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Claudius Vermillion the Ultimate Conqueror

JesusMonroePerson was signed in when posted
08:37 AM ET (US)
You are dead.

If you want to know more you can PM us.
MechaQdoggPerson was signed in when posted
04:12 AM ET (US)
[Roughly 2:00 PM]
Soon after Sir Cardor has dismissed you, you see Monokuma. You do not like him… but you don’t challenge him openly. You could slowly undermine his influence and take over the place one hour at a time.

It does, however, surprise you to see him approach Akio. After a brief, but heated conversation, you seen Monokuma walk off with Akio towards the elevators, seemingly against Akio’s wishes. You pay it no mind.

You are uncertain what function, if any, the machines in the Casino Floor have, so you decide to investigate them quite thoroughly. It appears to be a simple machine with a handle crank. You insert one of the disks that Dale told you were called “chips”, and you pull the lever. The fruits line up at the center, and… nothing. This is pointless. Still, one more try wouldn’t hurt anything…

You lose track of time, until some time later, when you think you hear a song-- one you’re sure you’d heard before. You’d go to look, but… you’re sure it’s fine. Besides, you already put the chip in the machine-- so…

“A body has been discovered!” Monokuma’s voice shouts over the speaker system. “Students, please make your way to the Poker room!”

That wakes you from your reverie. How… how long had you been here?

You initially join Sachiko and Kagayaki on searching the ancillary buildings, but you notice something near a window of the casino. A conqueror, after all, cannot simply follow!

“Apologies!” Claudius says to Sachiko and Kagayaki. “I must investigate something else on the outside. I would meet up with you at the compost pile, if that is alright.”

Kagayaki looks at Claudius a little funny, but doesn’t object. “Very well… I will see you at the Compost pile, Lord Vermillion.”

Upon closer inspection, it is the air compressor-- but the output pipe has some sort of long weird rubber thing around it-- a kind of tube or something?

You handle the tube, and find it quite stretchy-- you imagine you could stretch it a ways! It also seems to have a weird kink in it, like it had been pinched. Also, you notice a gauge, but you cannot read it. You try to memorize it as best you can, though you still have trouble remembering something you don’t really understand.

You rejoin the three near the compost pile, as you promise.

Just then, Monokuma’s voice came up on a speaker nearby. “Students, the class trial will begin momentarily! Please make your way to the ground floor elevators!”
JesusMonroePerson was signed in when posted
08:25 AM ET (US)
You read your NG Code. It says….wait, fuck. You can’t read

You pace in your room on Thursday night. You’re not dead now so you know you’re not breaking any rules. Is your NG Code talking with other people? Making eye contact with them?

What am I supposed to do?

You hear a knock on your door. “Claudius, I know you’re in there! Open up!”

You wait, not saying anything. The gravely voice, accompanied by the melody...it could only be one person.

More knocks, louder and faster. “Open up or I’ll shoot the door down!

You again say nothing.

“Fine! You better be in the foyer at midnight tomorrow, though! Everybody’s going to find out you’re the mastermind!”

Friday is much of the same. You pace your room, scared out of your mind. At one point the power even goes out and you hear a gunshot, as well as two NG Codes go off. You also feel an earthquake. It’s such a strange experience you almost felt like you were dying.

You don’t bother joining the group when you hear the body discovery announcement. You only join them at the elevator to the class trial when Monokuma pretty much tells you that you’ll be killed for breaking the rules if you don’t come.

(Your NG Code isn’t necessary to solve the case, so it’s up to you whether or not you decide to reveal your illiteracy to everyone this trial)
MechaQdoggPerson was signed in when posted
11:36 PM ET (US)
You are Claudius Vermillion The Ultimate Conqueror

Although your country is far from the largest in the world, nor is it the most prosperous, you will sort these things out in time-- after all, it’s a big part of why you’re going to Hope’s Peak Academy to begin with! Your foreign advisor, Cassius LeBlanc, has made every effort to make sure that your country would be run smoothly in your absence as your first semester would be beginning.

You are to meet a visiting athlete from Japan, a young man whose name you didn’t bother to learn. He was simply a stepping stone to open diplomatic relations with that country. That was, until he dare attack you with a blowdart. He was fast-- inhumanly fast, in fact. He’d stuck you and moved on you before you heard Cassius shout. Unfortunately, that was the last thing you heard before you fell unconscious.

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