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[F6] Enola Gardner the Star Poet

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11:22 AM ET (US)
Character Rankings. Watch out, there be opinions!

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03:09 PM ET (US)
Oliver and Enola search the bedroom and attic.

Starting with the crime scene, they investigate Daniel’s body. He’s nestled under the covers of the bed, but they can see the heavy bruising on his neck. It looks like something hit his neck, and probably more than once. It’s darkly bruised and bloody. Daniel also has a wicked burn on the top of his head where his hat would be. It looks really gross with the skin bubbling and redness all around it. His hat and megaphone sit on the bed next to him, seemingly undamaged.

His hand is curled into a fist, but for some reason it feels stuck in this position. They try their best to pry the hand open, but it’s basically impossible. In his fist though, they can tell there’s a little dowel with a chain on one end. And then also clenched in the hand is a newspaper clipping. It appears to be a picture, but there’s no way to see what it is now. It’s stuck in his hand.

They continue investigating Daniel’s body. The burn on his head and bruising on his neck are the only things that seem to be fatal. As they investigate though, it seems like his ankles have also been broken somehow. They look very bruised and swollen. It would be impossible for him to stand or leave the bed like this.

They continue looking around the room. They check out the debris near the bed. It definitely seems like it all came from the attic above. All of the boards match those of the ceiling, and all of the cases seem like they contain things that could be found in the attic: christmas decorations, bowling balls, and so on. None of the cases seem to have been opened though. They just seem heavy. Among the wreckage, they find a dead rat. It seems to be missing its tail. The little corpse also appears rather old.

After investigating the bed, Enola and Oliver move to check ut a little table in the room. They open the drawer on the table to find that it looks like it’s been ransacked. The papers inside have been flipped every which way. None of the papers are of interest. Inside is a pair of pliers and a jar of high-strength paste. This is probably what was used on Daniel’s hands. They close the drawer.

On top of the table is a picture frame. It is lying face down. The dust on it has been moved, showing that somebody took the back off the frame recently. They open up the back of the frame and see there’s a place where something was taped to the back. From the paper on the tape, it seems to be the newspaper clipping. Nothing else of note is at the table.

They go over to the dresser to check it out. Next to the dresser is one of the many wall lamps, which light the rooms. Most lamps can be controlled either with the light switch or with a little pull thing on them, but this one doesn’t have the pull thing. They search through the dresser and find that it’s been ransacked as well. At the top of one of the drawers is some cult robes with the cult symbol on them. This fills Oliver with concern, but it doesn’t seem to bother Enola as much. Above the dresser, a short length of fishing line hangs loosely from the ceiling and a little wooden dowel hangs on the end. They can’t concern any use from it. It’s hard to notice, as the dowel was behind the dresser and the fishing line is nearly transparent. It disappears between the boards of the ceiling above.

Close to the dresser, in the corner of the room, they find a loose floorboard. Standing on it, it tilts downward like the end in the wall is on a fulcrum. They lift the board and find it has notch in the bottom of it like something was meant to sit in it. Under the board they can’t find anything of note. It doesn’t look like the crawlspace under the house is big enough for people.

Next, they go up into the attic using the staircase which folds down in the middle of the living room. They go up there. The entire attic is very cramped. Almost everything up here is one of two things; a rat or a box. Anyway, none of the boxes up here seem to have much of interest. They do notice one small one which has been opened. It’s only like ten or so inches on each side and the top is sitting next to the box. Nothing except some padding is in there. Maybe it held something else at some point.

Next, they see that there’s like a main power line which contains all the electrical wires for the house. It enters the house through the corner, the cable snakes over to a fusebox. The cable has a cut in it, but Belphegor has fixed the cable with electrical tape for the sake of the investigation. Then, the power goes from the fusebox to all over the house. They find that one outlet in the attic has something plugged into it. The wire snakes from the outlet down between the floorboards to some other room. Looking through the floor, it seems to be the library.

Next they check out the colossal hole above the library. It looks like several boards splintered and snapped on one side, and then on the other side, something made some sort of jagged cut across the floor. The main power cable is right by this hole.

The last thing they find in the attic is a jar laying on its side. It’s mostly empty and there are holes in the lid. The smell inside it burns their noses. It seems to be acrid and too intense. Tied around the back of the bottle is a fishing line which disappears somewhere under the boxes. It’s pretty subtle to notice it. They also notice that there’s a block of wood taped to the bottom of the jar, which makes it seem like it doesn’t sit balanced very well.

