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2/19: V-A-C-A-TION!

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10:25 AM ET (US)
     Over the break I was in California on vacations with some family friends. It was my first time on an airplane and I loved it, the feeling of being that far up in the air gave me a rush. When we were there we saw lots of cool things and saw a really cool show. I also found out that I am never going to live in California ever because it is way to busy, but they so have a really nice view. On vacation I took only one book and that was Nerve by Jeanne Ryan and finished it when I was there. The book has 304 pages in it.

     In the book the only way the Zara relaxes is when she is with family and using her powers. When she is with family she sees that the people around her are always there and won't leave her unless something bad happens. She also feels relax when she using her powers because it helps her release stress and anything that is bothering her she forgets. If I ever brought Zara on vacation with me it would be fun but bad at the same time. She doesn't know how to control her powers that well so she struggles when she is in big crowds. But she would be fun if we went to the beach or something. Her powers would let us do things that no-one else would be able to do. But despite all the bad stuff that could happen it would be one adventure that would be worth remembering.
Cooper Maras
10:00 PM ET (US)
Over my break I did pretty much nothing until Sunday then I went to Saint Cloud for a baseball showcase which the showcase was on Monday. I am reading Warrior by Darrin Donnelly I'm on page 134 of 238.

If I brought the main character of my book Chris McNeely home there would be some very interesting conversations. Chris is a head coach for Wisconsin State and also was the head coach for the Miami Dolphins at one time. If I brought him home my parents would most likely interrogate him on his philosophies for success. In the book he is visited by the ghosts of successful coaches of the past and taught to approach coaching differently.
Braidon Downs
02:19 PM ET (US)
I did nothing over the week end but stayed home.

I am reading the fear I stoped on pg 192 of 486

if I brought one of the characters home the would be shocked to see that our would has not suffered like there world did. I would bring Olivia because she is just I little girl and does not deserve to die. so I would bring her here before she dies and let her live a normal happy life. I would also so like to have her brother come over with her so they are together and safe.
Abbie Cain
11:09 AM ET (US)
During the break I finished the book The Eyes of The Dragon by Stephen King. Other than that, I mostly just slept in and chilled over break. I started the book All The Ugly And Wonderful Things by Bryn Greenwood which is 406 pages and I stopped on page 92 today.

C. If I brought the main character Wavy home with me, I know that is would be difficult to communicate with her. Wavy is 9 years old and still only talks in short phrases when completely necessary. Wavy also tends to wander off at night time, which is something her parents do not pay attention, but would normally frighten a regular person. I know if she came home with me I would not be able to touch her either because that makes her uncomfortable because she is afraid of germs from other people.
Fallon Jackman
11:08 AM ET (US)
Over my break I did a lot of cleaning so when I move it is not as hard to put things in boxes and go. in my free time I would Read a few pages but more then likely get interrupted with something I needed to do. I am currently reading the book Hollow City by Ransom Riggs and go to page 162 out of 396. if I were to bring one of the main chareters from the book home with me for a few days I would want to take oliva with me. I would take her with because I think it is cool that she is lighter then air. if I were to need something that was high up she would be able to get it for me easier and quicker then I could myself.
Ethan Kueter
11:08 AM ET (US)
Over the long break I worked a little bit and I went ice fishing a lot, other than the day I was sick. Today I started reading Dogsong, by Gary Palsen, it is 162 pages, I got to page 18. I am going to do the Journal over my last book Wildlife by Cynthia Defelice.

If I took Erik to my house for a few days I would plan to go hunting a lot. I know how much he wants to hunt and is not given the chance. He also loves dogs and my two dogs Jake and Kobe are the most friendly dogs out their so he would like them. He would especially like Kobe because he is extremely playful and some say he is almost psycho.
Austin Brookfield
11:08 AM ET (US)
During the nice break, I worked all day Saturday and watched my nephew mostly all of the days before that. I am now reading "Forever My Girl" by Di McLaughlin. I am on page 63 of 232.

B. The main character in my book, Liam, spends his time writing music. It even says in the book that he uses his spare and free time, so like when he is on the tour bus going to other shows that he actually relaxes by writing new songs or practicing his new and improved songs. He also mainly plays with his cat when he isn't in the mood to write. He talks about how is cat doesn't even like him because he bought her a village not a car for a play spot. Liam would spend his free time doing the things he's best at.
Aysia Hall
11:07 AM ET (US)
During the five day break, I hung out with friends and worked. I also read for a few minutes. Currently, I am reading The Line by Teri Hall, and I am on page 203/219.

This book is a really interesting book to read over a vacation because it's a quick read, and it portrays many different life lessons. If I wanted to, I'd be able to finish this book in a day or two. The Line is a very interesting story and portrays themes about love, the hardships of life, and the curiosity of young souls. This story also plays off as a fiction mystery/fantasy story, which fulfills my interests. All in all, the story touches base with curious minds and shows examples of taking risks to readers.
Chelsea Shumaker
11:07 AM ET (US)
In the last few days I have been at home either reading or cleaning my room. I spent most of my time playing board games with my brother, who came home from Phoenix.

