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[F6] Enola and Oliver (Fantasy Suite)

10:51 PM ET (US)
"Oh, sod off, Belphegor!" Oliver shouted up at the voice, shaking his fist as if he was trying to make a point. He then turned to the guards and apologized before going right back to dissing Belphegor.

"Bloody wanker..." Oliver mumbled before sitting down, shutting his mouth, and sitting there like a pouting, petulant child. Quiet time... how embarrassing. The memory of being stuck in such a place would surely haunt him forever. He would need months -- no, YEARS of therapy just to get over these grueling ten minutes. How humiliating...
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09:34 PM ET (US)
It's a good thing Enola didn't know Oliver was lusting after her mom, because that would have just made the whole thing even more awkward.

"Hmph...For having the decency to apologize, I may be willing to lighten my sentence. Though I see no point in leniency. You will still get one of the harshest punishments my empire can give."

Enola held out her hand for dramatic effect and shouted, "The ten-minute time-out!"

Before Oliver could fully process what he'd heard a trap door opened beneath him. He plummeted screaming within, falling down a long shaft until he landed with a thud inside a child's playpen. Unfortunately, there were no toys to be found; just several guards with foam axes to make sure Oliver got his fully allotment of quiet time.

"H-h-h..." Oliver heard the real Belphegor's voice, "It seems you've failed, Oliver. Such a pity your time out is only temporary..."
06:34 PM ET (US)
Oliver stammered helplessly for several moments as he saw the three judges disappear, along with Enola's scathing criticism. He trembled and almost cried like a little baby boy, but kept his cool. Shame that woman had disappeared, though...

"A-Ah, I, uh... Well, p-perhaps I can try again? Surely I can do better! ... Oh, what am I saying?" he lamented, overdramatically wiping his forehead. "Very well, Empress. I sincerely apologize for wasting your time. I shall take my punishment with dignity and grace..."
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11:09 PM ET (US)
"No..." Enola shook her head. "I'm afraid the judge's have spoken. All people in my empire have equally valuable opinions. And these people have graded your performance...a fucking failure."

The judges disappeared in a puff of colorful smoke. Enola leaned forward menacingly. "You've wasted my time...so I'm afraid you must be punished. Do you have anything you'd like to say first?"

The glint in Enola's eye subtly suggested that Collin should respond one more time so I could give the Suite an actual ending.
12:57 PM ET (US)
Oliver let out a hefty sigh of relief as his concluded his performance. After performing a bow and subsequently avoiding a guy in a mask, he performed a small curtsy as he saw the three judges appear, not really surprised by things popping in and out of existence suddenly. When the first two held up 10s, Oliver beamed with pride, but then...

But then, Mr. Gardner held up a 1, causing Oliver to grimace. What had he done wrong? Why did Mr. Gardner specifically not like his performance when the other two did? Why was he here, just to suffer? Was that woman single? His mind raced with various questions before Enola's voice knocked him out of it. "A-Ah, I, er..." he stammered as he turned to Enola. "I... am certain that my performance was immaculate! Perhaps, ah, some people just have a different taste in music? I can play a different instrument, if he'd prefer..."
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11:55 PM ET (US)
Eventually, Oliver’s song comes to close. He finishes it off with a dash of creative flourish and stands up with a how, narrowly dodging a masked dude failing to do a hood slide across the piano.

“Excellent...Really, truly excellent,” Enola clapped like a spectator at a golf tournament. “But even as royal empress...my opinion is imperfect. We shall consult with the judges.”

She gracefully waved her hand across the room, causing the throng of dancers to disappear. They were replaced with three people seated behind a table. One was Dizzy, then a beautiful woman Oliver didn’t recognize, and finally Mr. Gardner, smirking in his suit.

Dizzy held up a card reading 10, still looking a little bored. The woman smiled and put up another 10. They turned to the father, who lazily lifted a card into the air...it said 1.

“Oh dear,” Enola mumbled, “An unsatisfactory result...Well, Oliver. Do you have anything to say for yourself?”
06:27 PM ET (US)
"A more appropriate environment...?" Oliver asked before the dancers suddenly materialized, causing him to jump a little bit in surprise. The sound of the horrid cacophony of instruments made Oliver's creative ears almost bleed, and he glared up at the few that jumped atop his piano, very much not appreciating them rubbing their feet all over it.

