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[F6] Nail/Haley the Star Duality

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03:02 PM ET (US)

Nail spent all of yesterday going around the house and finding ways to build a trap. His plan is simple: move everyone along to their demises as soon as possible. Of course, all it will take is some clever manipulation and positioning on his part, but he feels confident in his skills. He’s very used to corrupting people and giving them temptation.

His target is Ivan. Ivan seems the most broken in Nail’s eyes by far. The others have been overcoming their weaknesses and discovering more about themselves. Ivan still holds firmly onto his beliefs about Rattlewater. He’s a fool, who will easily kill… as long as he plays the cards right. It would also be a clever way to get revenge for stealing from him.

The first thing Nail does is place a special stack of newspapers on the living room table for Ivan. These are sure to remind Ivan of the days gone by and fuel his need to escape. He also throws in a paper about Daniel’s supposed accomplishments in Rattlewater, but he makes sure to add a note in red truth exposing the true nature of Daniel.

The next thing Nail does is place the dead rat in the attic in an empty box. He makes sure to keep the main power line a short distance the box. He does all of this so that he can possess the rat to chew through the power line. using an otherwise obscure spell that he’s had up his sleeve. To do the spell, he breaks the tail off the rat, since it will act as a component in the spell.

The next thing Nail does is he constructs a glue trap on the lamp in the bedroom. He will trick Daniel into searching this room and then get him stuck. As he puts the glue on he makes sure to get Ivan to notice the end result by talking to Ivan in the room. Nail positions himself right in front of the lamp and he sees Ivan eye it a couple of times for sure.

Next, Nail brushes up on his calligraphy skills by using a pen to scrawl a magic circle across the faces of sixteen books. Then he turns the page once on each book and draws a second magic circle. The first one is for possession, an advanced spell which will allow him to possess the rat in the attic. The second one is for night vision so he can move throughout the house freely when the lights go out. These books are then hidden in the bathroom under the sink where Nail plans to use them.

After all this preparation, Nail uses a variety of other things to construct a clever Rube Goldberg machine which will serve as a distraction during the murder-solving process, which should help Ivan a little. While building this contraption, he makes sure to bring a loose plank to Ivan’s attention during their talk as well by bouncing on it. Nail intends to use the plank as a lever in the machine, but he also wants Ivan to know about it since it could be a good tool for Ivan.

The machine Nail builds is:

The machine will be activated when someone is making tea. The teapot will have a small metal ball lodged in the spot held in place by friction. As the tea boils, the metal ball will finally launch from the teapot due to air pressure and strike a large tin of oatmeal on top of the fridge. The oats will fall off the side of the fridge and onto a loose floorboard between the fridge and the wall. This will make the floorboard drop down just enough to release a fishing line on the other side of the wall in the bedroom. The fishing line goes up into the attic where it’s holding a vial of acid up. The acid is positioned such that it will pour into a track around a bunch of random attic stuff. The acid will eat through the boards along the track, and then all the stuff will fall into the room, along with the live main wire.

After Nail builds the machine, he begins to rehearse all the clever manipulation he will have to pull off tomorrow to get everyone to move where he wants them to be. He needs Ivan to see the blackout as an opportunity to kill Daniel. No other result from this plot is acceptable. He needs to give Ivan a good cover as well. Ivan will use his baton. As such, there must be other tools which the killer could have used placed about the house. He puts a rolling pin in the dining area.

Nail also sets up a distraction trap for Brandy, intended to steal her attention as well as Sebastian’s, preventing them from helping Daniel. Oliver of course won’t be a problem since he will likely try to make a getaway at the right moment. The trap is that one of the books in the library glows in the dark with the symbol of Brandy’s favorite cult. Seeing it in the dark, Brandy will be brought right to it. Then, behind it, Nail has set up a bear trap which will clamp down on her free arm and render her useless. Then Nail wires the bear trap so it will electrocute her when power is on. He runs the wire up into the ceiling, plugging it in there. Nail relishes the idea that Brandy’s insecurities will be in full blast when she’s trapped in this thing.

Daniel will be the victim since he is the most pathetic among the remaining survivors. Ivan will definitely turn on him if he witnesses him being lazy as usual. All it takes is the grease.

Nail admires his work and waits for the next day, everything in its place.

(Basically, everything that happens today goes according to Nail’s vision of it. He is not the killer, and yet he puts Ivan in a situation in which he thinks he can get away with murder.)

10:00 AM

After discovering the papers, everyone begins discussing what to do next. Shortly, they decide that searching should be done. Nail decides to take charge of things for a change and decides that Sebastian should search the Attic. He makes the point that he is the smallest among everyone, or at least he is the smallest that can be relied upon to complete such a task. The group nods in agreement as the ladder to the attic is opened and Sebastian goes up.

Next, Nail immediately orders Brandy to check out the library. He says that he might have seen the cult symbol in the library earlier as well. Brandy’s eyes immediately widen and she nods, running into the library to check it out. He then sizes up Daniel and decides to make him investigate the bedroom, since it would be his ‘area of expertise’. Not appreciating the slight against him, Daniel grunts and goes into the bedroom to investigate. Similarly, Nail himself decides to investigate the bathroom quietly since it’s quite a tiny area.

This just leaves Enola, Ivan and Oliver. Nail says that Enola’s safety is not to be compromised, so he asks to keep an eye on her and be in the same room as her while the others investigate. He clears his throat, finding it to be quite sore. He requests Oliver to make some tea for him in the kitchen while they search. Oliver seems confused but since tea-making is his speciality, he agrees. And so they all split.

10:05 AM

Nail gets into the bathroom and locks himself inside. He obviously needs to get to work fast. The first step is possessing the rat and using it to cut off the power. He takes out the rat tail. He takes out the books out from under the sink and arranges them all on their faces to show the possession circle.

He steps on the circle with the tail and chants the spell. The spell is in effect. He can feel part of his soul be transferred to the animal, and its eyes open. Nail quickly turns the pages of each book to reveal the night vision circle for later. Now, more importantly, he needs to get the rat to cut the power. The rat lifts the lid on the box it’s in and starts crawling in the attic, Nail seeing through its senses.

10:10 AM

Nail takes a seat while controlling the rat. There is an abundance of other rats scurrying around. He can also see Sebastian examining the place carefully for clues. He controls the rat and makes it rush toward the power supply. He feels Sebastian noticing it as he rushes by. He immediately ducks into a corner where the power supply is. He only needs to make the rat bite the wires, and he does so.

10:15 AM

As the rat bites the wires, Nail feels darkness suddenly surround him. He’s successful. The blackout has been caused. Just in time, too… He feels the possession spell wear off on the rat. It’ll probably be found in the investigation, but ah well. More importantly, he’s provided Ivan the opportunity to kill Daniel now. The trap has gone off. He hears some noises from outside. It must be from the trap he planted in the kitchen. He quickly steps up onto the night vision circle he made on the books and chants the spell. He opens his eyes and he sees everything clearly now.

