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[F6] Klifford Pratt the Star Pediatrician

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The door slides shut behind Matt, Klifford and Benjamin, leaving them in the cold confines of rectangular dungeon-like space made of hewn stone bricks. This must be the game area. They listen in at the door and don’t hear anything. It seems like they’re now trapped in their own little world. They survey the room in front of them. One wall seems to have an elevator set into it with a down button. Another has a white medium-sized rectangular tank with a lid. It looks like a fish tank as they can look in one side and see how it’s filled to the brim with bronze liquid. The thing is five or so feet across and a couple feet tall. A tap sits on one side of it where the liquid can be poured out and a tankard sits on top.

A red light shines on the wall, indicating that the challenge needs to be completed. Under the light reads a message etched in stone, “Drink thirty glasses of this liquor.” A timer counts down under it, showing how much time they have left.

"Wait." Benjamin stopped Klifford and Matt. "I have something to confess to both of you."

"More secrets?" Klifford asked.

"Almost two years ago, I saved your families' lives. Your daughter, Matt. And your wife and daughter, Klifford."

"Brat, what are you going on about?"

"It was a mission I was on. I'm afraid I can't really say more than that."

Matt chuckled and slapped Benjamin on the back. "You know, brat? You're a weird fucker but you're alright."

"This is wonderful news." Klifford said. "But why are you telling us this now?"

"I'm not sure."

"Heh. Well I'll be sure to tell my wife and daughter about their British guardian angel."

"That one didn't even make sense, moron."

Benjamin sighed. "Let's just get on the elevator, guys."

They talk briefly among themselves and then take the elevator down. It goes down to two different floors. They take it down to the middle floor. They notice that the elevator has a mysterious keyhole near the buttons like maybe the elevator has some sort of locked mechanism.

They arrive on the middle floor. It’s like the top floor but this one contains a seat and a pachinko machine in place of the tank. There are vertical closed glass tubes fashioned to either side of the pachinko machine, which is definitely unusual for a gambling machine of its nature. They also notice that the chair that they would sit in is a little funny: it clamps the wrist down and they can see a needle retracted into the chair. They read the machine and find out that you have to bet 100 ml blood to play pachinko balls on this machine.

Along the side of the room, the group sees that there’s a grate in the floor, which can see down into the room below. It doesn’t look like it can be moved in any way. On one wall is a large, rectangular mirror, which freaks the group out a little bit out of the corner of their eyes. It doesn’t seem to serve any clear purpose. Above it is a camera attached to the ceiling which must be what is going to take a picture at the twenty minute mark and then every five minutes afterwards.

Again, there’s a red light on the wall. This one says “Win 500 pachinko balls.” Another extremely daunting task, to be sure, considering the price for each ball. Under it, a clock ticks downward.

They go over to the elevator again and take it down. They discuss the possible roles they might play. Matt admits that the drinking challenge is definitely meant for him. Klifford admits that the gambling one is probably for him.

When the elevator makes it to the bottom floor, their suspicions are confirmed that this one is for Benjamin. Another camera sits on the ceiling in the same place as the floor above. A red light on the wall reads, “Make the person attached to this brain-reading device feel pain such that the scale goes all the way to the end of the red zone.” The clock under it is ticking downwards as usual.

Sitting on one side of the room is a chair attached to the ground and the aforementioned brain-reading device behind it. The device indeed has a needle and a scale, which goes all the way up to a red zone. Other than the pain reader, the metal rectangular machine has some pads on it to attach to a person as instructed.

Around the chair there is a table to one side and a lit fireplace on the other side. The fireplace has two hot irons and a poker sitting in it, which are glowing white hot. The table has a variety of tools upon it, including a blindfold, wire, a bowie knife, pliers, and a tape recorder.

They talk for a few seconds, looking around at the various items in the room.

“Yeah, this one is easy for me. I can hook myself up to it so that you can focus on your challenges. I’ll be able to help you both after I finish,” Benjamin says. “Let’s get started.”


Matt and Klifford go to the elevator while Benjamin stays behind in doing his task.

Klifford gets off the elevator first onto his room, saying his goodbyes to Matt very briefly. Klifford slowly goes over to the pachinko machine, eyeing it anxiously. He sighs. Why did Belphegor have to target him like this? The whole affair seems quite dangerous… But then again, it’s not like the others’ are much better.

He thinks about his wife and daughter back at home, with not a penny in their names and without him. The best thing for him to do at this point is to go along with this… As long as it brings him one step closer to them.

He nervously approaches the machine and sits on it. Immediately as he sits down and puts his hand on the armrests, the clamp binds his wrist. He flinches at the sight of it, but looks over at the pachinko machine. It seems there’s quite a few obstacles for the ball to cross through before it lands in a hole, and the trajectory for aiming the ball feels quite limited. There is a special hole where you can score 500 balls and win automatically, but it’s very tight and appears to be nearly impossible to achieve.

It’s definitely very unlikely that he’ll be able to get it with just a few balls… But maybe it’s worth trying out anyway. Klifford bets about 500 mL on pachinko balls. He grimaces as the needle pierces, as he feels all that blood leaving his body. He throws the 5 balls into the pachinko machine and feels them all land slowly, one by one.

Most of them don’t even make it past the first hurdle.

It’s obviously a failure. Klifford sweats nervously. He bets another 500 mL but it goes even worse than the first time. He clenches his teeth, his gambler nature starting to take over him. He starts betting more and more on the balls, but they keep end up missing the holes they’re supposed to land in and he barely ends up getting any profit from them. And even when he does, they end up not benefiting him much either.

Slowly, he starts feeling woozy. His breath is short and held back, and he feels like he could faint any second. He keeps going on though, starting to get even more into it. He keeps betting and betting more… But it’s futile. All the balls miss their mark and he gets zero profit from it.

He looks towards the needle. One more… just one more… He’s already put so much into this, why not just one last try? He feels the needle pierce him, feeling sharper than usual. He takes the last ball, and with a heave-ho… He throws it.

It stumbles and rolls around the machine carelessly, going quite close to some of the hazards in the playing area. It looks like it’s going to be the end for him… Suddenly, though, it lands perfectly into the jackpot! 500 ping pong balls suddenly enter, and the screen flashes in neon! He’s done it! He’s completed his challenge!

