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Dale Valler the Ultimate Bodyguard

JesusMonroePerson was signed in when posted
08:38 AM ET (US)
You are dead.

If you want to know more you can PM us.
MechaQdoggPerson was signed in when posted
04:12 AM ET (US)
[Roughly 1:00 PM]
In the course of setting up Sir Cardor’s workstation, you find yourself in the Party supply room.

While in there, you see Akio grab a packet of balloons. He notices you noticing, and whistles innocently as he exits the room. You do the same, being careful to go into the Slots room so as not to disturb the quixotic knight.

[Roughly 3:00 PM]
After the workstation is set up, and Sir Cardor dismisses you all, you look forward to spending the rest of your day without doing anymore manual labor.

“Daaaaaaaale?” you hear in Shirly’s faux-sweet voice. “I need your help. You see, Sachiko wants to set up some kind of ceremony for Sir Cardor and S and something. I didn’t really get the details, but the important part is that she wants me to demonstrate my talent and make me look good. I need your help to set up party things and help me in the kitchen and whatnot. Are you in?”

“I didn’t hear a please.” you say, annoyed that your afternoon was shaping up not to involve any less work.

“Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?” she persists.

“...fine…” you say.

When you come into the Cafe, you realize that someone's already there-- Penelope. She has a mug of tea in front of her, and takes one last sip, but she doesn't look... well...

But Dale gets to work anyway, and so do you.

As Penelope gets up to leaves, you try to stop her.

“Are… are you okay?” you ask.

“Fine… I just need a little rest…” you hear her reply, dreamily, before she exits.

You shrug it off, and continue to work in the kitchen/Cafe and help out with the prep and cleaning. You wonder if there’s even any party or whatever, or if this is just something Shirly wants to do to make herself look good.

[Roughly 6:00 PM]

You never want to see party favors ever again. Shirly insisted on making the coffee and pastries, so the signage and prep and cleaning stuff were mostly left to you. You are not a cleaning person.

“Daaaaaaaaaale?” you said. “Could you be a dear and go get balloons and a Helium tank from the party supply room?”

“Fine.” you say as you leave the room, into the Craps room. There’s some engine racket outside, but you ignore it. You then push on the party supply store door, but it seems to be stuck or something.

You heave once, twice, then, putting all your weight behind it, you finally shove the door open. You think you hear a pop-- you wouldn’t be surprised if it were your shoulder, but there was no pain. “That dam door…” you mutter to yourself. But, just as Shirly asks, you grab a helium tank, and a pack of balloons.

Then you hear it… a high-pitched… well, something. You can’t quite make out which direction it’s coming from, but if you had to guess, it sounded like...

A scream. You rush back out into the craps room, and see S emerge from the animatronics show room. “Did you hear that?” you ask. S nods and the two of you make your way to the Casino floor and, finding it empty, enter into the Poker Room.

There, you see Sir Cardor and Penelope, both seemingly impaled by the same spear. You hear the words you least want to hear.

“A body has been discovered!” Monokuma’s voice shouts over the speaker system. “Students, please make your way to the Poker room!”


Momo, Dale and Akio decide to look around the presumptive crime scene: the Poker Room. Akio searches the body, and removes Sir Cardor’s helmet.

“Hey-- Does this look like he got conked on the head to you?” asked Akio, pointing to a sizeable bump with significant bruising on Sir Cardor’s head.

“Oh huh-- look at that-- that seems right...” Momo replied dully, not getting too close to the body.

A more thorough search doesn’t reveal anything else telling, and before long, they’ve moved on to other endeavors.

Momo, seemingly on a whim, jumps up on the covered table, and inspects the vent. “This looks like it leads to one of the Animatronics rooms… seems… odd…” he opens up the vent grate, and pulls out something. Wordlessly, he hops down and lays it out: The Necronomicon. A glyph had lit up.

“W-what’s that doing here?” asked Dale. “And what does that glowy thing mean?”

