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[F6] Sebastian Torr the Star Cleaner

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Your EFL with Benjamin: https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/7jUY3M3Kt6r
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Your EFL with Bennett: https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/RrPYNuPXUwVt9
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Your EFL with Brandy: https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/xiH7uW27kBhK2
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You, Ciro and Klifford are recruited to investigate the crime scene. All three of you enter, although the narrow entrance gets in the way a bit.

“That was quite small”, Ciro notes. “I doubt most people could fit through that.”

“Yeah, it’s pretty tight.” Klifford agrees. “I noticed that Nail was too tall to fit through it, and Daniel was too large as well. Lavender too, since she’s an automaton.”

“Benjamin’s iron ball would’ve also gotten in the way of him trying to enter, I think.” Sebastian quietly adds. “Mom was always right… Prison does you no good, as they say.”

“Right. Anyway, I suppose I should examine… her.” Klifford sighs sadly. “Why did this have to happen to you, Carrie?” He goes to the body to conduct an autopsy. As he does, the other two decide to look around.

“This place seems pretty unclean…” Sebastian says. “The odour in this room is rather foul.”

“Not surprising there, friend.” Klifford replies. “Carrie’s right here in the centre of this tunnel. Considering how badly she smelled all the time, this isn’t really that surprising.”

“Hmm, this must be the murder weapon.” Ciro says, picking up a rock present on the floor, covered in blood. “I see a handprint on it too… Someone must have picked it up and bashed her on the head with it.”

Klifford shakes his head. “What a rocky way to go… Erm, pun not intended.”

“So she was so adept in these caves, yet all someone had to do to kill her was hit her with a rock?” Sebastian asks. “She must’ve been weaker than I thought…”

“Yes, it is strange.” Ciro nods. “She appeared quite strong to me, so it is strange that she didn’t even bother to put up a fight with… whoever murdered her.”

In the corner, the two also see a pair of skeletons, sitting together lonelily. They both look old, very old. Their skin has decayed leaving only their bones. Not even their clothes remain. Sebastian looks through them, abnormally unperturbed. “...Nothing much here.” He reports after a while.

“Hmm… I wonder what those could have to do with the crime.” Ciro contemplates.

“Not much, most likely. Didn’t seem to be disturbed till now… Though I found this.” Sebastian mutters, pulling out what appears to be a band of some sort. It seems to have faded and it’s hard to make out any details. “Found this on one of their hands. Seems old.” He explains laconically.

After some time, Klifford turns away from the body, ready to report his findings. “Alright, so there’s not much to really say here, but I’ve managed to discover a few things while examining… erm, Carrie.” He clears his throat.

“The cause of death was a single hit to the head with a blunt object, with death being instant. There were no signs of struggle on Carrie, obviously. The time of death is a bit hard to estimate, since it’s not quite my expertise, but it was somewhere between 4 AM and 7 AM, I think.”

“Three whole hours, hmm? That makes things easier, at least.” Ciro nods.

“That’s not all. I noticed a few other things about poor Carrie. It seemed her body was… a bit moist. It was hard to tell with how dirty she is usually, but I noticed it was there. Her face was especially wet. To the point that she left quite the mess.” He points on the floor. Where Carrie’s face was, there was a small puddle of some watery liquid.

“Another thing I noticed was the blood. Carrie suffered from a lot of blood loss after she got hit, but there doesn’t seem to be as much blood here. The difference between the blood lost and the blood we see over the floor and on the rock is pretty noticeable. So it must’ve gone somewhere else.” Klifford says.

“Ah, I understand your implication. You mean to say the killer might have gotten rid of the blood, yes, doctor?” Ciro suggests.

“Maybe.” Klifford nods. “Or maybe the blood fell on something else which was removed, or even that the blood fell on the killer themselves.”

“The killer themselves, hmm? That seems quite unlikely.” Ciro replies. “If that were the case, we would’ve seen them covered in blood. Unless they cleaned it up…”

“I’d notice if that were the case.” Seb adds quietly. “It’d be hard to hide even a small stain on them perfectly, I think.”

