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Darkest Mafia Private Topic - Sabrar

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05:41 PM ET (US)
All messages signed as Sabrar.

To heury: "Chose not to cure you, otherwise you hide behind somitomi and die. Confirmation would come too late, by staying alive you might attract NK."
24 words, running total 24

To jimbob: "Just in case you didn't receive previous message, somitomi is last scum. He lied about Cop result on Zenii. Hoping you're last Vig."
23 words, running total 47

To somitomi: "Did you ever send me any emails signed with rolename? What is your ability? Stop roleblocking me if you're town."
20 words, running total 67

To Vicarin: "Curing you from affliction just in case. Share all results with jimbob N5, watch wam."
15 words, running total 82

To wam: "I'm unimportant going forwards. Protect Vicarin on even nights, jimbob on odd ones. Lie to somitomi about target."
18 words, running total 100


Just occurred to me that scum could have targeted heury. Oh well, shouldn't matter.
11:16 AM ET (US)
Stealing 5 minutes from work to write down draft emails:

heury: "Chose not to cure you, by staying alive you might attract NK."
wam: "Am unimportant going forwards. Protect jimbob on odd nights."
Vicarin: "Curing you from affliction just in case. Share all results with jimbob N5"
somitomi: "Did you ever send me any emails signed with rolename? What is your ability?"
08:32 AM ET (US)
Use Inspiring Cry on Vicarin.

jimbob is untargetable tonight and I actually don't want to target heury as that means he'll hide behind somitomi next and will die.
12:55 AM ET (US)
Who is Abomination? Clearly scum killed SirG so why would you admit to that? Or is it somitomi's false-claim? Then who is Plague Doctor?
05:20 PM ET (US)
Let's make sense of this.

What's the reason of no NK?
- scum was jailed? No, Vicarin is confirmed town by SirGabriel
- scum was roleblocked? Unlikely as I was RB-d (most likely by scum) and nobody claimed RB so far.
- I was attacked and healed by wam. Then why roleblock me? Why send me message?
- Vicarin was attacked and protected by jail. Most likely scenario.

Suppose for a minute that somitomi is town and for some reason was afflicted to receive wrong result. Unlikely because people seem to know when they are afflicted and how that affects them. Or maybe there is a hidden mechanic where Zen was GF or my Cop was naive? Again unlikely.
Suppose there is completely crazy mechanic that I can't think of. Who is scum then? Do we really have Doc+Jailer+Hider? Seems too much defense even if the have RB. But then balance was not promised. Plus if Madge was our only normal Vig then it might be needed?
jimbob looks genuine, Jailer must be town and his claim fits even/odd night happenings perfectly.
heury's wall of text also looks out of place and might indicate that he speaks the truth.
Leaves only wam who claimed Doc. And who is hoping that I will reveal the Vig to him? Could be... but I don't feel like it.

Now suppose scum's RB happens before jail. In that case if scum repeatedly targets our last Vig-substitute then there is no way for us to kill him. And if jailer+vig is the same person then it could be a guaranteed win for scum. So we need to guarantee that doesn't happen. Need to think about this more.
LaserGuyPerson was signed in when posted
02:09 PM ET (US)
No. Messaging powers are treated separately.
02:06 PM ET (US)
Wait, no. He should have received my message tonight. He can get somitomi N5.

@LaserGuy: Does roleblocking stop messages as well?
02:05 PM ET (US)
So jimbob is odd-night Jailer/even-night Commuter. But then who is the Vig? Or does jimbob execute his target if scum?

This is so messed up. We can't message him tonight so he'll only learn about somitomi N5, N6 he hides, N7 he finally gets somitomi??? Assuming he doesn't die N5. Which means I need to tell wam to protect him next night!
LaserGuyPerson was signed in when posted
01:46 PM ET (US)
It is gone
01:42 PM ET (US)
Is my 1-shot ability gone for good or can I use it again?
LaserGuyPerson was signed in when posted
01:37 PM ET (US)
Results for SABRAR

Vicarin was in jail last night
You were roleblocked last night. Your action failed.

Messages for SABRAR

Killed SirG. Killing Vicarin N4. Can't tonight due to affliction.

I am afflicted with fear so I can only use my ability on someone I've targetes before.

Somitomi claims town cop result on zenii
Jimbob claims part-time miller. Thinks you're town. He claimed he will not receive or send messages n2.
There is a vestal that claims doctor that protected zen n1.

That's anything important received in messages. My orgininal plan to continue once not afflicted.

Am afflicted, but not critical. Don't target me even nights. Message restriction same nights.

What do you think happened to your result?

Protected sabrar n3

Right so after stellaris your not going to trust this but as the claimed doc if we can get down to me and you we can win this. I will keep protecting you. I assume you have or have contact with a town kill. Let me know your thoughts. Wam

Somi clearly partner for lying about cop result.
Edited 04-04-2018 01:37 PM
10:15 AM ET (US)
Updated guess before deadline: jimbob is odd-night Jailer/even-night Vig, shooting Zenii as well N2. He'll jail somitomi tonight resulting in no death, tomorrow he shoots him and game ends.
05:29 PM ET (US)
Sorry :)
04:51 PM ET (US)

I'm ready to end the night.
04:32 PM ET (US)
An extension of 24 hours was requested and granted. Deadline in now Wednesday April 4 at 11 am Pacific time. If all players have finished before then, please let me know in your QT and I will end the night early.
03:26 AM ET (US)
So setup is looking like:

Madge: Vig
SirGabriel: Mason + Follower + 1-shot Vig (feel like this is incredibly strong)
Vicarin: Mason + Watcher + 1-shot Vig (why the self-watch? if you're dead you can't reveal who killed you unless there is a specific mechanic for that)
h_a: Hider (who seemingly has to decide in advance the target? feels weird)
wam: Doc
jimbob: Miller/Jailer?? no one else claimed it. Maybe somitomi is the Jailer?

Who is the last (probably 1-shot) Vig? Thought it might be jimbob because of the 'no N2 message thing' which seemed to mean he'll shoot instead but Zenii was most likely killed by the Masons which means jimbob didn't shoot... Unless roleblocked/afflicted? Oh well, shouldn't matter.
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