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Jackie Taylor
16:46 GMT
I forgot to say - about the Old Fold Garden - the last couple of times we have been there has been evidence is vandalism and possibly theft. We’ve had plants trampled and leaves thrown everywhere and this week someone had climbed up to gather all the half-grown apples and pears and then thrown them hard to smash them over the flags. In doing this they broke some main branches of the apple tree. We think some of our newer plants have been stolen. It’s disheartening but you have to just carry on .......
Jackie Taylor
16:38 GMT
And on another note - if you have sent photos for Facebook and Instagram recently they will go up tomorrow. Life has been a bit hectic.
If you haven’t sent me photos of your Gardening and litter-picking, why not!?
We now have over 1035 followers on Instagram. We have more followers than those we are following, which I have been aiming for.
Jackie Taylor
16:35 GMT
We’ve been busy in the Old Fold today. We’re delighted with the amount of butterflies, bees, other insects and birds that are around. I think our focus on having a wildlife garden is paying off. We’ve been chemical-free and composting for three years now. We’ve got woodpiles and some dense undergrowth which help too.
The bunting is being washed and will be ready for someone else to hang soon.
Anne Garden's Officer
13:29 GMT

Cemetery Session - Monday 16th September - More Himalayan balsam was pulled up and native teasels and foxgloves were planted in the cleared areas. The idea is to introduce native wildflowers that are good for bees, butterflies and birds.
Anne Garden's Officer
12:56 GMT
Help Needed With Watering at Ladbroke's Flower Bed. The newly planted flower bed at Ladbroke's is looking lovely, but needs help over this coming week to withstand the dry weather. If you could help water the plants a few times during the week, then please get in touch with me to let me know. Many thanks, Anne
Roger Grimshaw
09:01 GMT
...oh yes, so they are!



Roger Grimshaw
07798 582225
Chris Blomerley
08:57 GMT
Very quick, Mr Grimshaw! Just so long as you don't call me a queen - y'know, they're the Queen's Thoughts, after all …. 😁

On Mon, Sep 16, 2019 at 9:53 AM QT - Roger Grimshaw <
qtopic-52-iEJLswM3PHh@quicktopic.com> wrote:
Roger GrimshawPerson was signed in when posted
08:53 GMT
Correction. The Queen does read them. QT stands for "Queen's Thoughts"!!!
Chris Blomerley
08:51 GMT
Just in case you don't read The Weekly Witterings (I believe The Queen doesn't), They'll tell you that our Weds Evening Project is on Phipps car park, which we'll continue to work on 'til at least the end of Sept. 6.30pm start. Can you help on this?
Carole C
19:01 GMT
Started off at the Red Lion, Newchurch Rd. Then down Turnpike and Bridleway. I like doing Bridleway, I lost a ten bob note down there a while back and You never know, I may find it? :-) collected 3 bags.
Edited 15-09-2019 19:06
Keith Ormerod
09:27 GMT
Well they got that forecast wrong did all my usual route in fine drizzle "the wetting stuff" you know what they say about Rossendale weather if you can see the surrounding hills it's going to rain if you can't it's already raining!
Two bags collected one left at Fallbarn park and one at the ELR. I had to wrestle the fly tipping I left by lamp post No26 on fallbarn brew that I reported from down in the dell back up to the road again so it's easier for collection, why can't people leave things alone I wonder if it was whoever dumped it in the first place?
Anne Garden's Officer
15:47 GMT

Thursday Crew - Town Centre Garden and Ladbroke's Flower Bed - Thursday, 12th September, 2019. Lots more weeding, pruning and tidying undertaken by a willing team of volunteers. The Ladbroke's Flower Bed (under the hanging baskets) has now been transformed. Over the last 2 weeks volunteers have worked hard to remove loads of weeds and excess stones, and today it has been planted up with some lovely lamb's ear, Japanese anemone and lots of lovely violas. Once these get established the garden will look lovely. The photo shows how it looks this morning. Thanks to everyone for a great team effort!!
14:14 GMT
During the Thursday morning session I was planting up the Ladbroke bed and received an amazing reaction from so many members of the public who offered such lovely comments. One elderly lady stopped on her way to do her shopping and insisted on giving us a very generous 20 donation alongside her genuine gratitude to us all for the work we do in the town. Absolutely heartwarming.
Anne Garden's Officer
06:36 GMT
Wednesday, 11th September - Evening Group Session - Phipps Car Park - Excellent progress being made with taming the beds and weeding between the bricks. We are starting to see a positive change. This project will continue each Wednesday evening whilst daylight permits. All extra help would be gratefully received. Thanks, Anne
Keith Ormerod
12:52 GMT
Kay H it's an endurance race is litter picking the only thing I can say is once your on top of it it's a lot easier I have two or three bad bits on my round that every now and then look like someone just emptied a wheelie bin all over it in those situations a ******* good swear helps!
Kay H
17:46 GMT
Just got another two bags from mostly The Roebuck down to the bottom of Burnley Road East junction with Waterfoot. That's 3.5 bags this week, it's not perfect but it's getting there!
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