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12:51 AM ET (US)
I began to get in touch with through the record, this morning, and came to the realization it turned out unachievable to phone through 80 of you, when even now selecting from the combat area that encompasses me.

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01:53 PM ET (US)
I think, even with a limit on recruitment, the fact that for every one recruitment means one more Thing and one less crew balances out the ratio at the start. There's a two person swing that way in the Thing's favour each time.

I think I would limit the recruitment to eight at most, does that sound reasonable?

It would be a group decision, once recruited the Things would converse together and decide who to pick next and how to go forward etc
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01:46 PM ET (US)
Ivan I think that game sounds super cool. Do you worry about having too many cleared Townies for the Things to contend with, or is the testing mechanism designed to balance the Things recruiting? Also, can each Thing recruit (making it exponential) or just the original Thing?
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01:44 PM ET (US)
I almost hate to delete these spam messages. They're downright poetic!
12:23 PM ET (US)
This swift introduction demonstrates how an accelerator can be used to convene folks and control engagements proficiently.
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06:54 AM ET (US)
An actual day, it'll play out that way in the story anyway. There'll be no multiple days within the one. I might just set the entire scene day one, introduce the Thing. Event horizon style, they stumble upon a fellow ship
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09:29 PM ET (US)
This sounds super fun and amazing!
I’m a little worried about the first few days not having any kills or recruitments. Are you talking Game Days or, like, one long Day One?
07:53 PM ET (US)
Only this will take place in space so it's not a true telling of the film, just the premise! Essentially there will be a crew, a mission leader and initially, one Thing

- The greater the numbers simply means the greater the length of the game. There will only be one Thing to start with regardless of how many join in.

- Instead of the Thing killing players off, on this occasion, they will RECRUIT players to join them!

- Everyone can discuss on the thread who they think the Thing/Things are, who themselves will obviously bluff, and just general stuff too sure!

- The mission leader, chosen at random, will be in charge of ending the game. They can call for a rescue team to rescue the crew by holding a group vote.

If there are any Things remaining and everyone votes YES then the Things win by escaping into the world.

If all Things are sussed out and everyone votes YES then the crew win and are saved.

However, the mission leader can be infected and retain their role... So they may be calling an end to the mission for sinister reasons...

- There will be various roles given out to certain players, at random, and in secret as the game progresses;

RESEARCHER: This role will allow one player to secretly test one of their crew mates each day. They'll message me asking if a particular person is a human or a Thing and I will tell them.

The trick will be to not reveal yourself as the researcher otherwise you'll be a prime target and if recruited will lose your ability!

DOCTOR: This role will allow one player to save themselves or a fellow crew member each night from being infected and recruited.

Once again, if recruited you will lose your ability!

- For the first few days, at least, there will be NO voting to oust the Things nor any recruitment. Their presence will be a surprise to the crew who in the meantime are simply going about their latest mission! Plus the story telling is fun so I wanna set the scene!

- Once the voting kicks into action their will be a designated 'daytime' and 'night-time' again.

During the 'daytime' crew will vote for who they believe is a Thing and at the end of the day that person will be tested... If they are human they MAY NOT be eliminated. If they're a Thing they WILL be eliminated.

However, cabin fever may result in those who have been voted for to be killed off by the crew. A predetermined pattern will determine if players voted for survive or not.

- The Thing can only manifest during periods of solar flares (once every other day) crew will be alerted to them and during that days 'night-time' the Thing/Things will message in private and decide upon who they wish to infect and recruit. That player will be notified by morning.

- The Thing/Things will have a maximum number of crew they can recruit. If they reach that limit but lose a player from their group they can recruit again to fill their quota

- If the number of players infected exceeds more than half of the overall number then the game will end and the Thing will win.
forget_it_jakePerson was signed in when posted
07:42 PM ET (US)
I'll try to take a look!
hohodorPerson was signed in when posted
07:41 PM ET (US)
Yeah, go for it!
07:11 PM ET (US)
Hi, I was directed here to ask for advice!

May I ask to those who regularly play 'Werewolf' and the like if they could offer me some advice/critique on a similar type of game I'm thinking of playing elsewhere? I don't want it to have too many bells and whistles

It's essentially "The Thing". I have a long set of initial rules set out that I can post but I'll wait first to see if there's anyone about!
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03:29 PM ET (US)
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