Sachiko and Akio Sachiko and Akio QuickTopic <![CDATA[Pancakez | "Don't worry! My flames listen to me!" Akio nodded. "You...]]> 2018-04-06T16:53Z <![CDATA[Y0shi | "Kyaaa!" Sachi squealed, collapsing to the floor and...]]> 2018-04-06T10:58Z <![CDATA[pancakez | Akio nodded, and took her to the beach. He collected some...]]> 2018-04-06T04:35Z <![CDATA[Y0shi | "Rehearse? Okay then, teach me what I need to do!"]]> 2018-04-06T03:33Z <![CDATA[pancakez | "Alright! Let's rehearse!"]]> 2018-04-06T03:27Z <![CDATA[Y0shi | "Hmmm...fine. I'll be your lovely assistant," she]]> 2018-04-06T00:17Z <![CDATA[pancakez | "C'mooon!" Akio said, circling Sachiko. "With an...]]> 2018-04-05T23:18Z <![CDATA[Y0shi | "Its a very tempting offer..." She shrugged. "I'll think...]]> 2018-04-05T21:39Z <![CDATA[pancakez | "Aww, you can trust me...none of my assistants died...]]> 2018-04-05T21:24Z <![CDATA[Y0shi | "You say that as if you could die multiple times..."]]> 2018-04-05T20:53Z <![CDATA[pancakez | "No! I didn't kill myself once yet! I'm a pro!"]]> 2018-04-05T19:47Z <![CDATA[Y0shi | "Thats....pretty dangerous, Akio. Do I need to be your mom...]]> 2018-04-05T19:35Z <![CDATA[pancakez | "Hmm...Ah! I know! You can be my assistant! Usually I have...]]> 2018-04-05T19:22Z <![CDATA[Y0shi | "I'm not a performing type..." She smiled slightly. "I...]]> 2018-04-05T18:32Z <![CDATA[Pancakez | "Ehehe..." Akio scratched his nose proudly. "Hey, you...]]> 2018-04-05T15:09Z