His jumpsuit is stained with blood. His face lays against the metal furnace and sizzles, charred black. His hands are clearly broken. No wound on the body is clearly fatal.

A strange thing is that his leg is sitting in a small puddle of blood, and yet there’s no wound on him that indicates why that pool of blood would be there. It’s pretty far from the chair as well. There’s also a patch of blackened blood on the side of the furnace.

They open the door on the furnace and they see that there’s two hot brands in there, which explain some of the burns on Benjamin’s corpse. The fire on the inside seems to burn infinitely at a very hot temperature for the sake of the challenge. A vent on the top drains the smoke.

At the end of searching the crime scene, it’s time for the tribunal.
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12:33 AM ET (US)

Brandy enters Observation Room A, feeling confident that she’ll be able to keep a sharp eye on things even if Daniel can’t. She feels the door lock behind her, leaving her in a dark little cell.

The only thing in there is a monitor with two buttons in front of it and a chair. One button has a skull, and the other has a couple of z’s. She takes a seat. Right now the monitor is blank.

A voice speaks aloud to her:

“Welcome to the observation room. You will be receiving real camera shots at 20 minutes and every five minutes thereafter. If, for any reason, things aren’t going as planned in the challenge room, then you have two options. The first is the button with z’s. This button will release gas which will knock out anybody in the same room as your camera, but only those in that room. The second is the button with the skull. This button will release a similar gas, but this gas is fatal. Again, this will only affect those in the room with your camera. Only use them if you are desperate. The knockout gas will keep someone out for around fifteen minutes.”

Brandy shakes her fist, “Alright, bring it on then!”

Unfortunately she has to spend a long time in the room with nothing happening. She daydreams a little, feeling confident in their chances.


Brandy gets the first picture of a stone cell. Someone is being slid across the floor of the room to the right. There’s a green light on on the back wall. In front of the light, there’s a menacing pachinko machine with tubes to either side of it, containing a bunch of what looks to be blood. A wooden chair is placed in front of the machine. The person sliding out of frame to the right is in their jumpsuit but it appears it isn’t Benjamin since there’s nothing around the ankle. Even though the picture is still, it’s clear from motion blur that the person is moving.

Immediately after Brandy sees this picture, she slams the knockout gas button. Obviously someone was kidnapping someone else, but who? Obviously whoever was dragging that person would now at least be apprehended, at least hopefully. She tries to stay positive, not really knowing what to expect next.


The body is gone. The rest of the picture is the same. She wonders to herself what happened. Obviously she should have knocked someone out. Maybe they’re off the side of the frame?


The next photo is clear: Matt and Benjamin are standing in the center of the room. They seem to be talking to one another. Matt has his hand wrapped around a large bowie knife. He seems to be casually carrying it around. Benjamin doesn’t really have anything. Matt looks a little exhausted from something.

At least, that’s what Brandy keeps trying to tell herself. Something about the picture is really messing with her. She keeps checking it. The background definitely seems the same to her. Is it something about Matt and Benjamin then?


The room is back to how it was before. At this point the knockout gas she used would have worn off. The picture doesn’t have that eerie quality to it anymore.


Nothing about the picture has changed. Brandy sits with her head in her hand waiting.


A wall.

Huh? She can’t believe it. Where the room was, there’s now just a close-up picture of a wall. She glances at the buttons but decides against using them. After all, not that only fifteen minutes are left, knocking someone out could be deadly. Hopefully everything is okay.


The last two camera shots have been of the same wall. Brandy begins feeling nervous, knowing that the end is near. She hopes that they finish soon.

One minute…


The door unlocks and Brandy leaves.
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Card: Don’t use your arm for anything for 48 hours. During this time, knock someone over and never acknowledge you did it.
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11:14 AM ET (US)
Your EFL with Klifford: https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/cY84DPGH3Ww
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04:36 PM ET (US)
Your EFL with Haley: https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/mMbgAbdT3pc
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12:00 Noon

Sebastian and Brandy talk at a table in the bar, just keeping one another company for a while. They talk about life and death and the whole killing-game situation. After a long while, Brandy brings something up.

