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IR 4th Quarter Journal #7 White 4/26

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Emma Aasen
01:49 PM ET (US)
I am reading Taken by Erin Bowman and it has 360 pages and I am on page 101. I'm really hungry as I write this journal prompt, so choose a food that BEST represents this book and explain why. An example for the book I am reading... Margaret Mead wrote about how much FOOD influenced the tribes she lived among. The topic of cultural anthropology plays a large role in food eating habits. For this book, I would choose fish because.... I would choose bird because thats about the only food they can really hunt for in Claysoot. He loves to hunt for birds and is really good at hunting.
Silas Hoffman
04:18 PM ET (US)
I am currently reading No Dawn Without Darkness by Dayna Lortez. The book has 233 pages and I stopped on page 197. I think this book could compare to rotting meat for food. This book involves people trapped in a mall with a virus circulating that turns people into the undead. there is also no electricity in the mall and many people are dying. There is also a conspiracy that he government did this as a test. there are only a few days left until the kids will be able to escape and go home. I think this book is interesting and would suggest it to people who like sifi.
Branzon Underwood
03:08 PM ET (US)
I am reading The Warriors Heart by Eric Greitens and I was not able to read on Tuesday because I was in the hospital and running a 102 fever.
If I could choose a food for this it would be Sushi. The entire beginning of this book has taken place in China. He has chosen to study abroad and with that it makes it interesting. He talks about how he has become a Kung Fu participant and he also passed the exit exam. He is learning many new things about japan too. Some of the things that he is learning he never knew was possible. But where he is now in the story has made it interesting because the class of English he is teaching is asking question about our government. Which is illegal to do in China.
Alexa From
02:01 PM ET (US)
I am reading The 100 Homecoming by Kass Morgan and I am pn page 147 of 340.
A bomb was let off on earth
letting off radiation, making it unlivable
People were sent up in space as their only choice of life

98 years later they send down the 100
and discover that earth is safe again
But now they discover people who survived the radiation
Some of them friendly, some of them not
Now the whole space community is down on earth
Tyler Renken Actual Post
04:31 PM ET (US)
I started reading The Legend of the Rift. I stopped on page 206. It has about 429 pages. This book has a lot of different flavors in it. So it is so hard to figure out what the best fit would be. If I had to choose a food it would have to be chili. With so much different tastes. It can be really hot at times but not so hot at other times. Many different parts of the book have a different conflict in them wether it is a big or small situation.
Shane Spencer
04:30 PM ET (US)
I am reading The Lost Fleet: Fearless by Jack Cambell. It has 295 pages and I am on page 119.
John "Black Jack" Geary
Is getting ever so weary.
Fighting the good fight
In the endless night.
He wanders through time
trying to find rhythm or rhyme.
In this new century
looking for serenity.
He wants it all to end
and for honor not to bend.
Hope against hope
he won't start to mope.
Christian Hackett
04:27 PM ET (US)
I am currently reading the book who could that be at this hour by Lemony Snicket. There are a total of 258 pages and I stopped on page 53 today.

Lemony Snicket was supposed to leave the train station,
But instead found himself on a vacation.
He left everything behind,
But the confusion why he was taken never left his mind.

He soon finds himself in a mansion in Stain'd by the Sea,
He is very hungry so he can't pass up on the cookies and tea.
His mission is to find a stolen statue carved from wood,
All he was hoping was to do good.
Makenna Maras
04:25 PM ET (US)
I just started reading If I could Fly by Judith Oritz Cofer. There are 195 pages and I am on page 44. If I could represent my book as a food it would be burrito because it is about a Mexican family. This book has some Spanish words and saying. The main character translates the Spanish into English so we understand what is going on. It is easy to tell the main character is part of a hispanic community in a city full of different cultures. She talks about her church being full of different people. There are people from Irish decent to Hispanic decent. These are a few reasons why I chose a burrito to represent it.
Jaida Horrell
04:25 PM ET (US)
I am currently reading the book The Sacrifice by Charlie Higson. This book has 486 pages and today I stopped on page 151. A food that would truly represent this book would have to be anything canned or preserved. Since this book is a post apocalyptic, the people can't necessarily have perishable items such as milk or bread because that would lead them to be sick. Throughout the novel, though, the characters usually eating whatever they find. Whether it be a dog they found on the street, or an old cookie they found in an abandoned apartment. Food and water supply is a huge issue in this book, since the infected people are also trying to eat. However, the infected generally don't go for normal foods but instead go for kids. If the characters found canned goods, they end up being happy and sharing it (sometimes) with their peers. Two books ago, they had found a truck full of nonperishable goods and that hadn't even lasted them a year. That proves how much those items can be treasured. Although, some of the characters can be seen growing a garden.
Macallister Hoffman
04:25 PM ET (US)
The book I am currently reading is, The Knife of Never Letting Go." I am on page 229 of 479. This is the same book that I was reading on Friday.

