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[F6] Sebastian Torr the Star Cleaner

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03:07 PM ET (US)

Ivan and Sebastian search the Library.

First they notice in the corner that there’s a pile of books and blood near the shelf. The shelf has a bear trap sticking out of it, surrounding a book. They take that book off the shelf. It has no name on its spine but inside it says, “The Demon Handbook - All you need to know to get worshipping!” Surely, this will have some info about the cult symbol!

They read a couple of entries:

Belphegor: The helpful and slothful demon

Belphegor always wants people to take the easy way out. He’s always ready to give tips or hints or information in order to advance the easiness of something. He’s very honorable even if he has some sadistic tendencies. Although he is very powerful due to his expansive knowledge, he’s not known for exerting his power over others. His actions always lead people to power.

Belphegor can be summoned using the blood of a freshly murdered person. It can be done by taking a vial of blood to an altar with these runes on it and keeping it inside the central compartment in a bowl, and saying some magic words..

The rest of the Belphegor summoning process doesn’t really interest Sebastian and Ivan. The only weird part seems to be the part where the blood needs to be taken to the altar after a murder. Everything else makes sense with what they know.

Satanael: The chaos and freedom demon

Satanael wants everyone to have their freedom and make their own decisions. They love watching people do their own thing and follow their own dreams. They do not like morality standing in the way of people’s wants .

They keep flipping through the book looking for the symbol. That demon seemingly could not be summoned.

Ha-Satan: The adversarial demon

Ha-Satan loves providing challenges for people. Whenever the road gets difficult, that’s Ha-Satan exerting their influence. Ha-Satan does not have many followers, but it’s always good when you’re on Ha-Satan’s good side.

They reach the end of the book. There’s nothing. The last horrifying demon they hear described is this:

Lucifer: The First Demon:

The original ruler of Hell, Lucifer looks down upon all lower life forms and scoffs at their imperfections. He makes them pay retributions on their sins. He is always eager to punish people. The only way to please Lucifer is to exact justice on the human race. Even then you must be perfect in his eyes.

Ivan and Sebastian sigh as they get through the book. They continue checking the room and the books on the ground.

One book they pick up has a pattern inked into the first few pages. It’s another spellbook! This one has another unusual spell:

Possession: Requires drawing a magic circle and standing in it. Allows someone to possess another living being for 5-10 minutes. The possessor has to distribute 50% of their soul to take over the being and for that time being the possessor can only perform simple commands both in the body they’re possessing and their normal body. This does not include talking and so they will not be able to communicate. Performing rite for the spell requires something that belongs to the possessee as well. The possessee will not be in control of their body for the time period and will be unable to recollect what happened during the time in which they were possessed.

Hmm, if this book wasn’t here they never would have found this spell!

They continue looking through the books. Some have similar patterns as the spellbook on the front pages but are about completely unrelated topics.

After searching the books, they notice that there seem to be more here than would fit on this shelf. Did somebody move some off another shelf?

They check the bear trap and notice a copper wire around it. Ivan and Sebastian look up and see that a cord connects the bear trap to the ceiling. How interesting. They don’t see anything else of note.

Next, the two of them go to the bathroom. They check under the sink and in the shower, but nothing is there. There’s no evidence of anything weird.

The two of them leave and go to check outside the building. They search around the building. None of the windows have locks on them, and they can be opened from the outside.There’s no evidence worth talking about out there otherwise.

Ivan and Sebastian steel themselves for the trial.
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02:59 PM ET (US)
10:00 AM

After discovering the papers, everyone begins discussing what to do next. Shortly, they decide that searching should be done. Nail decides to take charge of things for a change and decides that Sebastian should search the Attic. He makes the point that he is the smallest among everyone, or at least he is the smallest that can be relied upon to complete such a task. The group nods in agreement as the ladder to the attic is opened and Sebastian goes up.

He hears Nail giving instructions to the others but he doesn’t pay much attention to them since it doesn’t concern him. He enters the attic and starts investigating. Straight off the bat, he notices it’s quite cramped inside. He has to crouch down to even be able to move properly inside. It’s quite difficult to look through. There’s only a small light bulb at the top illuminating the room for him, and there’s rats running all over the place. It’s quite an unfortunate scenario he’s in, but he has to make do.