“Hey, wanna go peep the town hall? I mean there’s a whole mystery there that ain’t bein’ solved yet. Maybe we could do some good, lookin’ at it,” Brandy stands up and looks over her shoulder at the exit.

Sebastian nods, “I could see that being a good idea.” He follows her out.


Sebastian and Brandy look up and down the smooth fortress-like structure, inspecting every line carved into it for some sort of pattern. There’s a lot of kicking and tapping the wall with Sebastian’s broom.

As they’re walking around the back of the building, Sebastian sees something: A large carving high up on the back of a snake and a skull.

Brandy gasps. Sebastian looks at it with recognition.

Brandy turns to Sebastian and tells him, “My eye and arm were stolen by people wearin’ clothes with that on it. It was a cult. They were all about purifyin’ the world or somethin’. That was a pretty wild adventure, but...”

“I guess maybe they have a lot to do with this.”

Sebastian turns to Brandy, “One of the people I, er, cleaned, had this symbol tattooed on his back. Seems like maybe this cult is a part of Rattlewater somehow. Maybe the mayor is in it?”

The two continue investigating the building. After a while, their search proves fruitless.

“Hey, I’m gonna go to the hospital, maybe you should go too, huh? See Kliff and Shizune! Nail too I suppose. Whaddya say?” Brandy asks Sebastian.

Sebastian seems a little sheepish but goes along with her.


Brandy leaves Sebastian in the lobby for a while while she goes up to visit Shizune. When she gets up there, she sees Klifford in the hallway.

“Doc? That you?”

Klifford turns around to see Brandy. He raises his arms in surprise. “Oh, Brandy! Sorry, I didn’t hear you over there.” He chuckles, but the usual light in his eyes is absent currently. He scratches his head sheepishly. “So, er, is there anything I can help you with?”

Brandy eyes the doctor with concern. “Er… well, I jus’ wanted to check up on you an’ Shizune. Y’know, just to see if you were both doing alright?”

Klifford blinks in surprise. “Oh, um. Well, that’s nice to hear. Didn’t expect you to check up on us, heh. Shizune’s asleep though, so you might have to come see her a bit later.”

“Oh? Then what’re ya doin’ outside her room, Kliff?” Brandy asks.

“Ah, that.” Klifford’s smile disappears suddenly, and he shakes his head somewhat wearily. “I… just went to get some medicine for her. I’m hoping it does the trick, but…”

“Say, Kliff.” Brandy interrupts, looking worried for Klifford. “Are you feeling alright? You don’t look fine exactly.”

“W-what?” Klifford stammers.

“I can tell that you’re stressed. Working hard all night long and carin’ for poor ol’ Shizune, especially after what that dumb ol’ ball said… Did you even have breakfast today?”

Klifford looks away. “...I had some coffee to keep myself up.”

“Kliff, that ain’t healthy. You’ve been overworkin’ lately, Klifford. I’m worried for ya. If there’s anything ya need help with, you can tell me.” Brandy placed her hand on Klifford’s shoulder, looking at him in the eye seriously.

Klifford lets out a big sigh. He’s clearly more tired than he was letting on earlier. “Yeah… I guess you could say that. But it’s alright. Shizune’s in a bit of a tough spot right now, and I need to care for her.” He looks down at the ring on his finger, a strange look on his face.

Brandy looks down at the ring, her eyes widening somewhat. “Say, Kliff… Yer’ married, right? You’ve got a family back home?”

Klifford nods, a sad look in his eyes. “I have a wife and daughter, yes. They’re back at home, probably wondering if I’m dead or not… I’m not sure if I’ll ever see them again. But, well... “ He glances inside the room at Shizune. “I’m not sure how I got attached so easily… Maybe it’s because I’m in isolation. But I want to save her. Taking care of her over these past two days… it’s been tiring, but when she smiles at me politely, I get reminded of my daughter. Sentimental of me, I know... “ He shakes his head.