Klifford starts to get up to celebrate, but falls back down. He suddenly looks over at how much blood he’s bet at this point. That’s… that’s almost 5 liters of blood! It’s pretty close to being deadly… That’s quite a lot. Maybe… maybe it would be better to get a little bit of rest… Just a little…

He closes his eyes slowly as he leans back in his chair… He feels all semblance of consciousness drift away from him, till all he sees is darkness.

And soon perhaps, he would see angels. Angels awaiting him on the doorsteps of heaven.

This was how it all ended.
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Your EFL with Oliver: https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/G8c8m3wPpmQc
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Your card: Get three people to laugh.
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Your EFL with Brandy: https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/cY84DPGH3Ww
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Last Night, After the Festival:

Klifford goes back to the hospital to look at the results of the testing for Shizune. He’s at it for a while when a cold feeling washes over him.

She’s not going to make it at this rate.

Whatever it is, the illness is eating away at her body itself. There seems to be an inordinate amount of cells dying and it’s almost like something is in her attacking her. Shizune seemed confident under questioning that she had no history of this type of affliction, but Klifford has only ever seen something this bad once: when he diagnosed that boy with the rare disease back in Rattlewater. Looking through all the papers though, Klifford struggles to find something that fits. Is it not a disease then? Is it some sort of poison? Perhaps it’s so rare that nobody knows about it? He knows he’s going to have to do something daring in order to solve this.

He scribbles uselessly in the journal, crossing out theories and staring deeply at the tests.

Feeling too stressed, Klifford leaves the hospital to go to the bowling alley. Once there he goes over to a gambling machine and starts playing.

Very Late

Klifford sighs, and looks at his nearly-empty wallet. He finally cashes out with nothing at all. The machine prints a little ticket notifying him of his achievement. He sighs and leaves.

He walks back to the hospital. Nail and Shizune are still in their rooms. Klifford goes to his office where he is working on his tests. He stays up for several hours trying to figure something out, but to no avail. He needs to save Shizune desperately.

It didn’t hit him till recently, but… after working to save her so desperately, he realised that she reminded him of his daughter. Since he’s so far away from his home now, he can’t see his family now, so he’s getting attached to her. No matter what, he can’t let her die.

Klifford shakes his head, getting up. He goes over to the medicine room in a corner. He looks through all the medicine, desperately looking for something that would work. He wants some medicine to help combat whatever’s eating away at her cells. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be anything that guarantees such a thing. He does remember that on the surface there was a very powerful cure for such illnesses such as this one where cells are being destroyed. It is called Panacea, and it is made through a challenging and possibly lethal process involving pufferfish toxin. Klifford realizes that making such a thing, even if he had the ingredients, would be impossible with his sheer lack of knowledge. If he could get her to the surface he could get her some.

After a while of digging through the shelves, he happens to find a mysterious bottle in the room. It seems to have intensely risky side effects, but if he gives this to Shizune, there’s about a 40% chance that it’ll improve her condition.

Klifford hesitates slightly. Does he really want to do this? He decides to continue searching, but ultimately his examination yields little else. The bottle of risky medicine sits atop the counter temptingly. Klifford looks away from it and goes back to Shizune’s room. He keeps a watch on her asleep for a few hours while writing in his notes about all his thoughts. After some time, he sees her open her eyes slowly. Is she awake? This early- it’s 9 AM. What the hell? He must have really stayed up for a while.

He shakes his head, trying not to show any weakness or signs of being tired. He gives a smile to Shizune and greets her. He asks her how he’s feeling and the two start talking. Shizune still seems quite weak but she maintains her usual polite demeanour and writes that she had a satisfactory sleep. The eyebags betray her though. It’s quite clear the girl has suffered quite a bit. Klifford feels quite terrible for her. He promises that things will get better for her, but it feels empty coming from him.

He then goes and prepares some food for her quickly. He gives it to her and makes sure she eats properly. He cracks a joke or two to lift her spirits, but it gets only a weak smile from her. The food is enough for Shizune to be satisfied with, but she still appears in bad shape. Klifford is worried and tells her to rest for some more time. As she sleeps, he keeps a watch on her. Time passes by. Klifford himself feels fatigued, but he keeps on monitoring her. The tests don’t seem to indicate that she’s getting better either.

At one point (around 2:30 or so), he hears a loud clattering sound come from the roadside. He flinches. What are people doing outside to make such a commotion? He sees Shizune wake up for a second but assures her everything’s fine, and she goes back to sleep.


Some more time passes by, and things don’t look good. Klifford’s mind flashes back to the medicine he saw earlier numerous times. The way it looks, it doesn’t appear that she can make it normally. Klifford finally decides to risk it, his gambling nature taking over. If there’s a chance that Shizune might survive, then why not go for it? He shakes his head. He puts away all his notes to one side and leaves to the medicine room.

He quickly shifts through all the medicine, looking for the bottle he saw last night. It takes several minutes, but he finally manages to get his hands on it. It has a very unnerving appearance, but he snatches it and puts it in his pocket. He can’t risk waiting any longer, so he has to improve things somehow.

As he comes back to Shizune’s room though, he hears someone call him.


“Doc? That you?”

Klifford turns around to see Brandy. He raises his arms in surprise. “Oh, Brandy! Sorry, I didn’t hear you over there.” He chuckles, but the usual light in his eyes is absent currently. He scratches his head sheepishly. “So, er, is there anything I can help you with?”

Brandy eyes the doctor with concern. “Er… well, I jus’ wanted to check up on you an’ Shizune. Y’know, just to see if you were both doing alright?”

Klifford blinks in surprise. “Oh, um. Well, that’s nice to hear. Didn’t expect you to check up on us, heh. Shizune’s asleep though, so you might have to come see her a bit later.”

“Oh? Then what’re ya doin’ outside her room, Kliff?” Brandy asks.

“Ah, that.” Klifford’s smile disappears suddenly, and he shakes his head somewhat wearily. “I… just went to get some medicine for her. I’m hoping it does the trick, but…”

“Say, Kliff.” Brandy interrupts, looking worried for Klifford. “Are you feeling alright? You don’t look fine exactly.”

“W-what?” Klifford stammers.

“I can tell that you’re stressed. Working hard all night long and carin’ for poor ol’ Shizune, especially after what that dumb ol’ ball said… Did you even have breakfast today?”

