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02:54 PM ET (US)
Yes I think X Men was an unfortunate misunderstanding of the rules. That wasn't supposed to be a newbie friendly game, but you and dimochka handled it well, and I'm glad you decided to keep playing mafia.

Do you have any town or scum reads? Did you have time to read EGW? And do you have an opinion on Red Ryu?

My scum reads right now are plytho, jimbobmacdoodle, Madge (possibly indie), and maybe Frozen Flame. I agree with most of what Frozen Flame posts, but his timing is suspicious.
Peaceful Whale
08:37 AM ET (US)
Rule number 6 is one I will never forget, remember X-men?
03:56 AM ET (US)
Peaceful Whale, this is very important.

Per rule 6, you are not allowed to copy and paste directly from this chat log into the game thread.

6. You are not allowed to quote any mod communication of any kind, real or fake, to anyone. You must paraphrase all information you wish to claim. ..... The same rules apply to hydra logs, masonries, and any other form of non-forum communication.

In case I die, I am leaving you my reads and the quotes to support the read, but if you post anything in the game thread you must retype it into your own words. You can say stuff like "bessie thought that ________ " and summarize what I said. Or just leave my name out and summarize it and post it as your own thoughts. DO NOT COPY AND PASTE.

I do not want YOLOSWAG to give you another penalty or worse, mod kill you. If you want to post something and are unsure if it is breaking the rules, pm YOLOSWAG what you want to post and ask him to review it first.
03:42 AM ET (US)
Refer Sabrar to this post on p 39:


[quote="Sabrar"][quote="#HBC | Zyth"]-GLadOS kills whoever hammers her.
-Madge turns into tree stump if she hammers.
-Yolo confirmed with Madge that if she is the final Judgement vote on GladOS, she will turn into a tree stump.

-Therefore, Yolo is considering Madge being the final Judgement vote on GLadOS as a hammer.
-Therfore, we can assume that ANY person being the final Judgement vote on GLadOS is considered a hammerer, and that THAT person will be killed by the explosion.[/quote]
Weird. That would be such a silly mechanic, it actually makes me doubt Madge's claim. Huh.[/quote]

Ask Sabrar if he has any new thoughts on Madge's claim.
03:36 AM ET (US)
Since night has been extended, I have some more reads I want to leave here.

plytho had come under suspicion in twilight for knowing LaserGuy's power was single use. He was asked to explain why he thought this, and I am not satisfied with his answer. here are the relevant quotes:

[quote="plytho"] I thought LaserGuy's ability was a once per game ability? No time to check now. Mpolo, check before you decide to take zen's advice. [/quote]

[quote="Sabrar"][quote="LaserGuy"]This is true, though its odd you think this since I deliberately never mentioned it in thread.[/quote]There goes my assumption that it's a townie ability.
Also you used a 1-shot that could have resulted in your death N1??? There was absolutely no way you were getting NK-d.

@[b]plytho[/b]: why the hell would you think that it was 1-shot? Quote the part that made you think so.[/quote]

[quote="mpolo"]I third the call to plytho to explain why he knew the power was one-shot. [/quote]

Here is plytho's response:

[quote="plytho"] I didn't know, I thought. (and didn't have time to check just then)

It didn't make sense to me as a power to use every day. It would basically give town an extra lynch each day. That's way too powerful.

Also, if everyone thought it was daily: why didn't you try to get a consensus on LaserGuy's next target? With a daily power like that, that's the right play. [/quote]

Ask plytho why he thinks this is this too powerful in a game with 20 players. Remind him that the mod implied in the opening post that we would need to clear out lurkers ourselves.

As to his question regarding the consensus on LaserGuy's next target, there were suggestions. Here are two I found:

[quote="bessie"] Re: lynching lurkers. Perhaps it would be better to try to figure out a way to keep LaserGuy around for a while so he can clear out some of the lurkers for us and we don’t have to waste a lynch? [/quote]

[quote="#HBC | Zyth"]Laser's ability should be used to take out indies and inactives. [/quote]
12:34 PM ET (US)
I think that is a very good idea. Concentrate on D2, and make note of places where you think he lowered his guard. You will need to post the link, or even better quote those posts, to support your read. Say something like "earlier EGW said this, but later in this post, he said this." His opinion changed, why? Was someone suspecting him or a scum partner? Was it a slip that could tie him to a scum partner? Or was it just inconsistent with his earlier content? Remember, the evidence is what is important, so be sure to back up your reads with examples!