Oliver decides they are done searching. The two of them leave, steeling themselves for the tribunal.

Right before they leave though, Enola notices that Oliver has been carrying a rolling pin. The rolling pin has some blood on it. Oliver mentions that he took it with him during the blackout to defend himself.
Doctor NanjoPerson was signed in when posted
03:03 PM ET (US)
10:00 AM

After discovering the papers, everyone begins discussing what to do next. Shortly, they decide that searching should be done. Nail decides to take charge of things for a change and decides that Sebastian should search the Attic. He makes the point that he is the smallest among everyone, or at least he is the smallest that can be relied upon to complete such a task. The group nods in agreement as the ladder to the attic is opened and Sebastian goes up.

Next, Nail immediately orders Brandy to check out the library. He says that he might have seen the cult symbol in the library earlier as well. Brandy’s eyes immediately widen and she nods, running into the library to check it out. He then sizes up Daniel and decides to make him investigate the bedroom, since it would be his ‘area of expertise’. Not appreciating the slight against him, Daniel grunts and goes into the bedroom to investigate. Similarly, Nail himself decides to investigate the bathroom quietly since it’s quite a tiny area.

This just leaves Enola, Ivan and Oliver. Nail says that Enola’s safety is not to be compromised, so he asks to keep an eye on her and be in the same room as her while the others investigate. He clears his throat, finding it to be quite sore. He requests Oliver to make some tea for him in the kitchen while they search. Oliver seems confused but since tea-making is his speciality, he agrees. And so they all split.

10:05 AM

Enola sits on the couch in the living room under the close watch of Ivan. Oliver is in the corner making some tea away from the two of them. Enola sits there uncomfortably. She tries to explain herself to Ivan, but it doesn’t look like he’s interested in listening to her. He seems deeply troubled and distrustful of her now. She sits there in mostly silence for a while.

10:15 AM

The lights suddenly fail. She looks around. It’s pitch black. Nothing can be seen anywhere. A high pitched deafening whistling noise which can only be the teapot starts drowning out all sound. Enola gets up, feeling like she has to escape this situation. She starts fumbling around, trying to get away from the couch.

A hand reaches out and grabs her shoulder. It must be Ivan trying to keep her from leaving. They both struggle and Enola punches and kicks at him, trying to get away. Of course, Ivan endures Enola’s bites and kicks and everything for a while, but she fears that the baton will come out eventually. They stumble across the room, bumping into things as they go. Ivan hits Enola hard with the baton a few times. Enola keeps struggling pushing the two of them to the ground.

Enola is pretty beat up at this point, but Ivan seems like he’s hesitant to hurt her too badly. After a while more of struggling, she breaks free. He definitely held back on the baton. She runs away from him toward the sound of the teapot, trying to turn off the awful whistling. She bumps into the stove and feels for the dial to turn it off. The sound dies away.

10:20 AM

Enola hears some people shouting about stuff. At this point though, she’s not very concerned with it. They all turned against her anyway. She thinks about the way Ivan looked at her and just feels awful and hated. She wanders around in the dark, no longer hampered by Ivan.

She bumps into a door. She tries to turn the knob and open it, but it feels stuck. She keeps pushing and pushing on the door, but even though she can turn the knob, she can’t seem to get in. It’s not even like it’s just got something in front of it, as there’s no give at all. It’s like something is forcing it shut.

Suddenly there’s a loud crashing and thudding noise and the house shakes a little, as if the house itself had a tree fall on it.

The door opens now when she pushes on it. She feels like someone’s in here. She stands there, in pain and fear. She feels a voice in her ears. It’s them.

“Stay here. It’s safe now, don’t worry. Don’t tell anyone I was here. It would only lead to a misunderstanding.”

She feels herself being led to a soft bed.

“Sleep now.”

Enola lays down. She decides to put her trust in the voice. Letting it guide her… She falls asleep.

10:25 AM

Enola feels almost immediately jolted back awake. She looks up. Everyone is here and they’re freaking out.
Southern CornPerson was signed in when posted
09:54 PM ET (US)
No lol. Anyway here's the QT: https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/kE72SHaWJTs9T
PlanetboxPerson was signed in when posted
06:46 PM ET (US)
I'd like to request a Fantasy Suite with Oliver (Enola's fantasy), if that's allowed.