It’s time to act quickly. He knows Ivan will be taking the time to make his way to the corner of the living room and kill Daniel from there. He has to wait for the crime to get committed and then possibly move the body as well.

Nail enters the hallway, carrying his stack of books. He hears the teapot begin to whistle very loudly. He holds the door to the library closed at the same time he peeks into the bedroom. Daniel is there in the bedroom stuck to the lamp, clearly unable to see anything around him. He yanks at the lamp, unable to turn it on. Nail closes the bedroom door and then opens the library. He sees Brandy struggling desperately against the bear trap. She’s sitting in a pile of books which she has knocked loose. Nail uses this opportunity to chuck his stack of books near where she’s writhing. Her blood begins to get on them, but it’s irrelevant at this point.

Nail checks back with Daniel, and he sees that the floorboard has been moved. An arm is reaching through it: Ivan’s. Ivan is swinging his baton. He knocks Daniel over brutally. Then the arm smashes at Daniel’s neck. Daniel looks like he’s dead.

Nail nods and enters the bedroom, closing the door behind him. He watches as Ivan replaces the floorboard. Nail sees Oliver outside the house at the window. Nail smiles, boldly looking Oliver in the face. He takes pliers from a table in the room, and cuts the chain free from the lamp, Daniel’s clenched hand falls from where it was stuck. It’s permanently glued into a fist.

10:20 AM

The tea kettle stops whistling. He hears someone stomping around above, probably Sebastian. He hears Brandy shouting for help. He can see Oliver in front of him. Oliver seems to hear Nail dragging Daniel in the room. Oliver approaches the window. Nail pushes it shut in front of Oliver. Oliver recoils. He starts to try and open the window, but Nail outpowers Oliver.

Nail feels someone at the door behind him. He kicks his foot out just as the doorknob starts moving to hold it shut.

It’s at this time that the part of his trap with the acid finally eats through the ceiling dumping a bunch of wooden boards and suitcases down. Nail curses that he didn’t get Daniel to the bed in time.

Oliver stops trying to open the window and wanders away. Nail takes the opportunity to move Daniel with his now free hands to the bed nearby. He has some bad injuries but they should look approximately like the same wounds he could have gotten from the junk falling on him. He clears space for Ivan and puts him on the bed under the covers. As he does this, somebody enters from the door as he can’t keep it shut: Enola. She stands, awkwardly, drifting back and forth. She looks badly hurt.

Nail walks over to her. He whispers lowly, so that she won’t know it’s him, “Stay here. It’s safe now, don’t worry. Don’t tell anyone I was here. It would only lead to a misunderstanding.”

He clears space for her on the bed, and she lies down, resting on top of the covers.

“Sleep now.”

Nail leaves the room and goes straight back to the bathroom, locking himself in until someone inevitably fixes the lights.

10:25 AM

The lights come back on. Nail opens the door to the bathroom and goes straight over to the bedroom and opens the door. Sebastian is standing there, looking down, aghast at what has befallen Daniel. Nail smiles to himself. Job well done.


Brandy and Nail search through the living room and kitchen.

The floor has flecks of blood across it in some places. No place in particular seems most meaningful though.

Haley bends down and picks up a little silver marble, showing it to Brandy. It’s heavy and made of a dense metal. It’s not very big however. They wonder where it came from.

Next, they go over to the fridge. On top of the fridge, a can of oats has fallen over. There’s a tiny dent in the side of it. The top of the can has popped open and oats spill off the side of the fridge onto the ground. The oats sit in a pile except they seem to be missing off one floorboard for some reason, like they fell through it. Brandy presses on the board and it’s loose. She looks under the floor and sees that there are some oats on the ground in the crawlspace. It doesn’t look like any of them could fit down there though. The plank of wood seems to tilt like it’s on a fulcrum where it goes under the wall.

Next, they check out the oven. The only thing they find is a tea kettle which is still quite hot. They look in the kettle but don’t see anything of interest in the spout or the main part. Seeing nothing interesting they search the dining table.

On the dining table, they see all the tea-making supplies and stuff out. There are teabags and nice little cups on a tray. There doesn’t seem to be too much off about them.

Brandy and Nail move to the living room area. Enola’s papers have been gathered back into the lunchbox.

In the corner they find some old Rattlewater Tribunes. Almost every one of them has something interesting on them.

Officer Ivanov Saves The Day Again

Today is a tremendous occasion in Rattlewater history. Local citizen Amy Newton lost her cat Fluffy several weeks ago and had been searching for it desperately in vain. However today, thanks to the help of Officer Ivan Ivanov, her cat was recovered. It was found by him and his squad in a lonely alley of the town, whimpering with a broken limb. Immediately Officer Ivanov took action and ordered his sergeant to take care of Fluffy at once. She is now resting with her leg bandaged, and is now back in Ms. Newton’s custody.

“I’m just so glad to have my dear Fluffy back with me again”, Ms. Newton remarked between held back sobs. “It’s all thanks to Mr. Ivanov that she’s saved!”

When asked about the incident, Officer Ivanov seemed a bit reluctant to comment. “It was really quite nothing. I only have my loyal and dutiful officers to thank for keeping such a good job of taking care of my beloved city. I cannot possibly let any harm befall it.”

The article goes on to talk about how great a guy Ivan is and how lucky Rattlewater is to have him there.


Local Retired Marine Saves Day: A New Star Citizen?

One of the local gyms has reportedly caught on fire due to reasons yet unknown. The police department has not yet released a statement on why this happened.

Bystanders reported a few people being stuck in the gym prior to the arrival of the firefighters. 'A crowd formed, but none were willing to make their way in yet due to the building being a hellfire', says one of the people watching the scene.

It seemed quite grim for a few minutes, with no souls leaving or entering the minutes. Peak hour makes response slower than it usually is.

'At one point, someone threw what looked to be a barbell at a window? We were all scared and backed off even more, then another dude came flying out from the window. And someone else behind him, though he was limping more than walking.'

The man who escaped using the barbell is none other than local heroic marine and patriot, Daniel Kennedy. When asked about the incident, Daniel declined to comment on his heroics. What a truly humble man.

Authorities are still looking into the fire, but the mayor assures everyone that he will make sure to keep gyms safe in these turbulent times.

Written at the bottom of the newspaper in bold, magical, red text is the following:


Nail smirks to himself, “That must be our friend there adding something twisted in for us. Typical, isn’t it?”

Another seems pretty old:

Local Childhood Sweethearts Marry In Rattlewater

The details of the newspaper aren’t of this one aren’t that interesting, it only seems to be about a small town marriage. That said, it is interesting that the subject of this paper is the Gardners. It’s kinda weird to read about them in their house. Additionally it looks like the picture was cut out from the article. Under it has the caption; “The new Mr. and Mrs. Gardner and their best man.” The Gardners presumably cut the picture out to remember it.

The last paper with something interesting in it is from just a few years ago:

Oliver Abrams Charity Concert Resounding Success!

After a huge festival and concert this weekend where everyone had a ton of fun, everyone is beginning to wonder, where did this talent come from?

