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Ind Rdg Journal 11/10/16

Evie Golden
11:09 PM ET (US)
I finished Carry On by Rainbow Rowell and I am now starting Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell.
My book has a war in it, but its not an outright war. The Humdrum has basically declared a war against magic, but no one has directly fought him but Simon. The only way they try to fight him is by research, but they haven't been very successful. The Old Families are also fighting with each other and with the Mage. The Old Families don't like the Mage because he lets everyone with magic into Watford, but they think only extremely powerful people should be let in. They also are very prejudiced against other families so they only want their social group to be in Watford. There is also constant fighting with other magical creatures because they can't harness magic like the mages so they are jealous. They also don't like Watford because many of the different creatures have been killed there.
Tristan Hanisch
04:10 PM ET (US)
I am reading a book called Son, it has 393 pages in it and I am currently on page 75. In this book parents play a huge role. Each baby is assigned to a family at a certain age, once each kid turns 18 they get to leave the family to work in there given jobs. During the time that the family is together the Mom and Dad, though thy are not the actually parents they still have to care for them and house them. They would do everything a real family would but they are not allowed to actually love there so called children. They are also not allowed to show emotion to each other because int would be against the law in the community in which they live. The parents in this book give moral support and encourage the kids to do homework they get from school and teach them how to ride a bike and a lot of other basic things parents teach.
Jared Mettler
04:32 PM ET (US)
I finished out of his league by pat flynn.
This book has many celebrations in it. Partly all of Ozzie's accomplishments for he is a very gifted football and rugby player. A big celebration is "the beginning" its for the Hope football team. Another is the celebration or so you'd call it of his grandfathers death in Australia. Another one is when he scores the winning try in his rugby league for the division championship. Another celebration is in America after the Hope football team beats long time rival Denham high school. A celebration that is a very good point in referencing the whole book is when he celebrates going to college in the United States.
Abbey Nielsen
04:28 PM ET (US)
I finished the 332 pages in the book the list. I am now on page 141of 184 in the book the face on the milk carton. In this book Janie is drinking her at lunch when she looks at the picture. That picture is of her she was kidnapped. She is know on a hunt trying to find out what happened to her. She asks her parents about it but they gave her this about story about how there are her grandparents. She nows that she is really a year younger. She goes to her house and see her sibling there is no mistaking it. She is hunting down any information that she can find. She needs to know what really happened. She needs to know who is hanna. She needs to know if this is all a misunderstanding.
04:28 PM ET (US)
I am currently reading Auschwitz by: Sara Nomberg-Przytyk. This book has 162 pages and I am currently on page 74. D. This book is very dark and very sad. It tells you the true unedited story of what it was like to live at Auschwitz. In the chapter that I just got done reading called "Esther's First Born", Esther who was sent to the camp pregnant has decided to keep and take care of her baby when it is born. She said that it was her right as a mother to take care of her child even if she was in a death camp. But this turned out to be even harder than Sara ever imagined. She learned that many women came to the camp pregnant but non of them gave birth to living babies. She saw first hand what happens to the children right after they were born. When a woman would give birth at Auschwits both the Mother and the child would be killed in the gas chambers. So to protect the mothers the nurse would inject the baby with a lethal shot to kill it as soon as it was born. But Esther had a different plan she planed on saving her kid and raising the kid in the camp. But once the head of the cap found out she had a kid he took them on a walk around the camp and ended up killing them both in the gas furnace. She only got to be a proud mother for three days before her and her baby boy were killed.
Leah Krull
04:28 PM ET (US)
Today I finished Go Ask Alice.
D. Parents played a huge role in this book. Alice, the girl who wrote the journal, takes her parents for granted a lot in this book. She runs away and abuses their love and support. She always acts grateful for them after she comes home, but the truth is that she is using them. They always accept her back with loving and open arms. Then, she turns around and does the right thing again. Eventually, she seems to have learned her lesson. She gets drugged, and then ends up in the hospital. At the end of the book, she somehow dies, and no one is sure why. It took a toll on her parents, just as most things did when she was alive.
04:27 PM ET (US)
I am reading The Boy in the Striped Pajamas by John Boyne, there are 216 pages and I'm on page 142.

Bruno's dad plays a big role in this book because he is a very important commander or general for the Nazis. Bruno really has no choice but to respect and listen to what his father says. WW1 is going on and "The Fury" came to his house to talk about business and the war to the father (Bruno's dad remains anonymous). When he goes out to explore he finds a little boy n the other side of he fence and starts having a conversation with him and gets to know him and eventually keep meeting. They both don't understand whats going on and when they talk about whats happening they both have very different stories. It gets really uncomfortable for them both to talk about a topic about whats happening. Bruno and his father aren't really close though but is talked a lot in the book, he's cooped up in his office or on the side. Although very unfortunate events happen Bruno looks up to his father and agrees with everything he is told because he really has no other choice.
Hannah Miller
04:25 PM ET (US)

I am reading They All Fall Down. The book has 341 pages and I am currently on page 221. The most recent books I have finished include Faceless, and My Life with the Walter Boys.

