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ACT Reading Reflection 2/1/19

Jerrica Johnson
12:58 PM ET (US)
1. My score in September was 25, on January 17 I scored a 20 and most recently I scored a 22.
2. I think I would really like to score at least a 22 on the real ACT Reading section.
3. For the practice tests, I tried to do more than one of the strategies. I did the tests in a different order and used my fingers to follow along.
4. My worst test almost every time I have practiced is Natural Science. I think that my best test would be the Social Studies portion.
5. I normally read with my fingers and I think that it really helps. I think that it helped my eyes read the passages easier by following along.
6. My Prose scores ranged from a nine to a four but normally I scored at least a six. I have noticed that it was one of my better tests so I think that I will take it earlier and do it second. I plan to take the test in this order, Social Science, Prose, Natural Science and than Humanities, I think that this could really improve my scores.
7. I think that reading the passages out of order really helped me because I was able to get time to answer my best subjects. I also was able to get slightly higher scores.
8. When taking the tests, I normally didn't have extra time. The most time I had remaining was about twenty seconds, but normally I only had about ten seconds. I had to use the extra time to fix my bubbling because I had gone outside the circles in some of them.
9. I did review most of the questions I did miss, there were a few that I was able to see my mistake easily. The rest of them were questions that I know that I wouldn't have gotten even if I had read the question better.
Cooper Maras
12:57 PM ET (US)
1. I got a 23 on the first practice test in Sept then I on Jan 17 I got a 18 and then for the final practice test we took I scored a 20.

2. My goal for the reading section on the actually ACT is at least a 23

3. I used the finger strategy to help me focus on the passage first. I used the first paragraph, last paragraph, then first sentences strategy and then filled in the bubbles afterwards this helped me undertsand the passage while still being able to finish quickly.

4. Social Science is defiantly the higher score of the tests. Prose Fiction is probably my worst passage section.

5. Using my pencil to keep my eyes focused helped more than it hurt at times. The only part of using my finger and pencil that hurt was I have a difficult time reading multiple words at a time while using them.

6. The prose fiction score on the first test in Sept was my highest section score, but on the other practice tests we have taken it has been one of the worst sections for me. I think that skipping the first passage may not help me because the other sections are easy for me to understand and do quickly so I might need to spend more time on the first passage to answer more questions quicker.

7. I plan to take the test in order like I have been doing. I have found that I answer questions more accurately when I take my time and don't worry about anything but the passage I am on at that point in time.

8. I did not finish with any spare time left on all of the tests. If I had spare time I would spend that time to go back and try to find the answers in the passages to make sure I get the highest possible score. This would help me Reach my goals and get the scores I would like.

9.That I didn't understand some of the questions. I learned that I have to read quicker so I can understand and find the answers to the questions throughout the passage.
McKenzey Peine
12:20 PM ET (US)
1. My first test I took in September, I got a 20, the reading pre test I got a 23, now the reading post test I got a 24.

2. My goal for the reading ACT is anywhere between a 25-27.

3. The first strategy I tried was reading with my finger, which didn't work for me. The second strategy I tried was reading the first, and last paragraph, as well as the first sentence of every middle paragraph.

4. I didn't really see any patterns throughout taking the tests, but ultimately my highest score is humanities. My lowest and hardest section for me is prose.

5. I tried reading with my finger and my pencil and it did not help me. I felt like I was worried more about beating my finger/pencil then I was comprehending the story.

6. I notice that my scores are unfortunately low in this subject, lowest out of all of them. I think skipping this passage till the very end would be a good idea so I don't waste majority of my time on trying to figure out the answers. As of right now my plan is to take the test backwards meaning that I would start with the fourth passage, go to third, second, then first.

7. One strategy that I've noticed that works best for me would be to read the intro and conclusion, and then the first sentence of the middle paragraphs. I've found that this saves me time from not reading every word, and I have more time to figure out/ find the answers.

8. I had finished about five minutes early. I personally will not go back and re-look over my answers because then I physic myself out. I question whether I really think this is the right answer or not. I feel it is best for my own self to just trust my gut instinct the first time, because if I don't I'd probably change all my right answers to wrong ones just by overthinking.

10. When I reviewed my answers, there were a few *duh* moments, that maybe if I read the paragraph word for word I would've gotten it correct. Most of my wrong answers though are from either not paying attention super duper close to the details, or paying attention too much, and overthinking it.
12:19 PM ET (US)
My three full-length reading scores are 13,13, and 18.
My goal for reading section is a 21 or 22.
My strategies were reading the first paragraph then the last, I read with my finger, and I bubbled last.
I see that humanities I seem to understand more. Humanities is normally my highest, and my lowest would either be social studies or prose.
I read with my pencil, and it seemed to help me. I sometimes got caught on a word with my pencil though.
I started off really well with a 6/10 and from there I dropped. I think I will skip it next time and get my Social studies score up. I will go in the order Humanities, Science, Social, and then Prose.
I think the best strategy was reading first paragraph then last. I want to work on reading the first sentence too.
I had a good minute left, I used the time by taking a deep breath and hoping I did good. If I have more time at the end yes I think it would be, but with only having a minute left it doesn't give you much time to go back.
I think literary I made dumb mistakes. I do think when it ask about like the main idea of that paragraph seems to stump me a bit.
Kärin RennerPerson was signed in when posted
11:07 PM ET (US)
Answer ALL PARTS of the following questions IN COMPLETE SENTENCES:

1. Record your Post Test Score in your folder. What are your THREE full-length READING test scores so far? (Sept, January 17, and today). Answer in 1 complete sentence.

2. What is your goal score for the ACT Reading section? Answer in 1 sentence

3. What strategies did you use to practice during the 8 timed practice tests? ( Different order? Bubbling last? Reading with finger? Bubbling along the way? First/last parag? Topic sentences?) Answer in 2 complete sentences.

4. Including the pre-test, post-test and 8 timed passage practices, you now have completed 4 timed practices of the 4 reading subject areas (Prose/Lit, Social Studies, Humanities, Science). Look at all 4. Do you see ANY pattern? Which subtest score was your highest? Which subtest score was consistently your lowest? Answer in 2 sentences.

5. Research suggests that reading with your finger helps. KEEP TRYING that! Did you try reading with your pencil or finger? Do you feel like that helps or hinders? Answer in 2 sentences

6. Look at your 4 PROSE/Lit passage times and scores. This is always the first passage. What pattern or trend do you notice in terms of times and scores for that 1st section? Would skipping that first passage be a good strategy for you? What order do you PLAN to take the test in the next time you do it? Answer in 3 sentences.

7. Thinking about the several strategies we saw in the videos and keynotes, share the ONE reading strategy that seems to work the BEST for you. Answer in 2 sentences

8. If you finished before the 35 minutes were up, how much time did you have left? How did you USE that time? Would it be beneficial to go back over anything if you have extra time left over? Answer both parts of this question. Answer in at least 3 sentences.

9. When you reviewed the ANSWER EXPLANATIONS for the post-test, what did you discover? Did you make careless mistakes? Did you not understand the question? Did anything make you say, "Duh!"? Answer in 2 sentences.
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