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[F6] Shizune Takata the Star Typist

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03:32 PM ET (US)
vote Nail yep
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01:38 PM ET (US)
Okay I'll probably have you do it now. Idk if I'll have you die like right now but it's an appropriate time I think.
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01:33 PM ET (US)
Dear Stars,

I am writing this message ahead of time in the hopes that I won't need it, since if you are reading it, it means I have passed on. That being the case, there is no point in my keeping secrets, and doing so could easily hurt you more than I already have. I'm truly sorry for everything I've put you all through.

Ciro Pérez is dead because of me. I sent him a letter typed with ink laced with medicine that causes heart failure. The details of the letter aren't important aside from the end, where I asked him to burn it after reading, releasing the chemicals into the air so he would breathe them in.

I had no choice. I realized my sickness since falling into the lake was no natural illness; I was intentionally poisoned by Ciro when I ate at his banquet. Dr. Pratt has been doing his best to help me, but I can't be cured while trapped down here. If I couldn't get to the surface and get medical attention there, I would die.

The thought of killing someone to escape, even the person who is slowly killing me at this moment, made me sick. However, as bad as that was, the thought of dying here, of never seeing my family again, of never finding someone to love and who would love me in return, of never finding my place in the world, was even worse.

I hope you all can forgive me for this, and for all the other trouble I've caused you throughout this expedition. My apologies especially to Ms. Henn and Mr. Gustily, whose favors I was unable to return, and to Sebastian and Dr. Pratt; I am forever grateful for your support and friendship through this ordeal.

Sebastian, do you recall when you said everyone is forgotten in a few generations, yet their legacies will live on? I was never able to create my own legacy to leave behind. Even so, I hope at least you and the other Stars will remember me in some positive way. Don't forget our promise, okay?

I have one final request. I know I'm asking a lot, especially considering what I've done, but if any of you are willing and able when you leave this place, please take Claudia with you and bring her to my parents. I think they would want her. Their address is on some of my mail at home.

I believe that's everything I wanted to say. For all of you who read and listened to my last words, I thank you. It's been a tremendous honor meeting you.

Eternally yours,
Shizune Takata

Okay, hopefully that sounds alright, having a hard time double checking at work

I was thinking about having her call Seb over to comfort her when she realizes her time is up so she can pass the letter to him then, either by you DMing Panda or just GM posting it I guess
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02:10 PM ET (US)
9:00 AM

Shizune wakes up. She’s in the hospital and can barely move. She has awful abdominal pains and is very lethargic. She feels like she can’t even eat. She feels sorry for herself, just sitting there in the sterile room. This is awful. This is really, truly awful.

Klifford is there. He gives a smile to Shizune and greets her. He asks her how he’s feeling and the two start talking. Shizune still seems quite weak but she maintains her usual polite demeanour and writes that she had a satisfactory sleep. The eyebags betray her though. It’s quite clear the girl has suffered quite a bit. Klifford assures her that everything will be okay. It seems sadly empty though.

After a while, she begins to revisit a possibility that she’s kept buried at the back of her mind: Did someone do this to her? If so, who? She looks up at Klifford. Had it been him? Could he have done this to her that day at the lake? Her mind swirls through the different possibilities. She is in a killing game. It’s real. These people can be out to get her. People might be plotting against her. It’s cruel, and it hurts, but it’s true.

She sits there, not wanting to move too much, considering the possibilities.

Klifford leaves to prepare her some food.

Wait a second. Food… There was something she ate on the day she fell in the lake, wasn’t there…

The soup. Ciro’s soup.

He returns to her with food pretty quickly and makes sure she eats properly. He cracks a joke or two to lift her spirits, but it gets only a weak smile from her. The food is enough for Shizune to be satisfied with, but she still appears in bad shape. Klifford is worried and tells her to rest for some more time. She goes to sleep.

At one point, around 2:30, Shizune wakes up due to some loud clattering noise outside the window for a second, but Klifford assures her everything’s fine, and she goes back to sleep.