And remember, its ok for townies to disagree with each other and talk things out. As the game progresses, you will have a lot of content to read and you can look for a group of players that never strongly disagree, or that convince each other to change their opinions too easily. Those people are working together. Like us. Or like a mafia team.
Peaceful Whale
07:30 AM ET (US)
I think that he’s been seen as town early on, and lowered his guard, I think that I’ll reread his posts, write down my fealings and then solidify my opinion.
12:06 AM ET (US)
Sorry if I said anything that you didn't like in that post where I analyzed all your posts. Please don't think that I am picking on you. I like you and want you to become a better player, and play more often! And I need to be honest in all my reads because if I hold anything back someone will be able to tell, and it will look like I am scum and protecting you for being scum too.

Town should never lie. And town needs to talk. A lot. The more we talk, the better chance of finding scum. Do not be afraid of saying anything wrong. If you say something that someone thinks is scummy, and we talk about it, it will help draw out the real scum.

So how do you feel about EGW? Do you think he is scum? Why? What gives you the feeling that he is scum (or town)?
11:08 PM ET (US)
EGW has a lot of posts. Just try to get a feel for him, you have good instincts. Make note of things he has said that were scummy, and where he has been townie. Maybe you will see something that I am missing. If he is scum, perhaps we can catch him together.
11:05 PM ET (US)
Attack jimbobmacdoodle for making this post: http://forums.xkcd.com/viewtopic.php?p=4249933#p4249933

[quote="jimbobmacdoodle"] @Peaceful Whale - whilst you're around, would you mind saying how likely you think bessie is to be town. You do not need to explain this confidence level at this point. [/quote]

BoomFrog asked you a very similar question here: http://forums.xkcd.com/viewtopic.php?p=4247952#p4247952

[quote="BoomFrog"] So, if you can prove someone is town I think you should reveal it near the end of the day cycle. Don't say details about how your role works. Just say, "from my role's result I am XX% sure YYY is town." [/quote]

BoomFrog later agreed with me that you shouldn't make that kind of statement. So I think this is very scummy of jimbobmacdoodle. He is very subtle fishing for your night result, now that plytho has been forced to let up on you.

And I know you like plytho, but I'm sorry but I think he is scum. So be very careful and don't let him trick you in to claiming anything.
Peaceful Whale
11:02 PM ET (US)
I think I’m going to analyze all of EGW posts. Like you did with me.
10:56 PM ET (US)
This post by Madge is active lurking: http://forums.xkcd.com/viewtopic.php?p=4250447#p4250447

[quote="Madge"] Uggh I hate this game so long! What's this about diary? Someone's got a diary we can read if they die? Is that's what's happening? I am going to be relying heavily on the inevitable giant tables full of everyones' claims just F everyone's I. [/quote]

She is making up an excuse for not scum hunting. She is implying that she would help out if we had some results. She has done nothing in this game to help town, and everything she has done is to further self-interests. She made that post to appear she is trying to be helpful, but she's not. If I'm not around point this out if someone else doesn't.
10:49 PM ET (US)
Don't worry about it, just catch up when you can.

I left another clue of our chat in my town-scum list here: http://forums.xkcd.com/viewtopic.php?p=4249739#p4249739. I put your name next to mine. If you need to claim that you had chat with me, point that out, and say that bessie said she's done that before. If an xkcder challenges you, call them scum for it.

Also, many of your posts can be considered what we call active lurking. Here's some examples:

It's ok to joke around a little if you are contributing a lot to the game, but you didn't have very many D2 posts, so the joking is a large percentage of your content. You need to make sure that you post something important, then you can put a joke in with it. I'm going to attack Madge for active lurking on D3, so I need you to step up, because it will be suspicious if I don't attack you too.
Peaceful Whale
10:36 PM ET (US)
Okay, got it, sorry I’ve been inactive, I’ve been busy. Funny as I’m at a camp out, I don’t know why I find time to post now.
10:47 PM ET (US)
I'm working on my reads and will leave you with that information in case I die, but I would like to know your reads first. I might be wrong, so it would be good for you to form an opinion before you know my reads, so that what I think doesn't affect what you think. Then we can talk about it.
12:46 AM ET (US)
Hi Peaceful Whale, I'm glad to see you decided to continue playing. You did a good job of trying to answer questions on the final day. But on D3 you're going to be expected to answer questions and provide reads. Did you have time to catch up and read the thread? Do you have any opinions on anyone? Do you think anyone is scummy or townie? Let me know what you are thinking.
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