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DLP Return to Hogwarts - Dean

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09:20 PM ET (US)
It's alright. Accidents/misunderstandings happen, and I know you didn't intend for it to happen.
ZenzaoPerson was signed in when posted
09:18 PM ET (US)
And also, I'm sorry for fucking up your and Fonti's game. That was never my intention, nor to offset the balance between the two sides by having my flip occur like this.
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09:18 PM ET (US)
ZenzaoPerson was signed in when posted
09:18 PM ET (US)
So can I have obs please?
ZenzaoPerson was signed in when posted
09:09 PM ET (US)
I'm over it. It's my mistake for copying the damn timestamps when I already mentioned in one of the spiels that I'd written those notes during N2 anyway. I'm disappointed it ended this way but I can't blame anyone else. Cripes, I survive four(ish) games in a row, get universally town-read and NK'd N1 for good reasons the next game, then get modkilled this game. At least I can put that in my resume for *undesired* accomplishments.

I'm writing this as of your 106 so I'm going to take a stab on the scum team being Jarizok/Proph/Mal.
VaimesPerson was signed in when posted
09:04 PM ET (US)
8. Do not edit your posts. Do not edit any QuickTopics you may be posting in. Do not quote information directly from your QuickTopic or your PM. Only living players may post in the game thread. Do not post in the game thread during the Night phase.


The rule is right there in the OP.

Drafting posts in your QT is fine. I was even going to be lax on you copy+pasting from your QT, because for all the other players knew, you could have been paraphrasing.

But the line is drawn at quoting the ENTIRE QT post so that the timestamps show up. Players would then be able to clear or scumfirm themselves by requesting or forcing others to dump the contents of their QTs, since the mafia are more than likely NOT going to have detailed scumhunting notes. Because they don't need to.

This has always been a rule, both on DLP and FS. People have been modkilled on DLP for directly quoting from their QTs; it doesn't matter if they wrote it or the mod wrote it. By quoting their QTs, they can "prove" that they're town, and it forces scum to have to put in a ton of extra unnecessary effort (pretend to scumhunt in their QTs).

I barely remember Mimefia, so I'm sorry if this seems like a double standard. But QT quoting WITH timestamps is completely unacceptable. In my very first DLP game, someone got modkilled for quoting their PM (or taking a screenshot of it, something like that). I always assumed it was one of those things that everybody knew, so again, I'm sorry if this is like. The first time you're hearing of this.
ZenzaoPerson was signed in when posted
09:02 PM ET (US)

Fucking obs, please.
ZenzaoPerson was signed in when posted
08:44 PM ET (US)
HOLD IT. No, I was *not* aware that I was violating any rules. To my understanding I was forbidden from quoting Fonti's opening post and the related flavor information, NOT what I myself have written and submitted within the QT given the phrasing in the opening rules includes the role PM. I did this exact same thing in Mimefia and was not once informed it was against any rules and I would have expected Eido to have stepped in and put a stop to it if that was the case. Why was I not also told off after I first posted my Bill/miner and related information yesterDay if this was the case?
VaimesPerson was signed in when posted
08:24 PM ET (US)
Okay yeah, sorry Zen, but font ruled that as a modkillable offense. :/

Do you feel like joining obs?
VaimesPerson was signed in when posted
07:42 PM ET (US)
Zen, please stop quoting your QT verbatim, along with the timestamps. I know you know that's a big no-no.
ZenzaoPerson was signed in when posted
10:45 PM ET (US)
Yo, mal. Fight me brah. You wanna throw down? Back that shit up, son. C'mon. Don't accuse and dash. Totes rude.
ZenzaoPerson was signed in when posted
09:06 PM ET (US)
Welp, I was wrong on Majube. I'm sorry we butted heads so often toward the end of D2 and that you died lastNight. Thank you for your services in the sake of town. Now to wait and see what owner says.
ZenzaoPerson was signed in when posted
05:23 PM ET (US)
miner's 108 and Jarizok's 110... use of the term Auror=Cop. Why does Jarizok mimic miner here on the term when he explains "I assumed priest=healer=doctor and auror=cop"?
owner's 129... "I went to bed when it was 209 vs. 244. I had a dream about me and group people leaving town and having to become new identities and work in what feels like a harsher reality. The house was pretty small and at least 7 of us lived in it at the start. We probably had 10 people living there near the end. I was given some name for myself that I couldn't even pronounce. The wages I got were few. And I barely got to hug my family good by. It was like someone of the other group decided okay if you get a call from me you guys all got to die. So instead of dying, we had our names die and take up a much harder life as none of us really had new identities. so we couldn't get go jobs because we didn't have the paperwork. I was glad when I woke up to fine it wasn't really, as I felt like I was getting home sick in the situation I was in.

But yeah, Trump actually winning was unexpected."

Okay, I can see something of Snape in this. Among other things.