Has anyone else even requested a Fantasy Suite?
Edited 09-08-2019 06:46 PM
Doctor NanjoPerson was signed in when posted
04:41 PM ET (US)
Your EFL with Ivan: https://quicktopic.com/52/H/6V59962bBTK
PlanetboxPerson was signed in when posted
12:49 PM ET (US)
Okay I'm still in conference heck but I'll request an EFL with Ivan from beyond the grave

Now I've got to decide what to do with those last two...
Southern CornPerson was signed in when posted
02:03 PM ET (US)
Your EFL with Brandy's here too! https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/2cCMp6KDpyJ
Southern CornPerson was signed in when posted
01:47 PM ET (US)
Your EFL with Sebastian: https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/hWJjg8y4Wtv

Your request to Brandy has been sent as well.
Edited 09-06-2019 01:47 PM
PlanetboxPerson was signed in when posted
12:47 PM ET (US)
It feels a little weird requestion EFLs during the serious scene, but if I don't do it now then I probably never will.

I'll start by requesting Brandy and Sebastian.

I might request more tomorrow
PlanetboxPerson was signed in when posted
08:30 AM ET (US)

Also that comment about the survivors segues perfectly into Character Rankings!
1. Sebastian Torr
2. Brandy Henn
3. Ivan Ivanov
4. Daniel Kennedy
5. Oliver Abrams
6. Nailey

So yeah you're pretty much right. Top three are great, bottom three could use more activity. I'm not annoyed about any of these people surviving. The Ch5 trial could help some people too!!

Alright I'm gonna keep this quick cause no one cares about Ch4 rankings anyway. I think I said that last time but shut up.

Yeah I think everyone already knows what I think about Klifford. A very good character concept, but disappointing activity. His posts tended to be a little short and bland, so other than the stuff with Shizune, I don't remember much that he did. Wish his gambling addiction had been used a bit more; it sounds like it factored into Ch3 but was accidentally ignored in-thread.

Matt was interesting. His posts were either funny or revealed hidden depths to his personality. Him being addicted to alcohol but actually having managed to quit cigarettes is an amusing detail. I think he got a fine send-off this chapter. Matt himself never really changed during the game, but in this case I liked it, since it was quite clear that Matt had tried and failed to change his behavior before. Sometimes inability to change is more ubiquitous and meaningful than the opposite. If I had one issue with Matt, it's his backstory. While Matt killing his friend explained some of his behavior, it never quite clicked with me, and I'm not sure why. I did like the effect it had on his relationship with his daughter.

I already gave my spiel on Benjamin, and it still holds up for the most part. He ended up remaining an ambiguous character, as he was a "good guy" whose actions are totally irredeemable. Him starting to feel some semblance of regret at the end was a nice touch. His talent was a little lame, but I may have had too high expectations. Since he was intentionally hiding it this time, it makes enough sense.

I was actually initially disappointed when Benjamin showed up as a victim, so I'm glad that what we got was so much better. Him escaping was also cool, even if he's a butt. Though honestly I couldn't really get invested in all the super-spy counter-terrorist stuff, mainly since it wasn't in-line with the rest of the game. Looking forward to the ending though.
Edited 09-05-2019 08:31 AM
Southern CornPerson was signed in when posted
05:12 AM ET (US)
Yeah you can also prewrite your intro and put it up here if you want. It's much more fun if it goes up immediately after our own post and much more fun can be had that way as well. And yeah feel free to only use like 2 of your EFLs if you really want, it's whatever. Also a lot of the survivors are my favourite characters actually

My only regret is that I might not be here tomorrow when the reveal happens oh whal
PlanetboxPerson was signed in when posted
02:18 PM ET (US)
Oh ok frick you and your lame puzzles, what is this Professor Layton???