10:05 AM

He tries to shoo away all the rats, though he can’t take out his broom in such a closed place. The entire area feels closed and dusty. It’s downright wrong. He sees various boxes all around. He tries looking through them slowly. Most of them seem to be empty or useless. He also sees a thick electrical wire in the corner. It seems to supply electricity to the house, coming from outside. The cable then connects to a fuse box which then connects to the other parts of the house. He keeps away from it, not wanting to cause a power shortage.

As he’s looking around, he realises he can see through the floor of the attic into the library. He sees Brandy a little, looking through various books and such. He suddenly hears a squeak come from nearby. It seems to be a rat again, but it looks different. Its tail is strangely cut off as well.

Also, as he’s exploring, he notices a gouge in the floor, nearly eight or so feet across. It’s right by a bunch of heavy boxes which Sebastian can’t move on his own. Each box contains a number of heavy items such as bowling balls or weights or the like. Nearby the boxes, a jar of a clear liquid sits pretty precariously on top of a box. The top of the jar has holes in it. The smell coming from it is acrid and makes his eyes water.

He continues looking around for something.

10:15 AM

Suddenly, darkness surrounds the room. The sound of something sparking comes from a corner of the room. Seb looks around in shock. Was that a blackout?! How did that even happen? He stumbles around in the closed room, a little scared now. He can’t see a thing here. What could even be going on? A deafening whistle comes from downstairs, preventing him from hearing anything as well now. His heart begins to sink. Is he not alone up here? Someone cut the main power line while he was searching for clues? He can’t believe he allowed this to happen. He begins to fear that whoever is up here will come find him and attack him somehow. He huddles by some boxes for a while.

10:20 AM

Sebastian is still waiting around when he hears the whistling finally stop. Almost immediately he can hear Brandy screaming bloody murder. She’s screaming about how she got stuck in a trap. She must have gotten badly injured.

He hears Ivan, his voice muffled through the floor, “Miss Henn! I’m coming to save you! I just need to find my way out of the living room!”

“I’m looking for a way to repair the power Brandy. Don’t worry. Stay right there,” Sebastian calls down. He cringes, realizing that telling her not to worry isn’t really helping.

Sebastian shakes away his embarrassment and begins to feel around, hoping to find the corner where the cut power line is. He realizes though that the exposed wire could be very dangerous if it was really cut. He can still definitely hear a buzzing noise up here.

Sebastian hears a little bit of cracking nearby. Suddenly there’s a loud crashing and thudding noise and the house shakes a little, as if the house itself had a tree fall on it.

Sebastian continues to move to the buzzing noise, but he realizes it’s quieter now. For some reason. He moves his foot and he feels the air below it. Was that a hole in the floor? Is he by the ladder? Sebastian backs away from the hole and gets on his hands and knees, traveling carefully around it.

He finally makes it to the corner where the buzzing noise is coming from but it’s still oddly quiet. He reaches out and grabs the cable. He moves it, and he realizes it goes down into the strange hole in the floor he walked around.

He moves along the wall and finds the power box. The cable coming out of the power box also descends into the hole. He slowly pulls the two halves of the cable up, being very cautious not to electrocute himself on the buzzing end. After a minute or so of moving carefully down the cable, he feels that not much length of the wire is left he expertly connects the two ends of the cable back together. The lights flick on.

10:25 AM

Sebastian doesn’t move. Not just because it would be dangerous to move with the cables, but also because of what he sees in the hole in front of him in the dim light. His breath catches and he feels the lead in his veins.

Of course it was a murder plot.
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01:48 PM ET (US)
Your EFL with Enola: https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/hWJjg8y4Wtv
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Sebastian and Oliver explore the middle floor. The room is rectangular and made of stone. The focal point of this room, aside from the pulpy corpse is a gambling machine. The gambling machine is a pachinko device with a wooden chair screwed to the ground in front of it. The machine specifies that each pachinko ball in this machine must be bought with 100 ml of blood. The chair has a place where it can clutch at the user’s wrist and take the required blood from them. In the payout section of the machine is a little over 500 balls. Glass tubes on the sides of the machine seem to be where it stores blood. Each one has about two and a half liters of blood in them.

Above the machine on the wall is a green light with a timer under it which flashes “00:00.” Above the timer is a description: “Win 500 pachinko balls.”

They go over to the corpse. The appearance of it is indescribable. Nothing about it resembles anything like a human. It’s crushed bits of meat in a vaguely circular pile. At its thickest, it’s maybe only a couple inches. The only thing even remotely human about it is a single hand sticking out of the side which reaches up towards them quite pitifully, looking completely broken. Everything else is nearly indecipherable.