“Well, it’s just a theory for now. Anyway, one last thing… I found this by Carrie’s side.” Klifford holds up a torch, still on. Its light seems weak now, perhaps from how long it’s been on for. “I think it’s Carrie’s. There’s a dent on the back of it too, weirdly. Looks like it was dropped.”

“Dropped, hmm?” Ciro scratches his chin. “It seems that Carrie must have been frightened by something… Perhaps it could be the killer entering, but I thought there were no signs of struggle on her, yes?”

“Yeah… Anyway, that’s all I have. I don’t know if there’s anything else to do here.” Klifford shrugs.

Around that time, the call for the Tribunal starts. “Ah, already?” Ciro shakes his head. “Alright, you two can go. I’ll stay here for a minute to… do some work.”

The other two eye him strangely but decide to leave, going through the narrow entrance.
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12:36 PM ET (US)
As everyone is going to sleep, Bennett walks over to you and discreetly whispers, “Meet me near the waterfall in one hour.”

You glance around to make sure nobody heard him. You give a quiet nod in response and you head on your way. You fall asleep at about midnight.

In about forty-five minutes you get up to meet with Bennett. You walk over to the tunnel entrances where Ivan is sitting. You attempt to pass right by him.

His arm swings out in front of you, blocking your way. Ivan cracks a smile, “Alright buddy, look I ain’t one of these cops you can pull a fast one over. Some suspicious stuff has been going on, so I’m gonna need to have an explanation.”

“Sorry,” you shrink a little, avoiding Ivan’s gaze. “I was thinking I would be able to do my business.”

Ivan shakes his head, scowling, “Sorry kid, I think I’m going to need more details than that. Tell me how much time you need and what for.

Your face pales for a few seconds, anxious about missing your meeting and utterly confused. You slowly regain your senses. Thankfully, you do actually kind of need to do your business, so you think your bluff comes across as convincing. Your explanation is actually kind of detailed, and takes a while.

“Alright, well I guess you can go, but be careful now,” Ivan says, looking serious. “Make sure you’re ready to defend yourself. There are some real weirdos out there.”

Ivan lets you through and you can’t help but wonder anxiously what he meant by that. You take the left path to the waterfall and immediately regret your decision as you see that you are leaving a pretty distinct trail of footprints all throughout the tunnel. You see what must be Bennett’s prints as well. You’ll have to watch that you don’t pace around too much as to keep your rendezvous a secret.

You leap across the quicksand pit just barely making it across. Of course, it’s deepest in the middle but if you got it on you it could be trouble. You make it to the waterfall and see Bennett there.

You talk in a low voice to make sure the waterfall masks whatever you are saying to anyone who might sneak up on you. The conversation between you and Bennett is very formal and business-like. Bennett tells you that he intends to stick with you and how he has your back if you have his and all that. You nods along, listening to his words. He starts to mention that he actually has a target here, and that he’s probably going to want to bring her back dead or alive. You try your best to hold your emotions in, but you’re shocked and a little stressed by that revelation. You try your best to come to come to terms with it.

Right in the middle of the conversation you see the rat-like appearance of Carrie in the darkness of the cave, maybe a couple hundred feet away from you in the cave. Scared that she may have seen something that she shouldn’t have, you pretend you did not notice her. Bennett must have noticed her too and turns to go back to camp. You feel alone and a little bit scared, anxious about what Carrie may have seen and maybe that she could hurt you. You wait as long as you can but start dashing back through the tunnel once you feel like it’s been long enough.

On your way back you crash into the quick sand on accident, absolutely covering yourself in it. You spend a little while meticulously cleaning your clothes by hand. You think you did a good job, but it frustrates you that it’s not perfect. You head back to camp a little dejected. Ivan looks at you interested. “Hey what happened? Did someone hurt you?” he asks.

You freeze, suddenly a little scared that maybe Ivan knows more than you do. You insist that you just fell in the quicksand on accident.

Ivan lets you go to your tent, but he seems to keep an eye on you. You spend a while longer cleaning your clothes. You hear Daniel talking to Ivan right before you drift off to sleep.

You are woken up by a loud thrashing noise and a grunt. You wonder what time it is. You hear a little bit of talking outside. You notice that Klifford isn’t in your tent now. Did he get out? You also hear a rhythmic rumbling coming from somewhere in the camp. Maybe someone is snoring. Interestingly, you don’t think anyone has a tent in the direction you’re hearing it from. You hear another grunt from somewhere nearby. You hear a distant whining noise as well. Some time later you fall back asleep.