She call's out Waco as scum, asks Jarizok why he's town-leaning Waco. That weirdness with Bill. Wants mal to explain his behavior, hm. Then she brings up setup talk(and a part of me is mildly outraged that she tried to scum-read me for mentioning a possibility of 3P/SK role when she does it first here!). She also tries to universal-town-read me. Why that weirdness with Palindrome at the end?

131. Jarizok answers owner and explains his own view.

And I'm done with this for now. I'll jump to the end a bit with Jarizok's 524. Doesn't want to lynch Proph when more juicy prospects in owner and majube are available. Possibly cleans both owner and Majube. We'll find out tonight. I've got to slam out a couple thousand words for a friendly-competition entry before midnight rolls around.
ZenzaoPerson was signed in when posted
05:05 PM ET (US)
64. "Ima call it a night and write it up as a succes". While he adds on that this is just to do with his avatar, looking at his previous posts is there actually something in there for a newb!scum mindset to see as good work accomplished?
73, "I'm awake, we can continue playing now guys." On its own it's nothing much but then Mal's 74 just comes off bad IMO in hindsight(he's telling Jarizok to branch out from chiefly interacting with Waco and to talk to lots of people because 'newb scum are bad at interacting with teammates'. Goes rather in depth on the process.
81. He seems to take the wrong conclusion to Mal's previous post. Defer's to Mal on town!fluff and scum!Bill. Town-leans Waco. Calls out Maj and Delphine for scummiest behavior so far. Mal's folowup 82: Fluff can wait til tomorrow. Bill is scum.
83-84. "I got about the same as you did from fluff. Not sure Bill's limited play feels scummy to me just yet, but if less play equals more scummy, I'd really like some post from Drom Citrus Kai and Owner in here." Jarizok claims to see fluff from the same perspective, Mal chastises him and calls him out - but also offers for him to explain his own 'feelings' on fluff.
85. Asks me for an opinion on miner and Delphine, want's to know why I'm town-leaning Mal now.
87. Answers Mal on fluff, but after previously saying "could be convinced of fluff's town" suddenly saying "Dropping a hint like that felt townie to me" seems like he wasn't expecting Mal to address him the way he did and had to pull back some and find a reason. Is this scum!Mal or town!Mal interacting with him here?
89. Following my vote on him and explanation on why I'm town-leaning mal, Jarizok tries to use the same wording to set himself up to come out in a better light.
Bill's 93 in hindsight comes off worse regarding Jarizok, and then myself and mal scumhunting.
94. Answers me with more of an elaboration on why he's town-leaning fluff now and maybe offers a bit too much of his insight.
miner's 98. Since we now know there is indeed at least one scum between Jarizok and Majube(and I'm writing this as of 16:24 today so I don't know how the flips are going to go soon) he bears more examination.
99. Calls out miner. But did he just scumslip with the 'she'? Maj/Drome/Owner on his mind?
miner's 101 now feels a little better.
103. Responds to miner on fluff, asks for info on other player behavior "that would be good for the rest of us to pay attention to". Is this why Jarizok(among others) did not respond to my reverse-wall in a bit?
miner's 105 in response. Telling Jarizok to read my meta from Mimefia, and since the posts in my signature are directly related to wall-oriented circumstances... town-leans mal with less certainty than myself.
Palindrome's 107... [redacted]?

NOTE TO SELF: Was she trying to determine if Bill was bullshitting about priest 'cause she's the doctor? I really don't buy that with Proph's behavior after replacing in for her. Or was scum!Drome trying to determine if they should kill Bill?
ZenzaoPerson was signed in when posted
11:21 AM ET (US)
<insert long suffering sigh> Time for more re-reading. Starting with Jarizok.
Of course the introduction of Waco>Jarizok>Majube feels even shadier with Scum!Jarizok's flip confirmed. Majube's complete and total resistence to Jarizok dying D2 ties back into this.

11. Pressing for interaction info on miner/Waco that he can use later.
20. Jarizok seems too invested in Waco's RVS on Maj. IIRC neither of them know about RVS at this stage of the game, thus is he concerned that Waco has already nailed one of his partners?
Maj's 25. Still bothering me, no town points awarded for this vote on Jarizok. Trump!Kai later claims George to deny Jarizok's Fred.
27. Jarizok calling out Maj for the vote. Waco's 31, hm. "I don't have friends at the start, Jarizok. I make friends from sharing experiences." Jarizok was quite determined to make himself a loud and regular presence in the thread, amassing more interactions and experiences.
That Maj 32-33 banter with Jarizok. Is Waco's 34 tied into Maj's original pre-Edit post? Otherwise where did this come from?
Waco's 37. Laying the groundwork for newb!Maj at the end, topside soft-bulletproof crumb?

Urgh. I've got stuff to do today and I can't do it all and re-read the game argh!
ZenzaoPerson was signed in when posted
09:16 PM ET (US)
Also... hi Jarizok! This one's for you; http://i.imgur.com/EqrUYHw.gif
I know you can't pop in and answer me but I'd just like to say that you played a pretty fair game, especially for your first game, so don't feel bad for going out like this D2.
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