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IR Journal #6 2/11 Blue

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Markinzie Hagen
04:19 PM ET (US)
I am currently reading Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier I am on page 28 out of 449.

In my book love plays a very important role. Ada and her father moved to cold mountain when her mother abandoned them. Ada would do anything for her father and helps take care of him. He is getting very sick and is coughing up blood each day. Ada's father is a priest and a church. When they first moved to cold mountain from charelston they didn't know what to expect from the people there. A lot of the residents in cold moutain help each other out and are there for one another. The huge role of Ada's father is that no matter how sick he is he is always there for her and encouraging her to follow her dreams and to keep painting.
Griffin Smith
03:09 PM ET (US)
I am currently reading The Monuments Men by Robery M. Edsel. I am on page 59 of 426. I chose the journal Prompt A.

In my book love plays an important role because it would keep the characters wanting to take more and more stuff from the Germans. All of the characters in my book all have a strong love for art and the many different cultures that were in Europe at the time. Adolf Hitler, a very powerful leader, convinced his army to take all of the art from many museums and art galleries so that he could reign supreme with power and completely degrade the peoples will to live. A group of many types of architects, artists, historians and soldiers were devoted to take the art back and keep it away from the war. These men were known as "The Monuments Men." These men had a strong love for the many types of art that was stolen.They were willing to go behind enemy lines to take back the art. They stole back many of the most iconic pieces of art to date, including the well-known Mona Lisa.
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Sarah Chmelar
07:03 PM ET (US)
I am currently reading the Death Note series, written by Tsunami Ohba and art done by Takeshi Obata. Today I started on book 8 and finished it, a total of 199 pages. In Death Note there is not a lot of love that is two sided. Of course Light loves his family, but that's what everyone is suppose to do. Light has a girl that is living with him currently and she says she's in love with him. Light doesn't show any love back but tells her that he loves her. She believes it every time! What Light loves the most is his ability to be Kira. The only reason he keeps the girl around is because she has the shinigami eyes, eyes that are able to show someones real name and when they are to die. Plus, she's a good cover up. His love for being Kira is bad because it is taking control of him. He's slowly turning into a death crazed maniac. His love for 'making the world a better place' is going to be the end of him. Maybe he will realize what he's doing is truly wrong and actually love the girl in the end, but the only way to find out is to continue reading.
Julia Branson
04:33 PM ET (US)
I am still reading Navy Seal Dog there is 169 pages in the book. I am on page 130.

Yes, there is love in my book with the dogs and the soldiers. Ritland is the man character. He is in the navy because he loves dogs. The dogs must love the handlers because they protect them in combat. Every time the dog dose something right in training they get to play with a toy. When the dog gets scared they will go up against the handler so they will feel safe. The dog will detect a bomb or any traps or bad people. Then they will alert the handler or protect and chase the bad person so the handler dose not get hurt.
Gabrielle Englund
04:31 PM ET (US)
I am currently reading Fever 1793. This book has 243 pages, and I stopped on 173. In my book a young girl survives many tragedies, one of his is Yellow Fever. The setting is that of a time long ago where people wore long skirts and dresses in the middle of summer. My main character Matilda has a crush on Nathaniel Benson, a pottery painter. Even when Matilda is stricken by the fever she still prays that her love will be okay. Nathaniel plays an important roll in this book even though he was only introduced once. Im sure like all romantic novels I will be introduced to him again. Meanwhile I will wait to see their reconnection.
Silhouette Smith
04:30 PM ET (US)
I just started reading the book four by Veronica Roth it has 285 pages and i stopped at 150.
 My character has to endure the lack of love shown to him by his own father. Tobias Eaton was abused from a young age and was forced to pretend like everything was alright. However, when the time came to pick is faction he defied his father and left to the dauntless faction. He never knew how to be emotional with someone till he came across tris the young new transfer from abnegation. Tobias also had to learn to love himself for who he was and accept his past. This proves to be hard for him due to the fact that he feels no one else loves him either. He is also forced to face his fears a lot throughout the book, and one of those fears is his father. The only way to make it past the fear landscape is to learn to forgive his father and not hold on to that anger towards him. This book is incredibly moving and holds a certain charm about it. It has a way of showing love but not in a way most would expect.
Nathan Hanisch
04:30 PM ET (US)
The book I am reading is Alex Rider Crocodile Tears. Its has 385 pages. I stopped on page 110. If Alex was going to invent something I think he would invent a time machine because all he wants to be is a normal kid. The reason he wants to be a normal kid is because he was trained by the MI6. Since he was trained by them he will always have a target on him. Ever since he was trained people have been trying to kill him or his family. So that is why I think he would make a time machine.
Steven Zacharias
04:30 PM ET (US)
I am reading No Easy Day. There's 316 pages and I'm on 271. Im my book, Mark Owen is a navy SEAL and he joined ht military because he loves his country. Mark has been threw the toughest military training there is to offer and he's past all the test. He's been in the navy for almost ten years now and he has become very attached to his team mates and he loves them like brothers. Mark is chosen to be apart of the mission that will take down osama bin ladin. He build a trust and a brotherhood with the team he is assigned with and he really loves these guys because they would die for him and he would die for them. Many of these guys see themselves as a extended family and in every family theres love. So love and trust play a huge role on the military for all service men.
Damon Kindt
04:29 PM ET (US)
I just started the book The Living I am on page 23it ha 308 pages. This book hasnt developed a real love story but there definitely is some crushing going on. Shy has the hots for Carmen on the cruise ship. Shy thinks the world of her but Carmen doesnt know it so she just treats him like any other guy but more like a friend. It will be interesting to see what happens between them especially when disaster strikes. I am curious to see what will happen between them as the story builds. Personally I think they will become a couple because she will turn to him when disaster strikes.
Noah Vettrus
04:29 PM ET (US)
I am reading The Kill Order, I am on page 156 of 327.
The main character of this book is Mark. He is in love with a girl named Trina who didn't really like him until the world was in ruin. They were together when the sun flared up and scorched the top of our world. Underground they survived together and now they really care for each other and wouldn't be able to survive if the other one died. They also have two other people in their group who they care about very much. They escaped the dangerous city together and they would do anything for each other. I think they all love each other like a family because their families were all killed for all they know. They had to leave behind three of the other people of their group who were sick and one of them died right in front of them. The love for each group member showed because none of them wanted to abandon the others.
Emily Kramer
04:29 PM ET (US)
I finished the book The trap. Its has 247 pages.