Something vaguely resembling one of the jumpsuits that they all had to wear lies in the pile of meat and crushed bones. Oliver can barely look at the corpse it’s so disgusting. Sebastian reaches down with his gloves and picks something up: a clump of brown hair. It’s not identifiable as either Klifford’s or Matt’s. He also finds something else: a piece of glass with black plastic stuck to it. It seems to be a part of Klifford’s glasses. Additionally, he finds about eighteen or so inches of metal wire with a hook at the end. Sebastian spends some more time looking through the remains for something useful, but in the end he only seems to find more pieces of the glasses.

Oliver and Sebastian go over to inspect the security camera on the ceiling. It seems like it can be rotated in any direction. Right now it’s pointing at the wall.

The wall itself has a small screw sticking out of it near where the camera is pointing. Perhaps something can be tied to this?

Finally, since they seem to be doing well on time, Sebastian and Oliver check out the elevator. On the floor of it, a magic circle has been carved, about three or so feet across. A rectangular hole looks carved into the bottom to the elevator at a seemingly random place, a couple feet from the center, almost in the corner. The hole opens down into the elevator shaft. The hole is only barely enough to put a forearm through.

Sebastian notes that Oliver is covered in red stains. Oliver shakes his head and tells Sebastian that it was just a painting accident. After that, it’s time for the tribunal.
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12:35 AM ET (US)

After Benjamin, Matt and Klifford enter the challenge room, Sebastian decides to leave them to complete their goals. Unsure of what to do with Brandy away keeping watch, he awkwardly wanders around the castle. It doesn’t seem like there's anyone around, which adds up with everyone else being occupied. It’s strange that he doesn’t see Oliver, but he figures he’s busy with his own problems.


He goes up the tower aimlessly and finds the room to be empty, just as expected, apart from Bruce lazily hanging from the ceiling, probably sleeping. He shakes his head and takes out his mop. He decides to do some spring cleaning while he’s here since there’s not a whole lot else to do.

He quietly cleans the place up, whistling as he does so. Things remain quite uneventful as he does.


After a while he lays down on the bed and takes a little rest. As he does so, his mind wanders far away from the world.


He sits up. Had he been asleep? He glances around the room, but it’s still very sparkly clean. He nervously gets up and returns to cleaning.


Finally, after quite some time he decides to check his watch. It looks like it’s been a while since the challenges for the three started. That’s quite worrying… Maybe he should go check up on them. He decides to exit and go down into the dungeons to see what’s going on.
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Your EFL with Matt: https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/jJWrCmLPVYa
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04:55 PM ET (US)
Card: Convince another person of the identity of the mastermind. Have them believe it for at least eight hours. Do not ever back down from any actions you take to achieve this goal.
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01:54 PM ET (US)
Shizune hands you a message.

Dear Stars,

I am writing this message ahead of time in the hopes that I won't need it, since if you are reading it, it means I have passed on. That being the case, there is no point in my keeping secrets, and doing so could easily hurt you more than I already have. I'm truly sorry for everything I've put you all through.

Ciro Pérez is dead because of me. I sent him a letter typed with ink laced with medicine that causes heart failure. The details of the letter aren't important aside from the end, where I asked him to burn it after reading, releasing the chemicals into the air so he would breathe them in.

I had no choice. I realized my sickness since falling into the lake was no natural illness; I was intentionally poisoned by Ciro when I ate at his banquet. Dr. Pratt has been doing his best to help me, but I can't be cured while trapped down here. If I couldn't get to the surface and get medical attention there, I would die.

The thought of killing someone to escape, even the person who is slowly killing me at this moment, made me sick. However, as bad as that was, the thought of dying here, of never seeing my family again, of never finding someone to love and who would love me in return, of never finding my place in the world, was even worse.

I hope you all can forgive me for this, and for all the other trouble I've caused you throughout this expedition. My apologies especially to Ms. Henn and Mr. Gustily, whose favors I was unable to return, and to Sebastian and Dr. Pratt; I am forever grateful for your support and friendship through this ordeal.

Sebastian, do you recall when you said everyone is forgotten in a few generations, yet their legacies will live on? I was never able to create my own legacy to leave behind. Even so, I hope at least you and the other Stars will remember me in some positive way. Don't forget our promise, okay?

I have one final request. I know I'm asking a lot, especially considering what I've done, but if any of you are willing and able when you leave this place, please take Claudia with you and bring her to my parents. I think they would want her. Their address is on some of my mail at home.