Klifford looks away. “...I had some coffee to keep myself up.”

“Kliff, that ain’t healthy. You’ve been overworkin’ lately, Klifford. I’m worried for ya. If there’s anything ya need help with, you can tell me.” Brandy placed her hand on Klifford’s shoulder, looking at him in the eye seriously.

Klifford lets out a big sigh. He’s clearly more tired than he was letting on earlier. “Yeah… I guess you could say that. But it’s alright. Shizune’s in a bit of a tough spot right now, and I need to care for her.” He looks down at the ring on his finger, a strange look on his face.

Brandy looks down at the ring, her eyes widening somewhat. “Say, Kliff… Yer’ married, right? You’ve got a family back home?”

Klifford nods, a sad look in his eyes. “I have a wife and daughter, yes. They’re back at home, probably wondering if I’m dead or not… I’m not sure if I’ll ever see them again. But, well... “ He glances inside the room at Shizune. “I’m not sure how I got attached so easily… Maybe it’s because I’m in isolation. But I want to save her. Taking care of her over these past two days… it’s been tiring, but when she smiles at me politely, I get reminded of my daughter. Sentimental of me, I know... “ He shakes his head.

“Nah… I getcha, Kliff.” Brandy has a remorseful look in her eyes as well. “After I lost both Charlie and Benny, I wasn’t really sure what to do. Losing people ya care about can be damagin’ to ya. Lemme tell you, even now I wonder whether I was really that good of a mother figure to Charlie. But… like ya said, when you’re trapped with all these people, you’re bound to get attached to them soon. I’ve started with bondin’ with Seb recently too. He’s a good kid underneath, really, makes ya wonder how much Bennett affected him. You’ve known Shizune ‘fore this game too. I know that ya care for her. So… if you want to act like her parent in the absence of one, I get it.” She gives a strange chuckle.

“Heh…” Klifford chuckles back. “Maybe I should’ve trusted you before. It’s been hard working alone, but… I’m not willing to let her go now. I’m not letting a stupid ball dictate her fate.”

“That’s the spirit.” Brandy responds encouragingly. “I know you can support her in her time of need, Kliff. I had a feeling you could do it. I guess you could say… the ball’s in your court now!” She cracks a joke.

Klifford gives out a surprisingly loud laugh. “Ha! I needed that… Anyway, thanks, Brandy. I’ll try my best.” He nods thankfully, turning towards the door and entering. “I’ll be back in a second. Just gotta give her some medicine.”

“Sure, Kliff. I believe in ya, alright? Just… make sure not to hide things from us if we can help. Y’know what they say, teamwork makes the dream work.” Brandy repeats.

“Of course.” Klifford nods sincerely before closing the door. He feels a bit better knowing that he has someone else supporting him, but the feeling of the medicine in his pocket drags him down somewhat.


Klifford walks into the room with a mysterious bottle in his hand and sets it down next to Shizune. He has a weak smile on his face.

“Alright, here’s what I found! Hopefully after you take this you’ll start feeling much better!”

Shizune takes the bottle in her hands weakly. She opens the bottle and goes to drink it.

Klifford stops her, “Oops! I’m sorry. Let me measure out exactly what you’re going to need. It’s possible to overdose on this, so I’ll make it exact.”

Klifford measures out less than a single gram of the liquid. It’s ruby red and translucent.

Shizune looks up at Klifford, hesitating for a moment. Suddenly, as if resigning herself, she drinks it.

Klifford stands up, “Alright, well that should be good. I’ll leave you for now. Let me know if you need anything. You’ve got a bell and one of Bruce’s whistles if you do.” Klifford cleans up all of his papers and such and leaves.


Klifford comes out of the room, seeing Brandy again. He gives a smile to her. The two of them make small talk now. Brandy inquires more about Shizune’s condition, but Klifford insists she needs to rest more to help overcome it. It’s clear that he’s been doing the best he can. His hair is definitely more dishevelled than usual and he definitely seems much less jokey now.

As the two of them talk, they suddenly hear footsteps slowly behind them. They turn around to see…

“Sebastian? Is that you?” Klifford asks.

“So ya came after all”, Brandy chuckles. “Well, ain’t that nice. You’ve come to see Shizune, I reckon?”

“Y-yeah, I have.” Seb nods shakily. “I just wanted to make sure she was doing well and all…”

“Oh, isn’t that nice?” Klifford chuckles. “Good to see someone else who cares for her. I think she might be asleep right about now, but let’s check. It’d be nice if she could open up to somebody here.” He escorts Sebastian to the room while Brandy waits outside patiently.


“Hey, Shizune, looks like you’ve got a visitor!”

The door opens, and Sebastian enters the room, followed by Klifford. Shizune is sitting upright in her bed, writing something. As the two enters, she quickly puts it away.

“Um… hi”, Sebastian greets the girl quite awkwardly. She gives a polite smile in response, though it appears more strained than usual.

“Well, don’t let me interrupt you guys”, Klifford quips, going over to the side. “You both can talk in peace.”

“Right, um… thanks, Klifford.” Sebastian replies with a small gulp, turning over to the girl. “So, um… how are you feeling?”

Shizune frowns slightly, but types up a letter insisting that she’s managing despite being under the weather. Sebastian doesn’t seem to buy it though, and pushes her on this. Shizune keeps insisting that she’s fine.

Suddenly, Sebastian tenses up. “Shizune, please… please stop!” He says with surprising force. “I can’t bear hearing you clam up like this! I know that you aren’t feeling well, you don’t have to hide it from me. I’ve seen far worse!”

Shizune blinks in surprise. She looks away sadly. Klifford puts a hand on Sebastian’s shoulder quickly to caution him. He looks at the boy with concern.

Sebastian looks down. “Look, I’m sorry, but… After that day, I drifted away from everyone. I didn’t have any friends at all… Now that I finally have a friend again, I can’t lose them again.” He looks Shizune at the eye. “Please, you don’t need to hide anything from me now. You can trust me.”

Shizune looks up back at Sebastian, gulping slowly. She quickly writes a letter and gives it to Sebastian. She seems touched by his display and thanks him for caring. She admits she’s felt in a rut for a while, not only because of her condition but because she feels useless and uncared for, neglected by the others. Like a mere child sitting on a pushchair. She seems to be happy that both Sebastian and Klifford are there for her. Both the two seemed relieved by this answer. It seems that the girl has gotten quite a bit off her chest.