A year ago, Oliver Abrams moved to Rattlewater from a small town in England. Oliver started to perform in Rattlewater’s taverns and started to become more and more popular with local patrons. He worked hard to connect with fans and built up a community for himself.

Ambitiously, Oliver wanted to do more with his talents and gain more followers, so these past few weeks he and the mayor organized this festival for charity. Of course, if you didn’t know about who Oliver was before, you do now! He’s absolutely some of the best talent Rattlewater has and he’s quickly becoming one of its greatest philanthropists. Star Citizenship is going to be soon granted to this wonderful talent that everyone in town is talking about and swooning over.

Most of the tribune’s stories are quite wholesome, which is one of its appeals.

Nail and Brandy stop digging through the newspapers. None of them had clues per say, but they were interesting.

Brandy and Haley turn to leave, feeling as ready as they can be for the trial.
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08:46 AM ET (US)
Your Fantasy Suite with Brandy: https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/P7cmBBv2VREXP
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02:19 AM ET (US)

Brandy and Haley explore the bottom floor. It smells badly here of burning flesh. The major points of interest are a table containing tools, a wooden chair stained with blood with a strange mechanism behind it, and the furnace against which Benjamin was found.

Going over to the table, Brandy and Haley find a bowie knife and a pair of pliers there covered in blood. An iron fireplace poker with a sharp end sits there. The sharp end has dirt caked into it. Also on the table, there’s a tape recorder. The women go up to it and play what’s on it.

"We should each complete each other's challenges."

"Brat, what the fuck are you talking about?"

"Trust me, it's a good idea." CLICK

The first voice sounds like Benjamin’s and the other sounds like Matt’s. Haley and Brandy look at one another.

Exhausting the options there, they notice that behind the table there’s a mess of blood on the ground, just like a couple puddles worth. Suddenly, they see a drop fall and join the puddles. They look up at the ceiling and see a grate there with blood dripping from it. It looks packed with meat.

As weird as it is, they go over to investigate the chair. Behind the chair is a little machine with a meter the needle in it rests on one side but can go all the way into the red zone. Two pads are on the top of the machine. Each one can be yanked out and applied to a person’s body where they would presumably take readings from the body and take info back through wires to the machine.

The chair in front of the machine is coated in a decent deal of blood. Near it, teeth, blood, hair, and nails sit on the ground. Around the chair is a long wire. It seems like this wire could be used to bind a person to the chair. One end of the wire has been severed while the other end has a hook. Nothing else of interest seems to be at the chair.

At the back of the room, behind the chair, is a green light. Under the light is a message which reads: “Make the person attached to this brain-reading device feel pain such that the scale goes all the way to the end of the red zone.” Under that is a blinking timer which reads “00:00”.

Right across from the chair is a camera which is mounted on the ceiling. The camera is pointed at the wall right by it. They try to swivel the camera and it can be used to point in any direction.

Finally, they go over to the furnace where the corpse is. Benjamin’s body has burns, cuts, and bruises all over him. He’s missing teeth and clumps of hair. His jumpsuit is stained with blood. His face lays against the metal furnace and sizzles, charred black. His hands are clearly broken. No wound on the body is clearly fatal.

A strange thing is that his leg is sitting in a small puddle of blood, and yet there’s no wound on him that indicates why that pool of blood would be there. It’s pretty far from the chair as well. There’s also a patch of blackened blood on the side of the furnace.

They open the door on the furnace and they see that there’s two hot brands in there, which explain some of the burns on Benjamin’s corpse. The fire on the inside seems to burn infinitely at a very hot temperature for the sake of the challenge. A vent on the top drains the smoke.

At the end of searching the crime scene, it’s time for the tribunal.
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12:34 AM ET (US)

After Benjamin, Matt and Klifford leave to the challenge rooms, Ivan stands outside the dungeons quietly as people start to leave. Brandy and Daniel go to the observation rooms while Sebastian and Oliver go back up to the castle. Haley eyes him weirdly, though. “Wait, what are you doin’ here still?”

“I’m guarding the entrance, of course!” Ivan booms proudly. “I need to keep an eye on this place in case… anything goes wrong. It’s a necessary precaution. In fact…” He eyes Haley with suspicion. “Perhaps you should stay with me while I stand guard. It’d be better if I could keep an eye on you.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?!” Haley shouts in protest. “Are you saying I’ll get up to no good again?”

“But of course.” Ivan smacks his baton against the wall rather ominously. “You did just that when Nail let you loose last time. The fact that nobody died thanks to your antics is but a miracle! So you stay right here, and help guard this place from any other evil-doers!”

“Geeez, fine”, Haley grumbles, defeated. “You probably need the help anyway. Not that I’d be interested in killing anyone myself…”

The two stand by the entrance together for a good while. It’s a bit tiring, since nobody seems to be coming out. At least everything seems to be going well, though. Haley appears quite bored, glancing all over the place. Ivan stays silent standing. He occasionally asks Haley some questions about herself, but she either gives vague replies to them or dodges the question entirely. It doesn’t seem like much progress is being made through this mini interrogation, and soon Ivan gives up on it, and the two stand quietly.

Some time later as their minds start to fall asleep, Haley notices something sticking out of Ivan’s pocket. It’s a piece of paper, but… it can’t be his card. It doesn’t even resemble it, and the card itself was in a dustbin in the hospital last she saw it. What could it be? Her eyes open up slightly.

“Hmm? What is it?” Ivan asks quietly, noticing her mild surprise.

“Oh, um…” Haley seems caught off guard by Ivan noticing, but she points behind him. “What the hell is that?”

Ivan turns around to see what she’s pointing at, but there doesn’t seem to be anything noteworthy in that corner of the dungeon. As he looks though, Haley quickly snatches the paper from him and stuffs it into her pocket. She needs to get a good look at what it says, but Ivan quickly turns around and points his baton at Haley accusingly. “What on earth do you mean, witch? There’s nothing at all there. Is this some trick you’re trying to pull? Don’t deceive me!”

Haley stuffs her hands in her pockets and looks down awkwardly. “I wasn’t trying to trick you, officer. I really did see something over there! ...Or at least I think I did. Now that I’m looking again, it doesn’t seem to be there. My bad.” She shrugs somewhat apologetically.

Ivan gives her a suspicious look again. Could it really have been a mistake on her part? She didn’t seem to have done anything at all while his back was turned… Perhaps he could trust her on this. “Very well”, he grunts begrudgingly. “I’ll let it go this time.”

The two continue standing guard for a minute or two before Haley clears her throat. “Hey, officer, ya mind if I leave for a bit? I really gotta use the bathroom. I think there might be a good place to go ‘round here.”

Ivan raises his eyebrow curiously. “Hmm… Well, last time I was standing guard and people came to ask to use the bathroom, it was Bennet and Sebastian. And it turns out later the two were both in cahoots, so they were most likely using that time for plotting their murder of Charlotte…”

Haley chuckles, undeterred. “Yeah, but remember I- well, Nail anyway- went to use the bathroom after they did. Nail tells me he spoke with your buddy Daniel and went to do his business and everything. Now, tell me officer, did he happen to commit any atrocities in that period?” Ivan stays silent, taking in her words sincerely. “Yeah, that’s what I thought. So can ya let me take a shit already or what?”