I believe that's everything I wanted to say. For all of you who read and listened to my last words, I thank you. It's been a tremendous honor meeting you.

Eternally yours,
Shizune Takata
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01:58 PM ET (US)
12:00 Noon

Sebastian and Brandy talk at a table in the bar, just keeping one another company for a while. They talk about life and death and the whole killing-game situation. After a long while, Brandy brings something up.

“Hey, wanna go peep the town hall? I mean there’s a whole mystery there that ain’t bein’ solved yet. Maybe we could do some good, lookin’ at it,” Brandy stands up and looks over her shoulder at the exit.

Sebastian nods, “I could see that being a good idea.” He follows her out.


Sebastian and Brandy look up and down the smooth fortress-like structure, inspecting every line carved into it for some sort of pattern. There’s a lot of kicking and tapping the wall with Sebastian’s broom.

As they’re walking around the back of the building, Sebastian sees something: A large carving high up on the back of a snake and a skull.

Brandy gasps. Sebastian looks at it with recognition.

Brandy turns to Sebastian and tells him, “My eye and arm were stolen by people wearin’ clothes with that on it. It was a cult. They were all about purifyin’ the world or somethin’. That was a pretty wild adventure, but...”

“I guess maybe they have a lot to do with this.”

Sebastian turns to Brandy, “One of the people I, er, cleaned, had this symbol tattooed on his back. Seems like maybe this cult is a part of Rattlewater somehow. Maybe the mayor is in it?”

The two continue investigating the building. After a while, their search proves fruitless.

“Hey, I’m gonna go to the hospital, maybe you should go too, huh? See Kliff and Shizune! Nail too I suppose. Whaddya say?” Brandy asks Sebastian.

Sebastian seems a little sheepish. He shakes his head no.

Brandy nods her head and waves him goodbye as she leaves.


Sebastian wanders around the town, for a while, feeling a little bit cowardly. He feels weird about going to see Shizune in that state. He wanders by the garage and peeks in there but doesn’t see anyone. He does see that somebody has been working on a car there.

He sighs, it suddenly dawns on him that he’s wasting time. He turns and leaves: on his way to visit Shizune. He walks to the hospital.


Sebastian goes upstairs and sees Brandy and Klifford in the hallway.

“Sebastian? Is that you?” Klifford asks.

“So ya came after all”, Brandy chuckles. “Well, ain’t that nice. You’ve come to see Shizune, I reckon?”

“Y-yeah, I have.” Seb nods shakily. “I just wanted to make sure she was doing well and all…”

“Oh, isn’t that nice?” Klifford chuckles. “Good to see someone else who cares for her. I think she might be asleep right about now, but let’s check. It’d be nice if she could open up to somebody here.” He escorts Sebastian to the room while Brandy waits outside patiently.

3:50 or so

“Hey, Shizune, looks like you’ve got a visitor!”

The door opens, and Sebastian enters the room, followed by Klifford. Shizune is sitting upright in her bed, writing something. As the two enters, she quickly puts it away.

“Um… hi”, Sebastian greets the girl quite awkwardly. She gives a polite smile in response, though it appears more strained than usual.

“Well, don’t let me interrupt you guys”, Klifford quips, going over to the side. “You both can talk in peace.”

“Right, um… thanks, Klifford.” Sebastian replies with a small gulp, turning over to the girl. “So, um… how are you feeling?”

Shizune frowns slightly, but types up a letter insisting that she’s managing despite being under the weather. Sebastian doesn’t seem to buy it though, and pushes her on this. Shizune keeps insisting that she’s fine.

Suddenly, Sebastian tenses up. “Shizune, please… please stop!” He says with surprising force. “I can’t bear hearing you clam up like this! I know that you aren’t feeling well, you don’t have to hide it from me. I’ve seen far worse!”

Shizune blinks in surprise. She looks away sadly. Klifford puts a hand on Sebastian’s shoulder quickly to caution him. He looks at the boy with concern.

Sebastian looks down. “Look, I’m sorry, but… After that day, I drifted away from everyone. I didn’t have any friends at all… Now that I finally have a friend again, I can’t lose them again.” He looks Shizune at the eye. “Please, you don’t need to hide anything from me now. You can trust me.”

Shizune looks up back at Sebastian, gulping slowly. She quickly writes a letter and gives it to Sebastian. She seems touched by his display and thanks him for caring. She admits she’s felt in a rut for a while, not only because of her condition but because she feels useless and uncared for, neglected by the others. Like a mere child sitting on a pushchair. She seems to be happy that both Sebastian and Klifford are there for her. Both the two seemed relieved by this answer. It seems that the girl has gotten quite a bit off her chest.