Suddenly, Shizune starts coughing. Sebastian looks down on the floor and sees the room is quite dusty. “Seriously?! You didn’t even clean the place up?” Sebastian asks Klifford.

“Look, I was too busy caring for Shizune”, Klifford sighs. “It’s a hard job.”

“Mother wouldn’t approve of this”, Sebastian mutters, taking out his mop and using it to efficiently clean the place. It only takes a few minutes for the room to look quite spotless. Shizune seems quite thankful at this and looks somewhat better now. The two of them converse for a little while after, clearly more relaxed now. The talk seems to be more casual now. Klifford sits behind, a small smile on his face.

At around 4:00 or so, the group suddenly hears the sound of something crashing. It appears quite loud. “What on earth was that?!” Klifford shouts, startled.

“I-I don’t think that sounded good…” Seb mumbles. “We should check it out.”

“Yeah, we should. Shizune, you stay here. You need to get some rest, alright?” The two of them quickly rush out of the room to see what’s going on in the room, leaving the girl there, quite confused as to what’s going on.

[You definitely don’t want the truth about what you did with the medicine coming out. Also you don’t want Shizune to learn about your diagnosis since it might stress her out.]

Investigation (Don’t read until after body discovery, you fiend!):

Ivan, Benjamin, and Klifford investigate First Street.

This street contains Dojo Sushi, the crash site, the Historical Society, and the Rattlewater Tribune.

The first place the group checks is the crash site. Ivan watches closely over Benjamin and Klifford to make sure nobody is pulling any funny business as they go through the wrecked car and look over the body. Klifford takes a close look at the body and shakes his head, a little confused. Ciro’s body is in the driver’s seat of the car. Benjamin woke up in the passenger seat with bleeding on the back of his head. Matt was found on the floor of the vehicle between the driver and passenger seats. Klifford says that Ciro was definitely knocked out before the crash judging from the wounds on his body. He definitely bounced around like a ragdoll. Klifford also adds that the damage to the exterior of the body make it difficult to say what damage might have happened on the inside. He notes that the time of death was probably shortly after 4:00. They search Ciro’s body. His hand still looks fairly messed up. The only other thing they find on him is a blackish-reddish chunks in a plastic bag, all covered in blackish-reddish slime. All three look like they don’t want to open it. After a while they agree that they should just keep it shut. There doesn’t seem to be anything else in there. On the floor of the vehicle are broken bits of glass, colored like a beer bottle. They inspect the brake lines and fine that they’re cleanly cut. They also look at the accelerator pedal and find it’s covered in a gunky substance that makes it jam in place sometimes.

While they are out on the street, the group notices glinting on the ground near the side of the road. They find that on the ground are broken bits of glass belonging to a blackened glass bottle. There doesn’t seem to be any stains from liquid or anything around it. It looks like it was crushed.

The group searches the Historical Society of Rattlewater. Inside they find loads of old artifacts under glass cases. Weird rocks, carvings, ceramics, jewelry and so on. It all seems to be hundreds of years old. Along with the artifacts, there’s an exhibit for old art, old farm equipment, and old clothes. Plenty of the masks from yesterday’s celebration are here. Apparently, Micah took a liking to them and just placed them on top of random things in the exhibit. One of the mannequins that are used to display old-timey clothes has a mask on its face.They go upstairs to check Micah’s office. Micah has carried one of the robes and masks up here. Otherwise, she simply has a bunch of notes out, checking in the many different masks that are being added to the exhibit.

The group searches Dojo Sushi. The front seating area is completely clean. It seems like all of the tables are clean, but one in particular looks glossy in a way that implies it was cleaned earlier today. The kitchen area is a lot more interesting. There is plenty of silverware and cooking gear. The group recognizes two bowls in the sink as being two of the ones Ciro had used to serve everyone soup a few days ago. Silverware is in the sink as well, along with a large cooking knife. In the trash, they find the remains of another such bowl, among other anonymous cooking ingredients. It seems that the orange bowl has been broken into pieces and some of it is stained black on the inside. The rest of the trash seems normal. The fire is running, and the group clearly spots the ashes of paper jumping around in the fire. Seems like a note was burned again. The most ominous thing in the room is the remains of a pufferfish, which seems to be left out. It isn’t out of place in a sushi restaurant, but it seems like it was cut up and left here for some reason.

The group searches the Rattlewater tribune. They find nothing of interest except for a lot of spare sheets of paper and spare typewriter ribbons. It doesn’t seem like anything was moved in the back store room.
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Outside - Nail, Bennett, Klifford, Brandy

Klifford examines the corpse thoroughly. He points at the neck, where there’s heavy bruising around it. Klifford comments that she probably could have been choked out by someone, but it would not have been fatal. He says that the body being so cold makes it very hard to determine the time of death. The body has two wounds: one right in the chest, and a second one still with a spear in it. Both nearly go through the body and would be fatal. They were made with some sort of long, stabbing weapon. The group searches the body and finds a blalck die, a bag filled with silver tubes that looks like it can be put together, a mysterious amulet around her neck, and a picture book story involving robin hood. Brandy can hardly watch at this point. She asks to take the book, and the others let her. Bennett takes the die.
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As people are hanging around the caverns, either looking for a way out, waiting for the great feast to begin or just taking a rest in the igloos there’s suddenly a cracking sound followed by a splash. People look in the direction of the noise and see Shizune, desperately splashing around in the cold icy lake. People quickly race to where she is and try to get her out to the best of their abilities. Daniel, Matt and Klifford manage to get her out finally. She appears to be shivering, her clothes completely drenched by the lake water.

“Are you alright, soldier? That looked like a pretty bad spill”, Daniel says in a surprisingly considerate tone of voice.

Shizune simply coughs in response. She doesn’t look like she’s well at all.

“I don’t think we should keep waiting. I’ll take care of her,” Klifford says seriously. He picks her up from the snowy floor, though he struggles a little. He then carries her to an igloo to take care of her.


“Well, ‘eck.” Brandy glances at the icy lake, with the thin ice surrounding it. There’s a huge hole nearby, looking quite recent. “She must’ve been too much for the ice to handle.”

“Her wheelchair mustn’t have helped matters either… Speaking of, it looks like it’s gone down there as well.” Micah glances down into the lake. “It doesn’t look like it’ll be easy to get it back.”