“Hmm… Well, Nail is a different matter altogether”, Ivan mutters. “You are the more chaotic one of the two, after all. But… I suppose if you must go, then there’s no stopping you. However, make it quick!” He snaps. “If you are not back here within ten minutes, then I shall come looking for you and slam your face against these obsidian walls!”

“That’s quite the macabre detail to include, officer.” Haley flinches. “But fine, I’ll be back within that time. You have my word.” She nods, quickly exiting the room.


As Haley leaves, she lets out a sigh of relief. Obviously, her real reason for this was not to use the bathroom, but to take a good look at what the paper says on it. She needs to be alone and in some place nobody else is at. She passes by the art room entrance hearing a flute play softly and runs up the tower entrance. She rushes up the stairs quickly. She’s about to take a moment to read the paper when she notices someone in the bed. It looks to be Sebastian resting peacefully. She ducks back into the staircase hoping to be unseen. She takes out the paper in the stairwell and reads what it says:

“Derives their self-worth from the perception of those around them. Prideful.”

??? What the hell is this about? It’s… her vice. Their vice. How the hell did he get his hands on this? She contacts Nail to see if he has any idea. She suddenly feels a strong amount of rage and fury come from him. He recognises it as the paper from the die, back in the lower ice caverns.

 So Ivan was the one who stole from him and used it for himself… That fool! How dare he steal from Him! He needs to exact vengeance on him soon when he gets the chance! Haley quietly calms him down, though. She assures him there’s enough time to get back at him. But that can wait till later. Perhaps they can use him for something else. It’s something worth keeping in mind at least. This helps Nail calm down.

Haley quietly puts the paper back in her pocket and goes back to the room where Ivan is. It should be only 9 minutes since she left, anyway… As she comes back though, she bumps into Ivan, who’s seemingly in a bit of a hurry.


“Hey, what’s the rush, officer?” Haley snorts, crossing her arms.

“W-wha?” Ivan rubs his head in surprise. “I was worried that something had gone wrong, so I-”

“I was just getting back!” Haley responds, a little annoyed. “My ten minutes haven’t ended, have they? Do you have to be so fuckin’ paranoid about everything?”

“Well, it was you, but…” Ivan shakes his head. “I suppose there’s nothing worth worrying about now. You did use the bathroom for those nine minutes though, correct?”

Haley rolls her eyes. “Well, that’s a totally normal question to ask a lady. But I’ll play along since you’re such a sceptic. Yes, I did go to do my business, as it were, and I came back right after I was done. I noticed nothing out of the ordinary, and everything went fine. Does that satisfy you?”

Ivan nods. “Yes, yes, I suppose that’s good enough. My guard also happened to be quite uneventful while you were gone. I suppose that both brings us up to date on each other’s actions, so let us resume.” The two go back to their positions as before and continue standing around. For some time, nothing seems to occur. The atmosphere in the room feels… unusually dreary now as well.

“Y’know, this is strange. Quite a lot of time has passed by now, but nothing’s happened yet,” Haley murmurs. “What’s taking those three nitwits so long with their damn challenges?”

“It is quite strange”, Ivan agrees. “I would have expected them to have finished by this point…”

“Y’think they’re all fine in there?” Haley questions. “What if they aren’t?”

“R-ridiculous!” Ivan shakes his head. “There’s no way on earth that-”

“Why not?” Haley interrupts. “We’ve got a drunkard, a torture artist and a gambling addict in there doing god-knows-what. Maybe they’ve all gone crazy and murdered each other by now.”

“Don’t spout such nonsense! Even if they tried to pull off a murder, Brandy and Daniel would see them pull it off! Furthermore, there would be no way for them to escape the place. They would be caught for certain”, Ivan huffs.

“Oh, so you’re leaving their fates in the hands of a girl who’s half blind and a big oaf who can’t resist taking a nap every opportunity he can get. Great idea”, Haley replies dryly. “Plus, we have no bloody idea what’s happenin’ inside. We don’t even know what the rooms look like. The whole thing screams fishy.”

“Tch. Then if we don’t know what’s going on, perhaps their challenges are time consuming enough to the point where they’re still occupied with them.” Ivan says. “Do not make such rash assumptions just from nothing. You cannot stray me from the path of reason so easily, witch. And do not sully the names of our good crew members like that!”

“Perhaps I’m not so wrong though. Do you remember Benjamin? You saw how strong he was when he wants to be. He could easily tear apart the other two’s limbs if he felt like escaping. And we saw that ol’ drunkard with the bell in the tower. He was obviously up to something there. Who knows what he could be hiding? And of course, Klifford. The gambling fool would probably do anything to escape just to see his family.”

“Gambling? You seem quite sure of that. But really, we have no proof it was him on the slot machines from last trial.”

“Hmph. You really can’t figure it out? He’d obviously gone to relieve some stress from working on the young girl. But even when operating on her, he let his gambler’s instinct take over again. Didn’t the medicine he give her only have a chance of making her better? He was willing to take that risk, officer.”

“Hmm… even so, you seem unusually sure of this”, Ivan notes.

“Heh, I suppose that’s right.” Haley closes her eyes, putting two fingers to her forehead. “Nail’s told me all I need to know about him.”

“Nail? Don’t tell me…”

“Oh, it’s exactly as you imagine it. Poor old Nail’s got his rumours floating ‘round about him, but he does have quite a few clientele. Old Kliff was one of them. He had money problems, I recall. Came to Nail asking help on what to do with him. Of course, Nail’s a practical man. He saw that Kliff had a whole family to feed, and his income as a poor little pediatrician wouldn’t help matters. So he suggested gambling as a way to make extra money for himself. And, well, that’s about it. From what I can infer now, it seems like the man still has some problems going on. Especially if he wasted that much money on those machines.” Haley shakes her head.

“N-no way…” Ivan grimaces. “That man on the radio we heard said something about Klifford taking all the money from his house, leaving everyone starving… Could it be?”

“Hmm, yeah, I don’t think he took all of it. He probably just lost it all when going all in while playin’ poker or something”, Haley hypothesizes. “Sounds like he didn’t tell his wife about it, though… Seems like he was knee-deep in debt, huh?”

“No… was he really?” Ivan looks way, taking everything all in quite slowly. “That’s quite disturbing for the man. I can see why he hid it from us. Who knew that beneath the veil of such a humorous looking man lay a compulsive gambler?”

“That’s how life works”, Haley shrugs. “We’ve all got our secrets beneath the surface, y’know?”

The room goes silent after that. It doesn’t appear that Ivan knows what to say in this situation. Some more time passes, and they see Sebastian and Oliver come in to check in on the others. Everything that follows is quite straightforward.
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Card: Get two people to call you a liar. Do not ask people to call you anything.
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Your EFL with Brandy: https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/mMbgAbdT3pc
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Nail sits in silence in his hospital room on the third floor. He has been in the hospital room since his accident last night and is covered in bandages. Klifford has been in a few times to check on him, but Nail begins to feel some anxiety. He can feel the need to transform in his very identity. The festival last night had reignited his need for it in a major way.