Suddenly, Shizune starts coughing. Sebastian looks down on the floor and sees the room is quite dusty. “Seriously?! You didn’t even clean the place up?” Sebastian asks Klifford.

“Look, I was too busy caring for Shizune”, Klifford sighs. “It’s a hard job.”

“Mother wouldn’t approve of this”, Sebastian mutters, taking out his mop and using it to efficiently clean the place. It only takes a few minutes for the room to look quite spotless. Shizune seems quite thankful at this and looks somewhat better now. The two of them converse for a little while after, clearly more relaxed now. The talk seems to be more casual now. Klifford sits behind, a small smile on his face.

At around 4:00 or so, the group suddenly hears the sound of something crashing. It appears quite loud. “What on earth was that?!” Klifford shouts, startled.

“I-I don’t think that sounded good…” Seb mumbles. “We should check it out.”

“Yeah, we should. Shizune, you stay here. You need to get some rest, alright?” The two of them quickly rush out of the room to see what’s going on in the room, leaving the girl there, quite confused as to what’s going on.

Investigation (Don’t read until after body discovery, you fiend!):

Oliver, Daniel, and Sebastian investigate Third Street.

This street contains the town hall, police station, pub, and garage.

They first check the garage. The first thing they notice is that there’s a lift for cars to get them off the ground. The next thing they see is a wide array of tools and supplies, but two things are left out on the counter: a tube cutter and a bottle of glue. Oliver is staring hard at the ground but then picks up two different hairs. One is blue, and the other is a dark purple-ish black. The blue one is longer than the dark purple-ish one. Sebastian tells Oliver that the purple one is his, as he poked his head in here earlier. That still leaves the blue one unexplained however. The last thing they note is that there is quite a lot of empty beer bottles sitting out.

Next, they check the pub. The pub seems relatively undisturbed except for a large number of empty bottles at the counter. Seems like whoever was seated there drank a lot. A table in the corner of the bar seems clearly used as well.

The group investigates the police office. Hey find that the armory is still sealed airtight. Outside the armory they find a pair of handcuffs sitting on the table, unlocked. Also, while searching around in the evidence area, they spot a bottle of strychnine. They read the label and find that it, like many other poisons, can be ingested, inhaled, injected, or absorbed through the skin.

The last place the group looks at is the town hall. It seems as if someone was kicking the obsidian structure, as there are a lot of scuff marks on it. Sebastian explains that that was him and that he was just trying to break down the door or find a secret way in. Everyone seems pretty satisfied with this explanation.
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Your EFL with Oliver: https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/QfUQ4c7tkku
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Armory - Sebastian, Benjamin, Micah

Inside the armory, the group finds a can of red paint. Sebastian makes a comment that he thinks the red paint was originally in the stairway area. Sebastian also makes note that clothes and the tools have been moved in general like maybe they were sifted through for some reason. They find a pile of clothes in one corner of the room. Hesitantly, they lift the clothes and underneath is glistening blood. The group gasps. It seems the clothes are all stained, and as is the ground beneath them. The group does not find much else of interest.
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03:57 PM ET (US)

Earlier today, a lot of people are gathered in the meeting room. Ivan is resting from being out in the cold of the cavern. Sebastian is staring desolately at the mud that keeps being tracked in through the doors. Nail, who’s at the head of the room, opens up an apparently secret compartment on the side of the desk and smiles.

“Ahh… Look at what we have here…” he smiles, producing a crumpled slip of paper, which seems to be all that the desk holds. “It says safe code, very interesting… I don’t recall seeing a safe.”

The others take a look at the note, confirming what Nail said. It has five strange symbols on it.

“Alright, well one of you can keep care of it. I am interested in the treasure of course, but after my earlier… outburst, well I think I could do well to earn back a little good will.”

The others wonder where in the world the safe could be as Ivan grabs the paper for safekeeping.


“Look what I found!” Charlotte says, holding out a book to Oliver and Sebastian in the staircase room, looking proud of herself. “Nail’s been meditating in there,” she points back to the red room, “And it seems like he was reading through this!”

The others check out the book. It seems to be a book of arcane magics, similar to the strange books at the library. It looks thoroughly worn, but the ink is still a glossy black.

