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Molly Reynard the Ultimate Puppeteer

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03:11 PM ET (US)
[2:00 PM]

At around 2 PM, Lyla and Molly hang out in the animatronics room.

“Aren’t these things amazing?” Molly exclaimed. “They’re like puppets, but they don’t need a person to control them!”

“I don’t know…” Lyla said. “They look kind of dangerous. They have guns and knives.”

“Oh, the knives are fake. Props. And the guns have blanks.”

You decide to keep yourself busy. Eventually everyone begins looking for Anissa and heads to the camera room.

Lyla and Molly investigate the camera room.

“I don’t really notice that much.” Molly sighs. “I feel like they should’ve picked someone else for this job.”

“Hmmm….” Lyla observed. “Some of this blood looks unnatural. It’s color is a little weird...or maybe it’s just chunkier than usual…?”
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04:25 PM ET (US)
Ok account is Mister E
Password is wtftimetravel

Always log into it anonymously. Also don't abuse it, the mods know who's using the account

Essentially, your job is just to confuse people. You can pretend to be Molly, and you can also pretend to be an S who got their memories back

If you pretend to be Molly, you'd say you killed S and Sachiko

If you pretend to be S, you wouldn't really reveal who you are. Maybe just talk about how you came from the other timeline to stop the killing game but the journey left you without your memories

Good luck and don't be afraid to ask questions
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01:43 PM ET (US)
[Christmas Eve 5:00 PM]
“Yo, Molly!” Silas came up to her. “I got you your present.”

“Oh, already?” Molly doesn’t mind that it’s early. “Gimme!”

Silas hands her...a Santa suit?

“...what do you want me to do with this?”

“I thought it’d be fun if you dressed up as Santa. You know...for the party.”

“That’s what you got me as a gift?”

Silas was already rubbing his head awkwardly. “I just thought it’d be fun, that’s all.”

“Yeah well...no thanks.” Molly hands the suit back. “And you better make me an actual gift. Jesus man, your talent is perfect for this kind of thing.”

“Uh...yeah, sure. Sorry about that.”

[Christmas Eve 8:30 PM]

Molly and Lyla are hanging out when S shows up.

“Oh hey, S!” Molly shouts. “Ah hell, I’m too excited. Want your gift early?”

“Ah?” S asks, surprised. “I don’t think we’re supposed to-”

“Oh, lighten up. It’ll be fine.” Molly hands him a wooden doll. It’s a faceless child dressed kind of androgynously. A pen for drawing the face is attached.

“Oh wow…” Lyla looks at it. “That’s really amazing, Molly.”

“Yeah…” S says. “I don’t know what to…” He drops the doll and clutches his head. “God...not again…”

“S, are you alright?!” Lyla asks, trying to get him some support.

“I’m...I’m fine.” S stands up straight. “In fact, I think I remember something.”

“Huh? What?” Molly asks.

S doesn’t respond. He just stares at a strange key in his hand.

“Hey, where did you get that strange key?” Lyla asked.

He inserted it into the back of his neck. There was a clicking sound and his helmet popped slightly.

“You can unlock it?!” Lyla was incredulous.

S put his hands to the side of his helmet and clasped it shut. “I’m sorry, but I wish to discover who I am on my own…”

“Are you shy?” Molly teased. “Don’t want to undress in front of us?”

S didn’t respond again. He now headed towards the area they all just discovered. Eventually they found themselves in the time machine room.

“S, why are we here?” Molly hugs herself. The place clearly makes her uncomfortable. S takes out a key. It’s separate from his body--he must’ve gotten it from the cube.

He puts the key in the locked box and opened it. He just stares.

Lyla and Molly go to get a look at it and he slams it shut.

“I think we should start preparing for the Christmas party.” S nodded. “Don’t you two agree?”

“Uh...sure.” Molly nodded.

“I don’t think I’m gonna go.” Lyla sighed. “Not in the mood.”

The three separated.

[Christmas Eve 9:30 PM]
You’re in your room when someone knocks on the door. You open it. ...S?

“Molly.” S said. “I need your help.”

“My help?”

“I’m from another timeline.”


“Please don’t freak out. This is no time for nerves. Just listen.”

Molly nods her head.