He begins to think he should maybe escape, so that he can transform freely without being seen and hopefully without Haley causing him a major headache. He gets up, his injured body groaning under him. He goes to his book of spells which he has left in here. He opens to the page on teleportation. He reads how, like the other ones, a magic circle needs to be made and some words need to be said, but the teleportation spell requires a second magic circle to be made at the target location.

He glances outside his window. It looks like nobody is out on the street right now. He goes over to the patient whiteboard in his room and draws a magic circle. He then tosses the whiteboard out onto the street below where it lands with a clatter. He sighs as it seems to make just a little more noise than he wants. He then stares at the floor in front of him where he needs to draw the other magic circle. He then rips off his bandages and starts to bleed profusely out of his hand. He uses his hemorrhaging hand to make a gruesome red magic circle up on the floor. It doesn’t look pretty but at least it’ll work. He reapplies more fresh bandages to his arm, wrapping it tight to prevent the bleeding from continuing.

He takes the mask from last night’s ceremony and keeps it in his hand. Hoping that if he wears it when he’s Haley, nobody will find him out. He stands in his makeshift circle and then says the magic words. Suddenly he’s down on the street. He picks up the whiteboard, erasing the words on it, and takes it over to the Star Lanes.

He plops it on the counter and heads to the bathroom. It’s dingy in there, but it’s as good a place as any. He stares into the mirror. In a moment, he’s gone. She cackles.

She walks right out of the bathroom and lays her eyes upon the first thing she could break under her feet: an arcade cabinet. Haley picks up a bowling ball and spikes it straight through the screen, getting glass everywhere. Immediately alarms go off in the bowling alley. She puts the mask on in response and puts on a pair of bowling shoes for good measure. She leaves the building out the fire exit since alarms are already going off in there. She goes through the alleyways, walking through an old puddle of oil.

She begins wandering the town, ducking in and out of alleys. She does this for a while before she senses something following her she ducks down an alley and enters into the historical society. There are several mannequins in the back wearing clothing similar to hers, that gives off a distinct period feeling. She decides to stand in the midst of them, as if she herself was one.

As she stands still, she sees Daniel and Ivan enter. They snoop around for a few seconds, go upstairs and then go back down again. They speak a little to one another and then leave.

Haley waits a little longer and then leaves as well. She wanders around freely, carefully moving from alley to alley, avoiding being seen by anyone.

Eventually she enters the garage, finding it to be completely empty. She smiles to herself seeing the car suspended. She wonders if anybody will be driving it. She takes a tube cutter from the tools and slides under the car getting her coat a bit oily. She finds and cuts the brake lines. She opens the driver side door and using a lot of glue, she coats the bottom of the accelerator with it so it’ll be harder to move. Laughing at her handiwork, she leaves.

She goes back to Star Lanes, sneaking through alleyways once again.

She enters in, the alarm is no longer blaring. She returns the shoes and goes to the bathroom. As Nail comes back to replace her, she feels the pain of all his injuries returning and lets out a distorted scream, which slowly becomes Nail’s voice.

He carries the mask with him out of the bathroom. He can hear someone revving an engine outside. He goes to the whiteboard and draws the magic circle to go back. He enters back into his room and cleans the bloody floor with gauze.


He lays back in his bed, glad that Haley has stopped bugging him for now.

After a while, he hears the sound of something crashing. That sounds quite strange… he slowly gets up and out of his room to check it out.

[You definitely want the Haley thing to stay secret for as long as possible. So you might claim that you were having a walk outside even if they figure out you teleported.]

Investigation (Don’t read until after body discovery, you fiend!):

Micah, Matt, Brandy, and Nail investigate Second Street.

This street contains the bowling alley and the hospital.

Star Lanes:

The group checks the bowling alley first. Inside, they see that there’s a broken gambling machine. It has glass all around it and a bowling ball smashed through its face. Next to it is another machine that they can see has a receipt sticking out of it. Seems like somebody played the heck out of this machine, blowing several hundred dollars on the machine.

The group next spots some footprints that seem to enter the building from the fire exit in the back. The footprints go up to the shoe counter and stop. They go behind the counter and find a whiteboard flat on the ground there. It seems to be covered in a magic circle. Had someone been using magic? Nail points out that it seems to be a transportation circle and that he had read about it just today. The transportation spell connects two of the same type of circle and allows one person to travel from one to the other by standing in it and saying a magic word. They also find a pair of shoes that are covered with oil stains on the sides. They seem to be about the average size for a man’s foot.

They go into the bowling alley’s office and they see that someone has turned alarms off in the building.

They check the bathroom and find some blood on the side of the sink in the women’s room, along with a strand of blue hair.

The last thing they do is they go out the fire exit into the back alleys. They find that there’s a puddle of oil right outside the door and that there’s two sets of the same shoe’s footprints moving away from it in opposite directions. One clearly enters the bowling alley, the other clearly moves into the alleyways some more. They follow the prints but they slowly fade after snaking around for a while.

Rattlewater Hospital of Mercy:

Next, the group investigates the hospital where Nail and Shizune stayed this morning. The lobby seems to have nothing strange about it. They go up to the floor that Nail and Shizune are on.

First, they investigate the medicine room. It seems like someone dug through it extensively earlier.

Next, they dig through Klifford’s office. It seems like whatever notes he kept in here aren’t here now. He’s definitely done tests on Shizune the last few days, but none of the results are present. Otherwise, a couple of everyday painkillers are here.

Next, they check out Nail’s room. One of the walls seems to be strangely empty, like something is supposed to be hanging there and yet isn’t. There’s a big bloodstain on the floor where it hasn’t been completely cleaned, but Nail points out that his hand broke back open last night and made a mess. He holds up his hand to show the others, and they catch a glimpse of all the bloody gauze on his hand that must be barely holding back more bleeding. The room contains a window that overlooks the street. Nail’s mask and robe from last night are here.

Shizune is resting in her room. They tell her the bad news about Ciro. She looks distraught, but Brandy comforts her as best she can. The room is similar to Nail’s room in terms of the layout, with the same window overlooking the street. There’s a big whiteboard on the wall that outlines a schedule for Shizune. It seems like all her tests were over the last few days. They see that on the desk next to her is her typewriter and typing supplies. There’s also a whistle and a bell. The whistle is clearly the one used to get Bruce, and the bell must be for summoning Klifford. There’s also a strange bottle of medicine on her side table. They read the label and find that there’s a long list of deadly side-effects like heart failure if it’s misused. The room itself looks squeaky clean, as if it was cleaned up recently.
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Your EFL with Belphegor: https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/JTXZb2dgcuw
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Outside - Nail, Bennett, Klifford, Brandy

Klifford examines the corpse thoroughly. He points at the neck, where there’s heavy bruising around it. Klifford comments that she probably could have been choked out by someone, but it would not have been fatal. He says that the body being so cold makes it very hard to determine the time of death. The body has two wounds: one right in the chest, and a second one still with a spear in it. Both nearly go through the body and would be fatal. They were made with some sort of long, stabbing weapon. The group searches the body and finds a blalck die, a bag filled with silver tubes that looks like it can be put together, a mysterious amulet around her neck, and a picture book story involving robin hood. Brandy can hardly watch at this point. She asks to take the book, and the others let her. Bennett takes the die.
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Earlier today, a lot of people are gathered in the meeting room. Ivan is resting from being out in the cold of the cavern. Sebastian is staring desolately at the mud that keeps being tracked in through the doors. Nail, who’s at the head of the room, opens up an apparently secret compartment on the side of the desk and smiles.