I am currently reading Onyx, I stopped on page 61 of 418 pages. It is a fiction/romance book.

The main character in my book does to relax is actually really simply. Katy, the main character loves to read and cook. If she is not reading or cooking, she is usually hanging out with her mom watching movies. Or she is hanging out with her next door neighbor, Dee. I am loving this book so far. I like how the author puts her own personality and her own point of view. Overall , I love this book and can't wait to finish it.
Karlye Maras
11:07 AM ET (US)
This weekend I did many things. I went out with my friends, spent time with my family, and went to basketball games. I finished reading the book Wonder, now I am reading Sold today I stopped on page 32 out of 263.

A. The main character in my book is Lakshmi. She lives in Africa s my best guess were she would go for vacation would be to America. However it wouldn't be that much of a vacation because she probably wouldn't go back to Africa. She doesn't have anything in Africa so if she could even find the money to go on vacation she'd probably choose to just live in poverty or try to start a life in America. I think she would choose America because they think that thats where most refugees go and thats the first place that comes to mind when they think of immigration.
Elliot Uehling
11:07 AM ET (US)
1. Over the weekend, I got bronchitis, so I basically stayed in bed and coughed my lungs up the whole weekend. I also broke my sleeping record. Old record: 14 hours. New record: 18 hours.

2. I am currently reading 'The Fault in Our Stars' by John Green. its 313 pages and I stopped on page 219 today.

3. In my book, the main character, Hazel Grace, reads to relax. her favorite book is 'An Imperial Affliction'. She loved the book, but I'm really not sure if she still does. She visited the author and he was terrible. Then again, there's the whole "sEpARaTe thE ArTisT fRom ThE aRT", so I don't really know.
Makara jackson
11:05 AM ET (US)
Over this long weekend I read quite a bit and did some crafting with my aunt. A good relaxing weekend.

I also finished A Heart In a Body In the World by Deb Caletti, I already turned int he book and forgot how many pages there were.

Right now I am reading Just One Day by Gayle Forman. If The main character Allyson would go on vacation she would go to Europe, which is funny because the opening setting until the Fourteenth chapter is her actually vacationing in Europe. This entire story is about finding yourself, even if you have to go in far off places. Allyson is a very shy and timid character, but on her trip she kind of says screw it, and goes on an adventure to Paris with a guy she just met. I would imagine she would do the same again, History tends to repeat itself.
Cole Miles
11:05 AM ET (US)
Over the 5 day break I slept the first day, then traveled for a birthday, then slept for the rest of the three days. I didn't even touch my book over the break because on the 3rd day I got sick so then that just messed up everything so I just slept.

I'm still reading Burning Nation by Trent Reedy, I'm on page 118 of 415 and I'm really like the book because the farther you get in it the better the action gets.

Cal the main character would go out on a boat with a bunch of buddies and just relax on the bot for a few hours because thats what they do every other weekend so they can get there mind of of the things that they have been doing or going threw with school. Cal also likes to do this because his mom is not the best because she thinks that Cal is ant old enough to do things by his self so she thinks she has to be where ever he is if he goes out so thats why they go out on the boat so she can't tell what he's doing and how long his going to be out its his responsibility to be able to do what he can.
Arriana Mausbach
11:04 AM ET (US)
Doing break I went to Swan Lake, which is a lake about 45 minutes south of Hartford. I basically just chilled there and ate food, because they make really good food. I am reading Breathing Underwater. I stopped on page 50 of 263. I don't know enough about the main character in the book, so I'm going to write about the main character in my previous book, The Foreseeable Future.

A. In my previous book, The Foreseeable Future, the main character lived in California. She had always wanted to go to Seattle because she liked the people and the architecture. So if she were to go anywhere, I would assume she would go to Seattle. Towards the end of the book, she actually ends up going there and getting her dream job. Her dream job is to be a nurse assistant. They basically clean the rooms and make sure the patients are okay.
Eleanor Dick
11:03 AM ET (US)
1. I hung out with my friends, helped my mom, but mostly relaxed. I need some time off to rest and that's exactly what I did.
2. I am reading The Hate U Give and am on page 244 of 444.
3. A. If Starr Carter were to take a vacation right now, it would be somewhere to clear her mind. Right now she is gong through a lot and needs a break. With that being said I think she would go to an island in the Caribbean. She would have fun and relax. Starr could really use a vacation right about now.
Rachel Eickman
11:02 AM ET (US)
Over break I did homework for my college classes and I had practice for basketball and a game on Saturday and Monday. I took naps almost every day which was nice.
Last Wednesday I finished my last book and I requested a book from the library but it still hasn't came in yet. So today I read a graphic novel called Positively Izzy by Terry Libenson. I stopped on page 101 out of 220.
The main character in this book chooses to relax by writing in her journal. She has a lot of pressure on her by her mother to be more like her sisters. She has a hard time staying focused in school because she always catches herself day dreaming about random scenarios. But when she writes in her journal, all of the pressure from other people go away and she can be herself.
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