Mafia XXXV - God QT Mafia XXXV - God QT QuickTopic <![CDATA[Brainbomb | Ezio is greatest of all time if this goes down like that.]]> 2018-04-03T21:23Z <![CDATA[Brainbomb | Am I actually gonna get a win here as a shitty least valuable]]> 2018-04-03T21:21Z <![CDATA[ghug | And we're both always right about everything.]]> 2018-04-03T21:18Z <![CDATA[xorxes | I told them he was town too. ;)]]> 2018-04-03T21:06Z <![CDATA[ghug | Man, I told these idiots that Bozo was town. :(]]> 2018-04-03T18:04Z <![CDATA[Dargo | Sure is quiet in here...]]> 2018-04-03T03:30Z <![CDATA[Brainbomb | Bozo is onto him. Bo is maybe gonna lurk tho]]> 2018-04-02T18:29Z <![CDATA[Dargo | But I see bozo or thamrick talking themselves INTO a lynch.]]> 2018-03-30T21:46Z <![CDATA[Dargo | I don't see rdrivera talking his way out of this... yay,]]> 2018-03-30T03:03Z <![CDATA[Dargo | Hi godfolk]]> 2018-03-30T01:30Z <![CDATA[Brainbomb | Apologies to ezio and xorx for my shot on snowflake. And...]]> 2018-03-29T23:37Z <![CDATA[Brainbomb | Im not caught up. Hows scum doin]]> 2018-03-29T23:36Z <![CDATA[DemonRHK | RIP and welcome to Dargo!]]> 2018-03-29T22:07Z <![CDATA[xorxes | The most logical thing was to lynch bo_sox, but bozo is the...]]> 2018-03-29T21:31Z <![CDATA[Ezio | I pushed bo Sox because that's what I assumed any...]]> 2018-03-29T19:36Z