“Ahh… Look at what we have here…” he smiles, producing a crumpled slip of paper, which seems to be all that the desk holds. “It says safe code, very interesting… I don’t recall seeing a safe.”

The others take a look at the note, confirming what Nail said. It has five strange symbols on it.

“Alright, well one of you can keep care of it. I am interested in the treasure of course, but after my earlier… outburst, well I think I could do well to earn back a little good will.”

The others wonder where in the world the safe could be as Ivan grabs the paper for safekeeping.


Nail arrives in the stairway area, an amused smile on his face, seeing that Sebastian, Oliver, and Charlotte have found his book. Had he been watching them read the book? He reaches down and snaps it shut, snatching it from Charlotte.

“Ahh…. this is my book you know… I’m sorry for disturbing any of you. Of course, I am happy to share, but I am reading it. I hope you all understand.”

He walks away with the book, leaving the others with an uneasy feeling.


Nail is simply sitting in the red room on his own, serenely positioned on the floor, as if he’s in meditation. The book he was reading earlier doesn't seem to be with him, as it is right outside the room, giving him the full experience of the redness. Suddenly, at around 4:30, the sound of a door suddenly slamming is heard, shocking him out of this state. He opens his eyes to see Charlotte hurrying into the room, looking quite upset. “That snobby piece of… What right does he have to…”

“Hmm? Is something the matter?” Nail eyes Charlie with a surprising amount of concern.

“Oh, there sure is!” Charlie yells, looking quite furious. “I’ve been painted as a thief by everyone! And not the great Robin Hood kind either!”

“Oh, dear. Perhaps I could help.” Nail stands up, brushing up his clothes. “In times like these, I don’t mind offering advice for free.”

Charlie takes a deep breath and goes over to Nail and starts venting about what had happened. She seems quite agitated as she explains, but Nail listens patiently. She talks about how Oliver suddenly came up to her and accused her of stealing her flute. She tried to defend herself but Oliver insisted that she stole it for the motive, and that she was planning to murder soon. He seemed to be quite insistent on it too though not entirely certain, and acted quite brashly, even coming off as a bully. She tried to argue back as much as she could and ended up driving Oliver away, but then the others ganged up on her for being a slob. Nail quietly listens as she explains, adding her own detail and flair to the story to paint her as an innocent bystander caught up in something else, quite insistent on her innocence.

“I see… So you got accused in an unfair situation and got ganged up on. Quite unfortunate.” Nail nods at the end.

“Yeah, and it’s all bullshit! I can’t believe that he’d think I’d be tempted to murder too, of all things!” Charlie huffs.

“Hoh, indeed. It seems our reputation among these people is quite muddied.” Nail shakes his head. “We’re simply painted as ne’er-do-wells by our own community, despite only wishing only good for our town.”

“Yes! Finally, someone gets it!” Charlie says, almost relieved. “I’m not some little brat who just takes stuff whenever she feels like it! I’m the Robin Hood of Rattlewater, and I want to be treated like it, dammit!”

“Hmph. Convincing others of your innocence can be quite difficult when your reputation has already been sullied through rumor and gossip. Such a waste to try and deal with.” Nail says. “I find that the only solution in such cases is to bear with these oafs. Venting can be relieving in cases like this, though.”

“Yeah, but I can’t keep calm like that all the time!” Charlie pouts. “Especially in like, a death game like this!”

“I may have a solution to that. Keep this to yourself, though.” Nail pulls out something from his other pocket- it appears to be an ancient amulet of some kind. There are some inscriptions on it, but they’re long faded.

“What the heck is that?” Charlie raises an eyebrow.

“It’s… a charm, you could say.” Nail gives a cryptic sort of smile. “I picked it up in the mines earlier. If you wear this on you, and press your hand upon it whenever you are stressed, your worries will all melt away. It’s quite effective.”

“Really? Weren’t you the guy who was saying all this magic crap was dangerous?” Charlie asks sceptically.

“This is… different, quite simply. It has positive healing effects and nothing more. It’s safe to use. Trust in it, it shall prove to be a friend.” Nail says in a silky tone of voice.

“Well… okay then.” Charlie takes the amulet and wears it on her arm inside her coat. It’s quite hard to see. “Wow… I’m already feeling a bit better. You weren’t kiddin’... Anyway, thanks.” Charlie nods to Nail. “I… guess you aren’t that bad a guy after all… despite how fishy you look.”

Nail gives a gentle smile and bows. “Anytime, Ms. Church. Do call if you need any advice in the future.”

“Oh, I think I will!” Charlie says, leaving the room now. Nail sits back down in the red room and continues with his meditation quietly.

Nail chuckles to himself after she leaves. The amulet is something he took from a little stone-colored box in the meeting room. If it has magical properties, he is not sure what they are. That said, Nail does know how to give people confidence, and sometimes just a little placebo can do the trick, especially for someone as material-oriented as Charlotte.


Nail meditates patiently in the red room, somewhere between consciousness and the afterlife. Of course, wasn’t this entire experience an afterlife of some sort?

He keeps his eyes closed.

Eventually, some time later, the door to his room opens and he sees Ivan in the doorway holding a picture: it’s a picture of Charlotte looking confused and distraught on a featureless, grey background.

Ivan tells Nail about this mysterious photo and how he does not know where it came from, just that it was sent to him. Oliver stands nearby and explains how they checked around but couldn’t find anything.

Nail looks concerned, “Well, it has to be a plot by someone! We’re all being manipulated by someone!”

They discuss for a while some different theories. They enter the meeting room.

Sebastian is there cleaning when everyone enters. The four of them chat for a while, not sure about what to do about Charlotte’s disappearance. Even when they are completely silent, the place seems to be empty aside from them. Did something really happen to her? They go out into the snow for a while together, Ivan not wanting anyone to be in danger.

Suddenly they hear yelling coming from somewhere. Is someone here?
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As the others are doing god knows what outside, you quietly sneak into the red room, without a soul seeing you. You smirk, having a plan in mind. You take one of the weapons in the room... and bash yourself with it. Blood flows out from your body, dripping onto the floor. It's absolutely torturous, but it's all part of the plan. You take some rope in a nearby room and tie it up to the ceiling. You then grab a hold of it and tie yourself with it. It takes quite a while, but you finally manage to hang loosely from the ceiling. This should be quite intriguing... Imagine what the others will think when they see this.

