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quick pitch...

Mike K
04:21 PM ET (US)
For me JB, Isaac and ED Q are all correct.....The professional pitchers can set up just about any way they want and it's legal. The hybrid and any form of the hybrid is illegal in HS Baseball. This pitcher was definitely in a hybrid position and legal in pro ball. In HS ball illegal quick pitch!!!
Edited 11-30-2018 10:04 AM
Jeff TenbargePerson was signed in when posted
06:32 PM ET (US)
The Federation Rulebook and the BRD state that the pitcher must come to a complete and discernible stop-even with nobody on.
05:42 PM ET (US)
I don't see an illegal pitch here. No men on base - no requirement to come to a stop. He can pitch from the set with no one on. Now if he had stepped onto the rubber and went right to pitch - essentially "running into the pitch" - perhaps. But the batter takes 2 or 3 warm up "waggles" while in the box. He's ready. I've got nothing.

But let's take it another step. Let's say there IS a man on base. He's in the stretch. Let's further assume that he does not come to a stop and we call a balk. In this video, it is pro rule so balks are live. We would wait for the play to end and if all runners, including the batter runner do not advance at least one base, we enforce the balk penalty. As soon as the batter gets tagged we call time and enforce the balk penalty.
If the batter hits a double and the runner on base advances at least one base, the balk is ignored.

High school rule - balks are dead immediately. Call time. Enforce the balk penalty.

But looking at it again it looks like he is stopped with hands together at the waste. So even if a runner was on base I still have nothing. At or below the chin means at the waste is fine.
Jeff TenbargePerson was signed in when posted
03:42 PM ET (US)
I agree with Ed that it would be nice to see 3 more seconds of the video...it sure seemed like the pitcher came up quickly, definitely did not come set and quick pitched the hitter from the set position. JB correctly quotes the rulebook under rule 6 that the pitcher shall not make a "quick-return" pitch... a document was sent out by the State last year stated that with nobody on, the pitcher (in the set) does not have to come to a complete and discernable stop (this is confusing as it does not say this in the NFHS Rulebook) Having said this, we must also use discretion to NOT allow the pitcher to quick pitch. The pitcher in this video did start with his pitching hand at his side (Legal) and quickly put his hands together and immediately pitched the ball. While the pitcher is under no obligation to lift his leg the same height each time, or keep the same speed of his motion each time, he is obligated to not quick pitch. We have to remember that we operate under the Federation rules...discretion is important in this situation. We all like the pitcher who keeps a good tempo, but if the pitcher is quick pitching and not letting the hitters get set, we must step in and take over by not allowing the pitcher to do this...being assertive and talking to the pitcher and letting him (and his Head Coach) know that you will allow the hitter ample time to get set in the box while you have your right hand up (Even with nobody on)to allow the hitter to get set, when you point to the pitcher, can start his motion...keep it safe and fair!
Ed QuinnPerson was signed in when posted
01:30 PM ET (US)
Would have been nice to see 3 more seconds of film prior to pitch to be 100% sure of pitching motion but based on film availability I've got an illegal pitch. Make the proper awards
12:16 PM ET (US)
I agree with JB! Pitcher is clearly in the Stretch Position. If were going by FED rules that is a Quick Pitch with no one on. I would add a Ball to the count.
12:03 PM ET (US)
Illegal. Even thought there are no men on base. The Pitcher is clearly in the Set(Stretch) with his feet pointed at and chest facing 3rd base. It is and illegal pitch as per rule #6-1-1 the pitcher shall not make a quick-return pitch in an attempt to catch the batter off balance. Additionally the pitcher never comes set by bringing his hand together in front of him. While in the set (stretch) position the pitcher shall come to a complete and discernible stop with the ball in both hands in front of his body and his glove below his chin #6-1-3. This pitcher went from his hands to his sides straight into his pitching motion. Illegal pitch. Immediate dead ball. Ball added to the count.
Ed K
08:53 AM ET (US)
Legal. Batter is in batter's box, pitcher on the rubber. It's up to batter to expect a pitch at that pint.
08:34 AM ET (US)
Legal. The pitcher is in the WINDUP position. No requirement to stop in the windup.
Jeff TenbargePerson was signed in when posted
08:11 AM ET (US)
Please click the link below to view the video...is what the pitcher did legal using the NFHS rules? Please post a comment and back up your answer with the NFHS rules...


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