“Yeah, looks like it.” Daniel grunts. “With the weight of the thing, it’s probably at the bottom of the lake by now.”

“That’s quite unfortunate. It doesn’t exactly help matters either that we’ve lost it.” Benjamin shakes his head. “At this rate, people could see her as an even bigger target.”

“What?! Nobody’d do such a thing!” Brandy protests.

“Of course, that would be the humane thing to do. But there’s no point denying the fact that she would be the easiest person to kill out of everyone here.” Benjamin says darkly, his voice still emotionless.

There’s an awkward silence for a few moments as people look away.

“Hold on.” Daniel suddenly says. “I think I see something floatin’ over there.” He gestures to the hole in the ice lake, where Claudia is currently floating at the surface.

“Oh, right! How could we have forgotten? Without Claudia, Shizune can’t exactly communicate with us, can she?” Brandy says. “We better take this to her!”

Matt goes over and slowly picks it up. He grunts. “This don’t look right. Looks like it got fucked up a bit when the girl fell in.” He takes it and starts going into the other igloo. “I’ll fix it up and give it to her, aight?”

People seem surprised by this generous display of his, but are pleased at the same time. Figuring that there’s little else to do, they all go back to whatever they were doing previously.


Klifford carries Shizune over to the igloo with the cot, laying her on it. He quickly checks up on her. It doesn’t appear she’s well at all. Her temperature is quite high, and her coughing is incessant.

“Oh dear… This isn’t good.” Klifford grimaces. “Those wet clothes of yours won’t do you any good. Wait a second, I’ll be right back.” He goes to the other igloo and comes back with some clothes. “Here, these should be about your size. Lemme help you.” He gives Shizune her new clothes and helps her change, while still respecting her boundaries. After she does, he helps her lie down on the cot and covers her up with a blanket. Her temperature doesn’t seem to be quite as bad, but she’s still coughing a bit.

“Cool down, Shizune….” Klifford grins slightly to himself at his lame pun. “Looks like that dip into those cold waters was a bit too… Chilling for you, huh? No matter though… That cough’ll disappear with a bit of rest. You need some warmth too, so make sure to curl yourself up in that blanket. I’ll stay by your side for a bit too.” He sits down nearby, observing Shizune. Not much happens for some time. Shizune isn’t shivering, at least, and her chillness goes down. She slowly closes her eyes, starting to rest. Klifford sits back, simply sighing. Many thoughts go through his head.


Matt suddenly enters the igloo, Claudia in hand. He sees Klifford sitting by an asleep Shizune.

“Ssh.” Klifford puts his finger to his lips. “She’s asleep.”

“Don’t worry ‘bout it, doc. Just came here to give this back.” Matt pulls out something- Claudia? “Fell into the lake with her. Got broken up a bit, so I fixed it right back up.”

“Oh, well.” Klifford smiles amicably. “That’s quite nice of you, Matt. Thank you.”

“Yea, yea, whatever.” Matt says, scratching his head. “Figured I gotta prove my worth to you shitheads anyway. Just give it to her when she gets up.”

“Of course. Thanks for your help.” Klifford nods, taking the typewriter from him. Matt then leaves the igloo, leaving Klifford by Shizune’s side once more.


After some time, Shizune slowly opens her eyes, looking over at Klifford slowly.

“Ah, you’re up. Feeling better now?” Klifford asks compassionately.

Shizune nods slowly. She seems tired but doesn’t seem to be coughing at least.

“Well, you certainly look better at least”, Klifford chuckles. “Oh, and that reminds me, here you go.” He takes out Claudia, which seems to be in good condition, surprisingly. Shizune’s eyes widen as she quickly takes it from the doctor’s hands. She looks at Klifford and nods gratefully.

“It actually got broken a little after it fell inside the lake… Thankfully, though, you don’t have to worry. Matt managed to fix it up and gave it to me just now. So if you want to thank someone, thank him”, Klifford says. Shizune seems quite surprised at this. She starts typing up a response, but Klifford stops her. “Don’t worry, I’m just as surprised. You can thank him later at the feast though. Actually, speaking of, the feast should be starting now. Shall we attend?”

A growl can be heard from Shizune’s stomach.

“Oh dear. Then we better go eat, huh?” Klifford chuckles. “C’mon, let’s go.” Klifford helps the girl up from her cot, Claudia in hand, and slowly escorts her to the mess hall, where everyone else is.


As Ciro starts distributing the food he’s prepared, the others hear someone else entering the room. They look around to see Klifford, his eyes quite tired yet a warm smile on his face. By his side is Shizune, whom he helps over to her table. She appears to be in a different set of clothes and wearing a new coat now. She looks to be quite tired as well. As Klifford helps her take a seat beside him, she takes out Claudia and quickly types up a letter, which she passes onto Matt.

As Matt reads the letter, he flushes slightly and grimaces, looking almost embarrassed. “Ay, you don’t gotta thank me for nuttin’, girl. Just doin’ my bloody job an’ all. You don’t gotta owe me a thing, you he-”

“Oh? What does it say?” Ciro asks out of curiosity, looking at Matt.

“You can read it for yerself if you wanna, brat”, Matt sputters, throwing the letter in his face. Ciro, unperturbed, begins reading out the letter.

“Dear Mr. Gustily,

I would like to thank you for personally retrieving Claudia from the icey waters she was dropped into thanks to my carelessness. I would not have expected anything from anybody, yet you heroically managed to rescue her and even fix her before delivering it back to me. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to repay you.

With many thanks,
Shizune Takata”

“Oh, what’s this?” Ciro raises an eyebrow. “Did something happen with Shizune?”

“Indeed. She fell into the water by accident, and lost both her wheelchair and her typewriter.” Benjamin summarises in his usual tone. “Unfortunately, her wheelchair couldn’t even be recovered from the depths of the cold lake.”

“Yeah, I had to go take care of her for a while after that. She was feeling pretty bad after that spill she took.” Klifford says, Shizune nodding along with a grateful look in her eyes.

“Ah, I see. Quite unfortunate, really.” Ciro shakes his head. “You’ll need to have some more food to make up for that.” He takes a bigger blue bowl and puts it on her side instead.

“Well, isn’t that nice of ya”, Klifford chuckles. “This is a good way to break the ice, huh?”