The magic spells detailed inside seem to all be spells that require some drawing a detailed magic circle and then saying some sort of magic words. The target must stand at the center of the circle in order to be affected by the spell. There’s a speed spell, a spell for growing or shrinking, a spell for flight, a spell for cloning, and many more.

Nail arrives in the stairway area, an amused smile on his face, seeing that Sebastian, Oliver, and Charlotte have found his book. Had he been watching them read the book? He reaches down and snaps it shut, snatching it from Charlotte.

“Ahh…. this is my book you know… I’m sorry for disturbing any of you. Of course, I am happy to share, but I am reading it. I hope you all understand.”

He walks away with the book, leaving the others with an uneasy feeling.


Some screaming and high-pitched sounds can be heard faintly from the floor above. Sebastian goes up, wondering what’s going on. He knocks on the door, and Oliver responds, saying that he doesn’t want to talk to anyone right now.


Sebastian and Bennett communicate regularly using Bruce and his letters. The two always find some time to burn the letters afterward. Obviously, both are trying to figure out ways of getting the Bennett the chance to kill his target and generally make sure to keep out any incriminating details. Sebastian has informed Bennett of Charlotte’s weakness. She attaches herself to her material possessions, puts herself ahead of others, and is extremely greedy and petty. Today at around 3:50 pm Bennett sends a letter to Sebastian telling him that he’s found a way into Sebastian’s cavern that nobody knows about yet and that there’s a sharp-looking icicle in the cave right by it. He could knock it down into the target as long as she’s there at around 6:00. Sebastian finds the icicle Bennett is talking about and sends a letter back saying that the operation is go and burns the letter in the fireplace.


Oliver enters the meeting room, his brow furrowed and his face twisted in anger. Sebastian and Charlotte are there as well, having a quiet conversation about dust. Ivan enters the room from outside and looks like he’s going to walk straight through when Oliver blocks his way. He asks Ivan to wait here for a moment.

Oliver walks into the center of the room, his hands on his hips. He looks at Charlotte with daggers, “You took my flute, you no-good thief! Give it back!”

Charlotte’s mouth is agape. She sputters and shakes her head, “I did not! Do you have any proof or are you just going after me to go after me?! Why would I steal that anyways?!” She makes a face of genuine hurt.

Oliver recoils but quickly regains his composure, “You’re always snooping around! You’re probably thinking about killing us, huh?! You took it for the magic spell! You’re jealous of me and my success, so you would kill me!”

It’s at that point that the argument gets really… intense. Oliver seems to not be holding back. He kind of reminds everyone of a typical school bully, occasionally mocking Charlotte and her mannerisms. It doesn’t sound like he really knows that it’s her, but the situation clearly isn’t going to lighten up soon. Charlotte’s replies are by comparison kinda pathetic. She keeps just trying to say that she would never steal from one of them and Oliver is clearly getting into her head.

Finally, Ivan steps in, breaking the two apart, “Alright, that’s enough. Don’t worry Oliver, we’ll help you find your flute. If anyone may have stolen it, I’m sure they’ll confess soon.”

Oliver huffs, but in his eyes he has tears, “It’s probably already been destroyed. I- I loved that flute! It’s a piece of home that I’m never getting back! And I…”

He cuts himself off, turns his head and leaves into the stairwell area. The others are left with a surprising amount of silence for a minute.


Right after Oliver leaves, Charlotte, Sebastian and Ivan stand in silence in the meeting room. Charlotte looks still emotionally distraught. “I had something stolen from me too…”

“Well, of course you did, you’re a slob. You’re always leaving stuff around here, you know. It’s a bit of a pain to clean up after you,” Sebastian says, pointing to all the mud that Charlotte’s tracked everywhere, just since she entered.

Charlotte is aghast, she can’t believe what she just heard.

“But Ivan tracks mud everywhere too! You’ve gotta be kidding me! And tracking around mud is one thing, but I never leave anything lying around!”

“That’s because whenever you do leave something out, I’m right here to point that out, and at least Ivan is doing something important for us. Tell me again what you’ve been doing outside?”

Charlotte cocks her head, “Seb, not you too! Come on, just drop it already.”

Seb looks at her rather coldly.

This argument goes on for a while, Sebastian seemingly having a lot of reasons to be sick of Charlotte right now. In some ways, Charlotte looks even more deeply hurt than with Oliver.

Eventually she hides her face and has to leave.