However, he then cracked his knuckles and continued to play, trying to drown out the surrounding noise. He closed his eyes as he played in order to be completely in the moment, fingers sliding across the piano keys and pressing them. He had memorized where each and every key was, and it made for a beautiful harmony amidst the chaotic cacophony.
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10:47 PM ET (US)
Enola listened to the music a little skeptically, but eventually it seemed she was starting to enjoy it. She hummed along to the song, having never heard it before but always seeming to know approximately where it was going. However, she still didn't smile.

"Very good...You've got a lot of talent," she said, "Unfortunately, the festival won't take place in a quiet throne room like this one. Let's see how you fare in playing conditions that are a little more...appropriate." Enola lazily snapped her fingers.

Suddenly, chaos broke out. A throng of mask-wearing individuals spontaneously materialized, dancing about wildly and playing their own ridiculous instruments in a horrible cacophony. Some even jumped on top of Oliver's piano, having a grand old time.
03:07 PM ET (US)
Oliver swallowed a lump that had formed in his throat and quietly nodded. Was that a death threat? Please don't be a death threat.

"Ah, um, very well! I shall begin right..." He looked around the room. A piano, which was totally there before, sit there, unused. It almost beckoned to Oliver as he approached it and sat down. "...now."

He began to play a very melodic, beautiful tune on the keys of the piano, his fingers effortlessly sliding across the keys. He became utterly wrapped up in his performance and his need to make it as immaculate and beautiful as possible.
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08:53 AM ET (US)
"Good, good," Enola smiled, "That's what I like to here...Respect and enthusiasm. One could almost call it the perfect combination."

"Anyway, you may begin your audition...at your convenience," Enola turned on her throne, leaning back against one arm and dangling her legs off the other side. "I hope you've practiced. The traditional performances are the most famous part of our Midnight Harvest Festival...so I will accept only perfection."

"Though don't worry. Even if your show sucks ass, you may still participate in...some fashion." She giggled to herself.
10:45 AM ET (US)
Oliver jumped a bit as the scenery around him suddenly changed. He looked as if he was in a castle... As neat as this was, he mouthed the words "what", "the", and "fuck" to himself, all in that order. He looked a little alarmed, but Enola's question made him focus again immediately.

"A-Ah, I, ah... yes, indeed I am, Empress Enola, glorious leader of the Rattlewaterian Empire!" He performed a small curtsy after saying this. He was confused beyond his imagination, but did his best to stay strong.
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04:00 PM ET (US)
Enola glared at Oliver. "Fine...I suppose I'll take it. Luckily for you, I'm feeling particularly jubilant today," she said unjubilantly. "But from now on, try to refer to me by my proper title. Empress Enola...glorious leader of the Rattlewaterian Empire."

Random horns started playing a short, loud riff as if announcing her presence. Oliver watched as the white room around him morphed into an imposing medieval castle. Torches burned on the wall in sconces, and elaborate purple tapestries hung on all side.

"Now...Oliver Abrams," she continued, relaxing in her unimpressive throne. "You're here for the entertainment competition, I take it? Hopefully this won't be a...complete waste of time."
12:40 PM ET (US)
Oliver flinched a bit at Enola's words, shivers sent down his spine by her emotionless tone despite her clearly angry words. Deciding to adhere to her words, he cleared his throat.

"A-Ah, my apologies, ma'am! ... My lady. Mistress...?" he said confusedly, not sure what to call her.
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11:27 AM ET (US)
Enola flinched, her head jerking toward Oliver. "Hmm? What...Wha..."

"What kind of way to address me is that?" Enola snapped, "I am not just 'Miss' to you...Show some fucking respect, peasant."

Her voice was devoid of anger or animosity, which only made it more unnerving.
10:15 AM ET (US)
"Her deepest desires?" Oliver asked no one in particular, frantically glancing around the white room he was trapped in. He looked down at his hand to take a bite of his crunchy, juicy apple for comfort, but his eyes widened in fear and anguish. His delicious apple... it disappeared. He held back a torrent of tears as he looked at Enola.

"Ah... Miss-- Miss Gardner?" he addressed her, his tone noticably shaky and nervous.
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09:15 AM ET (US)
Oliver was hanging out in the bathroom eating an apple, as he often does, when Belohegor showed up. He said "Abracadoobie!" and threw a ball on the ground which filled the room with green gas. Oliver began to cough loudly and fell on his face and was unconscious.

He heard Belphegor's voice in his head. "You have been selected to bear witness to the deepest desires of Enola Gardner's mind. Do not fret, as you will forget what you learned here soon after. H-h-h-h I'm Belphegor."

Oliver woke up apple-less in a featureless white room. He saw Enola on the other end, sitting in a chair. She was staring at her nails and didn't seem to notice him yet.

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