“You told us about yourself in the other timeline...after you killed Dallas and Lyla. And we know full well how your father fell apart after you disappeared.”

Molly had started to cry, but didn’t make any noise.

“I know this because you told me. But now…” S shakes his head. “There’s already been another murder. And...I killed them.”

Molly’s heart stops. She doesn’t know what to think. “...w-why...wh-why are you telling me all this?”

“You want to help your father, right?” S asks. “This is all for the greater good. I intended to stop this killing game, but I lost my memory. Now that I have it again, I have another shot. If you help me graduate, I’ll stop the killing game. And I’ll save your father. Your circus. All you need to do is mislead the class...and possibly give your life if they vote for you as the culprit. Will you do this?”

Molly sighs shakily. She thinks it over for some time and then nods.

“Excellent. Let’s do this.”

S and Molly head to firmware programming. They put a box in the elevator door to prevent it from being called. Sachiko’s body is already in the room, blood all over the place.
“I’ll get the cleaning supplies.” S decides.

The two of you get to work, and clean up the place, even putting the body in the decontamination room. Eventually both of you carry out on a tarp into the chip fabrication room.

“Alright.” S decides. “I just need to do one more thing. Head to the acid etching room.”

You head to the acid etching room and wait there. Eventually, S arrives again.

“Alright.” S nods. “This is the final phase. This...this is where I die.”

“W-What?!” Molly shouts. “S, no!”

“It’s ok.” S’s voice was soft. “I’ve really enjoyed getting to know all of you but...that’s not who I am. I need to do something else. So...just listen carefully.”

S opens his helmet enough to stab himself in the throat, closing it before you can see his identity. You follow the rest of the plan as he asked.

You open the locked box in the time machine room and grab the carbon suit. The second one...you put it on.

You then head back to the acid etching room and sit yourself in the crane. You pick up S’s corpse and wait.

When you hear the body discovery announcement, you swing and drop it in. You wait a little longer.

Eventually, the door is broken down. You tip the vat over and quickly run out of the room in their confusion. It was up to you now…
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11:56 AM ET (US)
You pick a name out of the bag: S

Buying a gift for an amnesiac? This would be something of a challenge.
Deleted by author 04-05-2018 11:55 AM
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11:18 AM ET (US)
You read the note Monokuma gave:

It describes your father, backing up the stories with different news articles. He got depressed after you went missing and developed a bad drinking and gambling problem. He got mixed with the wrong crowd, and in no time at all Cirque Maxime was disgraced and went out of business. It's name is now associated with a laughingstock.
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10:48 AM ET (US)
You wake up at around 7 AM. Sleep had been tough for a while, and the beds certainly didn’t help.

“Ah!” You hear a scream right next to you--Lyla.. The other people in the cellar rouse awake: Casey and Shirly.

“What’s wrong, kid?”

“Everybody stand up!” Lyla yells. She quickly overturns everybody’s cots and then pats them down.

“Hmph. You guys are clean.”

“I-Is something missing?” Molly asked.

“Yeah, my gun.”

You instinctively pat at your pocket. The master key that was found in the billiards room--you still have it. Phew.

“Your gun?” Shirly looked around instinctively. “Why would anyone steal that unless they were-?”

“Let’s not think about that!” Casey advised. “Let’s go look for it! Come on, Lyla!” Casey and Lyla left the cellar.

“Looks like it’s just us two, then…”


You talked for a bit about a lot of things. Audrey, Anissa, other recent events...it didn’t really improve your morning much.

Eventually Sachiko came down the stairs and went straight to her bed. Shirly and Molly decided to sleep a little longer too.

Eventually, they heard a faint gunshot. Nobody really knew what to do, and S came down shortly after. After some talk, everybody decided it was best to go check out the situation.

Sachiko and Molly are assigned to investigate the library.

“O-Oh god…” Molly says, looking at Claudius. “I can’t believe this…”

“Dallas, Terrence, Dale, and now Claudius…” Sachiko shudders. “He was a cool dude. Honestly, I’m surprised I’ve lived this long.”

First thing’s first, you both take off his helmet. A flattened bullet rolls out of it.

“Oh, huh.” Molly says. “We already got our first clue! Score!”

