Secret Santa 2018 Scum Chat Secret Santa 2018 Scum Chat QuickTopic <![CDATA[LaserGuy | I guess I can say I'm happy to have made it to LYLO. Feels bad...]]> 2019-01-16T23:22Z <![CDATA[LaserGuy | Ah, there was a hidden redirect. Interesting. Well, I...]]> 2019-01-16T23:07Z <![CDATA[LaserGuy | I guess I will get coaled tomorrow, but that doesn't really]]> 2019-01-14T17:59Z <![CDATA[LaserGuy | So: -bessie was redirected to Sabrar and rolestopped...]]> 2019-01-14T17:56Z <![CDATA[LaserGuy | Okay, hammer Mark doesn't look so bad. I need to kill moody...]]> 2019-01-14T17:20Z <![CDATA[LaserGuy | Noted. I figure that I actually need to hammer MoA if the...]]> 2019-01-14T15:56Z <![CDATA[jimbobmacd... | There was no mistake. Wam was not a bus driver.]]> 2019-01-12T09:22Z <![CDATA[LaserGuy | I almost get the feeling that there may have been a mod error...]]> 2019-01-12T08:00Z <![CDATA[LaserGuy | Is wam's redirect actually more of a bus driver role that...]]> 2019-01-12T07:53Z <![CDATA[LaserGuy | Oh, wam's redirect is suddenly paying dividends :P]]> 2019-01-11T18:00Z <![CDATA[LaserGuy | Apparently powers were not assigned randomly.]]> 2019-01-11T08:36Z <![CDATA[LaserGuy | I had figured moody would get a second list. "Making a list,...]]> 2019-01-09T23:41Z <![CDATA[LaserGuy | So the two errors are MoA/me and Mark is indie.]]> 2019-01-09T23:29Z <![CDATA[LaserGuy | But in some ways it's better because... nobody is cleared.]]> 2019-01-09T23:28Z <![CDATA[LaserGuy | Nevermind, no I'm not.]]> 2019-01-09T23:12Z