Shizune awakens from her light rest. She props herself up and notices something over on the bedside table: it’s a stack of notes. She picks them up, feeling quite a lot of pain due to the movement. They’re obviously in Klifford’s handwriting. Her breath catches for a moment. What does Klifford know? Should she read this? Of course, in the end, she can’t resist the urge to read it.

Many things are scribbled out. The later pages are much more urgent than the earlier pages. Test result after test result cover each page. They all point to one thing:

Shizune Takata is going to die.

She stares at the spot where Klifford himself seems to admit it to himself. In his words, it seems like he is very reluctant to believe this fact, but all the evidence is pointing to the fact that whatever disease or poison is affecting her, it’s going to kill her. And soon.

She reads that word again, “poison”. So Klifford thinks so as well.

She hopes against hope that there will be some good news when she goes to the treatment section of his notes, but the words only seem grave and foreboding. All of the treatments she has gotten have failed. Klifford mentions a possible antidote, “Panacea” in his notes. He mentions having it readily available on the surface world, but none is down here.

Shizune’s heart tightens up, and not only because of the pain. If she escapes this place somehow, she would live? Could she really think about that?

She reads that Panacea can be made through a complex chemical process involving pufferfish toxin, but unfortunately the process is super deadly without the right knowledge.

Klifford also mentions a medicine he found down here. She reads his notes on it. It seems that the medicine might be able to help her, but has less than a 50% chance of doing so. It has a 60% chance of worsening her condition and the amount of time she has to live.

Shizune’s head spins with this information. It’s so much to think about in a short period of time. She puts the notes back and thinks about her situation some more in complete silence.


Klifford walks into the room with a mysterious bottle in his hand and sets it down next to Shizune. He has a weak smile on his face.

“Alright, here’s what I found! Hopefully after you take this you’ll start feeling much better!”

Shizune takes the bottle in her hands weakly. She opens the bottle and goes to drink it.

Klifford stops her, “Oops! I’m sorry. Let me measure out exactly what you’re going to need. It’s possible to overdose on this, so I’ll make it exact.”

Klifford measures out less than a single gram of the liquid. It’s ruby red and translucent.

Shizune looks up at Klifford, hesitating for a moment. Suddenly, as if resigning herself, she drinks it.

Klifford stands up, “Alright, well that should be good. I’ll leave you for now. Let me know if you need anything. You’ve got a bell and one of Bruce’s whistles if you do.” Klifford cleans up all of his papers and such and leaves.


Shizune watches Klifford leave. She lifts her typewriter up and places it in front of her. She also takes the medicine and looks closely at the label. The side effects are exactly as described in Klifford’s notes. There’s a chance of heart failure. Overdosing on the medicine guarantees this end. She can already feel the tightness in her chest as she reads it. There’s a 60% chance it is already bringing her more pain. She isn’t that mad about Klifford giving it to her, after all, she has nothing to lose, but she has a different plan. Revenge.

From Klifford’s notes, Shizune knows that almost all deadly chemicals can be ingested, inhaled, injected, or absorbed through the skin. This medicine in particular indicates it’s a hazard in all those ways as well. Shizune decides that she’ll use this medicine to kill Ciro, the man who poisoned her, and then use that to escape.

She puts the medicine in the ink of her typewriter, and begins composing her message:

“Dear Mr. Pérez,

I am in great need of your help currently. As you may already know, I have recently not been feeling very well at all. However, recently I have realised that my condition is even worse, to the point where my life might even be on the line. However, I am only telling this to you since you may be able to help. There is a possible cure for my condition that might be able to be constructed from pufferfish poison. Please get the pufferfish poison up to my hospital room as soon as possible. I only have so long to live.

Finally, I would like to request that you burn this letter once you finish reading this. This concerns some very private manners, so I would rather nobody else lay their eyes on this. I appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

Shizune Takata”

The moment Ciro burns this message, his lungs will fill with the vapors of the medicine. There’s going to be more than enough to kill him completely judging by how much ink she used.

She sighs and folds the letter. She whistles for Bruce, and he takes the letter away.

She spends the next several minutes furiously writing something in her room.