Todd was a boy from Prentisstown.
For 13 years the only thing the town did was look down
On him and his dog.
They seemed to hate his sound.

Danger Todd soon found.
One day while walking the ground.
In the form of a girl named Viola
She was not from anywhere around.
Brittany Vaughan
04:25 PM ET (US)
I am reading Hippie Boy by Ingrid Ricks. There is 292 pages in the book and I am currently on page 111. The food I chose to represent this book is potpies. I chose this because the author loves potpies, but she can only get them once or twice a year. Her family is very poor and she doesn't get a lot of food. So, she dreams about potpies because they are her favorite food and she misses them. Another food I chose for the book is cream of wheat because that is what they always have for breakfast. The author hates cream of wheat and she just wants to have good cereal like fruit loops.
Cassidy Eidsness
04:24 PM ET (US)
I am reading Game by Barry Lyga. I stopped on page 341 of 517. I am on the same book as I was on Friday. For this book, the food I would choose is a hot dog, because most of the story takes place in New York. The main character is solving a huge very important mystery, but has to go to New York where everything takes place. The main character has never been to New York before so along the way of finding suspects and more clues, he gets somewhat of a tour. In New York hot dogs seem to be the one thing you can find just about everywhere. The story mostly happens in Manhattan, where there is hot dog venders just about everywhere. Hot dogs are very popular in most of the east coast big cities. Especially in New York "the city that never sleeps" as everyone calls it, you are bound to find a hot dog stand somewhere. Hot dogs are good, and they match into the story of Game perfectly.
Rachel Kapperman
04:24 PM ET (US)
I am reading the book The Reptile Room by Lemony Snicket. The book has 190 pages in it and I ended on page 27 today. Since there are many snakes in the book I have learned a great deal about snakes. I have also learned how to check snake traps so that if you are trying to catch one you won't hurt it. Klaus has to read a lot of books on the Peru terrain so I read a few things about that. Then there is the part where you can make a grapple hook out of some wires and chunks of metal you find lying around. To make a rope long enough to reach 40 feet you should take old clothing, rip it in strips and tie them together tight enough so they won't come apart. You always want to make sure the rope won't rip when and if you try to use it to climb.
Haley Vettrus
04:23 PM ET (US)
I am reading Was God on Vacation? by Jack van der Geest with Carol Ordemann, this is the same one I was reading on Friday, and there are 175 pages and today I stopped on 89. I chose to do prompt three, for my novel the food I chose was toxic waste candy. I chose toxic wave candy because all the things the Germans did was really bad. So I think of toxic. The waste in my book is all the horrible things they did. All the "waste" of left over bodies is just unreal. The candy stands for how the Germans made it sound sweet that you were still alive. Sometimes they made life seem good and try to make them seem like good people. But those were just their tricks. So I think toxic waste candy was a good food to choose because each word symbolizes something different in my book, but all of the things that happen are horrible. And that's why I think toxic waste candy was the best comparison.
Sarah Dickerson
04:23 PM ET (US)
I am reading Dreadful Sorry by Kathryn Reiss. It has 340 pages in it and today I ended on page 307. For my book, I would choose lobster. I would have to pick lobster because my book takes place in Maine. Maine is known for lobsters because it's right on the coast. Another reason I picked lobster is because characters in my book at lobster catchers. They go out to sea and catch lobsters for their job. My book has a ton of references to lobsters in it. They talk about how they have to go out and fix their boats so they can bring in more lobster. Those are some of the reasons why I choose lobster to represent my book.
Megan Madsen
04:22 PM ET (US)
I just finished Pretty Tough and I am now reading Playing With The Boys by Liz Tigelaar. This book has 278 pages, I am on page 32. I am picking option 1. On thing about my book that I have learned is that many soccer teams out east never stop playing. The weather is always perfect there, they usually have high school season in the spring. As for in South Dakota we have it in the fall. In this book it is pretty much a sequel to Pretty Tough. Lucy, the new girl, just moved from Ohio and is starting school at Beachwood. She has met Charlie Brown, the main character from Pretty Tough, she also plays soccer. Right now she is trying out for the team and is meeting lots of friends. I think as this book goes on I will learn about how hard it into move somewhere new and meet new people.
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