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Battery powered christmas lights

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12:59 AM ET (US)
Right now, everyone shopping for battery powered Christmas lights is looking to use them for holiday decorations. Once the season is over, most will pack them up to use again next year. However, there are many uses for battery operated outdoor christmas lights throughout the year as well, so here is a rundown of the many possibilities for decorating all year long.

You can use battery powered christmas lights to dress up any party or celebration. White lights are perfect for weddings, and especially for tables and centerpieces. Battery lights don't require power cords, so there is no worry about cords people can trip over, or any unsightly wires running across and under the table.

You can use them for other celebrations as well. Birthday parties, graduation parties, New Years parties, and bridal showers, cookouts, family reunions. Use specific colored lights for special times of the year and holidays.

Orange lights are great for the fall, and especially for Halloween decorating. Green battery powered Christmas lights will make a festive St Patrick's Day. Use yellow, pink, purple, and green lights for Easter. Use red and white lights for Valentines Day, and you can use green, purple and yellow lights to celebrate Mardi Gras. And don't forget the Red, White, and Blue for 4th of July! Make a statement at your 4th of July party with red, white and blue lights running down the length of your driveway tied to stakes.

Decorate for birthday parties, whether they are formal or not. Pink or blue battery powered Christmas lights are perfect for baby showers, and can also be used for kid's birthday parties. Or, break out the multi colored ones for birthday parties for young and old.

One great thing about battery powered Christmas lights is that you can buy the bulbs separately. This way, you can change out the bulbs and have the colors you need for your theme, party or occasion.

Battery lights are perfect for decorating around the house, and many professional interior designers use them. You can hang them around a picture or mirror, on tables, wrap them around indoor plants such as a ficus. Use them to line a fireplace mantle, These lights could be used to decorate for holidays throughout the year simply by changing out the themed decorations around the lights. For the times in between, for a neutral theme, simply use photographs of family, pottery, vases, mirrors, or candles along with the mini LED light sets.

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