“Hey, Shizune, looks like you’ve got a visitor!”

The door opens, and Sebastian enters the room, followed by Klifford. Shizune is sitting upright in her bed, writing something. As the two enters, she quickly puts it away.

“Um… hi”, Sebastian greets the girl quite awkwardly. She gives a polite smile in response, though it appears more strained than usual.

“Well, don’t let me interrupt you guys”, Klifford quips, going over to the side. “You both can talk in peace.”

“Right, um… thanks, Klifford.” Sebastian replies with a small gulp, turning over to the girl. “So, um… how are you feeling?”

Shizune frowns slightly, but types up a letter insisting that she’s managing despite being under the weather. Sebastian doesn’t seem to buy it though, and pushes her on this. Shizune keeps insisting that she’s fine.

Suddenly, Sebastian tenses up. “Shizune, please… please stop!” He says with surprising force. “I can’t bear hearing you clam up like this! I know that you aren’t feeling well, you don’t have to hide it from me. I’ve seen far worse!”

Shizune blinks in surprise. She looks away sadly. Klifford puts a hand on Sebastian’s shoulder quickly to caution him. He looks at the boy with concern.

Sebastian looks down. “Look, I’m sorry, but… After that day, I drifted away from everyone. I didn’t have any friends at all… Now that I finally have a friend again, I can’t lose them again.” He looks Shizune at the eye. “Please, you don’t need to hide anything from me now. You can trust me.”

Shizune looks up back at Sebastian, gulping slowly. She quickly writes a letter and gives it to Sebastian. She seems touched by his display and thanks him for caring. She admits she’s felt in a rut for a while, not only because of her condition but because she feels useless and uncared for, neglected by the others. Like a mere child sitting on a pushchair. She seems to be happy that both Sebastian and Klifford are there for her. Both the two seemed relieved by this answer. It seems that the girl has gotten quite a bit off her chest.

Suddenly, Shizune starts coughing. Sebastian looks down on the floor and sees the room is quite dusty. “Seriously?! You didn’t even clean the place up?” Sebastian asks Klifford.

“Look, I was too busy caring for Shizune”, Klifford sighs. “It’s a hard job.”

“Mother wouldn’t approve of this”, Sebastian mutters, taking out his mop and using it to efficiently clean the place. It only takes a few minutes for the room to look quite spotless. Shizune seems quite thankful at this and looks somewhat better now. The two of them converse for a little while after, clearly more relaxed now. The talk seems to be more casual now. Klifford sits behind, a small smile on his face.

At around 4:00 or so, the group suddenly hears the sound of something crashing. It appears quite loud. “What on earth was that?!” Klifford shouts, startled.

“I-I don’t think that sounded good…” Seb mumbles. “We should check it out.”

“Yeah, we should. Shizune, you stay here. You need to get some rest, alright?” The two of them quickly rush out of the room to see what’s going on in the room, leaving the girl there, quite confused as to what’s going on.

Investigation (Don’t read until after body discovery, you fiend!):

Matt, Micah, Nail, and Brandy enter Shizune’s room. Brandy explains that Ciro passed away in the car crash and that Belphegor is treating it like a murder. She tries her best to comfort Shizune. They look at all the stuff in Shizune’s room and leave.
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11:04 AM ET (US)
Okay thanks for letting us know. That might be around where Shizune gets cornered depending on how things go. Hopefully not.
FranzisePerson was signed in when posted
09:38 AM ET (US)
Oh I'm not sure how important this'll be but I'm probably not going to be around much Sunday, have a big event for work then
Southern CornPerson was signed in when posted
01:30 PM ET (US)
I think we can have her just say she killed victim X because she suspected them of poisoning them and that she didn't trust them. Those both can be alluded to decently. The other details can be figured out by the others in-trial.
FranzisePerson was signed in when posted
01:25 PM ET (US)
Um how vague are we talking?

