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Deleted by author 04-13-2017 07:28 AM
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08:24 AM ET (US)
Mafia kill Newcomb
Cobalt neighbourizes Newcomb

Miner Auction Detectives Rubicon (Result "Rubicon bid $500 on Cop x 1")
Mafia shoots Miner

His Fluffiness Doctors Typhon
Tammy neighbourizes Nachomamma8
Nachomamma8 shoots Jarizok
Nachomamma8 watches Typhon (Result "You watch Typhon throughout the night, he's visited by His Fluffiness.")
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06:52 AM ET (US)
[I]The second night was drawing to a close and there was still two murderers out there, this hadn't worried X who had gone off on his own to practice his Weird Al Yankovic cover act he'd used to revenue his Auction addiction. [Url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9qYF9DZPdw]"They see me mowing, my front lawn, I know they're all thinking; I'm so white and nerdy"[/Url] busted out X before being murdered with his prop calculator in his back pocket. "Just too white n nerdy" muttered an anonymous voice before sneaking off.[/I]

[I]The second night was drawing to a close and there was still two murderers out there, this hadn't worried X who had gone off on his own to practice his one man Les Miserables play he'd used to revenue his Auction Addiction. "Don't you fret, M'sieur Marius, I don't feel any pain. A little fall of rain can hardly hurt me now" busted out X before being drowned in the bathtub nearby. "A little may not hurt you, but this should do the trick" muttered an anonymous voice before sneaking off.[/I]
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02:29 AM ET (US)
Will type up the scum lynch one later today; sadly don't finish till 8PM
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09:53 PM ET (US)
Mafia kill Newcomb
Cobalt neighbourizes Newcomb
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09:52 PM ET (US)
https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/2niSPQjcfPfr - Neighbourizer QT (Loldead)
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09:06 PM ET (US)
Mod scene assuming no vote changes/no auction bids/tom getting lynched. Posted.
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09:00 PM ET (US)
Jans posting in the latter half of D1 continues to be pretty damn amazing, his town circle effectively has no scum in it and there's a lot of reads in there, he's spot on with Fonti although admittedly his reasoning behind it privately revealed is icky but something I can imagine being hard for him not to consider. Wonder how much he rethinks the plan if there's a scum flip here and if he'll notice that it should change the plan and possibly put up some riskier items.

Newcombs case on Tom is all sorts of amazing (Jaris is also good but not to the same level), there's sections towards it I don't agree with being actual scum tells for Tom here and think some of it is NAI but the point about the direct he's going in his reads and his focuses is a fairly decent one. Newcombs reads elsewhere are fairly decent too though he seems very caught up with his Jari read and hoping a Tom scum flip removes any doubts he has over Jaris alignment.

Typhons really picked up his game now, his read and reasoning on Newcomb being town is mightily impressive and you can see lots of reevaulation from him so he's going to be able to weed out his incorrect reads as the game progresses. Similarly liked Vira noticing that Typhon was town when going back and rereading him, just wish it didn't mean her doubling down on Rubicon; hopefully a scum flip here puts her on the right track because her thoughts are very pure here.

Miner defending Tom is just very very amusing.

Fluff somehow correctly calling out both Tom & Fonti is pretty impressive though I'm not sure how solid reasoning they're based on or if they're reads he's actually going to stick with him. Him being a bit more transparent with his thought process inside the thread would be a good idea here as town.

Waco still playing a good scum game, he'll need Fonti to step it up D2 if he's going to go deep though since doing it alone is pretty hard in this setup with how the mechanic advantages the team doing better. I like that the scum team have realised having Tom outbid Fonti to give her full funds the following day is the right move; he can also plausibly take both neighbourizer & gravedigger from the town if he makes the right bids at the moment.
Edited 03-28-2017 09:05 PM
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03:20 PM ET (US)
The whole Jari asking Miner if he town reads Tom, Miner saying Yes and Jari voting Tom and being correct with it is hilarious. I mean there's more to Jaris read then that and it's a great read but it's awesome to see Eidos statement of just using the opposite of whatever Miner has on Tom and it working.

I know Typhons complained about "Empty thread" at times but I actually think the amount of activity and content generated so far is the optimal amount for these deadlines, there's enough to get solid reads on players and have big topics of discussions while not being too much for players to catch up on. Feel Typhon is probably better rereading and forming out some of his reads a bit more than F5'ing, that or just being a little more patient but that's easier said than done.

There's a few town players inside the thread and QT's that are suspecting Tom and to a slightly lesser degree Fontisian, will be interesting to see what comes from that, do still think Wacos playing the strongest scum game so far and him being elected would be a very nice achievement for scum to grab.
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03:18 AM ET (US)
Jans continuing to put forward some good mechanical posts and starting what is a decent plan to be put in action, it's what others are lacking, there's talking about mechanics and there's enacting mechanics to help your win condition, the first part is fairly useless and the second is very necessary.

There's the formings of a very solid town circle to be build about Jan/Typhon/Vira/Jarizok/Miner that can really put town in a good spot, the biggest issue inside there is that Typhon/Vira seem to be suspicious of each other here and no one feels great enough about Jarizok despite him having a fairly good thought process shown inside the thread. If Typhon/Vira can fix their incorrect scum reads on each other (Big if) this'll be a game town can take otherwise with Tom/Waco and Fonti having solid games I can see scum winning it. Newcomb joining in when he's able to devote fully would help town too.

Appreciate Miner dropping his shtick.
Edited 03-27-2017 03:22 AM
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04:06 PM ET (US)
Some ~mod thoughts~

I'm very impressed by the effort that Jan has put forth into the game so far; his analysis and posting about the mechanics have been relatively accurate and his elaboration into his reads and how he's getting there has been very transparent and has led towards him getting a pretty accurate town circle started. My only small qualm with him is his elect vote sitting on Fontisian throughout the day while scum reading her but I imagine he'll fix that fairly soon. I can see mafia having to shoot him early on again or risk having him be a 'clear' later in the game.

I think Typhons posts re; mechanics have been very accurate, his stance on how elect votes should work is spot on but I think he's got way too caught up on his Rubicon push and think while he's saying it's not "Semantics" it's a case of him overly focusing on a weak alignment tell at best but very probably just null. I like his actual read on Vira but think he needs to spread out and discuss a few others a little more.

I'm really enjoying reading Viras posts inside her QT, I feel like she should be sharing some of the thought process she has in the QT inside the thread through because it's reading very pure in there and think had she done so she'd likely be universally town read. Her suspicion of Typhon for elect voting her is a bit, uh, shortsighted in that it ignores what he's trying to have done in the thread (Top town read always being the elect vote) and am hoping she can pull herself out of this tunnel that seems to be fixated on with him.

I think all three scum players had good entrances and opening posts for the most part to the point where I think they're very likely to all make it through D1, Waco probably the best in thread play so far out of them and see him sneaking into a few peoples town circles if he can keep it up.

Nice to see someone has picked up on the 'don't put up daykill early as mafia will just win it' situation, only times you would is with a scum Lynch D1 or $501 Bids D1.
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04:49 PM ET (US)
Vaimes requested a QT, it's here; https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/ueUDRT8Kr4uL
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07:08 AM ET (US)
Role PM's and opening posts have been created, I'll send them out when I wake up.
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07:03 AM ET (US)
Scum Team:
11. Tom
10. The Waco Kid
2. Fontisian
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