Mafia 28: mafia chat. Mafia 28: mafia chat. QuickTopic <![CDATA[mutantdevl... | "But i know that if i was townie and learned about this chain...]]> 2019-08-18T20:10Z <![CDATA[mutantdevl... | peace the difference between those 3 mistakes is that the...]]> 2019-08-18T20:09Z <![CDATA[Norwegianb... | Also yeah, i think i've been a bit biased because Railmat's...]]> 2019-08-18T20:07Z <![CDATA[Norwegianb... | Mutant, are serious? Because if you are, i'm rage quitting]]> 2019-08-18T20:02Z <![CDATA[peace | oh cmon mutant please dont do this please play the game dont...]]> 2019-08-18T19:20Z <![CDATA[mutantdevl... | I'm sorry but I'm not going to play anymore. I'm not...]]> 2019-08-18T18:48Z <![CDATA[peace | i madesure to coutn the vortes first before voting...]]> 2019-08-18T15:36Z <![CDATA[peace | i said !VOTE JAWAPA L-2]]> 2019-08-18T15:35Z <![CDATA[peace | or no wait ill just dont say anythign at all just vote him]]> 2019-08-18T15:33Z <![CDATA[peace | ok what reason? uh whatever ill just say hes scum caus eof...]]> 2019-08-18T15:33Z <![CDATA[Norwegianb... | Hahahaha. This is going great. Railmat just helped us big...]]> 2019-08-18T15:29Z <![CDATA[peace | should i vote jawapa? please say yes or no]]> 2019-08-18T15:28Z <![CDATA[peace | so do i and my PR is important for maf but shoudl i vote]]> 2019-08-18T15:23Z <![CDATA[Norwegianb... | Peace: "noweg why tf do u want me dead im in your team (woops...]]> 2019-08-18T15:19Z <![CDATA[Norwegianb... | To make myself seem innocent in the future. I'm working for...]]> 2019-08-18T15:16Z