My reasoning is that if Shizune realizes she's dying anyway, there's no point in the others suffering by possibly getting the trial wrong so I'd think she would at least explain who she killed and why
Southern CornPerson was signed in when posted
03:02 AM ET (US)
Yeah I think we can have that take place mid-trial maybe to help direct attention to the fact that Shizune was poisoned by someone else. Try to keep things suitably vague while still giving a general idea of what happened exactly. I think that'd be a unique post-trial anyhow.
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07:46 PM ET (US)
It wouldn't be a problem. There's no danger of anything happening to it/Shizune getting found out because of it.
FranzisePerson was signed in when posted
07:31 PM ET (US)
I imagine Shizune would write a will/confession ahead of time in case her plan didn't succeed, how much would having that on her throw a wrench into things?
Doctor NanjoPerson was signed in when posted
11:55 AM ET (US)
Okay thank you.

I guess I'll set this up with a message to Panda in a little bit where Shizune tells Sebastian, and he sees how sick she is. Then we can play it off from there.
FranzisePerson was signed in when posted
11:36 AM ET (US)
Uh maybe the telling someone she needs help thing I guess

I guess it probably would be Seb, she's not really sure what to think about him right now but he's the best option since she doesn't really have a lot of trust in most of the cast
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03:16 PM ET (US)
I think Klifford will have an idea of how to treat your symptoms but wouldn't know the cause outright. He won't have access to the treatments he wants. So Shizune might snoop around and find his diagnosis and realize whatever she has is deadly that way. Then, she uses what she learns from the notes and the fact that she's been feeling pain since the night of Charlotte's death to figure out that x probably poisoned her.

Then she'll use medicine that she has in her hospital room to poison the ink in her typewriter with something that's deadly when burned. She will then send her target a letter with private information which is to be burned at the end.

Um we're still working out the details but yeah.

So how do you want us to introduce her being poisoned?
Southern CornPerson was signed in when posted
11:37 AM ET (US)
Klifford would probably try to check up on her and maybe even treat her but the medicines available in the hospital wouldn't be enough to treat her completely. The poison that'd be used would also maybe be too obscure for him to diagnose. He'd still be able to tell she's in bad shape for sure though.
FranzisePerson was signed in when posted
09:25 AM ET (US)
Would Klifford not be able to tell what's wrong with her?
Doctor NanjoPerson was signed in when posted
04:23 PM ET (US)
Hello, Shizune is going to be a "culprit" in this case.

The basic concept is that Shizune is going to get super sick and stuff. She isn't feeling very good today in general and seems to be coming down with something. Later on she's going to learn that this is because she was probably poisoned with a deadly poison. She kills not only to take revenge, but ultimately escape to get an antidote before she dies.

So that's our idea, more or less. She'll die before voting and then there'll be a fun mix-up where like the blackened changes mid-trial from you to someone else.

Anyway, I know that you're in a funk with your character and this entire game, so let us know your thoughts and stuff on here or discord. I wanna do a little event where people realize Shizune's sick, but I'm not sure how to do that. It could be something sad where people find her like in pain and unable to cry for help but maybe it's a little less tacky to like have her first tell Sebastian or someone and then have him rushing to her aid.
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10:55 AM ET (US)
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10:55 AM ET (US)
Vote Bennett I guess
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08:11 PM ET (US)
Stairway and Red Room - Oliver, Shizune, Ciro

There’s lots of odds and ends here. Oliver gasps as he sees a camera sitting on a shelf. He says that the camera was being kept in the armory as recently as earlier today. In a nearby desk they find a bunch of paper and a pen. Seems like anybody could have written a letter from this desk. Near the exit door, the group finds the whistle to call Bruce with. Near the door to the red room, a dreary tome sits. Oliver makes a comment that it belongs to Nail. In the drawer below it, they find a ripped-up photograph. It seems to just be a picture of a book, but it’s challenging to try and put together. It’s in very small pieces. The group decides to check the red room as well, so they open the door and look inside. The red room is very red, but nothing else of note.
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04:23 PM ET (US)

As people are hanging around the caverns, either looking for a way out, waiting for the great feast to begin or just taking a rest in the igloos there’s suddenly a cracking sound followed by a splash. People look in the direction of the noise and see Shizune, desperately splashing around in the cold icy lake. People quickly race to where she is and try to get her out to the best of their abilities. Daniel, Matt and Klifford manage to get her out finally. She appears to be shivering, her clothes completely drenched by the lake water.