You wake up in the morning at 8:00. You decide to join the others for breakfast afterwards.
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EFL with Shizune: https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/rcyh2eTzQ7H
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Your tentmate EFL: https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/CRhTSpZ89Vp7V
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General character stuff: Mostly the same as your survey. There are some differences but they're better covered in the next section.

People you recognise:

Bennett- Of course, your... 'coworker' of sorts. You met one year ago in a most unexpected way, over a dead body. That day, you changed considerably and took an unexpected decision by cleaning up the dead body. Ever since then, you two have worked together, helping him eliminate the scum of the city. Every so often he'd call you on his phone, and you'd arrive at the crime scene and clean up the body for him, usually depositing them somewhere hidden inside the underground tunnels of Rattlewater. Not too far in, but reasonably so, anyway. It doesn't happen too often but you try not to think about it much regardless. You also don't exactly talk to each other outside of 'business' either, so you'll try to avoid him unless you need to talk to him.

Klifford- You're a patient of his at the Rattlewater hospital (the only hospital in the town). He's a coworker of your mother, Docia too. You visit there monthly for your checkups. It usually goes fine, though his jokes can get... grating, to say the least. Nowadays you don't say much to him though, and your appointments are quite uneventful.

Matt- You pale seeing the man there in the flesh. You recognise him from several months back. It was on a dark night, and Bennett called you over to take care of a body. You came over to an alleyway near one of the local bars to see man lying on the floor still- the same person you see in front of you now. Bennett told you to clean it up and promptly left. As you started to clean it up though, the man suddenly woke up, clearly still alive. He immediately freaked out, pushing you out of the way before running off. Frightened by this, you called Bennett and told him what had happened. He told you to stay calm and go home. It would be better to take care of him another day. And... here he is now, right in front of you. Does he recognise you? You have no idea, but for now it's best to keep your head low and pretend you don't know him.

Lavender/Oliver- You've seen the two perform separately in a local bar before. They're good, but you have no real interest in their music. Lavender's performance is a bit bizarre to you especially. They're both quite popular in town too.

Shizune- You've seen her around while cleaning the town. She's usually in her own house, simply typing something up. She doesn't speak up very much as you pass by, but you don't attempt to converse with her either.

Ciro- You've cleaned outside his sushi shop before on your cleaning route. He appears to appreciate the gesture but doesn't pay you much attention, usually fixated on his own customers.

Brandy- Pretty well known in the town for her various exploits throughout the world. Seems to be a nice person, but once more you usually don't pay attention to her.

Nail- A man of mystery. You hear people discussing him, his strange complexion, his unnatural height, his shady advice as you clean the roads. Several crazy rumours float about him throughout the town. People doubt the accuracy of his advice and you've heard people even compare him to Satan, trying to lead people astray. Either way, you try and avoid him whenever you see him on the roads.

Daniel- Someone else you see occasionally while sweeping the roads. Seems to be a gruff, no nonsense type of fellow who ordinarily minds his own business. You've seen him look at you a couple of times before but you tend to not pay attention to that.

Charlotte- Another controversial figure in the town, she steals from trucks that pass through the nearby highway and donates the spoils to the town. Some call her the Robin Hood of Rattlewater, others call her a rat and a thief. Either way, she appears quite proud of her occupation.

Ivan- A staunch, quite strict man who you see patrolling the town regularly with several officers by his side. He scares you a little, but you tend to avoid him. Many say that his loyalty towards the town is unmatched, and that he would do anything to cleanse Rattlewater of crime completely.

Enola- Enola Gardner, huh... That surname sounds familiar to you. Then it hits you. You've seen her dad before around town. He always appeared to be a deadbeat sort of person who didn't seem to care for much. You saw him last week too... When Bennett called you over to pick up another body. It seems he chose Mr. Gardner as his latest target, so you took him and left it inside the caves. Hopefully you won't have to see that again on your trip...
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This is your QT for F6. Your alibis and other story related information connected to your character will be posted here.
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