People seem very unamused by that joke, most of all Shizune. Brandy tries chuckling awkwardly, but it doesn’t exactly help raise spirits.

Matt eyes Klifford irritably. “Doc, if ya make another shit joke like that, the ice won’t be the only thing that’s broke.”

“Hey, uh, what’s going on?” A voice comes suddenly from the doorway. People look to see Bennett, looking quite confused.

“You’re rather late. What took you so long?” Benjamin asks.

“Ah, well, that’s my bad. Totally forgot when the feast was starting and only decided to go check now. Hopefully I haven’t missed out on much, though.” Bennett explains.

“Not at all, the feast is just starting! Come and help yourself”, Ciro says generously.

“This only leaves Daniel missing, though. I wonder where he could have gotten to…” Micah mumbles quietly.

Bennett takes his seat and the food gets served to all. Everyone starts eating comfortably. There’s a bit of small talk across the room but overall the mood isn’t particularly chatty. Everyone seems quite pleased with the quality of the food though. It’s clear Ciro’s put a lot of effort into crafting several mouth watering, stomach filling delicacies.

As the group eats, they hear a grunt behind them and see Daniel arrive, his face comparable to a rhinoceros. He takes his seat wordlessly and starts eating. People are surprised by this behaviour and ask him what took him so long, but he says nothing, oddly unwilling to explain himself. He simply stuffs himself with more food, clearly quite starved.

The rest of the feast thankfully goes much smoother, with not much else happening. People finish eating slowly and depart. All the food’s over now, and everyone’s stomachs are filled up. It’s safe to say the feast was quite satisfactory.

Everyone leaves by 6:45, leaving Ciro to clean the dishes by himself.
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You suddenly hear someone scream out of nowhere. Turning around, you see that one of the support beams in the mines have been damaged! You see someone run up and decide to follow them quickly. You barely make it into the upper ice caverns as the mines collapse. It looks like some other people are with you... And you're trapped here with them.

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You, Ciro and Sebastian are recruited to investigate the crime scene. All three of you enter, although the narrow entrance gets in the way a bit.

“That was quite small”, Ciro notes. “I doubt most people could fit through that.”

“Yeah, it’s pretty tight.” Klifford agrees. “I noticed that Nail was too tall to fit through it, and Daniel was too large as well. Lavender too, since she’s an automaton.”

“Benjamin’s iron ball would’ve also gotten in the way of him trying to enter, I think.” Sebastian quietly adds. “Mom was always right… Prison does you no good, as they say.”

“Right. Anyway, I suppose I should examine… her.” Klifford sighs sadly. “Why did this have to happen to you, Carrie?” He goes to the body to conduct an autopsy. As he does, the other two decide to look around.

“This place seems pretty unclean…” Sebastian says. “The odour in this room is rather foul.”

“Not surprising there, friend.” Klifford replies. “Carrie’s right here in the centre of this tunnel. Considering how badly she smelled all the time, this isn’t really that surprising.”

“Hmm, this must be the murder weapon.” Ciro says, picking up a rock present on the floor, covered in blood. “I see a handprint on it too… Someone must have picked it up and bashed her on the head with it.”

Klifford shakes his head. “What a rocky way to go… Erm, pun not intended.”

“So she was so adept in these caves, yet all someone had to do to kill her was hit her with a rock?” Sebastian asks. “She must’ve been weaker than I thought…”

“Yes, it is strange.” Ciro nods. “She appeared quite strong to me, so it is strange that she didn’t even bother to put up a fight with… whoever murdered her.”

In the corner, the two also see a pair of skeletons, sitting together lonelily. They both look old, very old. Their skin has decayed leaving only their bones. Not even their clothes remain. Sebastian looks through them, abnormally unperturbed. “...Nothing much here.” He reports after a while.

“Hmm… I wonder what those could have to do with the crime.” Ciro contemplates.

“Not much, most likely. Didn’t seem to be disturbed till now… Though I found this.” Sebastian mutters, pulling out what appears to be a band of some sort. It seems to have faded and it’s hard to make out any details. “Found this on one of their hands. Seems old.” He explains laconically.

After some time, Klifford turns away from the body, ready to report his findings. “Alright, so there’s not much to really say here, but I’ve managed to discover a few things while examining… erm, Carrie.” He clears his throat.

“The cause of death was a single hit to the head with a blunt object, with death being instant. There were no signs of struggle on Carrie, obviously. The time of death is a bit hard to estimate, since it’s not quite my expertise, but it was somewhere between 4 AM and 7 AM, I think.”

“Three whole hours, hmm? That makes things easier, at least.” Ciro nods.

“That’s not all. I noticed a few other things about poor Carrie. It seemed her body was… a bit moist. It was hard to tell with how dirty she is usually, but I noticed it was there. Her face was especially wet. To the point that she left quite the mess.” He points on the floor. Where Carrie’s face was, there was a small puddle of some watery liquid.

“Another thing I noticed was the blood. Carrie suffered from a lot of blood loss after she got hit, but there doesn’t seem to be as much blood here. The difference between the blood lost and the blood we see over the floor and on the rock is pretty noticeable. So it must’ve gone somewhere else.” Klifford says.

“Ah, I understand your implication. You mean to say the killer might have gotten rid of the blood, yes, doctor?” Ciro suggests.

“Maybe.” Klifford nods. “Or maybe the blood fell on something else which was removed, or even that the blood fell on the killer themselves.”

“The killer themselves, hmm? That seems quite unlikely.” Ciro replies. “If that were the case, we would’ve seen them covered in blood. Unless they cleaned it up…”

“I’d notice if that were the case.” Seb adds quietly. “It’d be hard to hide even a small stain on them perfectly, I think.”

“Well, it’s just a theory for now. Anyway, one last thing… I found this by Carrie’s side.” Klifford holds up a torch, still on. Its light seems weak now, perhaps from how long it’s been on for. “I think it’s Carrie’s. There’s a dent on the back of it too, weirdly. Looks like it was dropped.”

“Dropped, hmm?” Ciro scratches his chin. “It seems that Carrie must have been frightened by something… Perhaps it could be the killer entering, but I thought there were no signs of struggle on her, yes?”

“Yeah… Anyway, that’s all I have. I don’t know if there’s anything else to do here.” Klifford shrugs.