“Are you alright, soldier? That looked like a pretty bad spill”, Daniel says in a surprisingly considerate tone of voice.

Shizune simply coughs in response. She doesn’t look like she’s well at all.

“I don’t think we should keep waiting. I’ll take care of her,” Klifford says seriously. He picks her up from the snowy floor, though he struggles a little. He then carries her to an igloo to take care of her.


“Well, ‘eck.” Brandy glances at the icy lake, with the thin ice surrounding it. There’s a huge hole nearby, looking quite recent. “She must’ve been too much for the ice to handle.”

“Her wheelchair mustn’t have helped matters either… Speaking of, it looks like it’s gone down there as well.” Micah glances down into the lake. “It doesn’t look like it’ll be easy to get it back.”

“Yeah, looks like it.” Daniel grunts. “With the weight of the thing, it’s probably at the bottom of the lake by now.”

“That’s quite unfortunate. It doesn’t exactly help matters either that we’ve lost it.” Benjamin shakes his head. “At this rate, people could see her as an even bigger target.”

“What?! Nobody’d do such a thing!” Brandy protests.

“Of course, that would be the humane thing to do. But there’s no point denying the fact that she would be the easiest person to kill out of everyone here.” Benjamin says darkly, his voice still emotionless.

There’s an awkward silence for a few moments as people look away.

“Hold on.” Daniel suddenly says. “I think I see something floatin’ over there.” He gestures to the hole in the ice lake, where Claudia is currently floating at the surface.

“Oh, right! How could we have forgotten? Without Claudia, Shizune can’t exactly communicate with us, can she?” Brandy says. “We better take this to her!”

Matt goes over and slowly picks it up. He grunts. “This don’t look right. Looks like it got fucked up a bit when the girl fell in.” He takes it and starts going into the other igloo. “I’ll fix it up and give it to her, aight?”

People seem surprised by this generous display of his, but are pleased at the same time. Figuring that there’s little else to do, they all go back to whatever they were doing previously.


Klifford carries Shizune over to the igloo with the cot, laying her on it. He quickly checks up on her. It doesn’t appear she’s well at all. Her temperature is quite high, and her coughing is incessant.

“Oh dear… This isn’t good.” Klifford grimaces. “Those wet clothes of yours won’t do you any good. Wait a second, I’ll be right back.” He goes to the other igloo and comes back with some clothes. “Here, these should be about your size. Lemme help you.” He gives Shizune her new clothes and helps her change, while still respecting her boundaries. After she does, he helps her lie down on the cot and covers her up with a blanket. Her temperature doesn’t seem to be quite as bad, but she’s still coughing a bit.

“Cool down, Shizune….” Klifford grins slightly to himself at his lame pun. “Looks like that dip into those cold waters was a bit too… Chilling for you, huh? No matter though… That cough’ll disappear with a bit of rest. You need some warmth too, so make sure to curl yourself up in that blanket. I’ll stay by your side for a bit too.” He sits down nearby, observing Shizune. Not much happens for some time. Shizune isn’t shivering, at least, and her chillness goes down. She slowly closes her eyes, starting to rest. Klifford sits back, simply sighing. Many thoughts go through his head.


After some time, Shizune slowly opens her eyes, looking over at Klifford slowly.

“Ah, you’re up. Feeling better now?” Klifford asks compassionately.

Shizune nods slowly. She seems tired but doesn’t seem to be coughing at least.

“Well, you certainly look better at least”, Klifford chuckles. “Oh, and that reminds me, here you go.” He takes out Claudia, which seems to be in good condition, surprisingly. Shizune’s eyes widen as she quickly takes it from the doctor’s hands. She looks at Klifford and nods gratefully.