Also whoa cool. I was planning to use my EFL on Brandy when I thought I only had one, but that's even better. Unfortunately most of the remaining cast is kinda lame (shots fired) and might not post much, but I've got some people in mind. Not sure I could maintain more than 3 or maybe 4 anyway

Might actually do the Jerry thing lol
Southern CornPerson was signed in when posted
09:16 AM ET (US)
lol get rekt. In Benjamin's defense though chapter 5 would start with something else before the players discover Enola. It'd be like a small puzzle thing that'd take place in like a day probably. After that though we'd do a quick writeup of the room and hint at some figure being there and then you could post the reveal. Maybe you could usurp Jerry by making a post afterwards like "SC and Nanjo instructed me to tell you guys that you may freely post now" too. After that idk it'd be mostly improv. I'm not actually sure if we'll have any other events after that really so yeah go ham. It'd be interesting to see how Enola interacts with everyone and such. Hopefully some fun can be had there.

OH also since there's only going to be 6 people left after this I figured we could let you have some fun with EFLs. We'll say that you weren't able to use your previous chapter EFLs till now and you'll have one more for this chapter so you'll have 5 EFLs in total to use. You don't need to use all of them but it'd be fun maybe, especially to expand Enola's relationship with the rest of the cast.
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09:44 PM ET (US)
UGh what's with these dang ethical dilemmas dragging this out

PlanetboxPerson was signed in when posted
08:42 PM ET (US)
Two people relaxed in a cozy library.

One of them had engineered the deaths of several of their friends. Another was lost, desperate, and afraid. But deep down, the two were very similar.

“Let me tell you a story…” one of them mumbled breathlessly.

The other sighed and clutched their forehead. They hid at the foot of a bookshelf, cloaked in shadows.

“God, not again. I’m sick of your creepy ramblings.”

“Don’t fucking interrupt me! It’s not even my story. My mother told it to me…You love your mommy, don’t you?”

“Now listen…There once was a flowery grove deep within the forest, where the nutmeg-brown bunnies lived. It was a peaceful place…Every day they feasted on grass and dandelions and frolicked in the fields, playing delightful games with the little ones.

“But one day, a single white rabbit was born among the litter. It had beautiful fur, white as snow, and eyes like rubies…And it loved playing like everyone else…”

The other figure responded. “…But it didn’t fit in. Is that it?”

“…The other rabbits thought it was a monster. They drove it out with their sharp claws. After a grueling chase it tumbled into the briar patch. Its legs shattered. Its white coat was streaked in red. It lay helpless…waiting to die.”

Sharp laughter rang out.

“You’re real messed up. You know that, right?”

“No, I wouldn’t say so…Asshole,” They leaned back in their chair, arms trailing toward the floor, staring at the ceiling. “Anyway, there’s a bit more.”

“So, the wounded rabbit knew it wasn’t long for the world…It eventually found a small tunnel in the briar patch and tumbled inside. It was underground now, and what it found there was beautiful. A spring of rainbows, casting glorious light across the cavern…And it was in that spring’s waters that the rabbit died.

“But that’s not the end…Within the year, a tree grew from the ground above that spring. It’s roots snaked across the patch, choking out the briars. Colorful leaves and ivory apples sprouted from its boughs, and flowers blossomed in its shadow. That briar patch became a new home for the brown rabbits…They never even knew it sprouted from the corpse of the creature they’d driven away…”

“Wow…sounds like your mother was even worse than you,” the other replied, quietly stepping away. “And I suppose you think you’re the white rabbit, huh?”

“Well…yes. I believe so. People make a point to remind me that I’m not like them…That’s why they call me schizophrenic. It’s just a label assholes use to justify treating me like shit…And just like the rabbit, I’ll probably die alone…and those vultures will pounce on my corpse and make money off my guts…I should have been dead a long time ago, really.”

“Sounds to me like you’re thinking about that story the wrong way.”


“You’re right. You’re doomed. But you’ve left your mark behind, haven’t you? And looking back, do you regret anything?”

“…No, I suppose not.”

“The rabbit left behind a world far more beautiful than there was before. Even those that rejected it were touched by its life. And as long as you can look back and believe you’ve done the same, what’s it matter? Personally, I think this whole thing was a little beautiful…wasn’t it?”

It was at this point that the mastermind noticed that their companion was crying.

The other figure walked out of the shadow of the bookshelf, but their face remained unseen. “Granted, maybe you’re just a monster. I don’t know. I don’t really care. All I know is that I'm sick of hearing your voice.”

As they reached the door, a voice gasped behind them. “I’ve been down here so long. Too long…I miss them. I miss my family…everyone…”

The other nodded. “Feels shitty, doesn’t it? Don’t worry though.”

They left the dismal room behind.

“I think you’ll be getting some new friends soon.”


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