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Blue 3 Non-fiction

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Maddi Tulin
11:45 AM ET (US)
I chose 'The Cesar's Way' by Cesar Millan because I have a love for dogs and have two puppies I'm personally trying to train. Today I read 9-29.

This book is about Cesar and how he grew up and came to the US and how he found his own way to train the dogs he encounters. This book will also give tips on how to get your dog to be the best dog they can be.

4. This book is about dogs and their behavior and how it actually comes from the humans who live with them. I know that if a human doesn't keep a calm and assertive presence around a dog at all times or at least makes it clear most of the time the dog will try to become the dominant leader instead. Which causes stress and anxiety within the dog and the human. I also know that a dog needs exercise no matter the size or breed. It is also known to me that a dog should never be rewarded for bad behavoir or be given love and affection all the time.
Alexis Fallon
03:49 PM ET (US)
I chose "with their eyes" because I am interesting in what it is about. Today I have read to page 21. There are 237 pages.

The book is about September 11, a high school a few blocks down from the Work Trade Center. Within a few hours of school they shared an experience that transformed everything.

4.This topic is probably more about survival, what I already know about this topic is that the World Trade Center's have both been hit, and all of the Stuyvesant students/faculty were evacuated up the West Side Highway. Forty-five kids from that school had volunteered to be in the Winter Drama class but only 10 were picked and they all got to tell their story's the day of September 11, Then it tells you what they are doing years later in the students lives, how successful they have become. As their teacher tells a majority of the book and the stories that the kids had to tell were incredible/intense. I have learned that this kind of history will never be forgotten and will be brought up/taught every September 11 and always will be in memory.
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Aaron Johnson
11:42 AM ET (US)
I chose to read War heroes voices from Iraq by Allan Zullo. the number of page 145 and Im on page 23.

The book is about 10 people of different branches of the military and their stores about war. They did things that they will remember for the rest of there life.

1 major problem that all of them deal with killing someone and all those bad memories of gun fire and bombs and friends dying. People don't understand what these people go through they get this thing called PTSD and that means post traumatic stress disorder. This can cause depression and sometime these soldiers have thoughts about suicide which is horrible to think of but from this disease or disorder its hard to say what one of these soldiers a lot of soldiers say apart of me was left over seas. this book is about 10 soldiers 9 men and 1 female I'm only one the first soldier and he talks about his life and how he joined the sheriffs department and all the other sheriff were veteran Marines that had a brother hood and Montoya wanted to be apart of it so he walked down to the Marines recruiter and signed up.
Julia Branson
02:47 PM ET (US)
The non-fiction book I am reading is MY Fight/ Your Fight by Ronda Rousey. The page I'm on is 301. The page I stoped on today is 147.
This book is about Ronda Rousey a fighter. The book goes through her whole life to where she is today.

Then choose ONE of these options to respond to. Each calls for a MINIMUM of FIVE (5) COMPLETE sentences!

1. Create a timeline of events from what you have read SO far. Timeline must include 5 important plot events written in complete sentences.
The very first event that happened in the book was that Ronda's moving experience She first was living in Cali then moved to Bismarck North Dakota because her father got a job there so they all had to move. But then when they were living in Bismarck her ad got a different job in a different town so her dad would like in a house where the job was and her sisters and her would live in the house in Bismarck with her mom. Then after about 5 years her dad died then they all moved back to Cali. Second event~ So when they were living in Cali Ronda and here mom would go to BJJ class and her mom was the sensei. So after school Ronda would go to BJJ class to learn how to fight. At school one day a big girl came up to ronda and pushed Ronda. Ronda was not having it so she beat the girl up and then ronda got in trouble. Ronda mom came to the school and argued with the principle about self defense. Third event~ Ronda was older so about 16 she got bad at her mom and left and went to New Hampshire and lived in a athletic dojo house with big Jim A friend of her moms. She trained there for a while then got kicked out because she was talking to a guy that what like 30 years old. Big Jim and mom did not like that so time kicked Ronda out. Forth event~ After training and getting kicked out of homes she when to Europe for different judo tournaments. She lost a tournament or 2. The wort feeling is losing so Ronda was in a slump because of the costs so with that she got mentally and physically stronger. Fifth event~ Ronda made it to the Olympics that where Held in Beijing. She was going great till she lost to Bosch. But she was still in the winning for bronze. She had one last fight to make or break her chance of getting a bronze medal. The fight was against Bohm. Ronda beat Bohm by using the the rules. So was a bronze medalist in the Beijing olympics.
Alecia Beigh
02:43 PM ET (US)
I chose to read My Story by Elizabeth Smart, the number pages the book has 317 and I'm on page 59.