“It actually got broken a little after it fell inside the lake… Thankfully, though, you don’t have to worry. Matt managed to fix it up and gave it to me just now. So if you want to thank someone, thank him”, Klifford says. Shizune seems quite surprised at this. She starts typing up a response, but Klifford stops her. “Don’t worry, I’m just as surprised. You can thank him later at the feast though. Actually, speaking of, the feast should be starting now. Shall we attend?”

A growl can be heard from Shizune’s stomach.

“Oh dear. Then we better go eat, huh?” Klifford chuckles. “C’mon, let’s go.” Klifford helps the girl up from her cot, Claudia in hand, and slowly escorts her to the mess hall, where everyone else is.


As Ciro starts distributing the food he’s prepared, the others hear someone else entering the room. They look around to see Klifford, his eyes quite tired yet a warm smile on his face. By his side is Shizune, whom he helps over to her table. She appears to be in a different set of clothes and wearing a new coat now. She looks to be quite tired as well. As Klifford helps her take a seat beside him, she takes out Claudia and quickly types up a letter, which she passes onto Matt.

As Matt reads the letter, he flushes slightly and grimaces, looking almost embarrassed. “Ay, you don’t gotta thank me for nuttin’, girl. Just doin’ my bloody job an’ all. You don’t gotta owe me a thing, you he-”

“Oh? What does it say?” Ciro asks out of curiosity, looking at Matt.

“You can read it for yerself if you wanna, brat”, Matt sputters, throwing the letter in his face. Ciro, unperturbed, begins reading out the letter.

“Dear Mr. Gustily,

I would like to thank you for personally retrieving Claudia from the icey waters she was dropped into thanks to my carelessness. I would not have expected anything from anybody, yet you heroically managed to rescue her and even fix her before delivering it back to me. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to repay you.

With many thanks,
Shizune Takata”

“Oh, what’s this?” Ciro raises an eyebrow. “Did something happen with Shizune?”

“Indeed. She fell into the water by accident, and lost both her wheelchair and her typewriter.” Benjamin summarises in his usual tone. “Unfortunately, her wheelchair couldn’t even be recovered from the depths of the cold lake.”

“Yeah, I had to go take care of her for a while after that. She was feeling pretty bad after that spill she took.” Klifford says, Shizune nodding along with a grateful look in her eyes.

“Ah, I see. Quite unfortunate, really.” Ciro shakes his head. “You’ll need to have some more food to make up for that.” He takes a bigger blue bowl and puts it on her side instead.

“Well, isn’t that nice of ya”, Klifford chuckles. “This is a good way to break the ice, huh?”

People seem very unamused by that joke, most of all Shizune. Brandy tries chuckling awkwardly, but it doesn’t exactly help raise spirits.

Matt eyes Klifford irritably. “Doc, if ya make another shit joke like that, the ice won’t be the only thing that’s broke.”

“Hey, uh, what’s going on?” A voice comes suddenly from the doorway. People look to see Bennett, looking quite confused.

“You’re rather late. What took you so long?” Benjamin asks.

“Ah, well, that’s my bad. Totally forgot when the feast was starting and only decided to go check now. Hopefully I haven’t missed out on much, though.” Bennett explains.

“Not at all, the feast is just starting! Come and help yourself”, Ciro says generously.

“This only leaves Daniel missing, though. I wonder where he could have gotten to…” Micah mumbles quietly.

Bennett takes his seat and the food gets served to all. Everyone starts eating comfortably. There’s a bit of small talk across the room but overall the mood isn’t particularly chatty. Everyone seems quite pleased with the quality of the food though. It’s clear Ciro’s put a lot of effort into crafting several mouth watering, stomach filling delicacies.

As the group eats, they hear a grunt behind them and see Daniel arrive, his face comparable to a rhinoceros. He takes his seat wordlessly and starts eating. People are surprised by this behaviour and ask him what took him so long, but he says nothing, oddly unwilling to explain himself. He simply stuffs himself with more food, clearly quite starved.

The rest of the feast thankfully goes much smoother, with not much else happening. People finish eating slowly and depart. All the food’s over now, and everyone’s stomachs are filled up. It’s safe to say the feast was quite satisfactory.

