Red atlantic cruise: The real russians! Red atlantic cruise: The real russians! QuickTopic <![CDATA[Elenna | Yep. No American mole, but one madwoman :p Dangit]]> 2020-01-07T22:33Z <![CDATA[Valmark | Got it, though it doesn't look like we need to.]]> 2020-01-07T20:30Z <![CDATA[Caerulea | If you want to share your qts publicly I suppose you can.]]> 2020-01-07T20:24Z <![CDATA[Valmark | Now that I think about it: anything stops me from sharing...]]> 2020-01-07T11:34Z <![CDATA[Valmark | I wanted to send C'nor that QT, but she's got the pm box...]]> 2020-01-07T10:48Z <![CDATA[Snowblaze | Yeah, I should have been a lot more suspicious with the "no...]]> 2020-01-07T09:59Z <![CDATA[Valmark | Correcting what I said in the other topic: I don't believe...]]> 2020-01-07T07:21Z <![CDATA[Valmark | In...]]> 2020-01-07T07:06Z <![CDATA[BasketOfPu... | Based on the theming I could see the “madman”...]]> 2019-12-27T21:13Z <![CDATA[Valmark | I agree on all accounts, though I find unlikely that the...]]> 2019-12-27T17:29Z <![CDATA[Elenna | Also, I'm pretty sure at this point that the madman either...]]> 2019-12-27T14:16Z <![CDATA[Elenna | Okay, I don't think there are actually counter-spies....]]> 2019-12-27T14:15Z <![CDATA[Snowblaze | Ignore my in-thread hypothesising, I'm pretending not to...]]> 2019-12-27T12:31Z <![CDATA[Valmark | Wow really? Didn't see that one coming. I know I wasn't...]]> 2019-12-27T11:51Z <![CDATA[Snowblaze | I think this means Xihirli is innocent. Either BoP was...]]> 2019-12-27T07:22Z