The book is about on June 5, 2002 Elizabeth was taken from her home. She was kept chained, dressed in disguised and was repeatedly raped.
2. one of the major problems in the book is when she got kidnapped when she was 14 years old. The guy who kidnapped her told her that if she tried to escape that he would kill her and her family. Before she had been taken someone told her that was when someone dies the first thing you forgot is their voice. Everyday since she was taken, Elizabeth was afraid that she would forget her mother voice. then she started to think about all the things that her mom used to tell her everyday. she had a lot of faith that helped her through the nightmare of when she got taken from her home.
Hailey Keiser
02:38 PM ET (US)
1. They had the baby and she is in a plastic/glass box hooked up to a whole Buch of stuff to keep her alive.

2. They had baby born really early, that they might lose there baby, They are think positive but negative about their baby girl sometimes they would read her story about heaven and the angle and they would tell her sometimes that she could let go if she wants to.

3. I would have Matt Damon as the father and I would have Shantel VanSanten as the mother of the baby, and I would have Bridgit Mendler as the baby. They mother is a worried person and the father kinda worried but at the same time he relax because he thinkings its all going to turn out really good for their future with the baby.

4. Its kinda about young love but at the same time its not. They had a little girl that was born way to early and she had to be hooked up to all different kind of things to keep her alive.
Felicia Lowe
02:35 PM ET (US)
The book I chose is Hope Solo my story and the book is 237 pages long. Today I stopped on page 23, which is chapter 3 in the book. The book is about Hope Solo, a professional soccer goalie that played for the USA soccer team. This book tells us about her life and how she became a professional soccer player.

4. The books main topic is about Hope Solo and her story of how she became a professional soccer player. I know that Hope is a goalie for the USA professional soccer team, she was also kick off the team best of something that she did along time ago. Ive have learned that it took her a long time to get where she is, there was lots of tears and sweat. Hope Solo started playing soccer when she was just a little kid and loved it. I took everything she had to get to the professional level and she broke many bones.
Alexia Allen
02:31 PM ET (US)
 The book I chose is called "Please Eat" by Bee Mattocks. It is 254 pages and I stopped on page 13. This book is told from a mother point of a view when her child is suffering from anorexia. It goes over the story of her son and the challenges they went through.

 Topic 1- At the very beginning of the book it places us 6 months after they noticed Ben's anorexia forming. Bev is patiently waiting for the usual morning text from her son, but it's late. Soon after that she gets a call from the school saying nobody on the bus remembered seeing Ben. After they find him he is rushed to the hospital by his mother due to a very low heart rate. Then it goes back to 6 months earlier which is when the author goes over some of the things she wish she picked up earlier.
jordan traub
02:28 PM ET (US)
The book that I decided to read if Proof of heaven by Eben Alexander M.D.. It consists of 196 pages and I have read pages 11-18, the pages are the beginning of the story after the table of contents and prologue.

The book is written by a doctor who has experienced some traumatic events. These events changed his view of the world as a scientist to those who believes in Heaven.

1. The book starts by stating Eben's achievements of being a doctor and graduating in 1980 and getting married the same year. It transitions into him laying in bed at 4:30 am trying to figure out what woke him. He looked at the ceiling, experiencing vertigo. Being sore from Sunday trying to fight off the Flu virus, he got up and wobbled to the bathroom to take a hot bath hoping it would mellow his shooting pain down his spine to the base of his pelvis where there was a constant throbbing pain. Eben got out but was paralyzed from extreme pain, his wife tried to help him and wanted to call 911 but Eben refused to go to the ER. LAying in his bed slipping in and out of consciousness, he slipped into a grand mall seizure.
Adrian Buss
02:20 PM ET (US)
 I chose to read the book called Punished by Vanessa Steel. I have read to page 56 out of 336. The book so far has explained Vanessa's (the main characters) background. Since this book is in first person, Vanessa is just explaining what her childhood was like with her mom.

The most major problem that Vanessa has been faced with so far was abuse from her mom. When Vanessa was just a baby, her mom would intentionally drop her or push her off the bed so she would have to suffer through the pain. Not only that, but her mom would also mentally abuse her and call her cruel names saying she's the ugliest child ever. Considering Vanessa was just a child, she couldn't do much to solve this issue, and if she did try to do anything her mother would smack her. Every now and then she would tell her brother to talk their mom, but that only made the mother more riled up.
Alex Buss
02:20 PM ET (US)
I chose the book Sully. The book is 313 pages and I have read to page 97. This book is about an airline pilot who had to make an emergency landing on the Hudson. It talks about his life prior to the Hudson landing and event that lead up to him becoming a pilot, as well as events that happened after the landing and how it changed his life.