Everyone leaves by 6:45, leaving Ciro to clean the dishes by himself.
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07:42 PM ET (US)
During the group search, you find the black belt on Micah. She clearly looks a little nervous about it.
Southern CornPerson was signed in when posted
12:52 AM ET (US)
You suddenly hear someone scream out of nowhere. Turning around, you see that one of the support beams in the mines have been damaged! You see someone run up and decide to follow them quickly, or at least as much as you can manage in your wheelchair. You barely make it into the upper ice caverns as the mines collapse. It looks like some other people are with you... And you're trapped here with them. At least you have your wheelchair and Claudia with you...

[You may post in the main thread]
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11:33 PM ET (US)
You recognize the gaunt man with yellowed skin.

He's Earnest Peel

You met him while doing a couple interviews after a robbery in a shady area in Rattlewater. You really liked him. He wasn't that sharp, but he seemed very kind and compassionate. His neighborhood has a drug problem. You know he was a retired manufacturing worker. He seemed eager to talk about problems within his community and looked for solutions.
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10:36 AM ET (US)
You, Micah and Lavender are recruited to go examine the base camp for any clues.

You and Lavender help fill in Micah on what’s going on, though Lavender does most of the explanation. At the end of it all, Micah appears staggered. “I can’t believe it… Is it really true?”

The other two look pretty regretful. Shizune just gives a short nod. “Well, we should try and look around anyway!” Lavender says. “That way, we can at least try and ascertain what happened tonight!”

The three look around, though there isn’t much to look at. The tents all seem in fine condition, though there appear to be a trail of muddy footprints leading back into the white tent. The tent with all the resources from the hideout also appears to be mostly untouched.

As the three seem to think there isn’t much else left, they notice a small rock in the corner. It seems to have been sat on for a while. Nearby is a piece of paper. Shizune picks it up and looks at it. “What does it say?” Lavender asks, and in a second Shizune types something up on another paper and passed it to her. Micah also peeps in to read it.

“Dear Ms. Fae,

This appears to be the log for the night, taken in shifts by Mr. Ivanov and Mr. Kennedy. They have noted down what they saw in their respective shifts. I recall that Mr. Ivanov asked me for a paper before I went to bed, so this is most likely what this was for.

I hope I was helpful in this matter.

Shizune Takata”

“I see… So what does it say?” Micah asks, to which Shizune just shows them the paper for them to read.

Shift 1:
Officer on Shift: Ivan Ivanov
Time of Shift: 12:00 AM to 3:30 AM


12:00 AM- Start of shift.
12:15 Am- Benjamin returns from wherever he went. Tried to get details from him but he wasn’t willing to elaborate. Very suspicious.
12:40 AM- Bennett asks to leave camp so he can go. Decided to let him but warned him not to take too long.
12:45 AM- Sebastian asks to leave camp. Seemed pretty nervous about it but he definitely needed to use the bathroom.
1:15 AM- Bennett returns back from going. Looked pretty dirty but didn’t want to talk about it.
1:20 AM- Sebastian returns from camp. Looked pretty scared about something. Insisted he just fell into the quicksand but there has to be something more. Need to keep an eye on him.
3:30 AM- End of Shift.

Shift 2:
Officer on Shift: Daniel Kennedy
Time of Shift: 3:30 AM to 8 AM


3:30 AM- Start of shift.
7:10 AM- Nail wakes up. Asked to use the bathroom so I let him go.
7:45 AM- Nail comes back. Looked pretty pleased about himself.
8:00 AM- End of shift.

“Huh…” Micah shakes her head. “That’s weird. Doesn’t look like much happened in the second shift.”

“I’m surprised by it too!” Lavender agrees. “Still, this is quite vital evidence, so we should take it with us.”

It doesn’t appear there’s anything else noteworthy about the camp. Soon after, the three get called to the Tribunal, and they all leave.
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After the performance ends, you hang about camp for a while, not sure what to do. Ivan approaches you soon, asking for a piece of paper to use. You give him one without asking what for. After that, you slowly leave your wheelchair and crawl into your tent to sleep on your own, with Micah still out You doze off simply at about midnight.