Around that time, the call for the Tribunal starts. “Ah, already?” Ciro shakes his head. “Alright, you two can go. I’ll stay here for a minute to… do some work.”

The other two eye him strangely but decide to leave, going through the narrow entrance.
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After the performance, you feel pretty tired. It doesn’t seem like anyone appreciated your jokes, either. You decide to go to bed at about midnight, and you doze off pretty quickly. Sleep comes to you nicely and your dreams are quite nice. You were back at home with Leane and Amelia, with all of you having a nice time together. You’re a heavy sleeper, so not much gets in the way for you or wakes you up. Suddenly though, you’re rudely interrupted in the middle of the night by someone shouting.

“Klifford!” Brandy shouts suddenly into his tent. “Are you awake?!”

“Urrghh… Leanne, is that you…?” Klifford asks groggily as he gets up, rubbing his eyes.

Brandy blinks in confusion. “What? No, it’s me! Brandy Henn, remember?”

“Oh! Oh, yes, Brandy… What is it, now? It’s quite late. I’d have thought you’d be asleep by now.” Klifford mutters, checking the time as he does. “5:30… geez.”

“There’s no time to explain! Charlotte’s in big trouble, and she needs your help!” Brandy exclaims.

“W-what?!” Klifford jumps, slowly getting out of his tent and scanning his surroundings. “Y-you mean she’s not here... ?” As you look around, you see Matt, Shizune, Lavender, even Sebastian all in their tents asleep and still- but you don't see Charlotte at all.

“She’s in the hideout!” Brandy says, pulling him by the arm. “We’ve got to get there immediately!”

Before Klifford can even ask anything else, Brandy tugs him along with a surprising amount of force and the two both quickly leave camp, rushing through the caves. Soon, they stop before the two branching tunnels. Brandy puts her hand on the cavern wall, out of breath. “T-there’s… a secret tunnel… on the left path. Just before the quicksand, if you pull pack the vines, it’s… it leads to the hideout.”

“How do you know?” Klifford asks, surprised.

“It’s…” Brandy looks away uncomfortably. “Look, just go through there for now. Charlotte should be there on the other side, and…”

“Aren’t you coming as well?”

“I’ll… come in a few minutes. I just need to... y’know.” Brandy shakes her head.

You give a sigh before leaving. Indeed, there is a tunnel where Brandy says it was. Strange that she happened to know about it… You also notice something else. Are those sobs in the distance you hear? Strange… They don’t appear to be coming from here. Anyway, you decide to enter the tunnel, since that’s what your mission is, and you make your way through it. Sure enough, at the end of the tunnel is the hideout. It seems to be from the back, on the opposite side of the usual ‘waterfall’ entrance. For whatever reason, you detect a rather pungent odour in the room as well.

Immediately, you notice someone lying on the ground… scratch that, two people! The first one you see is Ciro, lying facing up towards the other entrance of the hideout. He’s out like a light, but more importantly, he’s tied up! The second person is Charlotte, lying unconscious in a corner of the hideout. Sensing Ciro’s condition to be important, you immediately go up to check him out.

The first thing you do is untie him to free his limbs. Then you check his pulse and heartbeat. Both appear normal… He’ll be fine, it looks like, though checking his head, it looks like he was hit by something blunt. Probably what knocked him out. Still, this is strange. You’re pretty sure that Brandy didn’t tell anything about him to you…

Regardless, you decide to go check up on Charlotte next, and… oh dear. She appears to be in need of proper medical attention. She has quite the number of injuries on her body. You notice a first aid box through your peripherals and quickly grab it. You need to focus on giving her help.

“W-wh…” You hear a voice behind you. Brandy.

“Ah, you’re here.” You nod, not even turning to look her way. “Don’t worry, I’m doing the best I can for her. You’re quite lucky there’s a first aid box in this place.”

“W-will she be alright?” She asks quietly.

“Might be. Looks like the poor girl has quite a lot of injuries on her. She’s going to need serious medical attention from me for a while here.” You explain seriously. “I’ll need some quiet time here, if you don’t mind.”

Brandy sighs. “Alright, doc… Take your time.”
You continue working where you left off with Charlotte for a while silently. You can hear Brandy’s footsteps as she looks around.

“Ciro…?” You hear her murmur confusedly.

“Ah, yes, him.” You turn around momentarily. “I untied him just now, in case you’re wondering.”

“He was tied up…?” She asks.

“You mean it wasn’t your doing?” You probe suspiciously.

“Of course not! I would never do something like that!” Brandy protests.

“Fine, fine.” You sigh. “He’s out like a light, though. Seems to have been knocked out by something blunt. He’s in no critical condition, though, so I’ll come to him after treating your friend.” You turn back to Charlotte, and start to murmur to her quietly as you do.

“Heh… it’s alright there, Charlotte. Everything’s going to be fine. You may be a bit reckless, but you’re not a… Charlotte-an, are you?”

“Wait, Charlotte what?” Brandy asks, confused. You look up in surprise and see her right by you.

“Oh… It was ‘Charlotte-an’. Y’know, like ‘Charlatan’?” You explain.

Brandy gives an annoyed groan. “Do you really come up with this stuff even when you’re operating, Klifford?”

“H-hey, nobody asked you to listen!” You respond sheepishly. “It’s just something I do to make myself feel better. Nothing wrong with that, y’know? Helps calm me down.”

Brandy simply rolls her eyes. “If I were your patient, hearing your jokes would be more than enough to send me into a coma.”

You look away awkwardly, grumbling to yourself before continuing work. Suddenly, you raise his eyebrows, realising something. “Huh, that’s strange… They’ve stopped now.”

“Huh? What’s stopped?” Brandy asks.

“Didn’t you hear it when you were coming here? There were some pretty loud sobs coming for a while.” You say. “I was so focused on Charlotte over here I didn’t even realise it, but it stopped some time back.”

“Huh… now that you mention it…” Brandy scratches her chin in thought. “Yeah, I faintly remember hearing it now. I didn’t think about it much because I was pretty worried, though…”

“That’s fair enough, Brandy.” You give a nod. “Thinking about it, I might’ve stopped hearing them sometime before you came in. It seems to be gone now.”

“Pretty weird, if you ask me.” Brandy shakes her head. “I wonder what it c-” But she gets cut off, by a small groan.