1. Currently in my book, Sully the main character, has been talking about his life leading up to flight 1549. When he was in high school a family friend let him practice fly on a tarmac that he had in his backyard. This was a point when Sully had realized that his main goal in life was to fly. After that his mom took him on his very first flight. This was a great experience for Sully, because he got to interact with people he idolized and see the main workings of the plane. In the book he had a pretty average childhood. His father cared more about family and friends than money, so despite being a well-regarded dentist, Sully and his family didn't have much money. One of the cool things that the family did was build their house together. This instilled a great work ethic upon Sully and is what helped him become the focused and well-read pilot that landed on the Hudson. His dad, later on, killed himself after battling years of depression. Sully took this to heart and started working with a suicide prevention foundation. He also works Saint Judes Children's Hospital. Finally, I'd say that one of the more major events was Sully making into the Air Force. Back then you had to get congressional approval and placement for the service and high level schooling that came with it and Sully had the honor of getting chosen for the branch that he had wanted to be in initially.
Katelyn Bussell
02:19 PM ET (US)
I choose to read the book I was reading before we went to the library. I got the book from my aunt, and its title is "Beneath a Scarlet Sky". I have read 240 out of 490 pages.
The book I am reading is about the Holocaust. The main character is Pino, and it deals with him working for the Nazi, but in faith, he disagrees with what the Nazi's do. Pino is forced to work with them because he is 18 and that is the law.
5 sentences - problem
2. Pino, the main character faces many challenges and anger throughout the book. Pino, who was non jewish, was asked to bring jews over this mountain that led them to Switzerland, which was a safe place for the jews. The problem was that if the people got seen going over and thought the mountain, they would be killed because they're not supposed to go through the mountain. Pino is still asked to go through this to save many jewish families and get them to freedom. Pino has worked to solve this because he has gotten strong enough that almost nothing scares him from going over this mountain. Pino has done this over twenty times now and continues to save families even with the risk of being caught at any time.
Kadyn Nolz
02:19 PM ET (US)
Write TWO sentences that name your non-fiction book, the number of pages, and where you stopped today. (I chose.... I have read...
  I chose the book I am a seal team six warrior. I like the book a lot so far there is a lot of action in it. and I have one read the first 27 pages.
Write TWO sentences to SUPER BRIEFLY summarize who/what the book is about.
So far the main charter Howard has being his training to be asunder water demolition specialist and it is the hardest and longest training in the military
Then choose ONE of these options to respond to. Each calls for a MINIMUM of FIVE (5) COMPLETE sentences!

1. Create a timeline of events from what you have read SO far. Timeline must include 5 important plot events written in complete sentences.

1) he decided what he wanted to do after high school
2) he made it to basic training and he knows that it is the longest and toughest training to take on
3) He concentrated during the drills and has yet to fail he does not like failure at all it motivates him
4) he has a break down because he misses his family at home but is very motivated to pursue his dream
5) he thinks that once he is done with basic he will want to keep getting better and in the back of his mind there is noting better than team 6
Silas Hoffman
02:18 PM ET (US)
I am currently reading Woodlawn by Todd Gerelds. The book has 181 pages and I stopped on page 18 today. This book is about Civil Rights and the integration of African American students into white schools in the 1960s. This book takes place in Birmingham, Alabama, at Woodlawn High. I currently know a little bit about segregation in the southern US from history class. I know things such as segregated bathrooms, water fountains school restaurants and even churches in the south. Sense reading this book, I've learned some more about some of the first kids to integrate into these primarily white schools and some of the things they've had to endure. Overall, this is a good book so far and goes along well with what I'm learning about, I look forward to reading more when we get into more of the main story of the book with the football team at Woodlawn.
Braden Peters
02:18 PM ET (US)
1. I chose Astrophysics for People in a Hurry. I have read 25 out of 208 pages.
2. My book is about astrophysics and the scientific discoveries that we've made so far. It talks about everything from quark matter to everyday life.
3. This book is about Astrophysics. I already know about the basics, like protons, electrons, neutrons, quarks, photons, mass, speed of light, and leptons. So far in my book it has mainly talked about the basics and how the world was created by the Big Bang. It's slowly starting to take shape and focus on individual subjects within Astrophysics. I have learned that Einstein's general theory of relativity gave us our modern understanding of gravity and that scientists have discovered antimatter and it's not just something you hear in sci-fi shows.
Megan Madsen
02:17 PM ET (US)
1. I have started reading Golden by Marcus Thompson II. I have read the the introduction out of 253 pages.
2. My book is about the rise of Steph Curry, a basketball player in the NBA. It is a book of how the GSW were a joke in the NBA until he came and turned it around.
3. In my book so far it has talked about the problems of the NBA team. They were a joke in the league, no one wants to play for them. If they got a good player that could change the program they left for a bigger team. They were one of the only teams on the West coast, everyone else in the league were from the East coast. Then they got the No. 7 pick, Steph Curry. He was changed the program with playoff appearances, championships and MVP awards. Golden State is now a huge franchise in the league and is a team people fear.
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