As you wait, you hear the sounds of rocks and boulders falling. Is there some sort of avalanche occurring outside? You hear some footsteps gather outside the room. It seems you might be discovered soon...

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You're pretty sure something has been stolen from you.
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You, Ivan and Benjamin are chosen to look through Tunnel B- the tunnel with spikes all around and where the tunnel to the altar was found.

Ivan gives Benjamin and Nail a suspicious look. “You two best be careful here! I shall be keeping a watch on you two to make sure you shall do nothing suspicious!”

“Me? I have no reason to.” Benjamin shakes his head in a matter of fact way. “What did Nail even do, anyway? Is there a reason you’re targeting him?”

Nail looks quite disappointed at the remark. “My, my, officer. I haven’t so much as a spot on my record, and yet you find me suspect? I’m a clean man.”

“That’s what you claim.” Ivan gives a glare. “But I have a feeling about you and-”

“Are we already forgetting the no gossip rule?” Benjamin intervenes. “We shouldn’t let this get in our way. Let’s investigate carefully, with each of us having an eye on each other.”

“A good point.” Nail smiles. “Ironic, that the prisoner is the most sensible out of everyone here.”

Ivan scowls. “What’s that supposed to mean?!”

“Oh, nothing.” Nail shakes his head, looking at the floor of the tunnel. The spikes of the tunnel seem to be intact both above and below. The decomposing body from earlier is still laying on the floor, untouched. It isn’t the thing that stands out the most about the room, though.

“Wait a second! What is all this?” Ivan gestures to near the entrance of the tunnel, where a pile of tar is evenly spread across the floor. It appears to be quite recently spread.

“Ah, that’s my doing.” Benjamin says simply, looking quite proud.

“You’re saying… you placed this?” Ivan gives a suspicious stare.

“Yes, before everyone went to sleep.” Benjamin explains. “I took a bucket of tar from the hideout and hid it here, and I spread it across the floor carefully. Just as a precautionary matter, really. Didn’t trust everyone to react to this whole killing game thing properly… Seems I was right, too.” He gestures near the tar, where a few footprints are seen. “It seems some people left a trail tonight, too.”

There are two different sets of footprints the three see. The first one seems to be from a rather elegant looking pair of shoes, going to and from the tunnel. The second seems to be from someone who was barefoot, and strangely they’re only seen going away. Nearby are some small black dots going into the tunnel too. None of these go on for long though and fade out rather quickly.

“Hmm… I wonder who these could belong to?” Ivan says, examining the footprints closely.

“Ah, I believe I can help with that.” Nail offers. “These footprints happen to be mine.” He gestures to the ones made by an elegant looking pair of shoes. “I did happen to walk through this earlier.”

“Aha! So you admit you’re the one behind this!” Ivan smirks. “That was quite easy.”

Nail just shakes his head. “I’m afraid not. I simply came here to… defecate, let’s say. My prints here simply prove that I came over here, not to the crime scene itself.”

“Hmm… What proof do you have of this?” Benjamin asks.

“Me? Nothing! You have but my word on the matter.” Nail shakes his head. “I specifically did request early in the morning that Daniel let me come here to do my business. He could act as my witness for this event, so ask him. It was after Carrie was murdered, too.”

“Hmm… if you say so.” Ivan shakes his head. “Don’t think you’re off the hook yet, though!”

“Oh, I’m sure.” Nail chuckles, unperturbed. “Anyway, it doesn’t appear there’s much else left in this tunnel. Perhaps we should take our leave now.”

“Not so fast.” Benjamin objects. “There’s still one more area we have to check.” He kicks at the entrance to the altar.

“Hmm… Could there be anything of value there?” Ivan asks.

“Who knows?” Benjamin shrugs. “That’s what we’ll have to find out.” He walks inside, and the other two decide to follow him in.

Inside, the altar looks to be about the same. It looks like someone’s been inside here recently though. Some dust in the area has been wiped away, and there’s an imprint on the ground of someone sleeping. Additionally, the others also notice a safe in one corner of the room. It looks like someone’s been tinkering with it recently. Ivan tries to break it open, but to no avail. It doesn’t look likely they’ll figure it out anytime soon. One thing that does seem strange though is that the bowl in the centre of the room has gone missing.

Suddenly, the three hear Belphegor calling for the beginning of the tribunal outside.

“And so it starts…” Ivan sighs. “Should we notify the others now?”

“I see no need to.” Nail says. “They’ll all be coming soon. Besides, the tribunal will be held in here, no? There’s no reason to leave here.” He crosses his arms and closes his eyes, standing still.

“I agree.” Benjamin says simply. They all wait for a few minutes before everyone else comes down to the room.
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After the performance ends, you simply hang around camp, seeing everyone slowly go to bed. You decide to go to sleep as well. You lay down outside, all on your lonesome. You have a feeling something might happen tonight, and you don't want to interfere with it till it is done. You sleep at about midnight. You sleep lightly, keeping your ears out for anything of interest.

Early on, not more than five minutes after you’ve gone to bed, you hear someone walking. They’re quickly stopped by Ivan, asking their business. Things seem to end fine with Ivan allowing them to leave. They seem to return about half an hour later, and soon afterwards you hear someone else leaving camp. Once again, Ivan stops them but allows them to leave afterwards. About five minutes after they leave, you hear someone else do the same. Strangely enough, from what you can tell, both of them seem to wish to ‘use the bathroom’? Doesn't sound likely to you, but it’s a good excuse to have in mind. Both of them return about half an hour after they leave, with a five minute gap in between once more.

You hear the switching of the guard take place an hour or two later- it must be 3:30 now. It must be Daniel’s shift right about now. About half an hour later, you hear some strange grunts coming from outside. Sounds like it’s coming from Daniel.

As you continue keeping your ears out, you manage to hear two pairs of footsteps several minutes later leaving the camp. Curious… Right after that too, you hear another pair of footsteps. Someone’s following them, it seems. Of course, you don't follow them. Best to wait till everything's finished before having a look at things. That way you also avoid any direct involvement in the matter.

It seems the choice you made was the correct one as much later, you hear a scream in the distance. Something’s gone wrong, you can tell. Perhaps someone has succumbed to the pressure already? How timely of them. You smirk. You might find a body when you get up after all.

As you continue with your sleep, you suddenly hear some strange sort of whining in the distance. Or is it someone crying? It's hard to tell. Some minutes later, you also hear some quiet footsteps in the distance. As they disappear, you also hear some much louder footsteps enter the camp, followed by some worried talking nearby. You make out one of the voices to be from Klifford. Interesting… Once again, you hear two sets of footsteps departing the camp.

The whining in the distance continues to persist for a while, but it stops several minutes later. How dull… You suddenly hear some strange grunts and yells coming from nearby from someone in their sleep. It sounds like that buffoon Matt. What an absolute oaf… After a while, you hear another set of footsteps return. These seem to be very quiet, and you have to strain your ears to even hear it.