Hunting could be arguably the huge conflict in the story. 10 girl who have all been put on the 'Hotties List' are being hunted down and killed. The more I read the more I find out. I've learned that the way they are bing hunted is being shrugged off as some accident. My own opinion is that someone is going after the girls. Hunting them down all the way from Olivia, who was number one, to Number 10 on the list. So far the story has labeled it as 'the curse of the list' but I don't think it's a curse. The girls cant's run from it and the top three are already dead. The protagonist of the story is fifth in line for the killings so I suppose the killings will stop before they reach her.
04:23 PM ET (US)
I am reading Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard and I am on page 357 of 440.

War plays a huge role in my book. Norta has been in a war for hundreds of years. They force Red bloods to fight for them at the age of 17 if they don't have a needed job. My main characters, Mare's, whole purpose is to get out of this war and basically cause a civil war. She wants Reds to be free from the reigns of the Silvers, but along the way she is forced to betray many Reds trust. Some Reds don't believe she is truly for their freedom and want to fight against her. The world Mare lives in is a world of war. Reds verses Silvers. Silvers turning against Silvers, and Reds against Reds. Mare hopes to keep war to a minimum, but knows it may be the only way to promote freedom for all Reds and Silvers.
Maddi T
04:23 PM ET (US)
Im reading Witch World by Cristopher Pike. Im on page 207 of 521 pages.

In my book, mother and father are more of a title that is feared. In this book a horrible organization of witch have made Witch world. A parallel universe of our own. In that world people fear people who have been "Connected" meaning that they actived some special genes that gave them more abilities. They made the people who weren't connected afraid of them, but the people couldn't tel who was good or who was evil. The title "mother" or "Father" referred to someone connected. But also the main character Jessie or Jessica, (Jessica in Witch World), had a daughter in witch world which made her a mother of normal terms. She also got reunited with her father sorta. He has a healing gene that has allowed him to live for a very long time. He explains everything to Jessica.
Savannah Cooper
04:23 PM ET (US)
I am currently reading Lies and I am on page 393 of 447.
B. War plays a big role in the book I am reading. Everyone 15+ has disappeared leaving all the children behind trapped in this bubble of land. Starvation drives people to do horrible things. The FAYZ, as the children call it, has made some children develop mutant powers. Some people with these powers, like Caine, want to rule and will stop at nothing to get what they want. Perdido Beach burns, monsters that were once dead now rise to cause havoc, Sam the savior has fled, nothing is normal. In the FAYZ its who ever has the biggest weapon wins. New graves are dug every day for the freshly dead. Peace is just a memory in the FAYZ.
Sunny Worlie
04:22 PM ET (US)
I read Junior Braves of the Apocalypse - Book 1: A Brave is Brave, with 210 pages.

E. This book is about a group of boy scout type kids going out into the wilderness for a week during summer vacation. When they return, however, they find that everyone in their little town is gone. They have no clue where their parents are, what happened to them, or why the town is so desolate. In their search for other people, they encounter aggressive mutants. It seems that these mutants want to harm them for some reason, but we don't know why. During the story, the troop is hunted many times by these things. They get chased to a school, out of a church, and into a supermarket all because of these things. The kids are also trying to locate their troop leader, who had gone missing the first night that they were in town. In the end, they find the leader but still have no clue where everyone else is, so they go out looking for them too.
04:22 PM ET (US)
I am reading Salt to the Sea and I am currently on page 101 of 378.

E. In my book there is a hunting season but it's not animals. The Germans and Russians are hunting everyone who isn't a Russian or German. The Russians are just hunting the Germans while the Germans are hunting everyone but Germans. Joana, Emilia, Florian, and Alfred are running away from them. There has been others that have been with them but they have gotten shot. This little girl who is Polish shot a Nazi and they're trying to cover it up. The house they all decided to stay at now has been raided by the Russians. Germans once lived there but the people who were there were killed and left there. They're hoping the Russians or Germans don't come otherwise they'd have to find a new place to live.
Edited 11-10-2016 04:22 PM
04:20 PM ET (US)
I finished Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen today.

D. Moms and Dads play a big role in my book. The main character Halley was a very good girl, she got straight A's and never did anything bad. She then started hanging around this popular boy. This caused her to start sneaking out and getting caught coming home past when she was supposed to be home. The second main character Scarlett doesn't have a dad. She lives with her mom who she doesn't even call mom because they aren't very close. Her mom is always out with a different man and is almost never home. Scarlett and her mom don't have a close relationship at all. While Halley and her parents had a very close relationship until she began sneaking out with this boy. Thats how moms and dads play a role in my book.
Caden Gross
04:11 PM ET (US)
I'm reading Unlikely Warriors by Georg Rauch. I'm on pg 101 of 316

War plays a huge war in my book. In fact, its the main reason my character wrote this book. My character is fighting in the worlds most destructive and bloodiest war ever, WWII. He is fighting the Russians in the east. He writes to his mother all the time but she hardly writes back. And my character has a huge problem in this book, he is part Jewish. My character is fighting on the front lines in Russia. He is fighting in the blistering cold and he is fighting and army that will not quite until the crush the Nazi army. My mains character's mother lives in Austria, deep in Nazi controlled territory, and she is hiding jews in her apartment. They year is 1944 and he and the rest of Germany knows that they are losing this war. But Hitler keeps on ordering to keep fighting to the last man.

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