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Mafia Chat

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05:05 PM ET (US)
Cabal Therapy
11:02 PM ET (US)
Assuming you live through the night, I would just daykill Rubik as soon as you get online. No need to complicate things with a lynch.

Hopefully JD roleblocks Rubik tonight as well.
Edited 11-22-2017 11:06 PM
Barack Obama
08:13 PM ET (US)
Oh I wasn't aware that today was almost over anyways.

We don't have a nightkill, but if we no lynch that would be fine.
Barack Obama
08:10 PM ET (US)
Go for it.
08:11 AM ET (US)
I like risk...
Barack Obama
12:53 AM ET (US)
So a few thoughts.

I really think that Rubik needs to die. Lynching him would obviously be the ideal scenario. If it doesn't look like a successful lynch will happen, daykilling him would also be safe. JayDreven is also a jailer. If he jumps on my vig bait you can fragile Rubik today and if Jay jails him the next night he will die. But that's a less likely occurrence (figured I would cast the line out there in case I got a bite though).

I also just realized, there is a somewhat risky but high reward line of play here as well. Does your meteor storm ability end the day? If it does not, you can storm right now to kill off two town. This leaves you, one town, and two claimed selfs (me and JD). You can then claim to be mafia and offer a deal to JD and me to collectively vote together and kill off the last town. If that happens, we will win the game today. Obviously, some stuff can go wrong here. If you don't kill Rubik with your storm then claiming mafia is risky because Rubik might have enough votes to hammer you himself. If JD betrays you then you will die but as long as one of the meteors hit Rubik then I will just be able to win anyways.
11:56 PM ET (US)
Your call. The two good options I can think about is kill two people at random or just daykill Rubik.

I would pick the one you like more and do it soonish. Worst case scenario is that you get hammered before you can use an ability.
11:54 PM ET (US)
The alternate line that I can see is to just straight up daykill Rubik. This guarantees that he dies.

We enter tomorrow with Altimis, JD, Rag, and me alive, and I can probably still pull out a win, assuming Altimis can't nightkill me (he hasn't claimed an ability that can do so, so far).

Daykill Rubik might actually even be the safer plan.
11:44 PM ET (US)
Let's take a look at the random kill scenarios.

If it comes down to Rubik, JD, me, then Rubik will likely nightkill me and we will lose.

If it comes down to Altimis, JD, me, then I think I can pull off a win. Altimis hasn't displayed any abilities that can kill me.

If it comes down to Rag, JD, me, then we definitely win, because I can just hammer Rag due to her existing mod vote.

So 1/3 chance of probably losing, 2/3 chance of probably winning.
04:55 PM ET (US)
Spells are:

Voteblock someone
Make votes count 1.5 times more.
Make someone fragile
Daykill a player of choice. Mafia won't have a NK.
Watch the entire design file, without bastard notes and secrets, mafia wont have NK that night.
Clearing all votes, anyone voting me afterwards will have a random locked vote instead.
Kill half of the town-aligned players random. Mafia won't have NK.
Edited 11-18-2017 04:55 PM
04:52 PM ET (US)
Also, you might be able to make a play on the fact that I seem to be the only one who trusted Alt from the start, even when there was zero proof.
04:51 PM ET (US)
I can't pick.

The spell is Meteor Storm, and therefor random. It just kills half of the town-aligned players.
03:14 PM ET (US)
If you kill two other people, winning will be harder but it's still completely possible.
03:14 PM ET (US)
Do you get to pick who you kill?

If you can kill Rubik and Alt I'm pretty confident in my ability to clean up.

I'm very hard to lynch right now (it currently takes 6 votes to lynch me), so the only thing the town can do to get rid of me is nightkill me.

Rubik has a nightkill for sure, so he needs to go. Alt would also be preferable since he has a real ability and Rag is vanilla.

If the next day begins with Rag, JD, and me, then we win for sure. I can just vote Rag to kill her, and Rag + JD don't have enough votes combined to kill me.
07:01 AM ET (US)
So odds are pretty high that the lynch would fall my way anyway.

So here's my thoughts:

I use the 2 kill ability. You do your thing overnight, but won't be able to send a NK.
Try to get the last town lynched to the best of your abilities.

Do you think you could pull that off with all 3 of them, depending on who survives?
04:45 AM ET (US)
The half is rounded up though.
So it would kill 2 of Rag/Rubik/Alt.
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