Quite uninvited, Monokuma appears, as if from nowhere. “That’s a greeeeeeeeeeeat question!” he said, enthusiastically. “Once a name has been written in the Necronomicon, the book will close and become unopenable until the ritual is complete!”

“So…” Akio asked incredulously, “... it’ll just never open again?”

“Welllllllllllll...” said Monokuma. “Not quite-- after some amount of time, the magic will leave the book and it’ll be openable again, even if the ritual is never completed.”

Dale shook his head. “It’s just like a timed magnetic lock. Don’t listen to him!”

“Puhuhuhuhuhu….” Monokuma laughed. “If you saaaaaaaay soooooooooo!”

Just as abruptly, he left.

Dale shook his head. “Look, the book’s important; I just don’t buy that it’s magic. Anyway, take a look at this…”

He indicated the padding on the door opposite where they found Terrence and Penelope. There seemed to be a small notch in the padding where it had been displaced.

“Weird, huh?” Dale asked.

Just then, Monokuma’s voice came up on a speaker nearby. “Students, the class trial will begin momentarily! Please make your way to the ground floor elevators!”
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JesusMonroePerson was signed in when posted
02:51 PM ET (US)
You remember what was strange about the bar mess. Everything was slightly moved from where it used to be, with most objects piling to the front of the room. Not quite typical of an earthquake where everything just shakes...
JesusMonroePerson was signed in when posted
08:23 AM ET (US)
Your NG Code reads “Sharing a deduction of Dallas’ with anyone else”.


You come to Dallas’ room at the appointed time on Thursday night. He ushers you in, and bids you to sit in an open chair.

“This is the long and short of it is…” starts Dallas. “... that the mastermind is the most important figure in my investigation.”

You nod. “Yes, that’s exactly right, I think!” you say. “Even if the rules are a crock, finding out who put us here and why is exactly what we need to do!” Finally, you think to yourself, someone’s at least on the same page as you.

I know you’re the mastermind.” Dallas says calmly. “You may as well come out and admit it. And then tell us how to escape-- if you value your life, at least.”

Surely the Ultimate Detective can shed some light on… wait, what did he just say?

“You think I’m the mastermind?!?” you say incredulously. “Pardon my French but that is emm effing crazy.”

“You’re the only one big enough to carry us all to…” he begins.

“Who says that we were all carried?!?” you shout.

“Fine, but you’ll come to the foyer tomorrow night or I’ll reveal to everyone that you’re the mastermind.” he retorts.

You laugh. “Tell me there’ll be something worth hearing there and I’ll gladly join you!” you add without thinking.

Dallas thought long and hard before speaking. “We’re currently on a spaceship on our way to another planet. There’s your hint.” He muttered.

Feeling almost insulted by the blatant lie, you storm out, disappointed more than you ever feared. Maybe Dallas was a space cadet, but you aren’t. If Dallas couldn’t be relied on, then who could save the rest of you?


Dale and Casey are assigned to investigate the pub.

“Don’t need to ask me twice! We’ll find the smoking gun and avenge Dallas!”

“Sure.” you agree, uncertain that avenging Dallas was your goal. “Let’s do our best.”

Unfortunately, there weren’t many clues at the pub, just that the area was a complete mess from the earthquake. Though something seemed to be strange about the mess…

Shortly after, you get called for the class trial.
MechaQdoggPerson was signed in when posted
11:37 PM ET (US)
You are Dale Valler The Ultimate Bodyguard

You were never the perfect guy, but you did your job, and you did it efficiently. And you were promoted, too. But the Westies were never where your destiny lied. If only you hadn’t parted with them under such… unfortunate circumstances.

Still, you were slowly getting your life on the right track. A man, Neehon was his name, contacted you on behalf of a politician named Akumetsu from abroad contacted you for a meeting to hire your services. It all went south, however, when the meeting turned out to be an ambush. You can’t remember how you got where you are, but you remember gas, and then blackness.

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