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IR Journal #3: 1/22/19

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fallon jackman
03:21 PM ET (US)
20. Assess one of the characters strengths and weaknesses

today I am reading The Football Girl. I got to page 110 out of 200. in the book the two main characters both have different strengths and weaknesses. Tessa is strong on the outside but when it comes to handling hard situations she gets very upset about them. even thought Tessa gets upset easily she is able to calm herself down quickly so she does not make an unreasonable mistake. Caleb is the other big main character. Caleb, like Tessa, is a strong person on the outside but is more sensitive on the inside. even thought Caleb is able to console his emotions better then Tessa he overorries about things
Ethan Kueter
09:29 AM ET (US)
20. Asses characters strengths and weaknesses.

Today I read to page 61 of 195 in the book Hatchet. Some of Brian strengths are his ability to not panic. When the pilot had a heart attack Brian stayed calm and didn't panic. This gave him time to think about what to do. Another strength is his intelligence. He was smart enough to know not to land into the trees but into a lake. His weaknesses are that he doesn't really know what to do in the wild and doesn't really know how to kill an animal for food. He will need these skills to survive.
Austin Brookfield
09:19 PM ET (US)
20. Assess one of the characters strengths and weaknesses

Today I read the book Navigating Early, today I stopped on page 217 out of 306. One of the main characters "Jack Baker " has a lot of strengths and weaknesses. Jacks mother died in the end of World War II, and he is suddenly uprooted from his home in Kansas. He is then placed in a military boot camp in Maine. One of his weaknesses has to do with communication. When he first starts out at the boot camp he doesn't talk to him, he feels eager to talk to his now best friend named Early. One of his strengths is still loving life even though he has gone through so much.
Cadem Ideker
03:43 PM ET (US)
How did the main character change from the begging to the end of the story?

Today I read to page 210 of The Darkest Path. The main character Callum has had a lot of events in which changed his view on life. At the age of 6 he was separated from his family, was given the choice and lived with his brother for until he escaped. Through the book he believed that following the path would lead to his salvation, however, after seeing all of the corrupt ways of the path he changed his mindset. When he escapes his mindset changes to survival mode, his only focus was surviving and escaping. When he found his way to South Dakota, he met good people and he found a way to relax more and more. His mindset then went from survival to contemplation, as he had to make his choice on joining the army or going to Canada.
Braidon Downs
02:09 PM ET (US)
today I stoped at 247 of 336. This story takes place in the future when humans have made advance technology. this book does not look like it will ever come true and I am both happy and sad that is the case. I'm sad because the things in this book are too cool and I would love to play the game and use the net screens. I'm happy because I don't want no sentient AI going wild.
Abbie Cain
12:02 PM ET (US)
Describe the foreshadowing/flashbacks. Did you know they were clues when you first read them?

I am reading The Long Walk by Stephen King and I read to page 66 today. So far only three people have gotten shot, and each of these events have been foreshadowed. The first boy started cramping and got his three warnings within an hour and minutes later he "got his ticket" which just means that he got shot, but for some reason they call it that in the book. One of the other boys began getting blisters and got his ticket hours later. While the other fell and got a cut on his leg and started to bleed rapidly and then got his warnings and then his ticket. These are all obvious examples of oh foreshadowing, but there are other less obvious examples of foreshadowing that I noticed that show that certain boys will not live much longer, such as hysteria and numbness in legs.
Cooper Maras
11:40 AM ET (US)
Do any of the characters change throughout the story?

I am reading Rebound by: Kwame Alexander I'm on page 231 of 414. The main character of the book rebound is Charlie Bell. Charlie starts the book when his father just passed away and he is going through a hard time coping. He does some things that are wrong due to the stress he is under. He goes to his grandparents for the summer because his mother forces him to. He is starting to change because his grandfather teaches him to appreciate other things besides his comic books and video games. His grandfather has him work around the house and yard, he has him go for walks with him, and go to the boys and girls club where his grandfather works in his spare time. He is learnijng to appreciate the game of basketball and enjoy the time he has with his family.
Rachel Eickman
11:34 AM ET (US)
Today I read through page 161 out of 195 in the survival book called Hatchet by Gary Paulsen. In this book, the main character, Brain, changes drastically throughout the time he is in the woods. He started off being scared and hopeless after the plane crashes in the middle of the Canadian forrest. He did not know how to hunt for food or build a shelter. The first week that he was lost, all he ate was berries that made him sick. But now I am getting towards the end of the book and he has learned how to swear for fish, shoot rabbits and birds, and he even built his own shelter out of logs. His mindset has also changed from being scared and vulnerable to patient and observant.
Felicia Lowe
11:33 AM ET (US)
I am reading the survival book called The Only Thing To Fear by Caroline Tung Richmond. This book is 280 pages long and today I stopped on page 33.

Would you like to be anyone in the story? Who? Why?