“Huh…? What’s going on here?” Charlotte slowly opens her eyes, noticing Brandy by her side. “M-mother? Is that yo-”

She gets quickly cut off by a tight hug coming from Brandy’s side. It feels warm and comforting despite it being done with only one arm, in contrast to the cold tears that run down Brandy’s face. “Y-you’re alive…” She quietly murmurs. “You’re still here…”

Charlotte seems caught off guard by this sudden display of emotion, but slowly decides to return it. “Are you alright?” She asks nervously.

“Yes… I’m alright now.” Brandy wipes off the tears on her face, showing a relieved smile. “I’m sorry that you had to get hurt, Charlotte… This was all my fault.”

“O-oh, no, no! Please don’t be sad…” Charlotte exclaims apologetically. “I didn’t know you were so worried!”

“But are you fine, pal?” Klifford asks. “You were knocked out, you know. You had a lot of injuries on you as well.”

“Oh… Yeah, I’m feeling good. Maybe a bit dizzy, but... “ Charlotte shrugs. “I can’t really recall what happened now.”

“You must be tired now. You’ve had a long night. Maybe it’s time to go back and rest now.” Klifford advises.

“Yes, I’ll take her back now. But…” Brandy takes Klifford’s hand and shakes it joyfully. “Thank you so much for your help! Without you I don’t… I don’t know what I’d…”

Klifford lightly chuckles. “Don’t worry about it. All that matters is that she’s alive and well and you both can be happy now.” He gets up, dusting his clothes. “Anyway, I’ve got to take care of him now.” He gestures to Ciro, who’s lying in the middle of the hideout in a strange pose.

“Huh? What’s he…?” Charlotte asks, confused.

“It doesn’t matter now.” Brandy says, tugging Charlotte along as she leaves through the tunnel. “Let’s get you back to camp now.”

As the two leave, you shake your head, making a mental note to ask them about what exactly happened sometime tomorrow. You quickly take a moment to check the time- it’s a little after 6 now. You better get to checking out Ciro.

The next several minutes are rather uneventful, as you just check up on him further and try to wake him up. His head wound’s thankfully pretty minor as well.

“Alright, Ciro, everything’s gonna be alright…” You start muttering to yourself again. “At least I’m the only one working here now… Y’know how it goes, too many cooks spoil the broth.” You chuckle lightly.

“Hmm…? Cooks…?” Ciro opens his eyes. “Ah… Klifford. Is that you?”

“Ah, you’re awake!” You say, quite surprised. “Are you quite alright, Ciro?”

“Ahh… Well, I feel a horrible pain coming from my head, actually.” Ciro rubs the back of his head.

“Ah, yes, we should take care of that soon.” You nod. “You got knocked out, it seems. You probably just need to get some rest now.”

“Oh, so we have to return back to the camp?” Ciro looks around, coming to grips with his surroundings. “But shouldn’t you know about Brandy and Charlotte…?”

“It’s no worry. They’ve been both taken care of.” Klifford gives him a comforting smile. “I think I have a good idea of what happened here too. More importantly, you need to just sleep. You’ll recover soon enough. That hit to the head doesn’t look like it hurt you too much, at least.”

With that, you take Ciro out of the hideout through the tunnel and back to the camp. He remains surprisingly quiet as you go back to the camp, though he nurses his head on the way there. You both make it back at around 6:45. You help Ciro back into his tent and make sure he’s comfortable before leaving back to your own tent. You need some sleep after all this. You have some trouble dozing off though, manly due to someone nearby yelling loudly in their sleep, but after a while, sleep finally comes to you.

You wake up later at 8:00, and decide to join the others for breakfast after that.
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EFL with Shizune: https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/yYPYNGJap9msY
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Your tentmate EFL: https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/CRhTSpZ89Vp7V
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General character stuff: No real changes to the original version, sans one thing which we'll mention later on. Basically mostly the same as the first draft.

People you recognise:

Nail- You've heard all the rumours about the guy. His unusual complexion and his height combined with his manner of speech and his attitude makes him seem quite suspicious. You've even heard people talk about how his advice is no good and that he's the devil in disguise trying to lure you astray. You don't think he's that bad, though. Some years back, you came to him for advice regarding your money problems, and he suggested perhaps gambling to make more money. So you tried it out, and it went well for a while... Till your luck ran out, anyway. But he doesn't seem quite as bad as he's made out to be.

Sebastian- You've seen him cleaning around town before. He's usually quiet and keeps to himself. His mother, Docia, is a doctor at the same hospital you work at though (albeit the only hospital in the whole town). She's usually quite nice, although quite stressed due to her work overload (which you can sympathise with). In addition to that though, you also see Seb every month for his appointment. He's usually about as soft spoken to you there and it's quite uneventful. As of late though, you notice he's even more quiet and closed off than he used to be. Weird.

Shizune- Also a patient of yours, whom you see monthly. She's even quieter than Seb is, mainly due to the fact that she's mute. She only communicates via letters, but remains polite. She reminds you a little of your daughter, Amelia. Very cheerful and nice, and her appointments usually go well enough... Though she doesn't appreciate your jokes, sadly.

Charlotte- Another patient of yours. Much louder than the other two and doesn't appreciate being called a thief, even though her occupation is just stealing from trucks that pass the nearby highway and donating the spoils to the town. Very outspoken and energetic. She doesn't like attending your appointments too much, claiming that a life of adventure is for her instead. They usually go by quite quickly.

Oliver/Lavender- Pretty stellar performers. You've only seen a couple of their individual shows but they're quite bombastic and fun. Definitely household names in Rattlewater.

Brandy- Another local celebrity! You see her occasionally around town, and she's usually quite cheerful and nice despite her ability. You've heard of her crazy adventures before, and you want to go check out her personal museum when you get the chance. You're pretty sure Charlie's a big fan of her too. Just last week she was bragging about the autograph she got from her in your appointment.

Ivan- Very staunch man. Extraordinarily strict and tough when working on a case but he always seems devoted towards the good of the town. You hope you never have an adverse encounter with the fellow, though.

Matt- Ever since you've been visiting the bar more and more as of late, you've been seeing the man in one corner of the bar, usually drinking his heart out. Maybe even literally at the rate he goes. You've never talked to him personally but he seems like quite the gruff fellow.
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This is your QT for F6. Your alibis and other story related information connected to your character will be posted here.

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