Afterwards, you hear two sets of footsteps come back to the camp. They seem to be both slow and tired. Finally, some time afterwards, you hear two more sets of footsteps return back to camp. You sleep for some minutes after that and then decide to wake up. It’s now 7:00 exactly. Good timing. You get up from the ground, adjusting your lovely suit as you do so. That was quite an eventful night, wasn't it?

As you look around, it seems everyone else seems to be in their tents sleeping. Well, most of them, anyway. You notice that Daniel, Carrie and Micah are all missing from their tents. Of course, Daniel isn't very hard to spot. He’s in a corner, keeping watch still. Micah and Carrie missing does intrigue you though. Didn't they both leave earlier than everyone else did? You should try to look around a bit before everyone else wakes up. You approach Daniel slowly, who looks up suddenly upon hearing you come.

“Ah, Nail, eh?” Daniel grunts. “You’re up earlier than I thought you’d be.”

“I got my fair share of sleep for the night, thank you.” Nail replies politely. “How did it go for you? It must have been quite difficult, having to keep watch like that, no?”

“Hmm? Nope. Wasn't a problem.” Daniel simply says. “The whole night went without a hitch, I’d say.”

“Oh, really?” Nail asks with a curious look on his face. “I find that quite surprising.”

“What? You sayin’ I didn't do my job or what?” Daniel questions, a stern gaze on his face.

“Oh, no, nothing of the sort.” Nail waves his hand. “Please forgive me for my forwardness. Though… isn't the situation troubling to you?”

“Hmph… You got me there.” Daniel shakes his head. “The entrance being blocked? Bad news. The strange tablet we found yesterday? Even worse. I don't want the group mojo to get down or anything, but…”

“Yes, I’d say that tablet is quite cryptic.” Nail nods understandingly. “Do you really believe the contents of it to be true though? All this business about a ‘killing game’?”

“I dunno what that’s gotta do with us, but to me it sounds like a pile of horseshit.” Daniel snorts. “I don't buy any of it. Doubt the others will either.”

“Hmm. Will they?” Nail asks. “Everyone seems quite worried about the situation. Do you really believe none of these people will stoop to killing if need be?”

“Hmph, no way in hell. These are all just kids. They’ll be fine, I’m sure of it.” Daniel says confidently. “We’ve just got to give them time. Once they all start working as a team here, I think we’re all going to be fine.”

“Perhaps.” Nail gives a small smile. “But for that to happen, they all have to work with each other. They’ll need to find belief that they can work their way out of this, with each other’s help. It’s a hard thing to do on your own. We all have free will, after all. It’s the key to finding yourself. For everyone to independently agree to cooperate- It’s a wonder, but also quite hard to attain in this case, wouldn't you say?”

“Well, we’ve all got a common goal in front of us. I don't see why we shouldn't be united in this situation.” Daniel eyes Nail suspiciously. “What's your deal, anyway, asking me all these questions?”

“Oh, no reason.” Nail laughs. “I was just interested in hearing your thoughts in the matter. The human mind… It is quite fascinating in how it works, don't you think?”

“‘Human’ mind? What’s with that wording, bucko? You admitting that you’re the devil in sheep’s clothing? What’s next, are you going to kill someone soon?”

“Me? Kill? My, my…” Nail’s smile disappears momentarily. “No matter the rumours that circulate about me, the very idea of murder would never occur to me. Killing another human in cold blood is a barbaric act. I’m certainly not such a bloodthirsty monster.” He turns around, solemnly looking at the tents. “But perhaps, if you’re truly such a wonderful leader, my good sir, you might just manage to lead this pack out of these caves yet.”

“Hmm?” Daniel grunts. “‘Course I will. I’m going to get everyone out of this place or die doing so. No other way ‘bout it.”

“I’m quite pleased to hear!” Nail turns around, a smile on his face once more. “That’s the way about it.” He politely claps. There’s a silence for the next few moments, after which Nail coughs his throat. “By the way, would you mind if I left for a moment?”

“What for?” Daniel asks brusquely.

“Well, I had quite a bit to eat last night, and, well, to put it simply… I need to go ‘use the facilities’, as it were.” Nail explains. “It’s as simple as that.”

“Hmm… I don’t buy it. You’re telling me Satan needs to take a shit in the morning?” Daniel asks, before chuckling gruffly to himself. “Nah, but you can go. Don’t take too long though, breakfast’s in an hour.”

“Oh, I promise, I won’t take long. Farewell!” Nail says, walking out of the camp.

You chuckle to yourself as you walk out. That buff fool’s joke was closer to the truth than he imagined. You? Need a toilet break? As if! You shake your head, making it to the two splitting tunnels. You need to keep a look out for where Micah and Carrie are. You see some tar over the floor of the right tunnel, covering a lot of area. You smirk, taking that path. You deliberately and slowly walk over the tar, your shoes getting dirty in it. As you walk out of it, you leave distinctive footprints on the ground. This should be a good indicator of your ‘alibi’, if need be.

As you pass by the tunnel to the altar, you hear some snoring coming from within. You go in to check it out and… It appears Micah is on the floor, sleeping. There’s a notebook by her side. Clearly she was examining the place for archaeological purposes. Shaking your head, you simply exit the altar. That just leaves Carrie… You carry onto the large jungle area at the end of the tunnel. Looking around, you quickly notice in one corner where all the rocks used to be, a narrow entrance to another tunnel is revealed! How curious… Someone must have broken into there.

You decide to go inside, but sadly it appears you might be too tall to enter. You quickly switch forms to Haley though, and manage to enter the tunnel as her. Inside… You see it. You see Carrie’s body. Cold… and dead. A rock lies beside her, clearly having delivered a fatal blow to her. Blood flows from her corpse, still having not quite fully dried yet.

You smile to yourself. A murder did take place tonight, didn’t it? How wonderful… Now all you need to do is summon the Game Master to take care of things. You take a test tube in your pocket you happen to have as Haley, and take some blood from the corpse. You manage to get exactly the right amount, not tampering with the crime scene in any other way, and exit the tunnel. This should be enough for the demon.

You then quietly make your way back to the altar, where Micah is still asleep. You doubt she’ll be any trouble for you at this point. You tap twice on the centre shrine, and a secret compartment opens up. You fill the bowl in the middle with the blood you obtained and put it into the secret compartment, closing it tight. You then chant a secret prayer, making sure to bind yourself as well as the demon to the rules of the game and soon enough, you hear a sound come from the shrine. You’ve done it now… It shouldn’t be too long before your demonic friend is summoned. You check the time- it’s 7:30. You estimate it’ll be only an hour before they appear before the others.

You then exit the altar, transforming back to Nail as you do so. You once again step on the tar on the way back, deliberately leaving a trail as you exit the tunnel. Finally, you make it back to camp at about 7:45. After that, you simply wait for the others to get up so they can see the surprise you’ve oh-so carefully prepared for them. This should be quite exciting…
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Here's your EFL with Brandy: https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/rn6gLG8GZtM
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Here's your EFL with the only other person sleeping outside: https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/4F7EEpwWxNinC
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