In the story I would have to be Zara. She is a brave, outgoing and independent women who is always trying to stir up some trouble. Zara is about my age and we can really relate. She's one of them girls that is knows how to handle herself and any situations. Why I want would want to be Zara is because she stands up for what she believes in and doesn't take orders from people she doesn't know. She can also be stubborn, which I find very funny because I'm very stubborn at times too. As I read more, I feel like I'm getting closer to know her and her personalities.
Elliot Uehling
11:33 AM ET (US)
17. Choose any character and explain why they are important to the story.
I'm currently reading a survival book called 'The Raft'. I'm on page 136 out of 231. I think Max is really important to the story. He's one of the pilots from the plane. When the plane went down, he remained semi-calm and collected. While Robbie was freaking out, max saved her life. She was terrified and didn't even put her life jacket on, but Max knew they were running out of time. He threw her off the plane so she wouldn't go down with it. She and Max ended up on the raft together, but max got hurt. He stayed asleep for a long time, but then he woke up. I feel like he's the only person keeping Robbie 'sane' right now by talking to her and telling her stories.
Aysia Hall
11:33 AM ET (US)
4. Select a relatively important event in the book and describe why it was a turning point in the character's life? What was it that the character decided or learned to do?

The day before break, I finished the book The Raft by S.A. Bodeen. Throughout the break, I started the book The Cabin by Natasha Preston, and I am currently on page 231 of 317. Within the story The Cabin, one of the turning points of the story was Josh and Courtney's death in the cabin. This created a suspenseful curiosity from the main character, Mackenzie. Makenzie, being a compromiser, tries to find the killer of her two friends. The catch, though, Is that it had to be one of the four friends that were with her in the cabin, excluding Josh and Courtney. Makenzie teams up with her "boyfriend" Blake, and decides to spy on her friends and find answers to Josh and Courtney's death.
Chelsea Shumaker
11:32 AM ET (US)
20. Assess one of the characters strengths and weaknesses.

I am reading Play Safe. I am on page 225 of 386. I choose the main character, Emmy. Her weakness is being alone and not having enough friends. Her brother is her best friend. Her strength is standing out to other people. In the book she does not have a very strong mother to support her. So she looks up to her older brother, Cal and her best friend Chris. Also, she is a confident and strong character which is why I choose this book. But overall she is a strong character but has a few weaknesses when It comes to family and friends.
Makara jackson
11:32 AM ET (US)
Topic: Where does the story take place? Tell what the place is like. 1/22/19

I am reading Zero Day by Jan Gangsei and I am on page 140 of 359.
The setting of this book is set in present time, it is quite a modern world that these characters are living in. Its set in and around Washington DC as well as Virginia. Its around spring, close to summer, rainy. I believe that this is the perfect setting for this book because the rain and almost mystery wth the weather portrays really well in the book. It's a very stressful for the characters as many things have recently happened, so lately a lot of the places they go, or settings they encounter, seem crowded, and scary.
Cole Miles
11:32 AM ET (US)
FREE WRITE!!! Choose one topic off the two lists of reading journal topics in your reading folder. Label your entry with the topic you choose. Please write a MINIMUM of 5 to 7 sentences. Remember that your first sentence needs to identify book and page #. That identifying sentence does NOT count as part of the 5-7 sentences on your topic.

So my journal today would start like this:

Topic: What came as the biggest surprise in the book? Why?

Over the long break I finished reading The Grapes of Wrath (602 pp). Today I started reading Night by Elie Wiesel. I stopped on pg. 22 of 110. I'll be writing about The Grapes of Wrath. What surprised me the most was...

I just finished the book On the line and it was amazing. Today I started a new book Hunting the Hunter. I will be answering number 12. Marcus from On The Line was very important because he is the best player on the team and when it comes to final shot free throws he struggles but throughout the book he practices and eventually starts to make them... He started making them after a work and at the gym and help from the janitor, he shot his shots underhanded. I thought he was important because every game it comes down to him to make the last shot but he missed every shot in every games. because he shit over hand, now he makes every shot because he shoots underhand and they haven't lost a game yet.
Eleanor Dick
11:32 AM ET (US)
Do you think the title fits the book? Why or why not?
Today I read Now is the Time for Running and I am on page 94 of 228. At first I thought the title did not fit the book because it is about two brother's journey across Africa and focuses on soccer. However, the part I read today makes me think it could be a good fit. As they are crossing the border into South Africa, someone says to Deo, the man character, when you cross: run and don't stop running. I think as I read more about this story I will find why they chose this title and how it plays out. I am eager to see why the person said this, what will happen, and how big it is to the story.
Karlye Maras
11:31 AM ET (US)
I am reading In the Shadow of the Sun today I stopped on page 82 out of 303. In this book I feel the dad is a character who does some things wrong. First he brings his family on vacation to North Korea. Then, his daughter catches him sneaking around at night which leads you to believe there is something shady going on. He also travels there on business a lot so that tells you he could be involved in something. Lastly he has communication with the secret police there, normally you'd think someone was doing something good but in this case it almost worries you more.
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