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White 3 Career Interest Reflection

04:56 PM ET (US)
1 My first choice was information technology and my second one was law public safety corrections and security.

2. My first set of activities are networking systems, cabling, capstone experience, calculus, electronics and my second set is government, english, health, fitness, world language, human development

3.Enterprising, Artistic, Realistic are my three interest areas. It says i have realistic thoughts. They fit me because i like fine arts and i am a realistic thinker

4. I identify as a realistic thinker. This fits me cause i like to think about how to do things and what will happen after i do it.

5.I think it does. i want to job shadow computer programers and i think all the activities that showed up for me shows that. I learned that i have a strong interest in the job field i wanted to go into.
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03:10 PM ET (US)
Now synthesize all of your results. Kristy Jackson will also have access to this information to assist her in your placements. Answer the following questions IN COMPLETE SENTENCES! Number your responses 1-5 and please leave a space between each. I sometimes suggest copying and pasting these questions into a pages document, typing your responses there, then pasting them in here. Be SURE to type in your First and Last Name in the box above your responses so I know who the post belongs to!

1. Using the 16 Career Clusters Activity (the stapled activity in your folder), identify your top 2 Career Clusters and include a job from each of those clusters that you may consider. (i.e. My top cluster was_______ and a job I'd like to investigate is ______. My 2nd cluster....).

2. Turn to your SDMyLIfe booklet. On pp. 11-41, there are two pages dedicated to EACH career cluster. Find your top cluster (or 2nd highest, you decide.) Read the profile that goes along with your top cluster. These are featured South Dakota employees. To answer this question, again write what is your top cluster and according to the booklet, what are the high school activities you should get involved in to prepare you for this career. (i.e. My top cluster of interest is...... and the high school activities that would best prepare me include....)

3. Using the SD Interest Survey (the single 2-sided worksheet), identify your top 3 Interest Areas. Then in a sentence briefly explain what your top interest area says about YOU. (Do both parts of this question!) i.e. My top three....My top interests fit me because...

4. Using your Personality Quiz screenshot and the first 3 short paragraphs of your results, in 2 sentences identify your personality type and then explain why this type FITS YOU!
(i.e. I was identified as a planner, which means that......I think this description fits me well because...)

5. Finally, after working your way through ALL of these activities, do you think the job shadow field or career field you are considering seems to be a fit or a match based on what you have learned about yourself. WHY or WHY NOT? (Be sure to mention what field you are considering!) Answer in at least two sentences!

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