Love plays a huge role in The Trap. A young boy named Henry is in love with a girl named Nicki. He is very shy around her and wants to ask her to Fall Formal. Nicki is best friends with Henrys sisters, so he sees her a lot. Through the book Henry is trying to become closer with Nicki so he will have a better change on asking her to Fall Formal. Henry dose a lot of things to make him stand out. He tells Nicki and his sister how many words he can read, exaggerated his fight with Carl and told Nicki how good of a dancer he is. At the end of the book Henry final asks Nicki to Fall Formal and she says yes. At the Dance he tells Nicki how much and how long he has had a crush on her.
Rachel Kramer
04:29 PM ET (US)
Im still reading the book Exposed. It has 255 pages and I stopped on page 235 today. My book has a lot of love in it. There is many relationships of love between all of the characters. Liz, the main character, is in love with Brian. Even though they broke up, she still has feelings for him. Another love relationship is between Liz and her ex best friend Kate. They always hung out and loved to have slumber parties every Saturday. But after Liz's brother is accused of raping Kate, there relationship has ended and now they are enemies. Another love relationship is between Liz and her family. Liz and her parents love her Mike. Since he is accused of rape, they are there for him and supporting him. They love him very much and are doing everything they can to help him.
Kobe Moldrem
04:29 PM ET (US)
I just got done with the book Brooklyn Nine by Alan Gratz. If my character designed a white T-shirt it would have a lot of New York Mets things on it. My character, Snider, loves the Mets and saves up money just to buy upper-deck tickets to their games. He is a baseball junkie who spent a whole day trying to figure out where a Babe Herman bat came from. The shirt, decorated with all baseball stuff, tells about his ancestors. Their love for baseball was passed down from generation to generation and he now loves it. His great-great grandmother was in attendance of a game where this bat was used by a great player. Little does he know, deeper in the box of historic baseball things, is a baseball with an S carved in it. That S stands for Snider, the last name on the other part of his family.
Sheylee Stowers
04:29 PM ET (US)
I'm now reading the book 50 Shades of Grey by E L James. This book has 514 pages and I'm on page 149. Love plays an important role in my book in many different ways. Christian Grey says that he doesn't believe in love which I think is dumb. However, Anastasia does not know if she wants to have a "thing" with Christian because he doesn't want to have any sort of love feelings. I think that Anastasia right now is being dumb. She's being very very stupid because Christian just wants her to be his possession, he wants her for her body. I know that Christian likes Anastasia as a person, however, not wanting to love someone but wanting them for other needs is not right in my eyes.
Corwin McBreen-
04:28 PM ET (US)
I am reading Harry potter and the sorcerers stone I'm on pg 213 out of 309.

B: In my book right now it is winter. This is an important time in my book because christmas is going on right now. Where I'm at in the book harry just received some christmas presents. One of the presents what a invisible clock. The is an important key to my story right now because this means harry can walk around the castle freely. While walking around the castle he find a mirror that shows you what you want the most of in life. For Harry he sees his dead family.For his friend Ron he sees himself holding the Quiddich cup.
Nathan Masloski
04:27 PM ET (US)
I am almost finished with The Young Elites. It has 344 and I stopped on page 328. Towards the end of this book it shows how love can be kind and also be deadly. At the end there is a fight scene where the leader of the elites fight the leader of the other guys. The girl that he fell in love with tries to help him, but that was a big mistake. Once she gets hurt the leader of the elites runs to her side but he is cloaked in a disguise as the bad guy. Due the the confusion the girls pulls on her powers and hurts causing him to fall to his knees. While he is on his knees the bad guy comes up to him and shoves his sword right through the good guys chest. The impact kills him on the spot. As a result love got him into this mess and love got him killed.
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