Ivan leaves, to go back to work on breaking out of this cavern, leaving Sebastian alone. Sebastian sighs, feeling bad about his attack on Charlotte, He had provoked her on purpose though. The whole time, Sebastian had been the one to take a set of Charlotte’s boots that she had left lying around, but when he had performed the ritual to learn her weakness, he had learned the following:

She attaches herself to her material possessions, puts herself ahead of others, and is extremely greedy and petty.

Hopefully, even though the temptation would have been a great draw for Charlotte, he can make do with his current plan, which is to draw Charlotte in with pettiness.

Before he hadn’t been sure how he would transport Charlotte to the place where Bennett could drop the icicle on Charlotte, but after he saw that magic book he now understands that if he could just shrink her, it would be easy to carry her in a box or something to the crime scene.

He goes out into the hallway where a can of red paint has been sitting. This certainly looks like a useful tool to help him draw his magic circle.

Right near the door to the red room is a side table with a book of magic spells in it. He cannot believe the luck that it’s right here out in the open. Sebastian opens the pages right to the page with the circles and the magic words for the shrinking spell.

He then takes a couple minutes to commit the entire thing to memory. He then takes the paint and go back into the meeting room.

He draws out the magic circle as big as he can on the floor. He then places the rug over the magic circle, completely covering it. He looks around and realizes that thankfully, he’s going to be able to hide this by pretending like he’s cleaning. He realizes that Ivan might see him, but hopefully as of right now there’s no evidence of anything suspicious.

Sebastian goes back and returns the paint to the room with the stairs. He then re-enters the meeting room and begins to pretend to clean, wiping down the windows and dusting the shelves. While he’s dusting the shelves he finds a small grey box jewelry box which happens to be empty. He hopes that this will be about right to carry her in. One gets to specify the rough height of the person when they say the words of the spell, so it should be possible to trap her in there.

Sebastian continues to scrub and dust things for a while.


Charlotte enters the meeting room, ready to talk to Sebastian. Sebastian is turned away from her, cleaning something. She walks forward when suddenly Sebastian says something, “Reduce form to one thirtieth...”

At that moment, Sebastian turns around and Charlotte stops dead in her tracks as she feels her bones popping and groaning. He watches as Charlotte starts shrinking, smaller and smaller. She begins screaming but it comes out as a high-pitched squeak.

She begins running across the floor, and Sebastian looks like he’s going to be sick as he quickly walks over to her and blocks her path with his broom. He sweeps her up into a small grey box and closes the lid, muffling her screams.

Sebastian sighs as he realizes that he can’t completely stop her from yelling and sighs. He shakes the box a little and throws it in the trash for now. That seems to shut her up a little bit. Now the yelling is so dull that it could be whimpering coming from another part of the house or something at least.

He starts going to work cleaning up the room, not wanting the paint to dry to fast. He sprays down the floor and starts scrubbing it. Soon, the floor shines just like the shelves, all traces of mud or paint being completely invisible. Sebastian also cleans off the bottom of the rug and hangs it over the side of a pew.

During his cleaning he finds an amulet on the ground that wasn’t there before. Had Charlotte been wearing it? Did it not shrink for some reason? He decides that he’ll put it back on her when she’s dead.

Next up, Sebastian wonders what to do to get Charlotte to the right place in the cavern at the right time. He peeks outside. He can see Ivan hard at work out there, or at least he can see the torch that Ivan is using to see. Looks like he will need to distract Ivan somehow. He comes up with an idea: if he can somehow get a picture of Charlotte in trouble to Ivan, Ivan will likely leave his post for a while, freeing up space for the plan. It’s likely going to be wild goose chase too, since people will not suspect her to be small in the picture.

Sebastian remembers that there is a camera upstairs in the armory. He leaves the meeting hall and goes upstairs, making sure that nobody enters the meeting room.

He knocks on the door, “I heard some strange noises! I just want to come in and check!”

Sebastian cringes a little at his own excuse, but it’s probably better to admit there’s a noise coming from somewhere early in case someone else hears it.

Interestingly, there’s no response from Oliver. Sebastian shrugs and opens the door.


When Sebastian enters, Oliver is right there in the room, apparently having not said anything at all when Sebastian knocked. Sebastian gives Oliver a strange look.

Oliver apologizes, saying that he still misses his flute very much, and asks Sebastian what he meant by strange noises. Oliver scans the room and begins walking around.

“Well, there were high pitched noises coming from somewhere. Kinda like whining. I could hear them when I was downstairs.”

Oliver shrugs, “I actually haven’t really heard anything. I wasn’t crying or anything, if that’s what you’re wondering. Maybe it was someone in the red room or something.”