“Nah… I getcha, Kliff.” Brandy has a remorseful look in her eyes as well. “After I lost both Charlie and Benny, I wasn’t really sure what to do. Losing people ya care about can be damagin’ to ya. Lemme tell you, even now I wonder whether I was really that good of a mother figure to Charlie. But… like ya said, when you’re trapped with all these people, you’re bound to get attached to them soon. I’ve started with bondin’ with Seb recently too. He’s a good kid underneath, really, makes ya wonder how much Bennett affected him. You’ve known Shizune ‘fore this game too. I know that ya care for her. So… if you want to act like her parent in the absence of one, I get it.” She gives a strange chuckle.

“Heh…” Klifford chuckles back. “Maybe I should’ve trusted you before. It’s been hard working alone, but… I’m not willing to let her go now. I’m not letting a stupid ball dictate her fate.”

“That’s the spirit.” Brandy responds encouragingly. “I know you can support her in her time of need, Kliff. I had a feeling you could do it. I guess you could say… the ball’s in your court now!” She cracks a joke.

Klifford gives out a surprisingly loud laugh. “Ha! I needed that… Anyway, thanks, Brandy. I’ll try my best.” He nods thankfully, turning towards the door and entering. “I’ll be back in a second. Just gotta give her some medicine.”

“Sure, Kliff. I believe in ya, alright? Just… make sure not to hide things from us if we can help. Y’know what they say, teamwork makes the dream work.” Brandy repeats.

“Of course.” Klifford nods sincerely before closing the door.

Brandy waits outside in the hall for a while.


Klifford comes out of the room, seeing Brandy again. He gives a smile to her. The two of them make small talk now. Brandy inquires more about Shizune’s condition, but Klifford insists she needs to rest more to help overcome it. It’s clear that he’s been doing the best he can. His hair is definitely more dishevelled than usual and he definitely seems much less jokey now.

As the two of them talk, they suddenly hear footsteps slowly behind them. They turn around to see…

“Sebastian? Is that you?” Klifford asks.

“So ya came after all”, Brandy chuckles. “Well, ain’t that nice. You’ve come to see Shizune, I reckon?”

“Y-yeah, I have.” Seb nods shakily. “I just wanted to make sure she was doing well and all…”

“Oh, isn’t that nice?” Klifford chuckles. “Good to see someone else who cares for her. I think she might be asleep right about now, but let’s check. It’d be nice if she could open up to somebody here.” He escorts Sebastian to the room while Brandy waits outside patiently.


While Brandy is lounging around, she hears a loud car engine outside. That can’t be good… She quickly runs out of the building to check what on earth is happening.

Investigation (Don’t read until after body discovery, you fiend!):

Micah, Matt, Brandy, and Nail investigate Second Street.

This street contains the bowling alley and the hospital.

Star Lanes:

The group checks the bowling alley first. Inside, they see that there’s a broken gambling machine. It has glass all around it and a bowling ball smashed through its face. Next to it is another machine that they can see has a receipt sticking out of it. Seems like somebody played the heck out of this machine, blowing several hundred dollars on the machine.

The group next spots some footprints that seem to enter the building from the fire exit in the back. The footprints go up to the shoe counter and stop. They go behind the counter and find a whiteboard flat on the ground there. It seems to be covered in a magic circle. Had someone been using magic? Nail points out that it seems to be a transportation circle and that he had read about it just today. The transportation spell connects two of the same type of circle and allows one person to travel from one to the other by standing in it and saying a magic word. They also find a pair of shoes that are covered with oil stains on the sides. They seem to be about the average size for a man’s foot.

They go into the bowling alley’s office and they see that someone has turned alarms off in the building.

They check the bathroom and find some blood on the side of the sink in the women’s room, along with a strand of blue hair.

