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Jordan Pechous
04:27 PM ET (US)
I am currently reading, Th1rteen R3asons Why, by Jay Asher. The book has 288 pages, and I am on page 160.
1. I like how in the book they jump back into the past, that is relevant to an event in the present. The author is really amazing at foreshadowing what's coming, but doesn't give too much away. Finally, I like how the author detailed each character and gave them each a personality that is shown through their actions, and how they talk.
2. Two themes in my book are, heartbreak and betrayal, and the power of words.
3. The next book that I am planning on reading is another book by an author I have already read in independent reading this year.
Jersie Reese
04:26 PM ET (US)
I'm read Fifteen Love by Nicole Leigh Shepherd. I am on page 212, it is 256 pages long.
1) I like how the book is not just for kids that love BMX or tennis. I really like how the drama keeps you intrigued. I don't like the parts involving the tennis coach. She just doesn't sound like a good coach but everyone is blind to that fact.
2) The two themes in this book are family and injustice.
3) I want to read another book by Nicole Leigh Shepherd.
Grace Dellman
04:26 PM ET (US)
I am currently reading Teach Me to Forget. It has 287 pages and I stopped on page 155.
One thing that I like about this book is the fact that there are a wide variety of characters. Each character has different values and opinions but they blend together. One thing I dislike is that when there are flashbacks in the book it is hard to distinguish the flashbacks from the actual story. Another thing that I like is that it takes place in high school so it is relatable. One theme in this book is heartbreak. Another theme is family both dead and alive. I am thinking about reading Gitchie Girl next.
Kaelynn Ahrendt
04:26 PM ET (US)
I finished My Life Next Door since last class. I'm currently reading On the Fence by Kasie West. The book has 293 pages and I stopped on page 137.

1. I really like the main character in the book, Charlie, because she is a tomboy and I am kind of a tomboy too. I also like how this book is so far, it keeps on drawing my attention back. I also like how Kasie West keeps on throwing in things about the past when the reader needs the information.
2. One theme in my book is coming of age because Charlie is trying to figure out how to move forward after losing her mother. Another theme is family because her family is their for her.
3. The next book I want to read next is Shut Out by Kody Keplinger.
Jacob Bradfield
04:26 PM ET (US)
I am currently reading Risked by Margaret Peterson Haddix. I ended today on page 250 of 288.

1. I do not like how the language changes when they travel trough time. One thing I like in this book is how the enemy's escape from prison and mess up time even more. Another thing I like is how the main characters always seem to keep their cool no matter what changes have occurred.
2. One theme in the book is war because while the main characters are trying to escape, a war is going on outside. Another theme is a will to survive because they are put in countless dangers and always seem to get out of it.
3. If there is a new book in this series, I will read that next.
Elizabeth Carda
04:25 PM ET (US)
I am currently reading Breathe by Abbi Glines I'm on page 231 out of 333 pages.
1. I really like how Sadie doesn't see how beautiful she is and how nieve she is. I love how Jax tries to show her how special she is and how he truly feels about her. I dislike how he goes to Hollywood and postes for pictures with other girls and makes it seem like they are dating.
2. Heartbreak and power of words.
3. The next book I want to read is The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks.
Tj Holloway
04:25 PM ET (US)
Im reading The Game of Lives by James Dashner. Im currently on page 84 out of 337.
I like the idea of a virtual reality outside of real reality. The book is a minefield of plot twists and surprises which keeps it very interesting. But it can get annoying and confusing with so many twists and turns.
Two Themes: Chaos and Order, Technology in society
Im thinking on reading a biography actually, change up the usual reading list. But I do want to read Lies by Micheal Grant
Kaitlyn Schaunaman
04:25 PM ET (US)
I am currently readig Tarnished by Kate Birch and stopped on page 188 of 304.
1. I really like the plot and how Ella and Missy are trying to save Penn. I also really like how the author lets the reader picture what is happening. I dislike parts of the story as the author goes into too much detail.
2. The one main theme is of loyalty. Another smaller theme is of confidence and how there is a time to be really outgoing and bold but how there is also a time to remain hidden.
3. I really want to read another book by Kate Birch, Perfected, that focuses on the same three characters.
Julia Wendell
04:25 PM ET (US)
I'm reading The Sister Pact by Stacie Ramey. I'm on page 102 of 305.

1. I really like the main character's relationship with her sister. I like how it shows her feelings, and everything she sees. I also like how much you can relate to her. She is a typical American girl that disagreed with her sister.
2. Darkness and Light and Coming of Age.
3. I want to read Looking For Alaska by John Green.
Alecia Beigh
04:24 PM ET (US)
i'm reading Breathe by Abbi Glines, there is a total of 333 pages and I'm on page 51.
1. i like the part when she goes and works for her mom and when she is working she meets a Jax Stone. Jax Stone begins to fall in love with her and she begins to fall in love with him. She doesn't want to get involved with him because he is famous and she doesn't want him to use her.
2. lost love and family
3. i plan on reading while it last by abbi glines.
Jason Koval
04:24 PM ET (US)
Shadow of doubt that is what I I'm reading right now. Total of pages 219 and where I stopped today was 179. Three things I really don't like about my book is the plot is kinda not getting to the point. It is a very very slow read. And I barley know the charters as in other books I read I feel like I truly know them. Girl is running away 2nd She is trine find her dad. The next book I want to be reading after this one is 23 mins in hell.
William Hunley
04:24 PM ET (US)
the book I am currently reading is if your reading this by trent reedy im on page 82 0f 297. 1 thing I really like about my book is that its about football and sports related. the 2 thing I like is that the books setting is in a small town in Iowa. I like that the kid is my age so I can relate to him cause he has a annoying little sister. the themes are about a kid growing up playing football with the loss of his dad. I have no idea what book ill read next
Emma Lewis
04:23 PM ET (US)
I finished reading Lucky by Alice Sebold today. I am on page 21 of The Lost Children by Mary McCracken out of 240 pages.
Something I really liked about Lucky was that Alice didn't hold back when talking about her trial. Another thing I enjoyed about the novel was that Alice mentions that she struggled to write but yet she still managed to publish this novel. On the other hand, something I didn't like was that Alice mentions in the aftermath section of the novel that she develops a drug addiction, I just wish she didn't have to go though the things that lead her to develop this addiction. Two themes of my book are bravery and justice. I knew that the next novel I wanted to read would be a real story. The Lost Children seemed something along the lines of previous subjects that had interested me, so I choose it.
Jaden Luke
04:23 PM ET (US)
I am reading Catching Fire and it has 391 pages and I am on page 192.
1. I really like how the book is written, very easy to follow. Also, the book has a great story and really follows up the first book very nicely. It is a very entertaining book jam packed with adventure and excitement.
2. Fiction and Realistic Fiction
3. I am thinking about reading the book called "Shooting JFK".
Tanner Schaunaman
04:23 PM ET (US)
I am currently reading Death in the Dark. I am on page 173 of 268. I really like how descriptive this author is and how many details he includes in his stories. I also really like how each chapter is sort of a different section or event that is happening. I dislike how off topic he can get sometimes and how some of his wording is a little weird. Two themes of my book are death and survival. For my next book, I plan re-read and old series I read a couple years ago. I have the books but I can not remember the names right now.
Isaiah Tschetter
04:23 PM ET (US)
I'm currently reading "Rogue," by Julie Kagawa, I stopped at page 398 out of 459. I enjoy the action in the book. I like that the authors uses imagery often. Finally, I like that this book is a three part series. One theme would be 'never give up.' The other would be 'knowing why you believe what you believe.' The next book I'd like to read is "Will to Survive."
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