Sachiko examines the helmet. “You can see where it dented. It must’ve gone through his head and…”

“I got the gist.” Molly insists, turning green. Next, she picks up the lead pipe nearby. “The base is bloody…”

“Maybe this is what beat his face in….I don’t know though, there’s a lot of blood on his face…”

The two girls keep looking around some more. Sachiko speaks up next. “I found something!”

“Me too!” Molly beams.

The girls run to each other to share their findings.

“I found some broken plastic.” Molly opens her hand to show tiny shards.

“I found a feather.” Sachiko proudly displays it. “Oh, and there’s a bullet hole in the door.”

They look around a little longer, Molly finding the final clue.”Huh, a lot of these library books…” She flips through the pages. “There’s just manga put in between some pages! What gives?”

“I remember I used to do that during class.” Sachiko snickered at the memory.

Soon after, they get summoned for the class trial.
MechaQdoggPerson was signed in when posted
04:01 AM ET (US)
[Roughly 2:00 PM]

After Sir Cardor dismisses you all, lots of other people seem to separate with some purpose in mind. You, however, don’t know what to do. You feel useless.

You think for a bit, and your mind drifts over to the animatronics repair room. Maybe you think to yourself, Monokuma’s head works the same way! If we can figure out how he works… maybe we can defeat him!

You go to the Animatronics repair room to see S alone, scrubbing something with a rag. He sees you, waves, and resumes his work. You pick up the head of the robot that’s being repaired, and take it with you. You then gather those that seem to be a bit aimless, including Silas, Lyla, Casey, and Anissa and explain that you want to disassemble the robot’s head

“You… uh… want us to work on this in your room?” asks Silas, with significance on the word “room”.

“D-don’t read into anything!” you reply. “I’m not inviting you to my room with three other girls for anything but working.”

Silas seems to accept that explanation.

Your think tank all work on the bear head all afternoon in Molly’s rooom-- but it’s slow going. None of you really specialize in small electronics. Other than the occasional bathroom break, they’re together until the body discovery announcement.

On one such break, you notice Silas leave. A few minutes later, you hear a voice you never wanted to hear again.

“A body has been discovered!” Monokuma’s voice shouts over the speaker system. “Students, please make your way to the Poker room!”


Lyla and Molly go through the second floor.

First stop is the pool, which has a very strong smell of cleaning chemicals. Molly can’t help but cough a little bit.

Next is the plaza-- nothing seems amiss here.

Finally, the hotel hallway with all the rooms. Both quickly realize that you really can’t search through any of the rooms.

“Well, we could always check out S’s room.” said Lyla. “I’m curious how he lives…”

“Oh… I don’t know-- it sort of seems like a weird invasion of privacy, doesn’t it?” said Molly. “I mean, it’s not like we can search any of the other rooms…”

“Aw, c’mon! What could it hurt?” asked Lyla, smiling mischievously.

They were both surprised to find that S’s door was already slightly ajar. As Lyla presses it forward, she enters. And… immediately, a balloon that was perched on top of the door falls onto Lyla, and it pops, sending water all over Lyla’s head and face.

Lyla frowned. “I’m gonna kill whoever set this up.” Molly gasped. “Er-- not really…” Lyla quickly adds.

Just then, Monokuma’s voice came up on a speaker nearby. “Students, the class trial will begin momentarily! Please make your way to the ground floor elevators!”
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08:17 AM ET (US)
You look at your NG Code: “Dallas revealing the mastermind to more than three people.” Oh no…


Dallas invites you in at the appointed time.

“Thank you for coming…” Dallas starts.

“I would like to say something before we begin.” you say. You’ve got to nip this in the bud-- or at least try.

“I think you should stop your investigation.” you say matter-of-factly. “At least for the time being.”

“Oh?” Dallas says in an amused tone.

“I-it’s just that…” you go over your points. “We don’t have enough information to go on, and we can’t risk simply accusing the wrong person.”

Oh… I don’t think I’ll have to worry about that...” Dallas says, knowingly.

“Er… what?” you ask, before you can stop yourself.

“There’s only one reason someone would come here to stop my investigation…” Dallas says.

Your ears prick up, hopefully. If Dallas can guess your NG code, maybe you won’t have to worry after all!

“Because YOU are the mastermind!” Dallas accuses.

Your heart sinks. So much for that.