The last thing they do is they go out the fire exit into the back alleys. They find that there’s a puddle of oil right outside the door and that there’s two sets of the same shoe’s footprints moving away from it in opposite directions. One clearly enters the bowling alley, the other clearly moves into the alleyways some more. They follow the prints but they slowly fade after snaking around for a while.

Rattlewater Hospital of Mercy:

Next, the group investigates the hospital where Nail and Shizune stayed this morning. The lobby seems to have nothing strange about it. They go up to the floor that Nail and Shizune are on.

First, they investigate the medicine room. It seems like someone dug through it extensively earlier.

Next, they dig through Klifford’s office. It seems like whatever notes he kept in here aren’t here now. He’s definitely done tests on Shizune the last few days, but none of the results are present. Otherwise, a couple of everyday painkillers are here.

Next, they check out Nail’s room. One of the walls seems to be strangely empty, like something is supposed to be hanging there and yet isn’t. There’s a big bloodstain on the floor where it hasn’t been completely cleaned, but Nail points out that his hand broke back open last night and made a mess. He holds up his hand to show the others, and they catch a glimpse of all the bloody gauze on his hand that must be barely holding back more bleeding. The room contains a window that overlooks the street. Nail’s mask and robe from last night are here.

Shizune is resting in her room. They tell her the bad news about Ciro. She looks distraught, but Brandy comforts her as best she can. The room is similar to Nail’s room in terms of the layout, with the same window overlooking the street. There’s a big whiteboard on the wall that outlines a schedule for Shizune. It seems like all her tests were over the last few days. They see that on the desk next to her is her typewriter and typing supplies. There’s also a whistle and a bell. The whistle is clearly the one used to get Bruce, and the bell must be for summoning Klifford. There’s also a strange bottle of medicine on her side table. They read the label and find that there’s a long list of deadly side-effects like heart failure if it’s misused. The room itself looks squeaky clean, as if it was cleaned up recently.
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08:35 PM ET (US)
Outside - Nail, Bennett, Klifford, Brandy

Klifford examines the corpse thoroughly. He points at the neck, where there’s heavy bruising around it. Klifford comments that she probably could have been choked out by someone, but it would not have been fatal. He says that the body being so cold makes it very hard to determine the time of death. The body has two wounds: one right in the chest, and a second one still with a spear in it. Both nearly go through the body and would be fatal. They were made with some sort of long, stabbing weapon. The group searches the body and finds a black die, a bag filled with silver tubes that looks like it can be put together, a mysterious amulet around her neck, and a picture book story involving robin hood. Brandy can hardly watch at this point. She asks to take the book, and the others let her. Bennett takes the die.
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04:05 PM ET (US)

“Well, ‘eck.” Brandy glances at the icy lake, with the thin ice surrounding it. There’s a huge hole nearby, looking quite recent. “She must’ve been too much for the ice to handle.”

“Her wheelchair mustn’t have helped matters either… Speaking of, it looks like it’s gone down there as well.” Micah glances down into the lake. “It doesn’t look like it’ll be easy to get it back.”

“Yeah, looks like it.” Daniel grunts. “With the weight of the thing, it’s probably at the bottom of the lake by now.”

“That’s quite unfortunate. It doesn’t exactly help matters either that we’ve lost it.” Benjamin shakes his head. “At this rate, people could see her as an even bigger target.”

“What?! Nobody’d do such a thing!” Brandy protests.

“Of course, that would be the humane thing to do. But there’s no point denying the fact that she would be the easiest person to kill out of everyone here.” Benjamin says darkly, his voice still emotionless.

There’s an awkward silence for a few moments as people look away.

“Hold on.” Daniel suddenly says. “I think I see something floatin’ over there.” He gestures to the hole in the ice lake, where Claudia is currently floating at the surface.

“Oh, right! How could we have forgotten? Without Claudia, Shizune can’t exactly communicate with us, can she?” Brandy says. “We better take this to her!”

