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[F6] Nail/Haley the Star Duality

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*taps the microphone twice, and leans in*


Just putting this here so you know I've read it.
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General character information: You're Satan. You've been living among humans for centuries now, slowly observing them and how they work. You decided to move to Rattlewater a decade or two back, since it's a rather small town. You work there as a Star Duality, willing to offer advice for anyone in need. In secret though, you're also the leader of a cult organisation spread across the world, trying to bring across ruination to mankind. One such person, several years ago tried to organise a terrorist attack on Rattlewater. Sadly, though, he was soon caught and arrested. You have other plans anyway, though.

You've enjoyed your time in Rattlewater, though you've been slowly plotting to test how humanity will work together in times of despair. You have a lair deep inside the underground tunnels, planning and preparing for the day to come. A day or two back though, you entered your lair only to find somebody else there- A girl wearing a white dress, wandering around. Hiding beneath the shadows, you talk to her and find out that she's been exploring there for about a week now, simply looking around in hopes of finding someone. Intrigued, an idea pops into your head. You recall that somewhere inside the caves lies an altar for one of your old demon friends. Perhaps you may be able to get enough people down inside the cave, and trap them in a horrible situation. You recall one of your favourite pastimes- a little thing called the killing game.

Later that night, you take a white dress and disguise yourself as the girl. You see someone approaching the cave entrance, and you enter the cave, making sure to fall down and scream in horror. You then use your only power you have- shapeshifting. You can transform between your two different selves, Nail and Haley. To Rattlewater as large though, you are simply known as Nail. As the person comes to see where you've gone, you turn into Haley and hide in one of the corners. They look around but to no avail before retreating back. You smile with glee. Excellent. That should be enough to alert the town to the 'disappearance'. Soon enough, you can tell that the mayor is organising a rescue mission for the girl. You decide to sign up yourself for the mission- it makes things more exciting. You decide you'll be the one to kickstart this lovely game- but without murdering anyone yourself. That will be up to the others.

People you recognise:

Micah- The very person who 'witnessed' the disappearance. You know her to be an archaeologist interested in exploring the underground tunnels for herself as well.

Klifford- Hmph, the pediatrician. He once came to you to ask for some advice regarding money problems. You accepted and told him to perhaps try gambling as a method to earn more money, as that could result in a huge amount of winnings for him. He decided to do so, and that's all you've heard of him till today. Despite his seemingly jovial nature though, you can tell he looks quite tired.

Brandy- You remember her quite well. Although she's celebrated in the town as a treasure hunter, she rarely ever talks about her missing arm or eye. That's because she lost it when running into your cult several years ago while exploring. They tortured her relentlessly, though you weren't there, but she managed to escape successfully. It'll be interesting to see how she copes with this...

Ivan- You know him well as the police chief of the town. Quite a gruff and intimidating fellow, though he doesn't scare you. You believe he finds you quite suspicious, but thankfully you're always discreet enough to never reveal your identity.

Ciro- You've had his sushi before. It tasted quite alright, but it wasn't your thing. You don't visit his place regularly either and as such, he doesn't recognise you.

Bennett- A prized bounty hunter, hmm? You've heard of his various exploits before, but you don't know him too well.

Charlotte- Ah, yes, the girl. Quite a controversial figure in the town, though not as much as you are. She steals from trucks passing the highway and donates the spoils to the town. You find that she's quite proud of her job despite what the others think of it though.

Oliver/Lavender- Two star performers who're quite popular in the city. Lavender's bizarre nature has led her to be quite famous as well inside the town. You've attended a show of each of them a couple times, and they're fine.

Sebastian- You see the boy around town, quietly cleaning things up. He keeps to himself and doesn't talk much, but you sense that there's something strange with him.

Enola- The missing girl herself. You know she's still down inside your hideout somewhere, wandering around all alone. The brochure in your hand doesn't mention anything about her of interest besides her poems, which are quite well known. You recall that she seemed a bit... unstable when you met her, though.
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12:55 PM ET (US)
This is your QT for F6. Your alibis and other story related information connected to your character will be posted here.
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