Sebastian walks behind the racks. Finding nothing, he goes back to Oliver, “Sorry, I don’t mean to suspect you or anything. I’ll be on my way then.”

Sebastian leaves, leaving Oliver alone.


Once Sebastian closes the door, he looks down at the tiny polaroid camera he grabbed, feeling satisfied.

He goes straight back to the meeting room and opens the trash and takes out the jewelry box, and begins to open it. He sees Charlotte, who he can barely stand to look at. This was beginning to feel painful to go through, but at least after this nobody would know he had ever done this.

Sebastian snaps the picture of her against the grey background of the jewelry box and then snaps it back shut. This’ll make it look like she’s against the concrete walls of the armory.

Sebastian looks at the camera, wondering how to get rid of it. He goes into the stairway and leaves it there. He then grabs the whistle that had been made to contact Bruce. He blows it and the bat comes flying shortly thereafter. He quietly tells Bruce to deliver the photo to Ivan and not to tell him. Bruce complies, flying away with the picture.

Sebastian then quickly returns to the meeting room and watches out the window for Ivan to start moving. After a while, he starts to move in the direction of the building. Sebastian reacts with surprise as Ivan knocks on the door to the meeting room and then opens it.

Ivan runs into Sebastian in the meeting room. Sebastian’s eyes widen at the tracks that Ivan brings into the freshly cleaned room.

Ivan ignores the look and holds up a picture in Sebastian’s face: it’s a picture of Charlotte looking confused and distraught on a featureless, grey background.

“What is that?” Sebastian asks, looking at the picture.

Ivan grabs Sebastian by the shoulders, “It’s Charlotte! She must be in some trouble! Someone sent this to me! It must’ve been a criminal! Or maybe she sent it so that I would save her!”

Sebastian nods silently. In the quiet, the two hear something: a high pitched whiny noise coming very quietly from an unknown direction.

“I heard that earlier. I already checked to see if that was Oliver. It seemed like maybe he had been crying about his flute or something.”

Ivan shakes his head, “No, it must have been Charlotte. We need to find her. I’m going to check the armory in case you missed something. I didn’t see her outside just now.”

Sebastian nods in agreement, “Alright, I’ll be here, and I’ll keep my ears open.”

Ivan leaves.

Right before 6:00

Sebastian books it at full speed to the icicle, running low on time. He tries to come up with a way of knocking her out. He reaches in to the box and chokes her in his fingers. The sensation is thoroughly unpleasant, and she is knocked completely out within moments. He checks the time and then says the magic word that returns Charlotte to her normal size. He places her belly up beneath the icicle. He can sense Bennett’s presence right above, ready to drop it on her. He backs away and turns, not wanting to watch the deed be done. When he turns around he notices Ivan’s supplies are nearby and there’s a spear there. It could be a good way to obscure the crime.

He goes to grab it, and by the time he’s turned around, the icicle is cleanly embedded in Charlotte. She’s dead. He slips the amulet around her neck so that she has it.

Sebastian sighs at the familiar situation, but doesn’t let it bug him too much. He takes her all the way to the water’s edge and stabs her with the spear to minimize the bleeding she does on the snow. Then he takes the icicle out and goes back to where Ivan was digging and smashes the icicle, leaving the bloody ice everywhere.

Sebastian then takes a couple moments to clean up the blood as much as possible, thankful for the deed to finally be over, the blood changing to clear in the cleaner fluid. Sebastian then hurries right back over to the building and goes into the meeting room. He then quickly scrubs away all the footprints in the room again. When everything is clean, it feels like just another perfect crime.

Sebastian is there cleaning when everyone enters. The four of them chat for a while, not sure about what to do about Charlotte’s disappearance. Even when they are completely silent, the place seems to be empty aside from them. Did something really happen to her? They go out into the snow for a while together, Ivan not wanting anyone to be in danger.

Suddenly they hear yelling coming from somewhere. Is someone here?
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well hecc
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You hear a scream suddenly, and turn around to see one of the support pillars in the mine, looking just about ready to collapse. This doesn't look good... You quickly run off at full speed, wanting to avoid being collapsed on. You barely make it into the lower ice caverns as the mines collapse. This is looking pretty horrendous... You can't tell if there's anyone else with you.

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Forget my deepest, darkest secret being leaked, how am I meant to clean now??
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You decide to check your pockets a few minutes later... and you notice your rubber gloves are missing! Someone must have stolen them.
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