Matt goes over and slowly picks it up. He grunts. “This don’t look right. Looks like it got fucked up a bit when the girl fell in.” He takes it and starts going into the other igloo. “I’ll fix it up and give it to her, aight?”

People seem surprised by this generous display of his, but are pleased at the same time. Figuring that there’s little else to do, they all go back to whatever they were doing previously.


“Alright, everyone!” Ciro calls out from the mess hall. “The feast is ready! You may all come now and enjoy yourselves! There is enough for everybody here!”

Hearing the announcement, people slowly start to drift towards the mess hall. Benjamin and Matt both enter first, followed by Micah and Brandy. Several minutes pass by but nobody else seems to come.

“Hmm, is this really all we have?” Ciro purses his lips, looking somewhat disappointed. “...Well, no matter. I’m sure the others are all simply taking their time. In the meantime, though, you may all feel free to take your seats. I shall start serving food to you in a bit.”

The others eye each other, concerned, but decide to sit down. Very conveniently, there are 10 seats in total- 4 on each side of the table and one at each corner. It looks more like a place for a banquet, really. A rather cheap looking banquet, but still. Ciro soon comes back wearing some odd looking rubber gloves which are pink in colour, in clear contrast to his outfit. He takes them and uses them to handle the dishes, which he gives to everyone currently present.

As he starts distributing the food he’s prepared, the others hear someone else entering the room. They look around to see Klifford, his eyes quite tired yet a warm smile on his face. By his side is Shizune, whom he helps over to her table. She appears to be in a different set of clothes and wearing a new coat now. She looks to be quite tired as well. As Klifford helps her take a seat beside him, she takes out Claudia and quickly types up a letter, which she passes onto Matt.

As Matt reads the letter, he flushes slightly and grimaces, looking almost embarrassed. “Ay, you don’t gotta thank me for nuttin’, girl. Just doin’ my bloody job an’ all. You don’t gotta owe me a thing, you he-”

“Oh? What does it say?” Ciro asks out of curiosity, looking at Matt.

“You can read it for yerself if you wanna, brat”, Matt sputters, throwing the letter in his face. Ciro, unperturbed, begins reading out the letter.

“Dear Mr. Gustily,

I would like to thank you for personally retrieving Claudia from the icey waters she was dropped into thanks to my carelessness. I would not have expected anything from anybody, yet you heroically managed to rescue her and even fix her before delivering it back to me. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to repay you.

With many thanks,
Shizune Takata”

“Oh, what’s this?” Ciro raises an eyebrow. “Did something happen with Shizune?”

“Indeed. She fell into the water by accident, and lost both her wheelchair and her typewriter.” Benjamin summarises in his usual tone. “Unfortunately, her wheelchair couldn’t even be recovered from the depths of the cold lake.”

“Yeah, I had to go take care of her for a while after that. She was feeling pretty bad after that spill she took.” Klifford says, Shizune nodding along with a grateful look in her eyes.

“Ah, I see. Quite unfortunate, really.” Ciro shakes his head. “You’ll need to have some more food to make up for that.” He takes a bigger blue bowl and puts it on her side instead.

“Well, isn’t that nice of ya”, Klifford chuckles. “This is a good way to break the ice, huh?”

People seem very unamused by that joke, most of all Shizune. Brandy tries chuckling awkwardly, but it doesn’t exactly help raise spirits.

Matt eyes Klifford irritably. “Doc, if ya make another shit joke like that, the ice won’t be the only thing that’s broke.”

“Hey, uh, what’s going on?” A voice comes suddenly from the doorway. People look to see Bennett, looking quite confused.

“You’re rather late. What took you so long?” Benjamin asks.

“Ah, well, that’s my bad. Totally forgot when the feast was starting and only decided to go check now. Hopefully I haven’t missed out on much, though.” Bennett explains.

“Not at all, the feast is just starting! Come and help yourself”, Ciro says generously.

“This only leaves Daniel missing, though. I wonder where he could have gotten to…” Micah mumbles quietly.

