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Kay HPerson was signed in when posted
18:11 GMT
Quick pick from Booth Road down to roundabout on BRE. Then up into Staghills via cobbled path off BRE and the paths to the right and left and most of Tricketts Bank. One and half bags. Seems like I'm getting there but still lots to do!
Anne Garden's Officer
16:27 GMT
Thursday Crew - Haslingden Road Garden - Another fantastic session, where so much was achieved. We were weeding and pruning the gardens, and also planting up shrubs to replace some dead ones. Thanks to everyone who turned up and worked so hard. We will be continuing the work on this garden next Thursday. Come and help if you can. Thanks everyone. Anne
Carole C
15:15 GMT
Hi All. I’m going solo again tomorrow ( antisocial tenancies coming out ). I’m planning on litter picking starting at the top of Newchurch, going down Turnpike and Bridleway. If I don’t dawdle too much, I will collect at the bottom of Booth Road as well.
Still haven’t found that 10 Bob note haha
Kay HPerson was signed in when posted
17:19 GMT
Me and another Orienteerer got three more bags from Staghills Woods. Did through the entrance at police station (Sandy Bank) and worked my my way up St Nicolas Primary and towards Lea Bank. Still plenty to do but it's getting there, it looks appealing to walk through now. 22 bags and counting.
14:32 GMT
Thanks Roger, brilliant x
Roger GrimshawPerson was signed in when posted
11:45 GMT
Yes indeed Elaine. Bacup Pride and Friends of Stubbylee Park can both be contacted via https://en-gb.facebook.com/groups/108877895889057/ They're very active in gardening as well litter picking. If he doesn't do FB contact Ms Pat Smith 07751 380392 or email bacuppride@gmail.com
11:33 GMT
Does anyone garden/litter pick in Stacksteads? There’s a gentleman looking to work with CPR but can only do evenings in Stacksteads area. I’ll see if he would like to litter pick but I think he is mainly interested in working alongside others. Thanks
11:27 GMT
Great Hill St Playground & Jubilee Gardens session this morning, we were accompanied by cat and robin. Thank you Julie’s Sandwich Shop for the very welcome mugs of coffee. We have begun clearing the wooded area to rear of Jubilee Gardens, will take a while but enjoying it x
06:12 GMT
I'll be hitting more of Staghills Woods from about 4pm today, will be entering via the entrances on Bacup Road near police station. Have a head-torch that is brighter than the sun and a spare one if anyone interested though it didn't go dark until nearly 5pm last night. Going to do about an hour/1:15.
Kay HPerson was signed in when posted
17:20 GMT
Bag from St Phillips car park (which has already been immaculately cleaned by a mystery picker?) up Bacup Road to the tunnels back thru tunnels and turning circle/play area. Bag left at Cowpe Road/Bacup Road bin.
Kay HPerson was signed in when posted
15:18 GMT

Jo and Roger, thanks so much for coming to help today. I feel exactly the same Jo, seems like we haven't done much but I've looked back on yesterday's photos and it's a different world now! Jackie/Roger(s) I'll send you some photos for Facebook.

Been thinking that it'd be good to start a Friends of Staghills or maybe join onto Newchurch Residents group to maybe do a group pick there once every two months or something? Maybe Danny you could ask around, you're the King around there!

I feel once we've cleared the monstrosity it will actually stay pretty tidy. Most of the stuff I've been picking is years old and it's obviously been neglected. If anyone wants to help it'd be much appreciated, we've still only done from the big houses on Lea Bank to the path joining Hareholme to Staghills, especially tackling it from the Waterfoot end. I don't believe the rest of it will be as bad as what is around here.

In two days we've picked 19 bags and gathered a lot of fly tipping. Thanks again guys!
James Leigh
14:24 GMT

Yesterday I did a litter pick at whittaker park and tosay I completed on at Loughclough park ( The picture I am going to attach is of yestersays pick )
Jo h
14:16 GMT
No words for staghills woods, I did 4 bags (not sure on Kay and Roger) but the area I did looks like I didn't do anything! Will try and rearrange an appointment to be there on Tuesday as it's gonna bug the hell out of me
Dan S
12:08 GMT

One bag near the bins in the car park off Cowpe Road
Keith Ormerod
10:02 GMT

I found this beetle this morning not sure what sort it is but i'm sure one of the gardeners could identify it, anyway I've decided to adopt it and call it Alexander.
Did my usual full round this morning it was a bit nippy to the old bell ringers but managed two very full bags one left in Fallbarn park and one at the ELR.
Danny Allen
09:09 GMT
Kay - I just did the path itself this time - didn't venture too far into the wilderness but there will be plenty there I'm sure.
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