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Carole Callan
07:17 GMT
I’ve just watered the 5 trees on the town square ( giant ash trays) I give them a good slurp yesterday and I will come down as often as I can this week, but next week I will be away.
21:34 GMT
Thanks for the Sedums, Anne, all planted and watered in on the Embankment tonight along with yet more perrenials. The soil is so dry and dusty 😕...... Weeds under control, but some serious pruning and cutting back in order before BiB. As usual, some plants have got over excited, whilst others just lay down and surrender.
Sue C-R, don't let idiots who go around upsetting Cordylines take up any space in your mind, or your HOG 😉
16:41 GMT
1). at back of garden (pointy end) under bushes somewhere.
2). at bottom of steps in soil, infront of compost heap, below the hand rail.
Should anyone go on to the garden for any reason, please be aware.
Plans for further yarn bombing of fence and trouser planters cancelled until wasps are gone or after the first serious frost ( probably November)
😫🐝🐝🐝🤪 Mother nature rules.
12:54 GMT
Jenny who lives up the road from the HOG had just kindly texted me to let us know that some person has pulled one of the Cordylines out of the planter and thrown it on the floor. Also very kindly she has put it back and watered it.
I will be down later to check the garden over and if I find out who's done it will invite them to jump head first in to a big hole I will dig for them.
Thank goodness for kind neighbours who look out for us.
May be the person that did it had no other way of expressing their upset or anger🤪😬😰
21:56 GMT
An email has arrived today from a kind lady in Helmshore to say how lovely the gyro looks and to thank everyone involved. 😊
Anne Garden's Officer
19:47 GMT
Calling all Secret Gardeners - There are some French Marigolds looking for new homes in the gardens around Rawtenstall. They are currently nesting on the greenhouse base and don't like it there. If you want any of them then feel free to go along and get them - access via the keysafe. If you need help accessing them then let me know and I will help. It is first come, first serve as usual. Happy gardening!!
Anne Garden's Officer
19:39 GMT
Hello, Just letting you all know that I will be doing a planting session on Friday 12th in the morning from about 9.30am at the In-Bound Layby. I have some beautiful plants that need planting up. Any help would be most welcome - bring your own trowel, kneeler, etc. Also an opportunity to do some painting of the fence at the In-Bound Layby on Sunday, 14th July from 2pm. All paints and brushes provided. The weather forecast is good for Sunday (so far), but plans will be adjusted if rain stops play for the painting. Over the next 2 weeks there will be a lot of extra gardening sessions going on in order to get the Gyratory, In-Bound Layby and Embankment looking extra lovely for the RHS Assessment Day on Tuesday, 30th July. If you can help in anyway at one (or more) of my extra sessions then please get in touch, and I can let you know where we will be working next and how you can help. Tel Anne on 01706 551 123. Many thanks to you all for all your efforts.
23:01 GMT
Thanks for the heads up on Marl Pits, Lynne. It's next on my Garden Centre list. Park Farm at Ramsbottom have also got some gorgeous stock both annual and perrenial, and it's very well wateref and cared for.

Keith, are you around tomorrow morning? I'll be on the Embankment from 9am if you want to catch up about the plants you've got. You know me, I'll always find a space for another plant on the Embankment!
Suzy Duncan
19:42 GMT
Is Sue Shuttleworth getting this info? I’m following her amazing journey across Europe, Mongolia, Eastern Russia and God knows where next! I will try to update her.
19:33 GMT
Getting stung by a bee 🐝 is not a thing you think of much when gardening. Hope your sting is OK now SueC-R 😮
Keith Ormerod
18:54 GMT
Helen I have some plants that could be of use on the embankment also my sister gave me lots of stuff that I've dug into the the side garden at home give me a call on 07887845817 and I can explain what they are.
14:59 GMT
(Thursday)Busy few days up at Round the Bend and the Hog. A neighbour(Pauline) gave me 30 plants she had grown to put in. Annual creepers with purple and pink flowers to go up the fence (I've put in lines for them to grow up so I'm hoping they all take 😅).
She also gave me 3xbudlia and a hydrangea so I've tidied up the hedgerow on the left hand corner of the lane opposite and popped them in there with the hope of taking cuttings each year and helping them to spread up the right hand side of Hollins Way. It may or may not happen but it's a plan.
Fright if my life on the HOG - I briefly disturbed a hidden wasps nest at the pointy end. I think it was just under the bushes in the lower garden - you've never seen me move so fast & I only got stung once.
Some colour starting to come through now- photos sent to Jackie & Roger.
Deleted by author 04-07-2019 20:41
Chris Blomerley
17:27 GMT
Hi everyone - plants!! We've planted thousands in the last few weeks. However there are about 20 boxes of bedding plants left in RBC's Whitaker Park depot : we can have the lot. Mostly African marigolds (slug food, in the wrong place!) and another variety the name of which I can't remember. We'll be getting all of them in during our Thurs morning session and Sunday morning session so if you want some I'll be at the depot approx. 9.30am Thurs. *ALSO* - 20 litre bags of decent compost are only 99p at Lidl at the moment - go grab some if you can use it. Send invoice plus your bank details (a/c name, sort code, a/c number) to Charlotte and she'll reimburse you.

On Wed, Jul 3, 2019 at 11:51 AM QT - Lynn <
qtopic-52-iEJLswM3PHh@quicktopic.com> wrote:
10:51 GMT
Helen the embankment is looking lovely as ever, receives a lot of comment! Mark pits have a lovely selection of huechera at the moment also they have some beautiful perennial digitalis very healthy and a good price 4 for 20. I did think to mention it to you but this is the nudge I needed.
Jackie Taylor
10:49 GMT
I've posted on facebook about the new Crawshawbooth group - hoping to attract volunteers or other support.
Please, everyone, Jane and I can only keep facebook fresh and lively with photos from the different gardens. Take some pictures!

Lynn - if only everyone were kind and supportive ......
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