Bennett takes his seat and the food gets served to all. Everyone starts eating comfortably. There’s a bit of small talk across the room but overall the mood isn’t particularly chatty. Everyone seems quite pleased with the quality of the food though. It’s clear Ciro’s put a lot of effort into crafting several mouth watering, stomach filling delicacies.

As the group eats, they hear a grunt behind them and see Daniel arrive, his face comparable to a rhinoceros. He takes his seat wordlessly and starts eating. People are surprised by this behaviour and ask him what took him so long, but he says nothing, oddly unwilling to explain himself. He simply stuffs himself with more food, clearly quite starved.

The rest of the feast thankfully goes much smoother, with not much else happening. People finish eating slowly and depart. All the food’s over now, and everyone’s stomachs are filled up. It’s safe to say the feast was quite satisfactory.

Everyone leaves by 6:45, leaving Ciro to clean the dishes by himself.


As people start to leave, they all split into various places. Brandy looks like she’s about to wander off but then gets interrupted. “Hey, where’re ya goin’?” Bennet asks, placing a hand on her shoulder.

“Aw, just hangin’ ‘bout. Dunno what I gotta do anymore, really.” Brandy sighs. “I just wanna get the others outta here… See whether Charlie’s alright too.”

Bennett frowns. “Well, you don’t gotta worry. Maybe we can try looking harder while everyone else is out, huh?”

“Maybe.” Brandy gives a small smile. “It’d be nice to spend some time with ya as well, Benny.”

“Alright then, let’s go.” Bennett laughs, dashing off to a corner of the caves. Surprised, Brandy follows him.

They mostly look around for several minutes. The exploration is rather casual as they’re not expecting to find much, so they mostly chat as they look. About their lives, what they’re doing in their free time, how they’re coping, and so on. Suddenly, as they’re looking around, Brandy suddenly gasps. “Is that… an entrance?” She asks, unearthing some snow beneath them to reveal a tunnel.

“...Holy moly.” Bennett’s eyes widen. “What’s inside?” He flashes his torch inside. It seems to go under. The two slowly edge inside. There’s a slight taste of metal, as if the air here is more earthy and old than other places. As they go under, they see that they’re right above the ceiling of the lower ice caverns. They can see through it slightly, but not enough. They have to go down fast.

Sadly though, there’s a big barricade in the way. Unperturbed though, Bennett starts digging through. “You go call the others”, he says. “I’ll try and get through here in the meantime.”

Brandy nods. “Alright, Benny. You keep on doin’ yer thing. I’ll let the others know.” She dashes outside, calling the others.
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You suddenly hear someone scream out of nowhere. Turning around, you see that one of the support beams in the mines have been damaged! You see someone run up and decide to follow them quickly. You barely make it into the upper ice caverns as the mines collapse. It looks like some other people are with you... And you're trapped here with them. You quickly realise that Charlie's nowhere to be seen either! What the heck is going on?!

[You may post in the main thread]
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Your EFL with Oliver: https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/3m7tP3gpv3KuK
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Yeah it's like, imagine if Darth Maul or Darth Vader talked more. Or, if you don't like Star Wars, the whole reason we fear things is because we don't know what they are. For instance, I think Jaws would be scarier if we never saw the shark or that most horror movies would be scarier if we never saw the ghost/monster doing anything crazy, but more subtle. Subtlety is creepy.

Having a threatening chatterbox antagonist is possible (just look at Junko, Monokuma, Hades in Hercules, etc.) but Belphegor seems like he's not meant to be a chatterbox by design. Also him outright saying he's kind of lazy doesn't help either. Maybe if he was shown to be capable of more surrealist horror-type stuff I'd find him more interesting.
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Well in retrospect it's not really like JM snapped the mystery in half he just solved it the normal way and it wasn't really a long case since a lot of stuff was unambiguously pointing to the solution. Chapter 2 should be more interesting hopefully, we'll see.

Also interesting your thoughts on Belphegor. So do you think he wasn't menacing because he talked too much?
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