“Look, I think it’s time for me to go.” you say. Clearly talking to Dallas isn’t the solution.

I better see you in the foyer at midnight tomorrow when I present my proof.”

You walk out of the room before Dallas can say any more. That was a disaster. You don’t think Dallas could deduce the mastermind if he had a tattoo on his forehead, but you couldn’t afford to leave that to chance.


After looking around a bit on Friday morning, you find an electrical box behind a hidden panel of the wall. “Interesting…” You think. A plan begins to form in your head.

If Dallas reveals the mastermind, I’ll die…

“I see you’ve taken a liking to this panel.” Monokuma shows up. “Wanna know how it works?”

Your heart is beating a mile a minute, but you swallow some air. “...yes.”

“Excellent. Essentially, there’s no wire you can unplug that’ll turn the power off immediately. However, there is a wire you can unplug that’ll force a system reset at the designated time: midnight.”

With that, he disappears. You stare at the box, uncertain. Then you unplug a wire and plug it back in.

You head down to the foyer shortly before midnight, bringing a rock along with you. You notice that Terrence is checking people at the door and curse. You quickly enclose the rock in your hand and cover it with a puppet. You walk by Terrence without a problem.

Everybody’s talking on and on. Are you sweating? Can they tell you’re nervous? You’re not sure.

I’m just gonna knock him out…

You reiterate the plan in your head, over and over, but still feel ridden by guilt.

“The mastermind is-!” Dallas shouts.


NOW! The power’s out!

The room turns pitch black. Nobody can see in front of them at all anymore.

“W-What’s going on?” Silas yelled. “I can’t see who he’s pointing to!”

“Dallas, who’s the mastermind?!” Sachiko’s voice was the next one to pierce the darkness.

“Nobody panic.” Dale suggested. “Let’s just get a sense of our surroundings.”

You had already tiptoed in Dallas’ direction in the darkness. He was a mere foot away, and you could see an impression of him. You slide the rock out of the puppet and raise it over your head.

SPLAT. His blood splatters on the ground.

“Ow, fuck!” Dallas yells.

[url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7AlPJj4avmo]A jingle plays in a low pitch.[/url]


An explosion of gunpowder illuminated the area of the room Lyla was standing.

You feel a bullet whiz by your head. Your heart nearly stops, but you swallow your anxiety. Dallas is no longer in front of you. Did he leave? Is he on the floor? You had to do something.

“I need everybody to stay calm!” You shout in Dallas’ voice. Any voice is easy enough for you to imitate. “On the count of three, everybody just say your name so we can establish our position. One, two, three. Dallas.”

You slowly creep back to your original position in the room.




“Sir Candor.”

[url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7AlPJj4avmo]A jingle plays in a slightly different pitch.[/url]

“Molly.” You say, back at your original spot.




“Thank god.” Silas smiled, probably. “Alright, next we should-” He was cut off. There was a violent shaking.

“E-Earthquake!” Momo yelled. There was a sound of bodies hitting the floor, everybody was trying to protect themselves. Objects were falling over, and the shaking didn’t seem to stop...until it finally did.

“Is everyone ok?” Lyla asked.

As if an answer to her question, the lights turned on. The scene before them was worse than they imagined.

Dallas was...gone. Where he had been standing, some splatters of blood were on the floor. A tight fear grips your chest.


You get assigned to investigate the auditorium and sound room with Silas but don’t find anything useful. You do find that both rooms are completely disordered, with basically everything that wasn’t nailed down on the floor.

Shortly after, you get called for a class trial.
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11:42 PM ET (US)
You are Molly Reynard The Ultimate Puppeteer

Your performance at the Cirque Maximum started just as any other-- even as you began to preemptively shrink behind the thought of revealing your face to the crowd of people, your performance was great, as per usual. As you were alone, tending to your puppets at intermission, you felt a presence. You were sure it was just one of the clowns, taking a smoke break, so you stepped into a corner of the room. Refusing to look them in the eye and bear their hateful look. But when the figure started messing with one of your puppets, you gather your strength and confront them, only to find it was no clown. It was a bigger man, with a terribly disfigured face. He unceremoniously grabs you, and forces a white cloth over your face. You struggle, but you’re no match for the man, and slowly fall unconscious.
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