You sleep well for a while but get suddenly woken up in the middle of the night by a scream in the distance. It's faint, but it scares you a little. Thinking that it's just you though, you go back to sleep.

After a while though, you hear some strange whining in the distance as well and have trouble sleeping because of it. Sometime after, you also hear some hushed talking in the distance.

After that though, not much plagues you for the rest of the night. The strange whining noise disappears after a while, though you also hear some loud grunts coming from a nearby tent.

You wake up later at 8:00 and crawl back into your wheelchair. You decide to join the others for breakfast. You can tell Micah isn’t back yet, though.
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EFL with Klifford: https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/yYPYNGJap9msY
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EFL with Sebastian: https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/rcyh2eTzQ7H
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Your tentmate EFL: https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/EGyvDvad6YZR9
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General character info: Not much has changed from the original version. Your character, at the age of 18 or so, moved to Rattlewater seeking a job. Thanks to her fluent typing skills, she got a job at typing out newspapers, brochures and the like. She's been living in the town for a year now, and is well versed with the news of the town. She doesn't go out much though and doesn't know many people personally.

People you recgonise:

Sebastian- You've seen him around town doing some small cleanup jobs outside. His cleaning route passes by your house as well, so you see him pass by. He doesn't really talk to you, but you don't attempt to converse with him either.

Klifford- The town pediatrician whom you pay visits to monthly at the Rattlewater hospital (the only one in town). A nice enough man and a good doctor, though his sense of humour is... quite strange, to say the least. You both don't know each other that much but you do bear some amount of respect for him and his job.

Bennett- You know of him, having had to write advertisements for him in the newspaper on several occasions. Appears to be a successful young man who takes his job seriously, but that's about all you know of him.

Micah- You remember a newspaper article you wrote on her a while back. A renowned archaeologist who's been eager to explore the underground tunnels of Rattlewater for a while.

Oliver/Lavender- You've heard of both these star performers before. They're both quite famous in the town and have organised events for charity. Lavender especially is quite popular due to her being an automaton. You've written up several advertisements for their various performances around town before as well as a few interviews involving them. You don't recall much of interest about either of them though.

Nail- An elusive figure around town, known for offering advice to those who seek it. You know little about the man himself other than typing up an advertisement or two for his services. You've heard various rumours around town that he's a shady man, but haven't heard much to back it up.

Brandy- A local celebrity in Rattlewater. You've written articles about many of her exploits in the time she was away. She seems to be quite energetic and strong, yet warm and friendly. Seems quite proud of her accomplishments as well.

Charlotte- You recall an article you wrote about her some time ago. Although she's known officially as a 'community benefactor', her real occupation is stealing from trucks that pass the nearby highway and sending the goods she takes to the town itself. While others call her the Robin Hood of Rattlewater, others say she's but a petty thief. A shady girl, to be sure.

Pancakes' character- You look nearby and notice a man in a police uniform... You recognise him as Officer Ivan Ivanov. Quite renowned around town, the man is known as one of the strictest officers in town. You know little about him, but he seems to be quite an honourable man, ready to do anything for the good of the town.

Enola- You've heard of her before through an article you've written, but not much. She seems to be quite a mysterious figure, but she's published her poems before and they appear to have done well. You don't know much else about her, though.
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Hi there, Franzise! This will obviously be your QT for F6, since you requested it, so make sure to check it out since we'll be primarily using this for character discussion.

To start with, I guess there's sort of a lot we do need to know about your character (i.e. how they speak, what their big incident is, how they could maybe be connected to other characters, what their post trial will be like, etc) but what we do know seems neat so far. I like the idea of her typing so fast (sort of like Ted Tonate, the best AA character) though I am admittedly concerned as to how that would work in game. It's an interesting gimmick though. I think her not actually being disabled is cool as well and something we could use for trials and stuff. I won't speak on when you might die though since you said as much, but I do think we might be able to accomodate your wishes. That said, we'd like to see more on your character, so let us know when you've finished the rest of your survey!

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